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Memories become jumbled over time. They distort, go out of order, and sometimes they might even begin to run backwards. What must be remembered is that specific memories can only belong to the person who originally had them. That being the case, memories will almost always be imperfect, and no two people will remember the same event exactly the same way.

You are entering the mind of Discord. Events will not always occur in a chronological fashion.

Believing Stories was only introduction. (Seriously, you need to read Believing Stories to not be completely lost here.)


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Make a wish on a shooting star and watch your dreams come true...

Being a princess is the highest honor Twilight could ever ask for, but even she can't help but miss her old, simple life studying inside the library. Part of her wishes she could just cast aside her crown and wings to rejoin her friends in Ponyville.

One night, while watching a meteor shower, a shooting star streaks across the moonlit sky. Twilight forgoes her usual logic and finds herself uttering her secret wish...

The next morning finds Twilight more than overjoyed; her wish had been granted! However, she was not the only pony affected. Realizing the ramifications of her rash actions, Twilight seeks to fix what had gone wrong. Under the watchful eye of an unexpected mentor, she must court her own friend to get close to her in the royal court and reclaim what has been lost.

Edited (extensively, and amazingly so) by jmartkdr and I HV NO FEAR

Chapters (2)

When Twilight sees Pinkie Pie standing alone one night in the midst of a terrible storm, she decides to let her stay for the next couple of days. Little does she know how much her life will change in the nights to come.

Every choice we make denies ten thousand possibilities.

Cover Art by Relaxn

Special thanks to my editors!


Chapters (6)

Dearest Shining Armor,

By the time you read this, I’ll be long gone.

Originally a one-shot written during a very trying time, but many people asked for a continuation. You can read the first chapter by itself if you wish, and that may even be advisable, but I still hope that you'll enjoy the rest.

Featured on the front page at release, for the full four days possible under the site's heat system!

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This is a tale of a stranger seeking redemption.

Chapters (8)

A lost princess, blessed with a magic mane that glows when she sings.

A daring thief who seems to care only for his own gain.

A sorceress who attempts to keep the young princess in a tower to hold onto her gift of eternal youth.

And an adventure which promises to change their lives forever.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Wake up. See This. What do? (Comment driven story)

This story is driven entirely by user comments. Whatever you say. I will make it happen.
(Now with new cover image by Blazewings thunder)

Part 2 of the epic comment driven story Wake up. See this. What do?
(This story continues directly where that one left off with all continuity preserved, so if you don't read that one first, you are going to be lost. This is still a self contained story, so you don't absolutely NEED to read that one first, but it is highly reccomended. Don't worry, it goes quickly.)

The adventures of the human known as Jason Morgan continue as he must take on the most dangerous adversary Equestria has ever faced by far, and soon finds himself locked in a conflict fighting for not only the inhabitants of his world, but for himself as well.

And as it has always been, the question remains:

What do you do?

Updated on Mondays.

Full Cast and Crew:
Author: RazortheAwesome
Co-author/Brainstorming: DaedaltheusXIV
Editor: Kiro0613
Title card artist: Blazewings thunder
Latin Translator: That Pegasus Over There

Authors note:
All of these chapters are written on the day they are posted. Also, I do read every single comment you all post. So yeah...

Sister stories:
Everfree Survival by Hrafn
Wake Up With A Hangover. Have Morning Wood. See This. What The Hell Do You Do? by RainbowBob

Chapters (85)

There's no place like Donut Joe's diner to unwind after a long, hard day. Good company, great coffee, and the best dang cucumber omelette in Equestria. After the week Celestia's had, she could really, really use a place to get away from it all.

Here, the regulars all know her as Sunny Skies, the unassuming workaholic mare who hasn't taken a day off in... ever. Well, today's her lucky day. Sunny's about to have one apocalyptically long holiday.

Luna's become delirious with a fever, Discord's fled the castle in terror, there's a living moon locked in Celestia's dining room, and something is very, very wrong with Equestria's sugar.

Put on a pot of coffee, folks. We've got an all-nighter on our hooves.

Holy horseapples, Sugarfree has AMAZING FANART NOW! Cover art by the wonderful StyxLady.
Crazy huge thanks to Luminary, Brawny and Eakin for pre-reading and editing this horrid thing.

Chapters (15)

With some changes on Star Swirl's time spell, Twilight accidentaly gets trapped in the past. But after saving two fillies and enlisting them to be her students in magic, they go on adventures together to survive the ruthless world they live in. With new friendship and foes, they discover what it truly means to be family by choice.

Now with the collaborative efforts of Angel Bunny, Fausticorn and soulwinds!
Art by awsdemlp.deviantart.com
People who I am in deep gratitude for offering help:
Cerulean Starlight
And FAN ART by 1110soulite!

Chapters (14)

When Rarity writes to Princess Celestia inquiring after how dragons age, she gets a plea for help in reply. A war is brewing, and Princess Celestia thinks Rarity's the one to stop it. Now, still completely uncertain what her feelings for Spike are or if they're even plausible, she's off to meet with his distant relatives to negotiate a truce between the dragons and the sea serpents before the world gets caught up in their destructive clash.

Unrelated to "How to Woo Your Lady" or my other fics.

Cover image generously loaned by fongsaunder at deviantart: fongsaunder.deviantart.com

Chapters (16)