• Published 20th Jun 2013
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Spike's Temporary Stay - B_25

Spike inadvertently returns home while disguised as another dragon, avoiding six friends whom he longs to see.

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The distant town was awash in a haze that enveloped its wandering citizens and fragmented its buildings underneath a layer of shadow. The sun had already begun its slow descent to rest behind the mountainous horizon, momentarily eclipsed by the very town itself on its downward way, shining forth blinding white lights onto a pair of draconic eyes.

The Stranger raised a claw to shield his eyes from the harmful sunlight, becoming treated to the sight of blood trailing across the length of his forearm. His eyes didn't linger on the bloody race for long, opting instead to focus on the space between his digits, where a partial alabaster bridge phased into existence.

He began to walk toward the said bridge, and found himself staring at the billboard proceeding it: welcoming both old, and potentially new, friend.s to the town of Pon—

"I'm through with this town!" The Stranger's attention was caught by a semi-transparent phantom on the other side of the bridge, who quickly ran across its length. He quickly stepped out of the collision course the phantom had set, standing now on grass instead of the dirt trail he had been following the entire time.

The phantom reached the land on the other side of the bridge, taking a moment to compose itself as it wiped a tear away from its eye, and turned around to the town it had just run away from. "Everyone here is a fake! A big liar!"

The Stranger stepped closer to the strange phantom in order to discern its features, finding its overall form composes of bright purple lines and cool green blobs. Though he could not find it within himself to disturb the scene before him, as he chose to remain on the grass.

"Friends are supposed to help one-another rise up, not crush them for no reason." The purple phantom couldn't prevent a billowing sob escape the sore wastelands that was its throat, turning its head around to hide its shame. "I love to help others, but why must I feel so guilty about wanting to be helped in return?"

The town had no answers to give to the questions it was being asked, only to responded with the apathetic chatter of its citizens as they went about their day like everybody else. The phantom was the only one acting out from across the bridge, making its desperate questions sound more like whines as the thing began to back away from being rendered this realization.

"I guess none of it really matters." The phantom whispered to itself as it walked backward into the forest that oversaw the town. "Who I am doesn't matter; what I worry about doesn't mean a thing. If someone like me were to simply disappear..."

Its once vibrant colors began to dim as the green blobs upon its back had already disappeared. "...then no one would even notice."

A sphere of six differently colored lights expanded into existence and placed the phantom in its epicenter, untangling each of its lines and disintegrating them from existence. The Stranger reached out a claw to the odd phenomena in the abstract hope that it would do anything to help, only to be blinded once again by a flash of light that's force blasted his claw back to before his eyes.

He shook his head to rid himself of the whiteness that his vision had become, pushing his claw out of his way to see the empty forest that he had just left, and the busy town to his right. The Stranger opened his mouth to speak but found that no words could escape his throat, as his legs returned him back to the bridge.

His emerald eyes watched as the bridge expanded tenfold both in width and length before, exuding an aroma of malevolence that sent shivers coursing through his already trembling body. Time seemed to slow down as the world around him began to freeze in place. He saw in the incredibly long distance the silhouettes of citizens at the other side of the bridge, smiling in a way that twisted the definition into something that would scare away little kids.

And then, it all sped up. The world returned to normal and the bridge its proper length, but still, The Stranger opted to follow the water trail that encircled the town for a more secluded entry point.

“It’s…heh~ha...it's been a long time.”

A serpentine tail slithered into the open air, sunlight catching its dark amethyst scales that were further tinted by blood stains. Few spines sprung from his back, although the ones on its head stood tall, so thin that one might mistake them for a mane.

The dragon turned back to the path trailing into the woods and took a step forward upon it.

“To think…I’d end up here… before I was ready...”

His words were accompanied by pants as he cupped a claw into the air. His talons emitted a fickle aura that began to encase around them until the light of the glow began shaping into a glowing ball that then thickened into a paint-like liquid of green.

The ball was brought before his eyes as the glanced at the purple dragon in the reflection, staring back with heavy eyelids and a limp body. The dragon smiled at it as if it were the last time he was to see that reflection, before pressing the glowing ball into his chest.

Raging agony coursed through the dragon’s mind as the purple of his scales was drained away into a liquid, flowing upward to gather around his eye. His every pain receptor was being stimulated as the emerald color of his right eye began to dissipate until only a blankness remained.

The once purple belonging to his scales began to inject themselves into the blank eyes, filling it with their presence where they would temporarily reside, while the green liquid from the ball began to imbue itself in the empty spaces of his scales.

The dragon was forced to fade into the depths of his subconscious to avoid the full strength of the pain, where he found his new identity beginning to brew, that he took back with him when returned to consciousness.

A scaled foot stepped onto the trail, taking the first phase necessary to reach its destination, as the dragon trudge through the words with not a single glance at his newly transformed body.

“I guess it’s time that Spike the Dragon returned home.”