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My roommate's name is Octavia, or "Tavi" for short. She likes vintage red wine, soft pillows, and long walks on the beach. But, more than anything, she loves music. She loves it with a passion that radiates with every burning color of the spectrum.

Each day I spend with her... or without her, I learn a little bit more about life, about the sick beat to which we all dance, whether we know it or not. I hope you don't mind if I say a few things about her. Just a few things. One can learn a lot from Tavi.

After all, she saved my life.

Cover Art by Eztp

Playlist - Because Even Original Things Aren't Original

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This story is a sequel to If You Came to Conquer

Princess Nightmare Moon had tried to keep it secret. She had suppressed her power, feigned ignorance, played the outdated fool at every opportunity. She should have known that something like this would happen. A threat that would reveal her, whether she played dumb or not.

If she had to reveal herself, then at least she could protect Equestria in the process. She nocked the arrow. The bow felt so flimsy, but she could not risk him absorbing a spell. She laced magic across the arrow and the string and the air, enough to make it fly faster and aim smoother. She sighted him easily; Tirek was a large target. Now he only had to turn around. An arrow to the spine would kill him simply and instantly, no matter how much magic he had absorbed.

Once he was dead, the hard part would come: explaining herself to Celestia.

Prereading thanks; Meta Four, Blank!, Yami Vizzini, and especially Craine

Russian translation by Doof
Chinese Translation by Dreams Set Free

Comments contain spoilers.

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This story is a sequel to Twilight Sparkle of the Royal Guard

Between castle gossip, professional rivalries, a blooming romance, and a mysterious malefactor still at large, Decurion Twilight Sparkle has a lot on her plate. Hopefully, she'll make a few new friends as she moves towards the destiny she's chosen for herself.

As per usual, big thanks to Magello for the rad cover art!

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Celestia loves Twilight Sparkle. That is a fact, an indisputable constant of the universe. What that love means, however, is much less certain. The love of a teacher. The love of a friend. The love that Celestia dares not name. Every tick of the clock demands her answer, for while Celestia is timeless, Twilight is not.

Celestia has only a single lifetime to make her decision, but Twilight will wait. She always has, and she always will.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Editing performed by the very talented Knight of Cerebus

Winner of the Seventh Bimonthly Twilestia Contest

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The sun has set, the moon has risen, and crowds fill the ancient streets of Marecelona to celebrate the night away. Among them walks a solitary mare in a long red coat. Few notice her, but those who do know exactly why she is there.

She is there to dance.

Inspired by the song La Noche, by Coco & Villa
Gorgeous cover art by the incomparable AssasinMonkey
Beautifully edited by Noble Thought
Featured by Equestria Daily!
Live Reading by Crafty Arts

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Flight School is where it started for her. An infatuation with Rainbow Dash that Fluttershy would carry for seven years, eight months and fifteen days (not that she's been counting). All she has to do is tell Rainbow Dash how she feels, and, really, its not as if its a daunting task.


Cover Art by the amazingly generous iJab

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It's been a long, long time since Spike was stolen from her, but Twilight hasn't forgotten nor forgiven. After a long and arduous journey, she has finally found him and his kidnapper.

She will save him.

No matter the cost.

Featured on EQD.
Now with Dramatic Reading by Joehighlord!
Side story: A Dragon Whispers Her Name

Set in the future, after an unspecified amount of time has passed. Accurate to the canon set before 31/01/2013.
Inspired and loosely based on the short film 'Sintel'.
Elements of the story taken from the 'Where the World Ends' universe (by hlissner).

Image is fanart by NCMares.
Pre-read by ThoseRemainingSilent and Bleeding Rain.
Story formerly known as 'Twintel'.

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What happens when something crafted by a creature with no real care for material things is taken from him? Nopony else knew the answer either. But they found out. Oh... They found out.

Rated 'Everyone' because EVERYONE needs a good knock in the teeth!


Featured on Equestria Daily April 2, 2015! *face melts*

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Octavia Melody is calm, patient and longing to break the boundaries of class through her career as a musician.

Princess Luna is lost in the eddies of her past, struggling to belong in a new age that doesn't seem to want her.

A chance meeting after a disastrous gala gives these isolated souls a chance to find companionship and comfort. As Luna seeks solace in Octavia's soothing music, Octavia comes to recognize the princess's loneliness and fears. When it's your duty to protect other ponies' dreams, who protects your own? Octavia might just be willing to try.

...a fantastic fic, with one of the best paced romances you can find on this site, great prose, and one of the best characterized Octavia's I could point out.Soge, TPCaRG (Read the review!)

PaulAsaran has crafted what may well be the best LunAvia ship on the site.Cerulean Voice

Highly recommended if you like romance instead of the more typical shallow shipping.City of Doors

If you're a fan of Luna and or Octavia, it's a crime not to indulge!Wanderer D

I guarantee you will enjoy it.vren55

Technically, this is flawless: the writing, the pacing, you name it, it's great.PresentPerfect

Print copy now available for purchase on Lulu!

Now with a YouTube reading by Never After All Readings!

A re-imagining of The Gentle Nights, reworked from the ground up to be bigger and brighter.

Special thanks to Mercury Gilado, Absolution and Starlight Nova for pre-reading and editing.

Artwork commissioned from the talented viwrastupr.

[11/11/2014]: Now featured on Equestria Daily!
Featured 11/22/14.

Now featured by The Royal Guard!

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Featured on Equestria Daily, December 28, 2013!

What could a smug, arrogant, disrespectful, inconsiderate, country-town farmpony possibly have to offer a seamstress down on her luck? Migraines, premature wrinkles, a revolutionary new fashion line, and a burning attraction that they'd both deny until the moon crashed into Equestria. That's what.

Rated "Teen" for suggestive themes, crude humor, innuendo, and shameless drama written by yours truly.

(Many thanks to the ever-helpful Pearple Prose for his generous proofreading and suggestions. And an extra-special thanks to the fiction and fanfiction authors that have helped push my writing skills to new heights.)


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