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I love stories, arts, and honestly, Crossovers, Like Bleach, or Naruto -very VERY little Naruto though...- Harry Potter -LOVE IT!- and more!


Griphyx Umbra Potter and Harry James Potter are found on the streets one fatal day by Discord and his wives: Celestia Order, Nightmare Moon Order, and Luna Order. The four then raise the Potters brothers, but many unexplainable things happen around the two. A/U, Human Discord, Celestia, Luna, Nightmare. Animagus Harry and Griphyx. Powerful! Harry and Griphyx. Smart! and Strong! Harry. Strong! and Cunning! Griphyx. Submissive! Harry and Griphyx.

This is the Second version of the "Two Potters and Three Princesses" in the way I had been wanting to do, but kept getting distracted. Flame only if it is helpful, non-helpful or down right mean will be ignored.

Chapters (5)

A temple was spotted in many locations.
The brothers and three sisters figured that the mythologies of Greek, Norse, Egyptian and the older beings were all fake. Oh how wrong they are. When the five of them are sucked into a magical temple, where they must run for their lives as well as fight.
WARNING!!: Some gore.
WARNING!!: Language and some mature content.
WARNING!!: It's Teen on the very edge.

Chapters (4)

A boy by the name of; Disorder Chaos. He is the son of Discord, the god of Chaos and is an orphan. When he turns 14 he gains his powers over chaos. He meets Twilight Sparkle and her friends as they go to try and stop Nightmare Moon. As they go on adventures and stop evil. All while Disorder must control his powers before they, along with himself, are used to take over the world.
Story takes place during season's to 3. Story may change depending on the actions of the characters.
I might have this become a series, might not. I'll change he title if I do decide to do so.
WARNING!: Anthro Ponies.
WARNING!: It's rated teen.
This is Part 1 of ???. Enjoy.

Chapters (23)

A boy sits on a broken wall, he is not a complete human however. He is suddenly whisked away through an attempt by Twilight Sparkle trying a new summoning spell, however, the boy isn't the only thing that got sucked through. Out in the dreaded badlands where the changelings reside, something wicked stirs, and little does anyone know that the boy will be the key to keeping Equestria safe.
Story is set after season 2 but Discord is one of the good guys now. The timeline is also jumbled a bit so the Crystal empire came first, than the wedding.
There are two "Books" in this story, signifying the parts, yes Godzilla universe is in it along with other things.
WARNING: Anthro.
WARNING: Some aspects of the story may need to be explained and/or will be explained in the story through a flashback.

Chapters (28)

Griphyx, and Harry Potter, the last of the Potter family are lonely and want friends. In Equestria, Priness Celestia, Goddess of the Sun, Princess Luna, Goddess of the moon, and Nightmare Moon, all wish to have friends whom accept hem for them. As they make their wishes, they come true. Somewhere in the darkness, something stirs and it's up to our heroes, and friends they will make along the way, to stop it.

Chapter 3, and 4 have been edited.
Will undergo "improvement" so expect there to be posts of same chapters, as I have decided to "re-do" the story, even IF it is just remaking the Chapters but it will have a "Prologue".

Chapters (30)
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