• Published 8th Feb 2014
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Dragon's Reign - Vladimir

This is a crossover of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Reign of Fire, and my own OC's. This sory is Inspired by Reign of Fire: Equestria - killagatosrs.

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Hera and Moon VS. Two Beasts....

We flew through the air towards the two large beasts, Hera took the large plant while I took on this week monster, it looks like an over-sized Iguana. I draw my sword and slash the tail tip off, as it roars in pain, it's orange yes flash green and spews green fie at me. I side step away from it a few meters, my cloths slightly singed.

"Damn...I was hoping that I wouldn't need to release my sword. I hope they forgive me..." I mutter to myself as my body gets surrounded by black flames, my shoes turn into Olympian sandals, my clothes become robes, two large black wings show themselves as a scythe forms in my hand, my body becomes larger and my eyes are dull grey, my hair long and black, my hands are black claws as I spin my scythe, I look down at the beast, a scowl on my face. "You have called forth my form and first release state. Only a few have done this, and you will be one of them. You should be proud, to fight with me, Hyperion." I state as I raise a blade made from the literal elements, seasons and stars form in my right hand as my scythe sits in my left hand, I stare it down, but it takes me by surprise as it turns into a humanoid version, it is a female.

"It's good to see you, Lord Hyperion." The woman says to me, my eyes widen as she smiles o at me, but screams out in pain, a collar around her neck. Tears go down her cheeks before her eyes become orange again and she roars in a mix of pain and rage. Her body ignites into bright green flames, she stares up at me, her eyes show she doesn't wish to fight, but she has no choice in the matter.

"I will free you, and help Nova kill Zeus. I promise this to you, Phoebe." I say under my breath, before I charge at her, she appears behind me, her claws swing down and ten waves of green energy fly at me. I swing my sword to the side and I send out what looks like a stream of a supernova, the attacks clash and creates a large mushroom cloud, this sector of Canterlot is now a smoldering crater.

I watch as she soars towards me, her fists slam into my chest, sending me flying into the atmosphere, I break the sound barrier, I cough up blood as she appears behind me and swings her claws down, they tear open my back, I cry out in pain, I sin and knock her away wit my wings. The tips of my wings are sharpened to the point where they draw some blood from her. She hisses in pain before firing a green beam at me. I use my left wing as a shield, the beam collides with me, but I fan my left wing out, swatting the beam away. I stare at her as she raises a hand above her head, part of he earth beneath us flies up and begins to forms a sphere, she wails and wooded dragons fly out at me, a stone golem rushes me, a hydra made of water also forms as she rides on t main head.

"It seems Zeus cares not for this world. Very well, but I do, and if I must, I will go into my primal form." I say. I spin my scythe in front of me, the dragons crumble to dust, I swing my sword down, the golem is cleaved in two, I then feel a large amount of pain course through my side. Looking down I see a clone of herself, she has her teeth deep into my side, coughing, I ram the butt of the hilt into it's head, the clone turns into dirt before reforming behind me, the real her is in front of me. "Damn it...Looks like I have no choice." I say as my sword and scythe glow in a bright white light. "Release." Is all I say as my body grows, and grows into a giant of wind, lava, earth, stars, water and plants.

look down at tem, the clone vanishes, as Phoebe turns into her human form, she then goes into her Titan form, she has the symbol of the moon on her chest, she resembles Nova, but instead of normal spines, she has ten nine tails as she resembles a large monster fox of sorts, except her eyes show the moon with black slits in them. I punch at her, but one of her tails wraps around it, and throws me aside. I land on the air, the sky below has become dark with large clouds, I bellow before multiple beams fire off from all over my body, she roars and the beams are destroyed from the mere sound. I take a step back before punching forward and fire a red bullet of energy at her the size of my fist.

Her eyes narrow, she raises a claw and fires a massive orange beam that slams into me, the bullet hits her, but does nothing. I brave the beam and swat it aside like one would a gnat. I stare at her before charging at her, she rushes at me with far greater speed, she bites into my left arm, I slam my right fist onto her head, she lets go before I grab her by her throat and throw her down past the clouds and back onto the earth....

=====with Hera===================

I move forward and have a staff in hand, I see Moon take the woman into the air. I swing my staff down and send a torrent of wind that pushes the beast back. It bellows in rage, it's eyes are orange in color, I see a collar around it's neck. I aim or it, but a tendril with teeth snaps at me, I jump back before using the wind to cut the head off. I fly backwards as more vines fly after me, I keep sending wind to get rid of them as I keep dodging.

"Damn, this will be hard to deal with." I state. The beast roars before burrowing into the ground, I fly higher into the air, black clouds block the sky, looks like Moon and the woman are fighting. I look down just as vines burst from the ground and fly up at me, their jaws snapping. I spin my staff, the vines bounce off before more spout up from behind me. "Shit!" I curse as a vine bites into my left leg and drags me onto the ground, creating a small crater. I cough as the beast burst from the ground, but then turns into a woman wearing Olympian clothing which are green, she has sad eyes.

"I am sorry Hera. But I am being controlled by this collar, please, free me." She asks. I gape at her, standing before me is Gaia, Mother Earth. She cries out in pain as the whole ground cracks and trembles, a green pillar of light forms around her as her body grows an grows, she looks like a giant beautiful woman that wields a scepter in one hand, while she wields a double bladed war-axe. She stares down at me as her power pushes my legs into the ground. I look up at her and smile sadly.

"I will free you, Gaia, and help you live here on this world." I say. She simply stares, but her eyes show gratitude. She raises a foot and gets prepared to stomp on me, until a large fox falls onto her and the two collapse. I blink before my eyes go wide as I see Hyperion standing there once the clouds vanish. He is in his second form, but something is different, my eyes grow wider when I see Moon's eyes there, then it hits me. Moon IS Hyperion. I watch as his body glows and becomes smaller, when the light vanishes he is smaller, but his wings are holy white, he has a long whip like tail, his claws are bone white, his eyes are yellow and green.

He appears before me and helps me out of the ground.

"Hold your ground Hera. We need to free them, and they are getting ready to become like me." He says. I nod my head, but fear grasps my heart.

'If Hyperion is here, than that means something big is about to go down, when did Richard even meet this titan!?' I question myself as I enter my final form. My sandals have become actual shoes, my clothes now different, I am wearing black skin tight pants, a white shirt with a yellow cape flapping in the wind, my hair swirls around in an ethereal wind, my staff is split into two parts, one is a spear, while the other is a shield.

Gaia becomes shorter and she looks more beautiful than any other woman I have met. Her hair is lush green, her eyes are sparkling blue, her skin is fair, her clothes now a like mine, as she wears sandals still. Her scepter and axe are both brown and gold. The fox looks like...Phoebe. Great, just great. Anyways, she looks just as beautiful, her tails whip about, her clothes are rags, her claws glinting in the sunlight. Their collars electrocute them once again. They both scream in pain before rushing us. Phoebe clashes with Hyperion, while Gaia and I clash with each other.

Gaia spins and her axe is held out, as she spins the earth moves with her, as those vines sprout from the ground to hold me still. I jump backwards and fire a white beam that hits her in the chest. She steps back, stunned slightly before shrugging it off, the collar slightly cracked. I smirk as I spin y spear around, lightning cracks around me as I charge at her. She stomps on the ground, causing stone spikes to fly at me, I bloc them with my shield, I point my spear at the collar, but she swats me away with her scepter, the shield cracks, as I land on my back, I groan before rolling to the side, her axe cuts into the earth where I was, creating a small crater, the gust of wind knocks me back.

I land on my feet and side step behind her, I jab at the collar, onto to have my spear bounce off. I growl as I jab at it again, the collar cracks more, but Gaia spin kicks me into Hyperion, who has managed to rip off Phoebe's collar. She looks at us wit a smile, before looking at Gaia and getting into a fighting stance. I get back to my feet as Hyperion cracks his neck. He readies his claws and the two of them charge in flashes of lightning, Gaia does the same as they clash in the sky, shockwaves resound through the air, the ground quakes as they three fight. I move like them and punch Gaia in the face, as Hyperion and Phoebe grab her collar and prepare to rip it in half, until those damned vines sprout again and drag them down and slam them both onto the ground. Gaia and I clash, my shield is cracked more as is her axe.

I kick her in the stomach and send her upward, I go to follow until she appears next to me, she grabs my head and throws me into the ground. I cough up blood as she elbow drops onto my stomach, I gasp for breath, only to get stomped further into the ground. I groan as I get up, Hyperion and Phoebe tackle her into the air away from me, I look to my left and see that vined beast torn to shreds. I cough more before joining them in the fight. I arrive to find that Gaia is being held by her arms, suspended in the air.

I am quick to grab her collar, and with all of my strength, rip it off of her, the collar shatters into a million pieces and becomes dust. Gaia's eyes return to normal, she looks up at me and smiles.

=====Hyperion's PoV in Attacks==============================

Phoebe and I clash, sparks go everywhere. I am punched in the gut and fly into a wall of the crater. I get out of the wall, only to be pushed father in by an orange beam, I groan before side stepping behind Phoebe, who spin kicks me into the ground from the air. I appear behind her and punch her in the back, she yelps and flies into a wall of the crater. She goes to get out, but I fire a massive black beam that pushes her farther and farther into the ground.

She bursts from the ground from under me, and uppercuts me into the air, but she then grabs my tail and pulls me back down, where she punches me in the face, she repeats this motion for a few minutes before spinning me around like one would a lasso. She lets me go and I crash into the wall -again-. She opens her mouth and fires a blood red beam that I counter with a sickly green beam, the two attacks collide into each other and explode.

I appear next to her and grab her collar, I have grown tired of this senseless fight, and I want to finish this now, and with a hard pull, the collar is torn off. Hera then crashes into me, I see Phoebe get into a fighting stance, as do I, and the two of us move lightning fast at Gaia. The three of us fly into the sky and fight. Gaia cuts me, but me and Phoebe tear her cloths apart, she winces from the attacks, but soon drives us back.

I spin kick her in the chest, knocking her into Phoebe's red beam. Gaia cries out in pain before we are dragged onto the ground by massive vines. I growl and pull on the vines, the large green plant beast rises and sends it's vines at us. Phoebe dodges before clawing up the face of the beast, while I point a claw at it's core. I stay calm as I fire a black and green beam, the attack collides with the core of the beast, causing it to roar in pain, bad move.

Phoebe goes into it's mouth and holds it open, she opens her own mouth and fires a blood red beam into it mouth, the beam comes out from the top of it's head, killing it instantly. The beast lets loose a low growl like whimper, before it falls to the ground. I stab my hand into it's core, and fire off another beam that comes out of it's back. The body starts to decay, as we fly up to fight Gaia. Phoebe grabs her axe and crushes it, while I snap her scepter in half.

Gaia punches me in the chest, breaking a few ribs, before they mend themselves. I growl and break her right arm, while Phoebe breaks her left, we hold her there are Hera appears. She grabs Gaia's collar and pulls with all of her strength, the collar shatters into a million pieces.

"Looks like we're late. Oh well." I hear. I look behind me and see Discord and Ovan, standing there as if nothing has happened.

"Shame. And here I was thinking that I could beat them too. Tch, whatever, we should head to Nova, he is attacking the Volcano." Ovan says calmly.

"Why?" Hera asks. Ovan gets a scarily serious look on his face.

"Because Zeus has taken Cadence and Mars. And he needs help, but I might as well go ad help him, you all arrive when the signal is given. Go it?" He states. We nod our heads. "Good. Sayonara." He states before vanishing to Nova's side.

"This just keeps getting better and better." I state.

"Moon, when were you going to tell us you were a Titan?" Her asks me. I smirk and tap on my nose.

"Never." I state before heading back to the castle, however I stop and see Poseidon is fighting with Hades, and he is winning. I nod my head before going to see Flame.

Author's Note:

Her be Hera's and Moons (Hyperions) fight with the beasts (Gaia and Phoebe). Hope you enjoyed this chapter.
And as always! I will see you! In the next chapter! Bye bye!!

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