• Published 8th Feb 2014
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Dragon's Reign - Vladimir

This is a crossover of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Reign of Fire, and my own OC's. This sory is Inspired by Reign of Fire: Equestria - killagatosrs.

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Richard's Death and The Olympians Awaken....

Richard and I clash, I use my claws as a blade, the flames grow on my claws as we push each other back and create a clear dome around us from the sheer power we are excreting. I move up into the air faster than he can, I let lose and become my energy form. I land and I tower over him. He smirks and releases his blade as well.

He is the same height as me, but he has three heads, large golden wings, two clubbed tail. His scales are gold as he roars and fires beams at me. I change my wings into spines and they light up bright blue as I release a massive energy beam. The beams collide with each other creating an explosion, however, we jump out of the large cloud of smoke our bodies are humanoid except his two heads are on his shoulders, his scales are now armor and are ash grey, his eyes blood red, his tails conjoined into one, but at the tip they are split. He roars at me and charges.

My body is like my larger animalistic one, but my scales are black as night, my spines are many and are blue at the bottom but become ash white, my eyes hold a fire that never ends, my tail long and sharp at he tip, but not a spike, I still have my crown floating above my head. I let lose my own roar as I charge at him. We clash, creating shockwaves all around us, the ground shatters ad cracks, the castle trembles and a spire crumbles down to the ground. He kicks me into the castle as I land in the throne room. Discord stares at me as I open my eyes, Richard enters the room next, our heads touching the 10 meter high ceiling. I swing my tail, he stumbles to the side as it slams into the side of his head.

Richard passes through a wall and part of the castle crumbles onto him. I grab everyone in the room and break though a wall, as I reach the outside, I put them on the ground before I am tackled from the left by Richard. His horn digging into my side, causing me to roar in pain. We tumble into the castle, more of it crumbles onto us as we fight. I swing my tail and trip Richard, as he falls onto his face, I fire a blue beam at him, he rolls away quickly, the beam scorches the crystals as I move my head, the beam follows. As the beam gets loser to him, Richard fires his own beam at it, causing it to explode, the explosion nocks me back.

He jumps and lands onto me, his knees digging into my chest causing me to cough out green blood. black flames form around my claws, I swipe at him and manage to leave fire gash's in his skeletal armored chest, he stumbles backwards as his black blood sprays out of him. I get to my feet and swing my claws in a downward motion, sending multiple black pillars of flame at Richard, they spear into him and explode, taking chunks out of his body. He roars in pain as his body regenerates the missing part. I roar at him before charging at him, I bite his shoulder and rip off a chunk of his flesh. He bellow in rage as he kicks be back. I tumble a 20 meters away before stopping.

Richard floats into the air and flies at me, his wings kicking up rubble, he roars and his horn lights up and parts of the crumbling castle circle him. He flies at me, shards of the castle being sent at me and cutting at my body. I roar and send more black flames at him, as he sends white flames at me. My eyes widen as he summons floating white flaming spears, much like Aero's but on a much larger level. I roar and my spines begin to glow bright blue, he sends a spear at me as I fire a blue and black beam. The attacks collide and explode into each other, sucking air in, before sending large shockwaves out that destroy the section of Canterlot hat we are in.

He sends more debris at me, cutting me up more. I roar again before sending a large torrent of black and blue flames, that turns into a wave that cleaves his right arm off. He roars in pain and rage before sending a spire into my chest, through my heart. My eyes widen as I stare up at Richard, his right arm reforms and he roars as he pulls the spire out and tosses it away. He stomps on my head and blasts me with a white and blood red beam, creating a large mushroom cloud, the shockwaves rocket across the ground. Then, my world goes black...

=======Elisabeth's PoV===========================

I watch as Nova and Richard clash. Nova looks much like Spike does but without the wings and arrow tipped tail. His scales are black as night, his spines blue at the bottom but turn ash white at the top. His claws are white as are his teeth, his eyes are brown, but orange flames burn in them, never leaving, his iris is black and slit.

He places us down but is then tackled by Richard, his horn goes into Nova's side. Nova roars so loudly in pain the glass shatters. Nova swings his claws, black flames form, knocking Richard back leaving five gashes in his chest. Nova and Richard continue t clash as Discord starts to talk.

"We need to get away from here!" He yells over the massive amounts of wind. We all nod out heads until I see Nova roar in pain as Richard sends debris at him, cutting his left arm to bits. Nova sends a black wave that cleaves Richards right arm off, but he soon gets impaled by a crystal spire. Richard pulls the sire out and stomps on Nova's head, he then releases a white and blood red beam down on Nova, creating a huge mushroom cloud. The shockwaves and gusts of wind destroy most of Canterlot, but don't reach us thanks to Discord's barrier he just put up.

As the smoke and dust clears, I gasp, tears form in my eyes. Laying there with his eyes closed, is Nova, he still has the hole in his chest, his left arm and both legs are gone, his crown has vanished. He's dead.

"No! Nova! NOVA!!" I hear Luna scream out to him.

He's dead.

"NOVA...." Everyone's voices become distant. I stare at Nova's body, tears form in my eyes, time seems to stop. I watch a past scene play through my head.


'"I promise to stay by your sides, girls. Nothing will ever keep me apart from you four." Nova says looking down at us. I smile up at him.'

'"Not even death?" I ask him. He nods his head and kisses me gently.'

'"Not even death." He tells me. I smile up at him, an the two of us kiss under the moonlight. "I will always be by your sides, no matter what. Even if Richard does manage to injure me to greatly, I'll come right back. Just for you four, and even the world." He continues.'

'"I love you, Nova." I say to him, as we bask in the moonlight naked. He looks down at me, love in his eyes as he rubs my belly gently.'

'"I love you too Elisabeth. All of you." He says to me, before we kiss, his hand on my belly.'

-------End of Flashback-----------------------------------------

I stare at Nova's body, remembering his words, thinking he lied to me, until, a massive spike of power surges through the air.

"Looks like it's my turn to help." A voice resounds in the air above us. We all look up and see Nova's sword floating there, before it takes on the shape of a younger Nova, he, has a large black Alicorn wing, a large ash white dragon wing, his tail has a spike at the end, he has Discord's blue horn, but it is blood red, and a bright blue Alicorn horn on the top of his head. His left eye is green and yellow, slit much like a cats. His right eye is black and yellow, while on the right side of his upper jaw is a large fang. He is hearing a coat, black pants and blood red sneakers, around his neck he bears a silver necklace with a Yin-Yang emblem on it.

"Who are you?" I hear Celestia ask. He looks towards her and gets sadistic grin on his face.

"Slaying Moon at your service! And I am about to bring Lord Nova back. You should thank me, by the way, we WILL meet again after this." He says before a large orb of life energy forms in his hand which has been high above his head. The color changers from white to a luscious green and blue, clouds form, stars are sucks in as this sphere grows and grows. He side steps to Nova's body, the sphere complete, and it is giant. It looks like out world, but stars are circling it. "Lets save everyone now, Master." He states before driving the sphere into the hole in Nova's chest cavity. He appears next to me and watches, as do we all. We watch as the sphere of light grows and envelops his body it soon becomes a down and as the wind roars, we can distinctly hear a loud monstrous roar on the winds, the dome rises ad soon a blood red and bight blue pillar rises up, the dome turns that color as well and rings form around it.

Richard watches and moves back, he is still in his release form, but he looks more like me but with his armor, tails, horn, etc. A aura seeps out from the dome as grass starts to grow. When the dome dissipates, standing there is Nova, but he looks different once again. His crown is back, his scales are now ash white like his skin was, and that is where everything changes, his eyes are purple with slits in them, around the clits are rings, his spines are black at the bottom and ash white still, his tail is longer his height is around ten feet. His claws are black as night as they shine in the sun, he still looks like spike. He looks at Richard and growls, blue smoke rising from the corners of his maw.

"This is the end for you Richard! Now die!!!" He roars as he flies at Richard, who is caught off guard....

======Nova's PoV before transformation=================

"I failed...damn it!" I growl out. I am floating in darkness, nothing is around me at all. I had failed my family.

"No, you still have a chance, young Nova." I hear a woman's voice say to me. I look up and see a white Alicorn with a red flowing mane and tail. She has amazing curves, her hips are perfectly wide, same with her chest, her face or muzzle in this case, looks amazing, her bright blue eyes shine, drawing me in. "You have yet to complete your task, my son." She says to me.

"But...I'm not your son." I say. She giggles and nods her head.

"Perhaps not your biological one, no, but I am your mother in law. I, am Mother Faust, mother of Celestia and Luna, I am the mother of the universe." She says to me. I gape at her, as I go to bow, she hugs me gently. "There is no need to bow to family, young Nova. And you have not failed yet, there is still time to save every pony." She explains to me.

"But, what can I do? I haven't even awakened all of my powers yet, and there are more I have yet to acquire..." I say to her somberly. She shakes her head and smiles.

"You will gain them all, in time, but it seems you are being called back. But before you go, let me give you a gift of may that you will receive." She says as my body starts to fade from her realm. She places her horn on my head, and transfers more abilities and powers that I had not unlocked before my battle with Richard.

"What did you give me?" I ask curiously. She smiles down at me before hugging me softly.

"You have the abilities to come here even when alive, in your dreams as well, you have also gained the powers of Discord, please use them well to protect my little ones." She says to me. "Now go, and protect our family...." she says as her voice becomes distant, a small smile forms on my lips, as I close my eyes, ready to return.

'I will...mother...'

======Nova's PoV after transformation===================

"This is the end for you Richard! Now die!!" I roar as I charge him. Richard looks too sunned to me as I punch him in the stomach, causing him to cough up blood, before I twist my fist, and while roaring I push forward all at the same time, I send him flying through the air. He spins in a circle before I appear above him and give him a double harmer onto his face, he goes strait into the ground as I kick off of the air and go past the sound barrier, he gets up to his feet, standing in his five mil wide crater, his claws ignite into white flames. I push past the second sound barrier and move faster towards him, I let my claws hang back as they glow blood red and bright blue blames, my spines shine the same colors as I charge my beam.

I slam my fists down onto Richard's shoulders, as the flames erupt into ten pillars around us, I fire my beam, make a dome around us, he screams in pain as he vanishes from my eyesight. When the dome dissipates I see Richard laying on his back, most of his body is gone. His right arm, part of his upper half and his head only remain. He wheezes and gasps for breath, his eyes locked onto the sky, I can see happiness in hi eyes for once.

"You...you freed me...from my...my servitude...be-before I die, I leave you with a warning...th-the Olympians are h-here...th-they slumber in the pit of fire...b-be ready for when they arrive..." He looks back at the sky after looking to me. A smile forms on his face, tears form in the corners of his eyes. "Maria...." Is all he says as his breath leaves him, as does the life in his eyes. I close his eyes, but his sword forms in my hand, a note attached to it.

It reads: "To Lord Nova,

If you are reading this note, then I have been freed and you have defeated me. I thank you, and let this sword serve you well, as it has me. This blade is called Maria, named after my late wife before the second incident, my reason to become a monster. I hope that all those hat have fallen from my blade find peace and happiness. Farewell Nova, son of Zeus.

Sincerely, Richard Thompson."

I place the letter into my pocket as I stand up to my feet, Richard's body turns to ash in the wind, the last piece of him to vanish, is his happy smile. I bow my head in respect, before I turn and side step back to the others in a boom of static.

"Nova!" My wives yell out as they hug me tightly. I hug them back just as tightly, they look up at me, marveling at my new body.

"You look amazing! But, what about your old body?" Chrysie asks. I look her in the eyes, and smile.

"This one is it, my old body became this, and to be honest, I like it this way. Better than my old one, don't you think?" I ask. She nods her head as she nuzzles me gently, I nuzzle her gently back. Elisabeth has tears in her eyes. "Are you okay Beth?" I ask her. She nods and rubs her belly gently, I smile as everyone gasps. "Is the little one okay to?" I ask. She nods her head, but then speak up.

"Nova, their twins." She says to me with a smile. I smile widely as I kneel and nuzzle her belly gently, she giggles and smiles down at me, as I smile up at her.

"Bro, you look like Godzilla. Something up with that?" Discord asks. I smirk and pat his shoulder, smirking.

"I remember seeing a serpent like this from a movie before the first incident, it too was called Godzilla. But, if that is what I am now, then...what will the others be?" I ask.

"Others? What others?" Discord asks. I sigh sadly, and look down at Richard's sword.

"The Olympians are here, along with my father." I say.

"What's your fathers name, Nova?" Nightmare asks. I look at them before looking at the horizon.

"He is the king of them. Zeus." I explain. They gain sad looks.

"What do we do now?" I hear Twilight ask. I smirk and look at her, a smirk across my face, a fire burns in my eyes.

"We wait." Is all I say before we look over at the mountain range, I can see a massive Volcano in the distance. And wit it, multiple powers and hive are awakening as well. Rain pours down on us as thunder booms through the sky. Now, we wait for them to strike, because now, we know what to expect.

========3rd Person View of the Olympians=====================

A group of men and women lay, frozen in stone at the bottom of the volcano of. The lava ripples as a man rises, the stone cracks, and an eye opens. As the eye opens, shadows of large monsters can be seen behind him, they let loose roars and snarls. The true war, begins.

Author's Note:

Well, there's the latest chapter. I wanted to add a bit of flare to it, yes this marks the half way point. Thank you for reading this far, and yes, I am bringing the GODZILLA universe into this, might as well right? Anyways, so yeah! Hope you enjoyed the final time you'd have to see Richard, but now there are much more dangerous beings on he rise, will our heroes live through it? What does Slaying Moon have to do with the stories? Find out Next time!
And as always! I'll see you! In the next chapter! Bye bye!!

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