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Dragon's Reign - Vladimir

This is a crossover of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Reign of Fire, and my own OC's. This sory is Inspired by Reign of Fire: Equestria - killagatosrs.

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Gettng ready...

Months passed after the wedding as well as the mini invasion. The princesses had decided to send out their spies, however I beat them to it when I sent out Gilda, Boulder and Abyss to be my spies, and if need be, our enemies executioners. On a nice side note, Gilda and Boulder have become closer than what I though they would, however I did notice the looks they would give ach other, they were having the hot's for each other. Apparently in Griffin culture, when the male is far stronger than the female, it proves the male to be a great mate that is willing to protect what is theirs. Chrysalis has been an amazing ally, as well as mate -though we have not...uh...done that yet, but that's okay, Luna and I haven't either-. She has been helping m with duties with my hive, apparently her changelings and my serpents have become like a large family of sorts, both looking out for the other.

Flame and Rainbow have been bonding, and she has been trusting me more and more since Flame was injured. Apparently when I flipped my lid, and decimated those lowly griffins -except Gilda, she's cool- Rainbow has been hanging around for Flame's sake, she had found out that all hatchlings or younglings were my ultimate weakness, which she respected. Luna has been accepted by most of Equestria now, which is good, no more of this 'Nightmare Moon' bullshit. However, I have seen glances of Luna's 'double' in the mirror from time to time. She looked H-O-T!

Anyways, Sapphire and Night Shield have been doing great, however Night now knows to never piss Sapphire off, I'm betting after he saw how she tore those griffins to shreds with her bare hands after what they did to Flame, really scared him. Shinning Armor and Princess Cadance have been doing well too, however they say that the 'Crystal Empire's' castle is nothing compared to mine. I have never laughed so hard. Ever. So they had decided to make a copy of mine. Weird how mine is a crystalline copy of Canterlot Castle which is now nothing but rubble. Weird right? After that incident however, things had gotten quiet as usual. No invasions, no impending doom from some far off land or time had forgotten. Just quiet. And that scared me more than anything. Discord, too, seems to be scared by how quiet it has been.

As I stand on the balcony of Canterlot's new Crystal Castle -my old one I suppose though it is still mine-, I feel someone's energy getting closer to me by a few meters. My body tenses up until I identify that it's Discord's.

"Too quiet for you huh, Nova?" He asks me with a calm tone. I nod my head slightly, showing that I am listening. "Seems things like this don't bode well for us, does it? We fight for instinct where as other times we fight to protect and in some cases, we fight for fun. But with this...peace, it is rather frightening. Wouldn't you agree?" I nodded my head once again, my eyes glued to the starry night sky. He let a sigh escape his lips before looking at the sky himself.

"It's weird but, when I was entering...that state, I could feel a second presence inside o me waking up. One of death and living for destruction. Could I be more than a Serpent?" I asked, looking up at Discord. He looked down at me, until his eyes narrowed when he looked back at the stars.

"It could be from all of he abilities you have acquire, all of the magic and powers mixing together making something." He explained. I looked down until he continued. "Or, they could be helping wake something up, a part of you that not even you know about. You might have already been more than a human, and the 'Serpent' abilities was an added bonus." He said with a calm tone. "It might have to do with your parents, did you ever know them?" He questioned. I looked at the stars, sighing sadly.

"I never knew them. I was orphaned or something like that. I had stayed in an orphanage until I was taken for the...testing." I explained. Unknown to me, Celestia, Luna and Chrysalis along with the man six and Spike were listing in on our 'private' conversation. "Whenever I would ask the Orphanage home Director about them, she would go pale and start telling me to drop it. When I would keep asking, she would order me to leave and go to my room. Even now I still wonder who they were, but I also must question why I was called a 'Demon' under certain children's breath..." I stated sadly.

"Were there demons in your world?" Discord asked. He stared at me, while I thought for a while.

"I'm not sure. I mean, if dragons are were, and are real in my world, what's to say that they weren't real too?" I said softly, not looking Discord in the eyes. Discord leaned against the railing before sighing.

"There might have been. Even with my vast knowledge of this and other dimensions, I can not tell you what to expect. However this part of you that you felt, might be something you need to accept and overcome. It might be something that can help us with a war I can smell in the air. I know you have felt it too, the call of war is upon us. Those griffins were scouts, a large number of scouts, but scouts the same. However, it seems weird that they were killing, perhaps they were wanting to shake us up until the actual fight begins?" Discord stated rather calmly, which did manage to calm me down. I took comfort in his words for some reason.

"If there is a war coming, than I will make sure to take the enemy forces down. But you are right. I have heard the call as well as smelt the stench of death on the horizon. This does not bode well at all with me." I explained. Discord nodded his head as we soon sat in silence until I noticed Pinkie Pie fall over from out behind the corner. "You can all come out now, Pinkie ruined your cover." I called out to the others. The group had left from behind the corner and stood before me.

"Do you think that war will happen?" Asked the oh so timid Fluttershy. I let a sigh escape my lips before looking at the moon. I could lie to them, but if I did and war happened with them unprepared I would never live down the guilt. But if I told them the truth I would be scarring them, but preparing them as well.

Crap...I just can't win can I? Damn it...

"I believe so, unfortunately. But if there will be a war, something tells me it will be more than just Griffins. I can feel it." I told them. A pair of wing beats alerted me of a new presence. I turned to my left and saw a changeling scout, however he was beaten and half dead.

"T-the griffins have...have gained a-allies..." It said while gasping. "T-they caught us an started killing. They almost got me too u-until I...I got away...but they banged me up pretty bad..." It said.

"And what are their allies?" I asked gently, not wanting to make the pour changeling hurry with his words.

"M-minotaur's...D-dragons...a-and..." He gasped a breath. I could tell he would not last much longer. He continued, but it startled me with what he said next. "S-s-serpent Hive...." I stood there stock still as the dying changeling slowly fell to he ground. I moved quickly and caught him, as I lay him on his back gently I could see he had a hole through his left breast plate o his armor, going through his back.

"Did they resemble mine?" He nodded his head softly, gasping for air in pain. "Who was leading this new hive? Please tell me!" I begged.

"H-he said...his name was...R-Richard..." As soon as he finished, I froze. Richard Rose, one of the first to become like me, he was also on of the most feared. His power was what tipped the tide in the Serpent's favor in taking over my old world. How did he get here!? "P-permission to rest...S-sir?" He asked me. I nodded my head slowly.

"Permission granted soldier." I answered him, he smiled gently, his eyes filled with an odd sense of happiness.

"T-thank you...S-sir..." His eyes gained a glazed far off look in them as he drew his final breath. I closed his eyes gently before rising to my feet and looked at everyone.

"We need allies now!" I growled out. Discord was surprised by my hostility towards everyone. He gave me a questioning look.

"Why are you so enraged right now? Who is Richard?" He asked a very good and very bad question there. I sighed than groaned loudly as I had not told many about everything as of yet.

"Richard Rose, he was one of the first to become a hybrid like me, however, he soon became the first to turn on us, his hive had been the one to tip the scales out of humanities favor, and into the serpent's instead. Though seeing as to how I am one now, I should be thankful..." I explained. "He was someone you did not want to piss off, but since he is here, and has a hive as well as being an ally with the griffins, there is no doubt that he has heard of me and wants me to either join him, or get out of the way." I explained to the. Their eyes wide for a moment, before Discord began to laugh.

"That's all? Really!? We have the power of multiple dimensions, magic strong enough to decimate armies, let alone the fact that we each of twelve Elite Guards capable of doing the same on their own, and then they have the powers we bestowed upon them as well. So to be honest, this 'Richard' person will lose." Discord stated confidently. Thinking this over, I soon saw what he was saying with better clarity. He was right, the two of us if we wanted to could take over the world, let alone the fact that we are making friends with the Zebra's, are allies with the Changelings, let alone having my hive with new classes/races growing all the time and counting.

"That is true, perhaps we are capable of winning this war, once it comes out way. However, we will need to prepare the hive's, and the Royal Guard." I explained. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. I grinned, thinking of how interesting this was going to be.

Months passed, it had been a year since I had entered Equestria and established myself as a ruler. There had been word of small invades happening in Zebrica, as well as in the misty mountains where there are trolls, drakes and even a few unicorn wizards. I have been sending out more of my Hive Guard's to deal with these problems, as well as gaining more allies.

So far we have gained the Diamond Dogs, the Zebra's, Drakes, Trolls, Unicorn Wizards, Bat Ponies, Scorpio's; just to name a few. The leaders of the tribes or mini countries have entered the fray of battle a few times with the Dragon's and Griffin's before. I watched over the training grounds as multiple races trained with each other, learning from each other. Discord had taken it upon himself to train Equestria's Royal Guard in our ways. My hive sits out on the training as to how they are as strong as Boulder is, if he was still as strong as he once was. He has become stronger, as well as became Gilda's mate. The two are happy with each other.

"It seems that our mate is alone after all Luna~." I heard Chrysalis purr out, which sent shivers up my spine. Luna and Chrysalis rubbed their hands down my chest, before reaching- Hello! I let out a squeak, blushing soon. The two of them flanked me, their eyes lidded giving them a very sexy look. I nuzzled both of them before they dragged me off towards our room.

"We are doing this~." Stated Luna. I was not going to complain, after so long of us pushing down our urges, the dams finally broke, all of us looking forward to what was about to happen. They tossed me onto the bed, disheveling the sheets from how rough I landed.

"You will enjoy this lover~" Chrysalis purred to me, crawling up to me, Luna next to her, both of them moving at the same time. A low growl resonated from the back of my throat, however it wasn't a threat, it was in excitement. We made out before the two of them pinned me down, sultry smirking down at me. Oh yeah, this was going to be fun~.


Panting was heard throughout the room, the three of us had grown tired from our...activities. We had started at noon and I was now midnight and it.was.AWESOME! Luna ad Chrysalis lay their heads on my chest, panting still, but had smiles on their muzzles.

"You certainly are active, we might need to be worried if this is always going t happen~." Purred Chrysalis from my right. I give her ear a gentle nibble causing her to moan with pleasure.

"I didn't hear any complaining from either of you~." I purred to them. They both blushed before giggling.

"No, no we did not." Luna stated, tracing a finger along m chest softly. "Though you weren't complaining either~." She said to me with bedroom eyes. I nodded my head, a smirk on my face as I rub their backs gently.

"You certainly love us a lot, that is for sure." Chrysalis sighed happily before closing her eyes. Luna nodded her head and with a yawn, closed her eyes as well. I held them close, letting sleep take over me. But in the back of my mind, I could hear what sounded like echoing laughter.

"Soon....soon we will be capable of protecting what is ours...Nova...". Was the last thing I heard after the laughing, before drifting to full slumber.


A week had passed. Luna, Chrysalis and I have been having more of our...activities. The voice has been becoming more frequent however. And my powers and magic as well as my own abilities have been gaining more strength. I am now regarded as 'Equestria's First King'. As well as 'King of the Changelings'. Whenever Discord and I spar, he and I bot note that I am just as strong as him, that is, until he releases his true power, which forces me to release mine, then he trumps me like I'm a child. Luna, Celestia and Chrysalis have been talking with each other, I would sometimes here talk about marriage.

Today I was to meet with Discord, but instead, I as met with someone different. Someone who made my blood freeze in my veins. Looking in front of me on the hill, stood Richard. He's wearing black combat boots, camouflage cargo-pants, a long sleeved camouflage shirt. At his side is a Spartan Sword, on his back is a Spartan Shield, however the edges are sharpened, meant to cut his foes in half. His left hand -much like my right hand- is draconic in nature, while his right eye -much like my left ye- is also draconic.

"So you mush Nova. Some king, your just a kid!" He laughed towards the sky. I growled, my hand on my Shooting Star. Richard looks at me with a haughty grin on his face.

"You really want to fight me kid? Do you know why I am here anyway?" He questions me. I stayed silent, not wanting to speak to him. He laughed once more. "Good kid, never talk to strangers. However the reason I am here, is because I want you to join me and together, we can rule this pitiful world with an iron fist." He held out his draconic left hand to me. "We can even get rid of those princesses." That's when I snapped. Pulling out my gun, in a swift movement I sent bullet past his head, causing him to flinch. "The fuck are you doing, you little shit!?" He raged at me.

"You dare insult my mate and my best friends wife! I will kill you, you son of a bitch!!" I sent out another shot at him, he blocked it with his shield. Soon, we clashed with our swords, I snarled at him while her growled. Sparks flew and blood was spilt. Richard managed to cut my left arm off, he grinned a sported grin.

"Looks like you lost an arm-" He stopped, staring at me as a new arm formed. As I tested my new hand, I picked up my pistol, holstering it. "What the fuck!? What are you!? No Serpent breed can do that!" I smirked before replaying.

"I have twenty serpent classes in my hive and twenty Elite Guards, all like me. They have these aspects, and more. However, I am more than a simple Bull/Leviathan Class. I am my own class." I explained. Richard growled before he started to laugh whole heartedly.

"Good, I was hoping you would be a challenge!" He stopped laughing, but his smirk still ever present. He rushed at me, until a black and red wave passed between us, causing him to jump back. When he looked at me, he saw that I was completely unharmed from the wave.

"Looks like you are Richard. Not very strong are you?" Discord stated. He was standing in the air as he stared down at him. "You aren't that powerful, eve if you were to become similar to us, you would fail." He sneered at him. Discord sheathed his sword and then I sheathed mine. Richard nodded before smirking again.

"I see, then I will have get stronger. Keh." Before he vanished in a side step move which surprised both of us at first, until we realized that I could do the same thing when I had first arrived to this world. When we had returned to the castle, everyone was on edge.

"I met Richard. Good news, he isn't all that powerful. Bad news, he is going to get stronger." I told them. Luna and Chrysalis patted my shoulders gently, calming me down slowly. I smiled at the two of them. Everyone decided to head off to bed to rest. Looking outside I noticed that my fight with Richard lasted until nightfall. Luna, Chrysalis and I lay in our bed, cuddling with each other. I let out a sigh of happiness. "Good night, loves."

"Good night, love" They responded back to me. The three of us began to drift off to slumber. The voice was quiet tonight, and I could feel something big was going to happen in the future. I will need to worry about it later, for now, sleep takes me, the three of us all have small smiles on our faces.

Author's Note:

Here's chapter 11. Hope everyone likes it. See you all next time!

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