• Published 8th Feb 2014
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Dragon's Reign - Vladimir

This is a crossover of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Reign of Fire, and my own OC's. This sory is Inspired by Reign of Fire: Equestria - killagatosrs.

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Chapter 1: Mirrors and Ponies....

A boy at the age of 17 years of age, sits upon a broken brick wall looking over the scarred city he once called home. This boy however was not normal, his right hand was covered in scales, and spikes, signifying that he was no longer human. In the distance he can see flashed of light and the sound of soft explosions greet his ears. He wears a blackish grey trench coat, grey pants which had blood stains and tears in them, black steel toed boots and a blood red shirt. Upon his back is a sword and an assault rifle. His black hair was swept back by his gloved hand.

"Damn it, if only there was a warning...maybe this place would still be around.." The boy said solemnly to himself. Thunderclouds raged up above, lighting flashing in the distance as well as pillars of deep black smoke raised towards the sky, ash laid everywhere. Behind him is the corpse corpse of a large scaly dragon, as well as a broken down helicopter on fire, the propellers missing and the pilots dead, the dragons wings were sliced and apart, it had bullet holes in it's thick scaly hide, long gashes on it's chest and muzzle. He sighed and looked down at his other hand, he had a mask of shame on his face, for his had a long patch of obsidian black scales traveling from he back of his hand and up his arm.

A growl escaped his lips as he picked up a brick and threw it at another part of the broken building knocking down the other brick wall down, he sighed. As he began to rise a loud thunder clap sounded throughout the sky, and a shockwave sent debris and ash into the air, his coat flapped behind him as he lifted his draconic hand to cover his eyes, when he moved his hand, he saw a cloud rising in the sky, it was large and forming a mushroom.

"So the decided to try that trick again huh? I would have thought after the American's tried that ad failed, the other countries would have failed. Must have been desperate." He said aloud to no one. He looked down at the street level and saw something peculiar, it looked somewhat like a mirror, but also wasn't. He had no idea how to describe it other than a mirror with strange looking people on the other side. Some of them had wins, though they were feathered, no scaly, and others had horns. Lightning flashed and a loud series of roars pierced his ears. Looking back behind him was a swarm of dragons of the normal five kinds (Fliers, Burrowers, Tankers, Fire starters and a Breeders) were heading towards the noise. His eyes widened when he saw a burrower launching itself out of the ground, the dragon that was killed behind hi, was the hive leader, and it was thought that when another dragon killed a hive leader, it's 'hive' would to go the new one, however, these dragon's looked rather hunger, and thanks to that big cloud in the distance, gave them knowledge of new prey. class burrow out from the ground. He stood and drew his rifle, aiming, he let loose a clip into a flier, but when he noticed that they all seemed to notice him, he ran towards the mirror. But as he got closer, he saw the strange people looking weirder as well as the eyes wide, either from him, or his situation.

"Come on boy!" a man shouted at the him, he snarled back as a response. No one calls him boy, ever! He leapt at the mirror however once he reached it, the dragons chasing him also went for it as well, only a few managed to get in, a few of each kind, let alone the kid. They passed out from electricity and moving across dimensions, not that they knew that yet.


In Equestria, Twilight Sparkle had been sitting in her study working on a theory on summoning life from other universe's, and seeing after peering into the realms with beings called 'Humans' and the fact that there were so many of them in multiple universes was outstanding! She decided to try and summon one with a new tom she had received from the princess after giving her the news. "Twilight are you sure that you should be doing this? Who knows what might come through!" spike cried out in a fit of terror fear.

"Oh stop worrying Spike! Also, please go and gather everypony, even Princess Celestia, Luna and Discord, they might be needed to do this." Twilight said. Spike sighed and sent a letter tot e princesses as well as one to Discord explaining the situation. Spike then ran out of the Library heading all over town gathering their friends, when he returned he had Applejack and Rainbow Dash were tailing him, the two smirking at each other and talking about an iron pony rematch. Applejack wore a brown Stetson atop of her golden main, cowboy boots, deep blue denim jeans and a short sleeved T-shirt.

Rainbow Dash on the other hand was wearing training sweats, sneakers and black tank top, her rainbow main going down a little bellow her shoulders between her cyan feathered wings. Soon bounced in Pinkie Pie, she wore a pink skirt, and light blue shirt while sporting yellow sneakers. Rarity came in next wearing a black dress that hugged her body (and ultimately showed off her slim figure), she bore a diamond necklace and crystal slippers on her hooves. Lastly, Fluttershy came in wearing a green long sleeved turtle neck shirt, and pale tanned pants as well as sandals. The seven friends waited for awhile waiting for the Princess's reply.

An hour had passed and in a flash of light, there stood three beings, a woman with a flowing rainbow main, adorned with a long white horn and golden crown on her head, she wore a white regal dress, on her back she had large white feathered wings, and on her hooves were crystal shoes. She radiated a calmness throughout the room, she bore a motherly smile at the group.

On her left was another woman, she had a flowing blue mane that depicted stars moving around in it, a crown placed on her head behind a long black horn. She wore a blue regal dress that hugged her figure, on her back she adorned large blue wings, on her hooves were what looked to be glass slippers. Next to her was a man, he was odd though, twice the size of Celestia, he wore a leather jacket, a brown undershirt, black jeans and on his feet were brown and green boots, one of his hands in his jacket pocket, on his back her had one bat one and one bird wing. On his head he bore a blue goat horn, and a tan elk antler, his eyes were red and yellow, and he adorned a fang on the right side of his mouth.

"So miss Twilight Sparkle, any reason as to why you wish to bring a human here to Equestria even if they were to com here, what if they were to become our enemies, and not our allies?", Discord questioned. In truth he loved the idea of a new creature in Equestria, however after witnessing humans flying around and capable of destroying worlds, he had reason to be on guard.

"Well Discord I won't be summoning a human from...THAT universe. But I have grown curious about a certain one, I remember getting a glimpse of a human universe were they were rare for some reason. And I wanted to ask one of the inhabitants about their culture." She stated. Discord nodded and leaned against the far wall.

"Do you think that it'll like PARTIES!?", Pinkie chirped out happily an bubbly as usual. Twilight went to answer, but then offered a shrug. She had no idea what the human or other being would do in a situation of one of Pinkie's parties. She then looked at the tome once more, and casted the spell.

"Okay everypony, lets see this universe!", she called out. A Mirror appeared in the room, all miles on their faces vanished when they saw the humans world. Death, ash, nothing was left but ruined buildings, and destroyed metal cars. Then a loud roar resonated from the mirror, Their point of view shifted towards the sky, a large dragon was attacking a helicopter, bullets spraying the creature, a boy holding a sword stabbed the dragon in the throat and shot at it's hide with an odd black bar with a handle and tube at he end. The Dragon roared in pain and anger, it's tail swung above the helicopter and slammed down onto the propeller's. The boy pulled the sword out of the creatures neck, and snarled as he shoved the blade through the bottom of it's head, through the top, the dragon stopped moving, he pulled the sword out, and got a pack from the wall of the copter. He jumped and pulled two cords, and a parachute opened up, he slowly glided down while the dragon and helicopter fell onto a building below, the pilots were killed on impact. When he landed the boy tossed he pack away, and sat on one of the broken walls, over looking the destroyed city. They watched as the boy sat on one of the broken walls. And chucked a brick. Then he looked up quickly from a thunder clap, the group saw what looked to be a mushroom cloud rising in the distance.

Then the group soon heard a fit bellowing roars, the boy looked back and they saw a swarm of odd dragons, ranging from small to very large. The boy rose and shot at some of the serpents, but it had no effect, and once they saw him, he ran from the massive hoard of dragons. "Come on boy!", Discord shouted at the kid. The boy snarled, and it shook them all to the core, he bolted towards the mirror though in their point of view, to them. The kid leapt at the mirror but was followed by a few of he dragons. A crack of thunder sounded outside, the group hurried ad looked up to see massive storm clouds overhead, the winds were savage, rain poured down, lightning ad thunder flashed ad boomed. A portal opened and the boy fell through, falling down to earth, but what followed him scared them, he strange dragons were falling, all were unconscious, however, the strange dragons seemed to move closer tot he boy, curling their forelegs or wings around him and each other.

Discord snapped his fingers and their descent slowed down tot a crawl, they touched the ground all of the dragons becoming closer tot he boy an each other, as if making a barrier against the ponies. Spike slowly moved towards the dragons, and did something very foolish, he poked one of the Wyverns(fliers) on the snout. It's yes flew open, revealing cold, yellow reptilian eyes. They focused on the young dragon, a low growl emanated from it and Spike shrieked loudly and hid behind Twilight. The shriek woke all of them up, and all were not happy.


The boy woke up as soon as he heard the shriek, and looked around, he noticed that there were tones of dragons of all classes curled around him, all their heads directed towards a group of....humanoid equines of some sort, they had human features (though mainly the females), clothes, however they sported either wins, horns, both, or none. He looked at the dragons as they had huddled closer to him, ready to burn the group alive, he then grew confused as to why the apex predators were acting this way towards him though, and why weren't they ripping him to shreds?

One of the Wyverns reared it's head back and let out a bellowing roar, fire spewed into the air, the boy knew that was a sign to leave it's nest, mate's, or prey alone, however the beings did not seem to get the hint. One of the Tanker's launched it's head at the group. "Stop...!", the boy called out, and to his surprise, it did, the other dragon's heads all turned towards him, as if waiting for another command. "Um...please do not hurt them!", much to his surprise(again), it nodded and let out a series of growls to the other dragons, who resounded by lowering their heads, but they were all still tensed. He slowly rose on shaky legs, the tail of a Fire starter class dragon wrapped itself around his waist and helped by lifting him up, he thanked the creature only for it to nod.

He slowly walked around the dragons and stood before the group, his sword glinting in the light of the sun. "Hey, um, do you know where I am? Because I sure as hell don't have a bloody clue!", he said. Twilight nodded and stared at him, she noticed his eyes were off, one looked like theirs, while the other eye looked like one of a dragons.

Twilight nodded her head in affirmation. "Yes, you are in the middle of Ponyville.". She stated matter-of-factly, and this confused the boy. He had never heard of such a town, but, then again he wasn't exactly in anywhere normal at the moment. Still, he had to question the name.

"Pony-ville? what kind of name is that? You know what, never mind, I don't care.", the boy soon grumbled an asked what they were, who they were and who was the one that shrieked.

"Well, I am a Unicorn, as is Rarity", she pointed at the woman with a purple curled up mane "Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are Pegasus", the then pointed at the women with the pink and rainbow manes, both had wings "while Applejack and Pinkie Pie are earth ponies!", she stated pointing at the cowpony, and pink ball of bounciness. "Next is Spike, my assistant/little brother! And he is a dragon!", she stated loudly, as I it was the most amazing thing in he world.

The boy looked behind her and saw Spike, and laughed at Twilight. "T-That's a dragon!? Really!?", the boy howled in laughter. Spike growled slightly, to which the boy snarled back at Spike, shutting the young drake up. "Please, he is more like me than a true dragon...". He then huffed and spotted Celestia, Luna and Discord. "Who are they?", he asked.

Celestia walked to the boy, and stuck out her hand. "Hello, I am Princess Celestia, co-ruler of Equestria, I am Alicorn. This is my sister, Princess Luna", she pointed at her younger sister. " And this is Discord, he is a Draconequus", she said pointing at the Draconequus who smirked. The boy shook Celestia's hand gently.

"It is a pleasue to meet you, your majesties, and Discord. My name is Magic Wing, but you may call me Nova, Wing, or Magic for short but that's it." he stated firmly but with a grin. And then, he passed out in the arms of Celestia, the dragons rushing to towards him and the group, not with an ill intent, but out of a strange worry, for that was all he saw, before unconsciousness took hold of him, yet again.

Author's Note:

Well here's another story, I will keep working on the harry potter story, but I decided to try to make one that is a bit different and filled with a bit more action. See you all next time!

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