• Published 8th Feb 2014
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Dragon's Reign - Vladimir

This is a crossover of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Reign of Fire, and my own OC's. This sory is Inspired by Reign of Fire: Equestria - killagatosrs.

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The War Begins....

Poseidon was running fast, his trident in his hands as he impaled a griffin that was part of the invasion. I stabbed my sword through a griffins chest, lighting him on fire I charge up the Volcano, Ovan is ripping beings apart with his claws, a deep scowl on his face. And just above us, is the enemy base, the place where Zeus holds my son and Cadence....

=======12 hours earlier==========================================

I shook Poseidon's hand with a smile, he smiles back. Hera hugs him gently as he gives her a peck on the nose. I smile and feel a kiss on my cheek. I turn and see Chrysie smiling lovingly.

"You certainly have an interesting family. Perhaps we should add them to the list of family we now have?" She asks, a brow quirked. I shrug and nuzzle her gently, I stand back up and head to the throne room, my wives and my mother and uncle to lay with Mars and Ruby while Cadence and Twilight follow me. I look up at Discord, Ovan and smirk. Twilight sits in her throne next to Cadence, while Twilight's friends enter the room, they freeze when they see me, it had been an entire year since my transformation, and they weren't around, I suppose it would make sense for them to freeze.

"Who the buck are you?" Rainbow asks. I smirk before laughing.

"A friend, don't worry, it's still me Nova, but I ascended you could say." I state. I sit down in my throne and keep smirking, Ovan high fives me, I high five him back. The five of them blink for nodding their heads. Rarity kisses Twilight gently, oh yeah, the two of them are an item, weird, how did I forget that? No matter. I shake my head after that little moment, I look down at them, my eyes cold and calm.

The doors burst open as Moon is holding Flame, she looks shaken about something.

"What is wrong, Flame?" I ask. She gives me a scared look, while Moon has a sad look -for once-. I feel a power approach and the wall is blown apart. "Oh come on, that shit's brand new!" I yell out. Clapping is heard as I see a man with a scythe on his back, he resembles Poseidon, but instead of blue, he wears all black.

"How good to see you again, Nova." He says. I growl and rise from my throne.

"Wish I could say the same, Hades." I spat back at him. Hades gets a large toothy grin.

"So you managed to become like us, but you are forced to be without a human form. Shame, you would have been a wonderful ruler. But that is not why I am here." He hisses. I growl louder as guards rush him, only to be sliced to bits, Ares walks in, wearing red battle armor, a large sword he lays on his shoulder.

"We came here for the boy. Now give him here, now." He sneers. I growl before my power rises to it's fullest extent. Hades and Ares scowl, their knees are bent rather low. "Seems you have gone passed the normal boundaries. Could you be a god?" Ares asks. I appear behind him, his arm flies off in a torrent of blood.

"I am far more than that now. I am Kaiju, I. Am. A. TITAN!" I roar out as I throw Ares out of the castle, my tail whips around and sends Hades out as well. I dematerialize and rematerialize behind them, I grab their heads and throw them into the ground. I roar loudly. Ovan appears next to me, his titan form slightly different, his scales are blacker than mine, he has red streaks on his body that look like fire, steam flows from his body, his eyes are bright orange, as are his spines, his tail is rounded.

We stare down at the two, Ares's arm reforms, he gains a sadistic grin on his face, as does Hades. The two snap their fingers as two large beasts appear, one looks likes me, but it metal, another looks like a monster plant. The beasts attack Canterlot, I go to stop them, but Hades appears in front of me, Ares appears before Ovan. I snarl and my claws ignite in blue and red flames, while Ovan's claws erupt in red and blue flames.

Ares charges at Ovan, the two of them clash, both having sadistic smiles on their faces. Ovan kicks Ares into a building, before a chain is wrapped and his neck and he is pulled into the same building. The building explodes as the two fly into the air, their smiles never leaving their faces as they continue to clash. Ovan kicks Ares in the stomach, his toe claws also ablaze, the a wave of energy erupts into Ares's form, knocking him farther into the air, Ovan pushes himself off of the air and follows, leaving behind four rings as he travels to Mach 4, he grabs Ares's head and throws him farther upward in the sky, high above the normal flying limit.

I dodge as Hades scythe is being spun at me, I ignite my toe claws ablaze ad kick, sends a massive wave of energy at him. I appear behind him, just as he goes to block, I wrap my arms over his and keep him stationary, his eyes widen from my move and h struggles to get away. I crush his arms as I kick him right into the wave, a massive explosion resounds through the air, shockwaves crack the ground, the castle trembles.

I dodge a skeletal spear as Hades rockets out of the explosion, we clash once more. We parry each other's attacks, sparks flying about, gusts of wind sending ripples through the air and dark clouds form, lightning cracks as thunder booms. The ground trembles when we land, an earthquake shakes the whole area, all of Canterlot trembles. I snarl and knee Hades in the face, sending him back into the air, he grabs onto nothing, yet manages to kick up dust. Discord arrives to the scene and rockets to help Ovan, and to cheat -which would help us a lot at the moment...-. Poseidon knees Hades in the back and pins him to the ground, his trident goes through his shoulder, he looks up at me.

"You need to save your strength for your father. He will be a true fight for you, Hades is powerful, but, compared to Zeus, he is nothing. You need to not fight so recklessly, and do what Ovan does he realizes that a massive power up so close to these beings will cause problems, let me take him far up into the air, and deal with him myself." He says. I nod my head as I power down, the clouds dissipate and the ground ceases to shake.

"Thank you uncle, I feel so foolish for doing something so reckless. I should have thought it through..." I say dejectedly.

"It's okay Nova, we all have our moments, but right now you need to get back to the castle, griffins, dragons and Minotaur's are invading it." My eyes widen as I fly back towards the castle.

==========Celestia's PoV=====================================

I watch Nova and Ovan fly out, and the clash between rages outside. I watch from the hole in the wall that Ovan and he red man are fighting, before out of nowhere, Ovan sends the man far into the atmosphere, he soon follows, faster than the speed of sound, they called it Mach 4, I think. I watch as the two vanish from sight, just as a massive explosion lights up the sky, I see that Nova and Hades are fighting with each other, but as their battle goes on, I can feel Nova's power really begin to rise. What most don't know is he likes to test his opponents out, if they pose a threat, he lets out a massive power that signifies he should not be messed with, but this kind of power is insane!

"Such raw power, but if he continues this any longer, he will tear this whole area apart." I hear Poseidon say, I turn and see him standing there, I remember meeting him, he was polite and kind, goofy even. But seeing him like this was startling, even to me. "I am going to go stop him, and send him back here. I will take care of Hades." He says as he rockets to the two fighting, I watch as Poseidon double knee drops Hades into the ground, Nova and him talk. Down below my eyes widen as I see the griffins, dragons and Minotaur's attacking the castle and slaughtering the innocence, in the distance those two giant beasts are attacking Canterlot, thankfully Hera is dealing with them along with Moon. Luna, Chrysalis, Beth, Nightmare are locked away far beneath the castle with Ruby and Mars.

I teleport down to them, I see Twilight and the rest of the Elements of Harmony are there, Flame is here too. I conjure a mirror of sorts to watch what happens. We see Spike is in his released state killing other dragons, while Nightmare, Aqua and Felicia are taking on griffins, Abyss is leading the rest of the hive's, he roars and Sapphire along with Night Shield zoom out with the pony and Zebra armies....

============Sapphire PoV===================================

"GO GO GO!!!!" I yell at the Pegasus ponies as we dive down to assist our teams, I go into my released form and fire a red beam at a few griffins, Nighty is wielding dual pistols and is blowing the heads off of Minotaur's and griffins. The Zebra's are using these blow dart things and these laser assault rifles that Nova and Discord had created and given to all of us and our allies.

I land and claw griffins apart while Nighty keeps firing rounds, we are back to back as we fire our attacks at the enemies, all round us is the sounds of war. I fire off more red beams and get a few nicks, while Nighty is missing part of his left ear, he has a cut going over his right eye, a gash on his side. If we make it through this I am soooooooo giving him so much love, he fucking deserves it!

"DIE!!!!" Nighty and I yell at the griffins/Minotaur's. We glance at each other, grins on our faces as we keep fighting. I send out blue spheres that go into the enemies, and then they explode, creating craters and destroying the bodies, and if there is another enemy near by, they become infected and also explode, then the process repeats itself. I growl as I see Gilda and Boulder are pinned down, Gilda is missing a wing, while Boulder an eye, they both have holes in their arms and legs.

I go to help them until Aura comes in and kills the group of Minotaur's and griffins around them with a gust of wind, she then vanishes and appears in a different area. I growl as more and more of us are killed.

"How could they get this strong!?" Nighty yells.

"I don't know, but, if we make it through this, just know you'll be pleasured for life." I say to him as I rip a griffins head off.

"Well then." He says before taking out a Gatling Gun. "Looks like we need to make it through this now!" He says with a sadistically gleeful voice. My body quivers and grows hot.

"Hell yeah! Now lets finish these fuckers off so we can go fuck!" I roar in happiness. I bring out my own Gatling Gun and the two of us fly into the air and join the air teams and blast at the enemy army. I see more enemies coming in from the under the ground, I growl and fire upon them, but a beam clips my right wing, I fall to the ground, the gun breaks and I lose my release state, I cry out in pain as a griffin stabs my chest with a spear, a smirk on his face.

I whimper out a growl before crying out again. The griffin prepares to kill him, until a Scorpio arrives and rips the griffin in half. I look over to my left and see on the horizon, that our allies have arrived. I smile up at the Scorpio, one I knew very well. King Scorpious, he helps me to my feet ad hugs me gently. We go way back, but now we are close friends, even if I can sense his love for me, I hope Nighty approves of me getting laid by this dude.

"You must go and rest, Night Shield is waiting for you at the barracks under ground. I will see you again later." He states before rushing into battle, his army follows, Drakes fly down and reign fire upon the griffins and Minotaur's. I hobble down into an intricate tunnel system and reach the medical barracks. There I see Nighty walk into a lone tent, my wounds heal as my body heats up.

"Looks like we're gonna have some fun~" I purr to myself softly, to which I enter the tent. He turns and looks at me, covered in bandages.

"Hey, how are you- " I cut him off with a deep passionate kiss. I pin him gently to the bed, he smirks up at me as I begin to heal his wounds, I kiss him tenderly before he brings the covers over us....

========King Scorpious PoV===========================

I rush a griffin and rip them apart, my army taking out most of the Minotaur's as the Drakes and Dragons clash. Leo's help us as do the Diamond Dogs. I turn and go inside the castle, I slice and dice a few grounded griffins to pieces. I hiss as I stab my stinger into a dragon's hide, it yelps in pain before dissolves from my acidic poison.

"Look at you, beeeeeing all strong now, eh? Sssssscorpioussss?" I see a large snake hisses. He was my friend once, but now he is my enemy and king of the snakes. Basilisk. Her wields a strange sword and charges me. Looks like I'm going to be busy now. Damn it, and I was hoping to finally confess my love to Sapphire, oh well, maybe if I live through this war I will.

We clash and as we stare into each others eyes, I can tell this definitely won't be easy...

=============Nova's PoV=============================================

I arrive to the castle to see our allies are helping us. I rush into the castle and over King Scorpious. As I head to the bunker under the castle, I feel a massive power, and I move faster. As I reach it, the doors are blown off. I run inside and see Zeus holding my son, the girls are pined down by chains.

"Ah" Zeus says to me. "How kind of you to join us, Nova. I was just here to pick up my grandson, and now, I leave." Is all he says to me before vanishing. I try to rush at him before he does, but he goes too quickly. I growl before taking the chains off of them. I help everyone up and notice that Cadence is nowhere to be seen.

"Where's Cadence?" I ask. Their eyes widen as they look around, then it dawns on them.

"He must have taken her..." Twilight mumbles. I growl louder and punch a wall. Hades comes crashing down and lands in front of me, I snarl and grab him.

"WHERE DOES ZEUS CALL HOME!?" I roar in his face. Ovan appears beside me, as does Poseidon, he grabs Hades from my grasp and tosses him aside, my eyes widen as I watch Hades slowly turn t ash. "Poseidon, where is the Volcano at!?" I yell. He looks at me strangely.

"Why?" He asks, I snarl loudly before tears roll down my cheeks.

"Zeus has taken my son and Cadence..." I then go into detail as to what happened. He nods his head as he takes us to the bottom of the Volcano. We are greeted by hoards of Griffins, Dragon's and Minotaur's. I hold Slaying Moon in my hand as I charge forward, rage in my eyes, Poseidon and Ovan follow suite.

========Present time=================================================

We are hallway up the Volcano, and keep climbing and killing. My rage just grows and grows as I hear Mars crying out for me, as I hear Cadence scream in pain. The final fight is about to begin, and I am going to kill that man, once and for all.

Author's Note:

Well, here is the final fight coming up, but don't worry, the next for chapters will be about Sapphire, Scorpious, Ovan's fight with Ares, Poseidon's fight with Hades, Hera and Moons fight with the beasts and more.
And as always! I will see you! In the next chapter! Bye bye!!

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