• Published 8th Feb 2014
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Dragon's Reign - Vladimir

This is a crossover of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Reign of Fire, and my own OC's. This sory is Inspired by Reign of Fire: Equestria - killagatosrs.

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Chapter 3

Author's Note:

First point of view will be switched from time to time either during certain parts of the story, or parts of the chapters. Sorry for the short chapter, I have been rather tired lately and need more sleep.

It had been a few weeks since I had arrived and during tis time I managed to meet all of the serpents, or 'dragons' as the natives called them. But I have also been learning more about magic, as well as becoming "Equestria's Knight and Defender". I have also been spending much time with Princess Luna, staying up with her at night to help her with some of her duties hen I wasn't dealing with the nobles and royals -save the princesses- breathing on my neck all the time.

I had begun to feel things for Luna, and I assume she for me, we had bee sleeping together -not in that way!- ever since that fine night. On the next morning however when Celestia came looking or m to help find Luna, she found me being Luna's cuddle buddy, while I was holding her in a protective embrace. She had talked with us, even telling us to get together, we blushed but neither of us disagreeing with her either.

I stirred awake when I heard a faint gasp for breath, looking to my right I saw a blushing princess Luna. I blushed as she was wearing a black nightgown and shorts. She noticed me staring at her and blushed more, before she squeaked in surprise when I wrapped my arms around her shoulders gently, pulling her into a tight embrace. She looked up at me, her eyes meeting mine as she inched her face closer to mine and mine to hers. I pressed my lips to hers, as we shared a brief kiss she placed her right hand on my cheek gently. We stayed like that for a few minutes before we separated and took a breath in.

"W-Wow..." was all I could gasp out. She nodded in agreement, before her blush returned and fell onto her back. I moved to her side. She looked up at me with teary eyes.

"Thou must...thou must see us as a whorse...we art sorry to have taken you-" I cu her off with a deep and passionate kiss, she was quick to reciprocate the kiss, as she ran her hands through my hair.

"I don't think anything bad of you, I think you are beautiful. Nothing more or less." I placed a hand on her cheek gently looking deep into her eyes. "And don't ever think of yourself as a whore, or slut, alright?" She nodded her head softly, tears in her eyes. I held her close as he cried into my chest, though they were cries of joy. After a few minutes she looked up at me, a soft smile on her face.

"No one has *sniff* said anything like that to us...Thank you" She sniffed out, she then pecked me on the lips gently, however I kissed her back, she blushed and smiled into the kiss. We kissed for a few moments before we both separated to breath yet again.

"Don't worry, I think you are amazing and you rule over the night! I love the night, though you are far more beautiful than any day, or the brightest night." I blushed and looked away, sighing. "I'm sorry...we have yet to go on our...d-date, and I am already saying such things. I must be so very uncouth." I stated. Luna placed a hand on my cheek and made me face her. She smiled a happy smile and kissed me gently.

"You are very sweet, however, would it be alright if I...never mind." She sighed sadly.

"No please, tell me, what was it you were going to ask?" I stated the question, her blush returning with a vengeance.

"Would thou...allow me to claim thee as mine? It is...tradition for a mare to claim a stallion that she...er...likes, even if they do not know much, since single stallions are harder to find in this new time...." She asked.

I smiled at her, still blushing slightly before kissing her deeply once again, placing a hand on her side gently. We held the kiss with our eyes closed for a few minutes before separating. "Does that answer your question, MY princess?" I emphasized 'my' at the end. She blushed, smiled and nodded her head happily. She leaned against me sighing contently.

"We are very happy, OUR stallion" She said, emphasizing 'our' which made me blush and smiled, enjoying the fact that I finally had a girlfriend -er...marefriend. She placed a hand on my chest gently, smiling up at me. "May I...give you the title of dating the princess of the night?" She giggled when I nodded my head, she got up on her knees and conjured a long sword, th blade was pitch black, the hilt a bright silver ad the hilt was a pearl white crescent moon, as she slipped it into it's sheath, she handed it to me, to which I accepted it. "Now you are out protector, our friend, and...our lover." She whispered the last part out, but to me it was clear as day. I placed the sword on my back, and saw that on the back of my left hand -human hand- was Luna's cutie mark. I gazed at it and smiled, when I looked up at her, she was blushing, I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her gently.

"I fully accept this, my princess of the night, my Luna." She blushed and kissed me back with a smile on her muzzle. I held her close as I lay back down on the bed, her head on my chest, she looked up at me, smiling happily that made me smile right back at her.

"You are our stallion, and...I thank you for accepting me." She said. I simply rubbed her back between her wins gently, causing her to shiver slightly.

"I am glad to be, my princess." I stated to her as she sighed contently and closed her eyes. After a few moments all I heard was her soft snores and I slowly drifted off to sleep holding her closely, my draconic arm wrapped tightly around her waist. We both had smiles of happiness on our faces, resting together.

It must had been a few hours later, for the sun was positioned around noon, and was high in the sky. I yawned and stretched, looking down I saw Luna resting on my side, her chest pressed up against my arm, making me blush slightly. Soon she began to stir and awake as well. However, a light cough caused both of us to wake up quicker. I looked towards the door and saw Celestia standing there, a smile on her muzzle, her eyes twinkling slightly.

"I see that you two are an item now, good, good. I was hoping you two would. However, you both need to get ready. My Cadance will be arriving soon an I would like to no have my sister and her stallion looking as if they had just gotten out of bed, even if that were true." She chuckled and walked out of the room, leaving me and Luna blushing. We soon changed our cloths, though it was hard to not look at Luna, it took all of my will power to stare strait ahead.

We soon met with Celestia in the throne room, the lead Wyvern perched above Luna's -a midnight blue colored throne-, Celestia's -a sunlight yellow throne- and Discord's -a strange wooden throne with wooden elk antlers at the top- thrones, however I noticed a fourth throne, behind Luna's, it looked as if it were carved from obsidian, the right arm covered in rubies, while the left was covered in sapphires, the back was covered in the fallen scales of my dragons, the top had their discarded fangs, it looked amazing.

Discord appeared next to me in a flash o light a smirk on his face as he elbowed my side slightly. "So you and Lulu eh? Nice, I wish you luck bro! Oh, before I forget I will begin your magic training soon." I nodded as I got into my throne, which I saw was placed beside Luna's, while Discord's was besides Celestia's. I looked around the throne room confused, until a pink alicorn mare with purple, pink, and yellow tail and mane, her eyes are pink, as is her fur, wings, and horn. She wears a tight purple dressed, on her shoulder is either a blue glass heart, or a blue crystal heart. By her side was a white furred stallion, his eyes were blue, as were his main and tail. On his shoulder was a purple shield, shinning slightly. He wears a blue t-shirt, black jeans and on his back is a sword, much like mine, but the guard has a crystal heart instead of a crescent moon, I looked at discord and saw he too has a sword, and the guard was an orange sun.

"Hello Cadance, how was your trip from the Crystal Empire?" Celestia asked. Cadance smiled, but it felt off, as if it was just a fa├žade and she was forcing herself to smile.

"Fine aunty, ever since Twilight and her friends save it from that horrible King Sombra, things have been going well." She stated. I grew confused, there was an empire made of crystals? Interesting, I will need to go visit that place sometime.

"I see, that is wonderful!" Celestia stated. Cadance looked at me, she seemed to b surprised, she also seemed t b upraised of all the dragons roaming around, though mainly staying by my side -if they were small enough to fit in the castle that is-. "Oh! I forgot to mention this, but there is a new...king correct?" She asked looking at me.

"Y-yes princess Celestia." I stated, caught off guard when being called a 'king'.

"And he is not only the protector of Equestria, but the also the mate of my sister, Princess Luna." She gestured to Luna, who was holding my draconic hand, she gave it a squeeze, smiling at me, I smiled back and gave a squeeze back to her. "Nova, this is my Captain of my Royal Day Guard; Shinning Armor, Twilight Sparkles older brother." She said. I nodded, somewhat surprised that the purple mare had a brother, but then again made sense why she had not mentioned him, he would not come up in a conversation well.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Shinning Armor. I have had the privilege of meeting your sister, she was he one who had saved me from being turned to ash and devoured by the serpents. No offence" I said directed towards the wyverns and a few breeders, they merely nodded their heads in understanding. I noticed that Shinning Armor simply nodded, his eyes narrowed at me slightly. I gripped the hilt of my lunar sword, the guard glowing as it shifted into a katana instead of a traditional long sword, Shinning grabbed the hilt of the sword at his side, we stared at each other before we both nodded our heads, soon shaking hands and smiling.

"It's good to meet you, Twily has been telling me all about you, an what the world you came from was like. I'm sorry that it is...gone." I sighed and nodded my head, however I was far happier being here with Luna and the other Ponies, hell, I even liked o spend time with Discord, since we both became good friends after my first week here in this world.

"It's fine, besides this world is filled with life, life worth protecting. Even if they weren't a pony I would till protect them if hey needed my help." I stated, Cadance seemed to perk up at that.

"Would you even help the changelings with their desires?" She asked.

"If they wanted to live in peace, yes, but if they wanted to take over Equestria, I would be forced to kill the ones who wanted war, versus the ones who wanted peace." I stated, sad that there were aces even in this world that wanted to conquer other countries and bring about war. I had been forced to stop Gryphin assassination attacks in northern Equestria near manehatten.

"I see, well lets hope that if they want peace if we ever meet them." She stated. I nodded my head hoping that I wouldn't need to kill more, or have my dragons kill more life. She looked at Shinning and kissed him on the cheek gently before the two left the room to a different part of the castle, both seemed to have a twinkle in their eyes.

After that odd encounter, Luna and I had left the throne room and headed to the Lunar Tower on the east wing o the castle. Once we were there however, Luna had jumped me as we had a make out session for a few minutes before we looked through the star charts. I had been more and more interested in astronomy, let alone the fact that I was wanting to impress Luna -not that it mattered now seeing as to how we were an item now- and wanted to become more than just a friend -again, not that it mattered now-. She had let me look around and look through h charts, books, even looking at the very few pieces of art that were painted back before Nightmare Moon came into being, an caused Luna to be sealed away in the moon for a thousand years.

"Did you find what you were looking for love?" She questioned as I blushed at her new little pet-name for me. But I soon smiled and nodded my head, explaining that I was anting to learn more about her night, when the two of us would be up looking out over the kingdom when Celestia and Discord slept. "I see, well I am glad you wish to know more love, but why not just ask me?" he asked blushing.

"Well I wanted to impress you...." I answered her, blushing even more. She 'awed' and gave me a soft kiss on the lips before nuzzling my neck gently.

"That is so cute, but you don't need to impress me with vast knowledge of my night, just be yourself, that is all I need." She stated happily. I nodded blushing even more. We shared another brief kiss before heading back to the throne room, by then Luna had already raised the moon. Celestia an Discord had headed off tot their bed chamber to sleep, or, whatever they did when they were alone -I try to not think about it-. We sat seated in our thrones watching over Equestria. Soon we had grown tired and it was 3:20 a.m. in the morning.

"Luna, when do you head to bed, lately I have been getting rather tired, if you don't mind me saying." She simply nodded sagely and smiled at me.

"Do not worry love, we will soon head to our bed in a few hours, when Tia and Discord awake, then we shall rest all day long." I sighed in relief, happy to know that I will finally get some more sleep with a beautiful Luna in my arms. Tine passed by quickly, nopony ever entered night quart -thank god!- and Celestia and Discord had arrived at around 7:30 a.m. so that Luna and I could switch with them. The two of us headed to our bed chamber, we changed into our pajamas. Luna put on her nightgown and short shorts once again, while I was wearing a nightshirt, and pajama bottoms. I lay down first, then Luna lays on me, my arms lock themselves around her form as we both drifted off into the land of dreams and happiness.

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