• Published 8th Feb 2014
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Dragon's Reign - Vladimir

This is a crossover of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Reign of Fire, and my own OC's. This sory is Inspired by Reign of Fire: Equestria - killagatosrs.

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Poseidon VS. Hades and Revelations are made....

I look at my brother who glares at me. After Nova had left, I felt Zeus arrive and then vanish. I stare Hades down as he stares back at me. He raises his scythe and points it at me. His power rises and a helmet forms around his head, his face is covered by a grate, but fires burn behind it. His body grows large and towers over me, his scythe turns into two double hooks that glow bright neon purple that connect to his waistline by chains. His shirt turns into spikes that surround his arms, his pants are pitch black, his sandals are now spiked boots.

He laughs and echoing laugh, his voice mimic's it.

"You think you can beat me!? I am Hades!" He roars out. He swings the hooks at me by the chains. I spin my trident an block his attacks.

"And I am Poseidon." I say, a large gash forms on his shoulder and down his right arm. He yells in pain, his wound not healing. I pick up one of his spikes and spin it around in my left hand, my trident in my right. "And it seems you are weaker than I thought. Pity. I was planning on treating you like Zeus, but it looks like you are still not as strong as he is." I state. He swings the hooks at me again. I use the spike from his arm to deflect them, my eyes hold boredom. "If you plan on attack like that, than I'll just keep deflecting." I say. He growls before he stops, he plunges the claws into the ground.

I feel the ground shift from under me, and a hook flies up and cuts my left shoulder, jumping back, I throw the spike at him. Hades back hands it, his wound is now healed. My shoulder heals as well, but I notice that the ground around him has black hooks slithering about. I point my trident at him and fire a sea blue beam, the hooks absorb them, before they all fire the same back, but twice as larger. I swat the beams away with the trident before appearing above him, I swing down and send a large sea blue wave of energy at him. He chuckles as the waves is absorbed and fired back.

I kick the wave apart, his mimicking my attacks make them look larger, but they are far weaker than the real things. I spin my trident and a tornado of water forms around him. His hooks try to absorb it, but end up being destroyed and torn to shreds. I land behind him and slash upwards, just as Hyperion flies past me. I shoulder roll to the right as he brings a hook down, but misses me. I slash downward and cut his arm off. I grab his hook and use it myself.

The hook turns sea blue and was I spin it above my head, I watch it change form, the two hooks form into three, resembling a trident. I swing the hook trident and it cuts into his chest. He growls in pain, as he swings his other hook at me, I block it with my trident and twirl it, the hooks shatter as I rip the hook trident from his chest, his blood sprays everywhere. I turn an begin to walk away, until my arm is blasted right off by a purple beam.

I turn and look back at Hades. His body heals itself, he laughs and we appear in a castle, the exits have fire blocking them. I then cough up blood when his hand comes from my side, and swings tot he side, slicing y side open, my blood sprays on the wall as I kneel down onto a knee and cough up more blood. I look over my shoulder and see Hades behind me, black hooks sprouting from his back arms, floors, walls and ceiling.

"It seems to me that, you have forgotten just how powerful I can become after taking a serious beating, brother." He hisses the last part out. I cough more and cover my mouth with my hand, as my arm reforms and my side heals. He kicks me onto my back and stomps on my still healing side. I cry out in pain, before coughing up more blood. He laughs loudly. "Pathetic, it seems you truly have forgotten! I am Hades! I am the lord of eternal pain!!" He yells out, before kicking me into a wall of fire, I cry out in pain again as my arm that is reforming burns off.

I wheeze out a few breathes, before glaring up at Hades. It seems that he has gotten stronger, he hasn't even released his second form yet, and he has caused me this much damage, this is not good at all. I growl through grit teeth in pain, my arm reforms quickly, and my side heals. I flick out my trident hook and swing it at him, it flaws the mask, but that's it. He laughs at me again, before the claws sprouting from the floor wrap around my legs, my eyes widen as his purple glowing claw pierces my chest, my blood sprays all over him.

"How pathetic! You thought you could actually win against me? Ha! Such naiveté. " He says down to me. I spit blood at him, it hits his mask by the grate. He growls as he grabs my head, before slamming his knee into my face. I cough more blood, my vision moving in and out of focus.

'D-damn...I need to go into my released form before he kills me....' I think to myself. I then smirk as I remember how to without talking. My power rises as ocean water forms around me in a whirlpool, the hooks shatter, Hades pulls his back from my chest and backs away quickly. I bellow in rage and power. When the whirlpool fades, my form has changed.

I have a crown on my head, my trident hook now trident claws over my right hand, while the trident in my left hand looks like it is made out of coral, on my back is six tentacles and with three claws at the end, between the tentacles is a sharks dorsal fin, my tail is that of an eel's. My eyes are black like a sharks, while my cloths are now coral armor. I look at Hades, my speed had tripled and I move faster than he can see, I kick him in the back and send him flying into a fire wall, he roars in pain, but when I stab my claws into his side, and rip them out by swinging my arm to the side, he bellows in pain.

He spins and tries to kick me, but I slice his leg off with my trident, he cries out in pain as I stab my claws into his chest and twist, his body twitches as he looks up at the ceiling, the castle vanishes and I go back to my normal form.

I place the trident hook onto my belt, before Hades returns back to normal. I grab him by his throat and appear next to Nova. Nova is distraught and is ponding the wall. When he sees Hades, he grabs him and yells for him to tell him where Zeus's base is. I place a hand on his shoulder, and shake my head. We watch as Hades body turns into golden dust and flows away on the wind. I ask him what's wrong, and he explains that Zeus had arrived, he took Cadence and Mars.

I nod my had and bring him and Ovan with me. We appear at the bottom of the Volcano, and we rush up it. Nova has his sword out, and is killing griffins left and right. Ovan is killing Minotaur's while I kill the dragons. We run up the Volcano's side, going around cliffs and bends, as we reach the middle, I notice that there are more enemies, I hear Nova growl as he kills a griffin.

As we near the top, I can hear Cadence crying out in pain, while Mars is crying out for Nova and for Cadence. I get a sense of what is about to go down. When Nova and Zeus fight, only one of them will walk away, that is, if this world doesn't become a wasteland. I growl as we reach the top and peer in, I snarl as I see Zeus whipping Cadence.

"Yell for me, make Mars snap! Do it! NOW!!" He roars down at her, he whips her harder, I can see tears in her eyes, she cries out in more pain and pants heavily. I look at Mars, and see his eyes start to turn, he growls as he tries to get free, but something isn't right, he looks older, he looks like the same age as Flame. Did Zeus really try to accelerate his growth? It looks like it worked, but he might have just fucked up so hard in his long life. He whips Cadence again. "Scream his name! Now!!" He snarls. Looking closer, I see that Cadence is naked, and she is bleeding heavily.

"Bastard..." I mutter under my breath. Nova and Ovan are about ready to jump in and kill Zeus, but I hold them back. If they were to attack now, he'd kill her and probably Mars. No, I needed to have them calmed down, but how? They are unable to do much. But then, I hear Cadence finally break, and scream out a name.

"MARS!!!" She screams out. We all watch as Mars stays still, his eyes turn fiery orange, he gains purple-ish blue scales, he gains black and white crystal spines, while on his shoulders are two large crystal spikes, on his forehead is a crystal crest, the tip of his tail is spiked with five crystals, while his muzzle is longer and more crocodile shaped, he looks like Nova besides those few differences, however, something else happens to him. The shadows circle him, he roars and breaks from his cage. He rushes at Zeus, and impales a claw through his shoulder. Zeus smirks before clamping a collar onto his neck, said collar turns to ash. Zeus's eyes widen as Mars rips his claw out of his shoulder. Zeus's wound heals, and he snarls. He goes to kill Cadence, but Mars stop him, he rips Zeus's arm clean off, and kicks him into the far wall, he stays close to Cadence, who is now free and is sobbing in pain.

Mars coils a tail around her hips and pulls her in close, he gently kisses her, I can see her eyes widen, but she kisses back, red energy seeps from Mars's spines and goes into Cadence, her wounds close instantly. I blink as she kisses him deeper, and he kisses back, after they separate, I can see a bond has formed between them, but I can also see, that Mars is older, not through experiments, but from that cell he was in. I had made that cell, where you age quicker and normally, for the captive, it means they live a life as long as they want, but once hey leave the cell, that time spent catches up with them. Right now, Mars is 18 years old, Nova looks like he is ready to rip Zeus apart.

Zeus walks out of the wall, and growls.

"Useless child. I should have taken the girl and killed you instead." He growls out. Nova roars and punches Zeus onto his face.

"SHUT UP OLD MAN!!!" He rages. I see Ovan elbow drop onto Zeus's back, Zeus yelps in pain, before Nova stomps on his head, driving his face deeper into the ground. I appear next to Mars and Cadence.

"We need to get you two away from here it's not safe." I say. Mars looks at me, before he smiles, Cadence smiles at me as well, her hips still have Mars's tail coiled around them. Oh boy, these two are going to be joined by the hip no doubt. Oh well, not much I can do to stop them now. "Lets- " I'm cut off from a massive explosion, I turn and see the three of them, clashing in the sky above the Volcano. The final fight has begun, and it looks like Zeus is going to lose.

=====Next Chapter=========================

"So you think you can bat me, eh Scorpious? How foolish. And hear I am, dirtying my sword with your blood. Tch, perhaps fighting you truly was a waist of time, then again, at least after I kill you, I can kill your crush and her mate." Basilisk says to me. My left claw is gone, my right arm is on the other side of the room, I am panting heavily as my chest has a gash through it.

"I won't let you...even if I were to die, I'll die protecting them and this world!" I roar at him before charging forward. I am sent back flying into the far wall, I cough up green blood as I slump against it. He raises his sword.

"This is where you die, Scorpious, farewell!" He yells before swinging down, I close my eyes and grit my teeth, waiting for the final blow, but then a heavenly voice calls out.

"He won't be dying anytime soon!" I open my eyes and see Sapphire and Shield standing there, completely healed, the two of them have a new glow about them. Basilisk hisses, his left arm is shot off by a blue beam. "That's no way to talk to a lady, now then, DIE!!" She yells before the two of them clash, my vision begins to fade, the last thing I see before passing out, it Sapphire and Basilisk just a few feet apart, and then darkness.

Author's Note:

There is the new chapter! And we are nearing the final chapters of this story, hope your all enjoying it so far.
And as always! I will see you! In the next chapter! Bye bye!!

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