• Published 8th Feb 2014
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Dragon's Reign - Vladimir

This is a crossover of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Reign of Fire, and my own OC's. This sory is Inspired by Reign of Fire: Equestria - killagatosrs.

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Richard's and My Final Battle Begins, but something worse Arrives...

It had been a month since we had left, it was now the 25th of January. I had decided to take my mares to a different dimension -curtsey of Discord-. While there we had seen humans move like lightning, they called themselves 'Shinobi' which I found odd. But when I saw them move, I called them ninja's -which is what Shinobi are, and believe me when I say I laughed sooo hard-. We had learned some new tricks and moves, had tones of sex, helped with their missions, though it was funny, one month for Equestria is a year in another dimension, pretty cool huh?

Anyways, we came back to the castle, h guards saluted until a Drake approached us.

"You. Your Lord Nova? Show us your power! We need to know if you are as powerful as everyone says you are. Or, we will not help in the war." Lord Draco hissed at me. I growled before getting a thought and nodded.

"Fine, but, be prepared to see forces that e have, that are your allies and not your enemies." I said to him with a loud hiss.

We had reached the throne room and stood before Celestia, Discord, Celestia and a now Alicorn Twilight. Wait what? I stare at Twilight before blinking and shaking my head. I moved to my throne, as Chrysie and Luna moved to theirs, as we seated in our thrones, our powers had raised past what they were before and shook the room. The four ninja's stared at us as they saw out 'Chakra' rise past the roof and took on different shapes.

Discord's energy looked like him, but more animalistic. His eyes were black with red dots in the middle, his tail coiled around the smaller him, his knuckles touched the ground, his hind legs bent, his wings fanned out. His eyes hold Chaos and War. On his back is a large knife like sword that is black and white.

Celestia's energy looked exactly like her, but she had a sun behind her head. She was covered in golden armor that shined like the gates of heaven. Her mane was hot pink, on her back is a large axe. Her eyes hold Hatred.

Luna's energy looked like a giant form of Nightmare Moon, but the colors were hers, she wears midnight blue armor, instead of a scythe, she has a War-Hammer on her back. Her hair is long and flowing while she has a moon behind her head. She had a cold stare. Her eyes hold acceptance.

Cadence's looked like Celestia, but they were her colors instead of Celestia's. On her back is a Halberd. She wears hot pink armor. A large Crystal Heart behind her head. Her eyes show pain.

Twilight's energy looks exactly like Cadence's but she had deep dark purple fur, her mane and tail are deep violet, each with one blood red strand going down. On her back is a large staff that bore a crystal at the top. She wears purple armor, her eyes hold friendship in them. Behind her head is a large lavender sis pointed star that shines brightly.

Chrysies energy looks like a giant her, but she has serpents circling her as green flams are her man, her tail is longer and around every so often. She wears bright lime green armor. On her back is a spear and shield, the bottom of the spear's pole has emerald green flames raging upwards. Her eyes hold happiness in them.

Nightmare's energy looks like her, but, she has ten tails, her claws, while she wears midnight pitch black armor. On her back is her scythe, but she has a second one that was white and silver, instead of black and gold. Her eyes hold smugness and furry in them. behind her head is a blood red moon that looks like a giant ringed eye.

Ovan appears next and his energy forms into a large black creature. He has six wings, a long whip like tail with a club at the end, and a crown of horns. His eyes are monstrous and hold a sense of sadistic glee and destruction to them that is followed by a fanged sardonic grin. On his back is a large sword, the guard looks like black spiraling flames. He wears black armor with spikes on his shoulders. He grins down at everyone in the room, shaking them to the core.

I show my energy as it forms into a larger version of Ovan's but instead of black cloths and armor, I have white, my shoulder spikes are larger and curled backwards. My two large horns pointed forward. A crown of stars and mini planets above my head. My tail is split into nine, the spikes at the end of them turn into hands, my wings triple adding six wings ad my neck is extended. My eyes hold nothing but Order and peace. Behind my head is a slowly turning mini-solar system that radiates a calming presence to it, everyone's eyes hold a sort of kindness to them now.

"These are your allies Lord Draco. You have nothing to fear from us, unless you want us to become enemies" I say with my normal voice and my booming voice, shaking the whole castle as gusts of wind go around the room knocking those not used to me and my power fall over. Elisabeth smiles up at us, and we down to her. Twilight's friends gape up at us, fear creeps into their eyes. Lord Draco gapes at us as we stop showing our energies.

"Forgive me, Lord Nova. I am not worthy to be in your presence." He begs and grovels to me. I give him a sad look.

"You are a Lord as well. You were just concerned for your people. I would be two if me and my wives were missing on our honeymoon for a month. You have nothing to be worried about, my friend." I say to him. He smiled at me before rising back to his feet, but then gives me a questioning look.

"Everyone else had a weapon, so where was yours?" He asks. I give him a smirk before my claws become covered in golden flames.

"Right here, my actual sword is still here, but, I prefer using my claws now unless my blade is needed." I tell him.

"Then where do you keep it?" He asks.

"Right here." I say as I moved my hand to the side, the flames turn into a large knife like blade, much like Ovan's, but it's white and block instead of black and white. "This is my sword. It is called 'Slaying Moon'. And it is my real weapon." I explain. He nods his head before an explosion resounds from the far wall as griffins and a few Petal clones rush in. The guards start to battle them. Lord Draco jumps into the air and reigns fire down upon them, decimating them. I saw a man that looks like Aero appear next to me.

"You seem stronger now. It also seems that you are the one who gravely injured Lord Richard and killed my brother." He states at his looks at me from the corner of her eye.

"I am. I was protecting my home and Richard killed my friend, along with multiple other ponies. Aero too. And yes I know Elisabeth has as well, but, she had no choice in the matter." I said. The man nodded his head as he and I started o walk side by side, talking about the weather and our months like we were old friends, but we were only stalling, to see who would react first. I could sense his powers were locked away, much like own. I could hear explosions from the throne room as griffins and Petal clones screamed for their lives.

"So, you were sent here to attack us. Richard is a fool for not coming here himself." I state.

"And what makes you think he isn't?" The man says. Now that shuts me up. "He is here, waiting for you to arrive, he has the one named 'Flame' and is ready to kill her. But, I was sent to take you to him, as much as I would love to kill him myself, I can't. So I will let you do this, and after you do, we will either become allies, partial allies, or enemies who help each other out every once in a while." He states.

"So allies? Very well. I accept these terms, but just remember that if you attack anyone here, your entire hive will pay the price. Understood?" I said. He nodded his head as we kept walking towards the castle's courtyard. "What's your name by the way?" I ask.

"My name, is Moon. Full Moon. And I am rank 0 of Lord Richards Elite Guard." H states. I stare at him with wide eyes, before a smirk crosses my face.

"Good to know." I say to him. As we enter the courtyard I see that Richard is holding a crying Flame by her neck.

"So it seems you did bring him to me. Good, then I won't have to kill you Moon." He says with a growl. Moon growls from the back of his throat, before whispering to me.

"I'm glad my sister has married you." And with that, he appears by Richard's side, leaving me stunned.

'Elisabeth's brother is Moon!? Whoa....' I think to myself, before glaring at Richard who has a robotic arm, holding his blade at Flame's throat.

"Let her go now Richard! And we'll have our fight. Alright?" I say. He smirks before handing her to Moon, who whispers something in her ear that comforts her, but also makes her blush.

"Now then, lets finish this!" He roars as he charges at me, his sword glinting in the sunlight. I ignite my claws with my golden flames, and the two of clash, for what seems to be the final time. I was so wrong. I had no idea of what Richard had brought into this world before coming for me, but THEY were FAR worse than him.

Author's Note:

Chapter 18! We are nearing the halfway point! See you all next time!

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