• Published 8th Feb 2014
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Dragon's Reign - Vladimir

This is a crossover of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Reign of Fire, and my own OC's. This sory is Inspired by Reign of Fire: Equestria - killagatosrs.

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I awoke from the sound of soft snores from Luna as she had her head on my chest and her arm locked around my form. Seriously, how is it that I can crush tanks and yet she can overpower me? Maybe it's her Alicorn genetics? Possibly. I squeaked out a grunt as I tried to move, which proved very ineffective. I tried to move my hand, but ended up rubbing her plot. 'oh I hope she doesn't get mad with me...' I thought to myself, but to my surprise I was met with Luna's amazingly soft lips, we shared a long deep kiss.

"Good morning lover, is there a reason as to why you were groping my plot? Could you not wait for a little longer?" She all but purred at me. My face flushed deep red and I looked away shyly as she traced her pointer finger along my chest gently as she giggled softly.

"S-sorry I was trying to get up to go get something, and I ended up touching your..er, butt." 'not that I mined doing that though' I said mentally. Luna pecked me on the cheek and bounced off her bed, it was really hard not to watch her, but I ended up failing. How did I know? Well she wiggled her rump at me when she looked over her shoulder at me and winked. Yeah, she is pretty awesome! I soon got off the bed and got dressed, we had decided that she would take the bathroom to change -though she would constantly tease me while in there- while I would change in the room.

Soon after we had changed I ended up being dragged down the hall by Luna and her immense strength. As soon as we had entered the breakfast hall, we were greeting by Celestia and Discord making out, yeah it was kinda weird. Luna merely shrugged it off while I blushed rather hard. What was up with women here? They did NOT act shy at ALL. It was kinda hot to be honest. Luna sat at the table and I sat next to her, she was rather possessive over me, not that I minded much. After the two were finished with their make out session, the waiter had entered the room carrying eggs, bacon, and a few pieces of toast for me and Discord, but for Luna and Celestia, he carried two bowls of some strange looking scrambled eggs, toast and oatmeal.

"So Nova, how are you doing this morning? I hope me and Celly didn't keep you two up last night." I flushed slightly, remembering Celstia screaming Discord's name in her 'Royal Canterlot Voice'. Luna had to chain me down to my throne until she explained what was happening. Luna sniggered as she patted my back gently.

"We had been doing alright Discord, however you might want to keep the noise down, I had to tie Nova to his throne so he wouldn't barge your doors down." She laughed out. I could see Celestia blushing and looking at me apologetically. I smiled sheepishly back at her before Luna wrapped one of her arms round my shoulders and pulled me close to her, she was taller than me which forced me to lay my head on her shoulder, though I didn't exactly mind that. "Though Nova and I have yet to mate, wish we could do that soon though..." She whispered the last part into my ear seductively. I shuddered slightly, my body getting rather warm, but it felt good, kinda like being soaked with warm water and than after that a nice massage.

"I see, so why not now? After all Lulu, I know how you can be sometimes." Discord stated with a devious grin plastered onto his face. I glared at him as I wrapped an arm around Luna's waist tightly. She gasped a little before packing me on the lips gently.

"Possibly when he is ready, after all I do not want to pressure him into doing something like that yet." Discord nodded sagely and in understanding. He and Celestia soon left for the throne room, while Luna and I went somewhere private to...'chat'. So yeah we made out for a while before going to the throne room, and once we were there I was stunned when out of nowhere Princess Cadance was scowling at Celestia when she had her back to her. That did not look right at all, did she not like Tia?

When she noticed me, she grew a large grin which startled me slightly, not knowing what to do, the sword Luna gave me, to which I have named it my 'Lunar Fang', and was ready to draw it quickly.

"Nova! It's so good to see you, I was just wondering where you were!" She chirped out. I felt Luna's hand grip my arm tightly, signaling me to not flirt -to which I never did, but she seemed to be more defensive and possessive over me whenever Cadance was around-.

"Why exactly were you wndering where I was?" I asked politely. She giggled and playfully batted a hand at me.

"So I could know more about you silly!" I nodded slightly, and understood, however Luna kept crushing my arm, which caused me to whimper slightly in pain. "Is something wrong Nova? You're whimpering." Cadance asked with clear concern in her voice. I nodded silently, glancing at Luna quickly as she noticed my whimpering and had softened her grip, giving me an apologetic look.

"I'm fine, just tired I guess" I lied to her. It always hurt to lie to smeo- er, somepony else. But I did so anyways. She nodded and asked me if I wanted to talk more about myself. I agreed but only if Luna could come too, Cadance nodded and left the room. Soon me and Luna left as well, but once we were in her room, I whimpered like a puppy as the bones in my arm fixed themselves and Luna kept apologizing, she was acting on her emotion, to which I told her it was fine.

"But I want to make it up to you." She then got a mischievous grin on her face as she gently pinned me to her bed, I blushed as we began o kiss passionately. "I think I might know something that will cheer you up~" She cooed seductively into my ear causing me to shiver slightly.


I let out a moan as Luna was rubbing me gently, she than kissed me as she took her hands off my back.

"So did you enjoy your massage?" She purred out. I nodded my head. God she knew how to work her hands so well! "Good, because now it is time for us to rest, we will need to stay awake for night court again. As much as it is boring to you, you need to help me with it." I nodded and was soon wrapped up in her arms, she held me close to her body as we both drifted off to sleep, a smile on my face, and a grin on Luna's. The rest of the night was filled with dream of happiness.

Author's Note:

Sorry for the short chapter, I'll try to make the next one longer.

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