• Published 8th Feb 2014
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Dragon's Reign - Vladimir

This is a crossover of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Reign of Fire, and my own OC's. This sory is Inspired by Reign of Fire: Equestria - killagatosrs.

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Final Fight Part 1....

We reached the top of the Volcano. I look in and see Zeus is whipping Cadence while Mars looks older, something is not right here. I growl and hear Cadence scream in pain, tears roll down her cheeks. Looking closer I see she is naked, her hot pink fur is stained with her blood. I go to help, but am stopped by Poseidon. He shakes his head sadly.

"He'll kill them both if we rush in there now. We need to wait for the right moment, then, we can strike." He says to me. I growl and nod.

"Scream his name now!" He roars in her face. Cadence cries out in more pain, her binds tighten around her wrists and ankles, Zeus whips her with a thorn whip spiked with electricity. "Scream is name!! Get him mad!!NOW!!!" Zeus bellows again. Cadence's face is stained with tear streaks, her back and wings are covered with blood. And she finally breaks.

"MAAAAAARS!!!!" She screams as loud as she can. Her voice carries past us and travels farther an farther. I growl, but then Mars stops moving. His body starts o change, he looks a lot like me but his scales are blue-ish purple, his underbelly is blood red. Blue, white and black crystal spines form and go down to his tail. The tip of his tail has five crystals, on his shoulders are large crystal spikes, on the top of his head is a bright yellow crystal crest, his eyes fiery orange with black slits, his muzzle is slightly longer and narrower than mine, sort of like a crocodile's, darkness and crystals circle around him, his cage shatters as I stabs a hand into Zeus's shoulder.

Zeus smirks and places a collar on him. My eyes widen and I go to stop him, but freeze when said collar turns to ash, Zeus's eyes widen, but then yelps in pain as Mars twists his hand and pulls it out, he grabs him by his head and throws him into the far wall. He frees Cadence and kisses her, orange lightning energy of sorts, circles around his shoulder crystals and flows into Cadence, her wounds heal, and the two of them deepen the kiss.

I feel a sense of pain go through my chest, my baby son was now 18, but no real magic was placed on him, but, the cage he burst from, it had an time spell on it, he grew up alone and must have trained himself to fight. Truth be told, I was happy for him in a way, but also sad that I didn't get to raise him myself.

Zeus bursts from the wall and growls at Mars and Cadence.

"I should have killed you and taken the girl instead!!" He roars are Mars, he rushes him, and is about to hit him with a thunderbolt. I snarl and appear above him.

"SHUT UP OLD MAN!!!" I roar as I punch the back of his head. He face plants onto the ground, cracking it. Ovan double knee drops onto his back, making Zeus cough out golden blood, he goes to look up at me, but I stomp onto his head, his whole head goes back into the ground. I hold Slaying Moon in my right hand and I stab it into his right shoulder, he roars in pain, the ground beneath us cracks as he then rises quickly. His eyes are yellow and a lighting blade forms around his straightened hand.

He swipes at me but I block it with Slaying Moon, blue smoke rising from the corners of my mouth. His eyes narrow as lighting curls up from the corners of his. My blade ignites in bright blue fire, a sword forms in his other hand, bright yellow lightning with fie ignite on it. We swing and our swords clash. Sparks and embers fly around us. Ovan's blade ignites in pink flames, he slashes Zeus's back, cutting it open, his golden blood sprays out. Zeus roars in pain as I then push him back, away from us.

He roars at us, the ground trembles as he charges at us, Ovan and I raise our swords and swing down, sending blue and pink waves of energy fly at him. He swings his blade upwards, the two waves are destroyed as he keeps charging at us. I nod my head t Ovan, who nods back and grins, a manic look in his eyes as he releases his blade.

He looks the same, except now he has two large spines that form into wings, he looks at Zeus and flies at him, while I float into the air and follow. Zeus's form changes, and he looks quite terrifying.

He is covered with gold scales, his eyes are gold with black slits, his teeth are now fangs. He has two large golden fan like wings, two golden tails, while his neck is long, probably a few inches or so. His cloths becomes armor, his feet now clawed, his hands sparking with lightning. His claws are blood red, while on his head is a crown of horns. We fly into the air above he Volcano and clash. The shockwaves send the winds scattering, the entire sky lights up with light.

=====Mars PoV================================

I stood there, my tail coiled around Cadence's hips, she blushes but smiles softly at me. I smile back before looking back up at my fathers and Zeus clash. I tighten my grip around her hips and pull her closer to myself, she leans on me, her wounds might have healed, but the fatigue is still ever present. Poseidon arrives.

"We need to get you both away from here. The three of them are going to get serious and I'd rather not go up against either of them. Besides, Beth is worried about you both, and Ruby has been crying non-stop." He says to us. I nod my head and look to Cadence who stays by my side, ever since that kiss we bonded, but we are friends, even if I have had a crush on her since I started to age. I spent 10 years of my life training to help her get free, that stupid chamber took most of my life away, but it also might have helped speed it up in ways I will soon find out.

Cadence nods her head, I hold her gently and close to myself, I place a hand on Poseidon's shoulder, and we side step before my family. Mother stares at me and Cadence, she looks to Poseidon, and he nods sadly. Tears form in her eyes.

"My baby boy...what happened to you?" She asks. I sigh and retell everyone the story. I explain how I spent my life in that strange little dimension, I trained and slept, seeing Cadence in my dreams, but when I trained I was trying to get stronger, to protect her, to keep her safe for as long as I could. I explain when I managed to gain this form, how I had to do battle with shadows that turned into clones of Zeus, myself, Ovan and father. They listen as I tell them that I gained the ability to control and create crystals, but that this isn't my only form, just a permanent one, similar to fathers.

"That is quite the tale. I am sorry that you were subjugated to that kind of torture. I fear that we can not age you back, it would cause too much damage to your mind and body." Celestia says sadly. I nod my head, knowing that I was stuck this way. I look to mother, who hugs me tightly, I hug her back.

"It's fine, I understand a lot of different things now. Besides training my body and honing my abilities and forms, I also trained my mind. I learned so much about this worlds history. I even looked through these video logs that showed the past. I saw Nightmare take over Luna and then become free, I saw father fight this 'Richard' and win. I saw Discord get cured by the elements, I even saw a few of the times Luna and Chrysalis were with father. Really wished I didn't see that, it was....interesting." I say. The two in question blush furiously. I chuckle sheepishly before Cadence places a hand on my shoulder, I look down at her. "I saw Shinning Armor pass, I am sorry for your loss, Cadence." She sighs sadly and nods her head.

"I will always miss him, and I will always love him. But I know that if I were to mourn and not move on with my life, he would be mad with me, he would want me to continue and smile more. But it gets so hard..." She whimpers out, tears start going down her cheeks. I take a thumb and wipe a tear away.

"You don't have to do it alone. We're here for you, I, am here for you. You'll never not have a shoulder to cry on." I tell her softly. She looks up at me, I feel our bond strengthen. I look up slightly as she hugs me tightly. In he corner of the room, I see Shinning Armor, standing there being transparent. He smiles at me and nods his head, he turns and starts to walk. The others notice him as well. Cadence calls out to him. He turns and gives her a smile, he places a hand on her cheek gently, she nuzzles it softly, she looks up at him, he inclines his head towards me, a smirk forms.

Cadence blushes before giving him a sad look.

"Are you okay with this?" She asks. Shinning laughs and nods his head, his smirk ever present. He looks at me and smiles.

'Take care of her...' He says to me through my mind. I nod my head.

"I will, she is in safe claws." I tell him. He smiles before placing a hand onto his chest, he then holds out a sword to me, it has his Cutie Mark as the guard. I take the sword and bow my head to him.

'Take this, it used to be mine, it is my gift to you. You are going to become her shield, her armor, her lover. If you ever have need of me, I will be there. You won't need to be doing the fighting alone, besides, then I can keep an eye on her and warn you if she is in trouble.' He tells me, but also everyone else. I nod my head and smile, Cadence is blushing furiously, but still in tears.

"I'll make sure to protect her, and if possible, bring you back. Even if me and her become mates and marry, she is still important to you, to us." I say to him. He nodshis head and smirks, his spirit goes into the sword. I lace the sword into the purple sheath, I tie it to my side before I look at Cadence, she looks up at me, I grabs her shoulders and kiss her, she kisses me back, and we part after minutes later.

We head outside, as a large gust of wing knocks us around, I look up at the blackened skies, and every so often there would be a flash of light....

======Nova's PoV================================

We clashed about. Ovan fired a white beam at Zeus, who fired his own lightning beam. I slash my sword downward and send out a blue beam with a spiral around it that shines white. The attack collides with Zeus and he roars in pain. I look at Ovan who looks back at me, we both nod our heads before we charge at Zeus, who charges back down at us, he snarls and opens his maw, lighting shoots out and hits Ovan out of the sky, I dodge and keep charging, my sword vanishes as my body goes into a release state, I have the same spine wings.

I grab Zeus's hands as he grabs mine, a shockwave goes through the air, the blue smoke still rising from the corners of my mouth. He growls and narrows his eyes. I then knee him in the stomach, he coughs before I slam my elbow onto the top of his head, sending him down below the clouds. I chase after him, the clouds part and vanish as Zeus passes down by them, he lands onto the outside of the Volcano, said Volcano erupts. Ovan is flying towards Equestria, to try and prevent it from being destroyed. I turn and look at Zeus as he rises to his feet, he fires a lightning beam at me, I spin o the side, dodging it, I then whip my tail down and send a massive wave of blue energy at him.

Our attacks collide and implode into each other. I open my mouth, the air and magical energy from the planet spirals into my mouth as I fire a massive blue beam down at him, it pushes him down deeper into the ground, part of the Volcano's side explodes as magma spews out, rocks and ash fly into the air. I fly down and punch him in the stomach, he coughs up golden blood and groans. I place a hand onto his chest, as the air and magical energies swirl into a sphere in the palm of my hand, I slam it into his chest, we become encased in a large blue and white dome that takes out half of the Volcano.

I fly out of the smoke and rise above in the air. I look around, anticipating Zeus's movements, getting ready to black whatever he was going to hit me with. What came out of the smoke, I did not expect.

A large three headed gold scaled dragon, around 215 meters tall, it roared, but it also sounded like a laugh. I growl and my body ignites into pure blue and white flames that soon turn fire red, my eyes growing darker and darker.


Author's Note:

One of the last chapters, get ready for a large fight!
And as always! I will see you! In the next chapter! Bye bye!!

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