The two Potters and the Three Princesses

by Vladimir

Cahpter 17

Griphyx's eyes open, but all he sees is darkness. Is he blind? What happened? He wonders, until the events of last night play through his mind and his eyes widen and he spins around in the 'air'. He watches as he just floats, no movement, no sound, no light. He sighs soundlessly until a flash of light pierces the darkness.
He moves a hand in front of his eyes, and as the light dies down, he see's that he is in a bed in the medical ward. He looks around the room with his eyes and see's everyone there, staring down at him. He coughs as he goes to sit up, only to meet a wall of pain. He whimpers slightly in pain before he falls back onto the bed.
"Stay still, Griphyx." Nightmare says to him gently as she moves his hair out of his face. "You need rest, you'll need your strength." She says softly to him as she nuzzles him gently. He nods his head weakly as he coughs slightly. The nurse wizards question as to why there is an indent in the bed, as well as moving Griphyx slightly, as if someone or something was there.
I will...Nyx." He says audibly, everyone in the room looks at him, Luna and his group were in the house lounge at the time, and the nurses stare at the boy as the room gets darker and they watch the indent get right next to him, pushing the bed down slightly. He raises a hand weakly and places it on something, before they watch him run his fingers through invisible 'hair' of sorts. His eyes open to see the nurses staring at him.
He growls weakly like a cornered animal would ad the nurses back off and go about their work. Griphyx looks up at Nightmare and smiles. The nurses leave the room and Griphyx looks at Nightmare.
"Nyx, can you go get the others?" He asks. She nods her head with a smile before leaves in flash of light. He lay back into his bed ad closes his eyes. An hour passes and he has fallen asleep, only to awaken to the door to his room break open and h sits up too quickly and cries out in pain. The group freezes, seeing the startled Griphyx coughing and hacking as a patch of red shows itself on his lower back to his side.
"Are you okay, Griphyx?" Nightmare asks softy as she heals his wounds. He nods his head with a slightly weak look in his eyes.
"Y...Yeah, I'm fine. Just spooked me there for a moment." He says. He looks at the group and smiles slightly. "And how have all of you been? Better than I, I hope." He jokes. Harry and the princesses give him a dry look.
"Now is not the time to make jokes, Griphyx! We had thought we lost our Potters!" Celestia, Luna and Nightmare yell out. Griphyx nods, before he stops.
"Did you say, 'our Potters'?" He asks softly. Celestia smiles and nods her head as she drapes a wing over Harry's shoulders.
"We decided both of your guardians so very long ago, that was when you became ours." She says with a motherly tone. Harry hugs her tighter and she does the same with a foreleg, but gentler as to not break the child. Griphyx smiles up at Luna and Nightmare who give him happy grins and nuzzle him, when really, Celestia became the mother figure for the Potter brothers, Luna had became their protective guards, much like Celestia and Nightmare, but she was more of a guardian, while Nightmare made sure Griphyx and Harry were constantly safe when the other princesses weren't around.
Griphyx gets to his feet, but winces and hisses in pain as his wound is still raw. He growls and his eyes flash a few colors in a second before he calms down. The nurse next to him helps him back into the bed, and he sighs. Nightmare sits next to him, her legs underneath her form as she lays a hand on his shoulder gently.
He rubs her head gently, a storm outside rages, the winds howl as if there is a monster or something outside making them. Griphyx shivers and moves into Nightmare as she curls around him. He leans into her and she uses a wing to make a makeshift blanket, as he prefers hers and Luna's wings and forms over actual beds and blankets.
"Don't worry, Griphyx, Dumbledore and the other teachers are looking into the incident, though they haven't found much. But they will, I know it." She says to him calmly. Griphyx closes his eyes before opening them again.
"I'm not worried about that, I'm worrying about WHY they were attacking us. I felt the same being from the forest in that....'man'. He felt" Griphyx says under his breath. Nightmare nods her head softly. She had sensed the darkness in that being, it was much like her past self when she had wanted Eternal Night and waged a long and massive war against Celestia. Griphyx sighs again, snapping Nightmare out of her thoughts.
"I worry about Harry and the others. I could feel this THING want me and Harry, it wanted us dead, at first." He says. Catching everyone by surprise. He looks down at his emblem and his eyes widen as the moon is blood red, the hunters moon has arrived, and it was tonight.
"Then, what was IT after?" Hermione asks, the others also curious as to what else it wanted. Griphyx breathed out, calming his nerves, as he lifted his wards he himself placed, and showed his magical aura of sorts. The others stared as it had shifted forms from that massive draconic like figure into something else, before turning back into the draconic figure once more. Hiding his aura once more, he sighs sadly before looking up at them all.
"Me. It was looking directly at ME when it attacked...." He stops himself from going further, the others knowing what he had meant. He looks down at his hands and sighs once more, he notes that he has been sighing a lot lately. He looks up at everyone, and he has a sense of fear in his eyes, a childish fear. Nightmare nuzzles him gently before she looks him in the eyes.
"It will NEVER get you, understand? Your OURS, no one else can claim or take EITHER of YOU two." She states, emphasizing certain words. She smiles down at him before kissing the top of his head gently, causing him to blush slightly before smiling up at her. "No one shall take what is truly OURS, which you, Griphyx, are." She says softly before curling around him tighter and he closes his eyes, a smile on his lips.
Harry smiles at his younger brother, but then feels Celestia tighten her hold around his form. He knew what it meant to be claimed by them, Luna and Nightmare had claimed his brother, while Twilight -who is doing her duties as a princess- and Celestia had claimed him as theirs. It was a natural thing for ponies apparently, however, it sometimes got strange, but nothing to bad, it was just a few extra nuzzles here and there.
Griphyx closes his eyes, and falls asleep onto Nightmare's side, she too, falls to slumber as the group heads back to their 'house' lounge, where Dumbledore, Hagrid and McGonagall are waiting for them.
"How was, Griphyx?" Dumbledore asked. Celestia sighs sadly before telling the three teachers the news of what Griphyx had told them. The two teachers were surprised, while Dumbledore had expected this, apparently.
"I see, then we will need to up the wards more, if this thing is truly after Griphyx, then it will most likely use him as a plot device to kill both him and Harry. It is odd to know that something like that could be around." He explains as he paces back and forth.
"Indeed it is, but what should WE do to protect him? We have the powers of our celestial bodies even if they are being shared by others, but if we were to fight, then we would risk the school, even Griphyx would risk the school seeing as to how he might have some sort of...'monster' inside of him. Did Hagrid tell you what Griphyx told Nightmare?" Luna says. Dumbledore and McGonagall grow surprised, it had appeared that there was some sort of missing information that the weren't told about.
"No, he hasn't. Hagrid, what exactly did Griphyx say?" McGonagall asks. Hagrid tells the two of what was talked about and while McGonagall is surprised, Dumbledore seems worried.
"What's wrong Albas?" Celestia asks. Dumbledore looks up at the Goddess of the Sun, before speaking.
"It was talked about in legends were there were wizards or other humans that would hold a monster inside of them, however, they would be determined by their eyes, hair, teeth and power level of magic. Ruby here is something similar, but also different. Did you know that there are half-bloods roaming the halls?" He states. Brows are raised.
"Half-Bloods?" Harry asks. Dumbledore nods his head.
"Much like a muggle and a wizard, there are wizards and Vampires that have children, it's rare, but, it is documented to happen every once in a while" -he points a hand at Ruby- "Miss Ruby here, is part of such, but she isn't really part Vampire, most likely something else, as I have noticed fire bends to her will. This is called Pyromancy, a type of magic that consists of the control of fire." Dumbledore explains. They grow more confused.
"But what does she have to do with these 'Half-Bloods'?" Hermione asks, she was now interested in their strange female friend. Dumbledore smiles.
"Ah, but Half-Bloods can be anything BESIDES a Vampire. It would depend on her families history and, if she has one, clan, or commonly known as a 'Family Tree'." He explains.
"I see, that sounds similar to some of the ponies in Equestria and her neighboring countries. There were tails of ponies and Dragons mixing together, their race is called, Kirin. There was even talk about Were-ponies, Vam-ponies, an even the occasional, Mer-ponies. There are tons more of other creatures, however, if I remember correctly the humans were ones as well, far beyond my time, however." Celestia explains. Humans? Before Celestia's time? That was something that made the wizards and witches grow curious about, but decided not to ask.
"I see, then it is safe to say that anything is possible." Dumbledore says with a small smile gracing his lips. Celestia nods her head as well.
"Indeed it is, however, now we MUST know what lies inside Griphyx, if there really is a 'monster' in him, then we NEED to know what it could be, an where it came from." Celestia says aloud. Everyone's head nods, before they each head to bed, knowing that tomorrow was going to be a busy day.


Griphyx sits on the moon, watching the others train their magic, it was weird to not be training too, but since he was so weak, even in the dream realm, he needed to regain his energy. He smiled as he watched Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ruby practicing with magic, Twilight joining them, somehow, and helped the four improve their magic much faster and durable, something he hadn't been able to do as to how 'unstable' and 'pure' his magic had been, and still was.
Luna, Nightmare and Celestia sat around him, all smiling as the four are being taught by the once student turned teacher. Griphyx gets to his feet and walks off, his hands in his pockets as the bottom of his coat flows around in an ethereal wind, much like the princesses manes and tails do. He closes his eyes as he walk onto the dark side of the moon, where for some reason, it is warmer for him.
He opens his eyes to see nothing but darkness, when he turns around, he sees everyone still training, but then he hears a voice call to him.
'Griphyx....Griphyx....~' It calls, and as he starts to walk, something unlocks, an the sound reaches everyone else's ears, ad when they turn, they see Griphyx following something large, and they see to pitch black eyes stare out at them, but they vanish. They get up, and race towards Griphyx, to help him. All of them unaware of what lies ahead.