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The two Potters and the Three Princesses - Vladimir

A story that retains to the Harry Potter Universe, as well as MLP, an my own Imagination. MLP is owned by Hasbro, Harry Potter is owned by J.K. Rowling, OC's are my own. Inspired by "The Wizard and the Lonely Princess" - Harry Leferts

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Chapter 10

The next few days ere quiet, except for today when McGonagall had taken them and Malfoy to Hagrid's to meet a 'Filch'. When they arrived it was late at night. The two teachers were bickering about something about the 'forbidden forest' or something.

"I'm telling you Filch that they are just kids! They can't go into there!" Hagrid yelled at an old man who's long brown hair looked like it was ready to fall out. The two looked at the group when McGonagall cleared her throat, alerting them of heir presence.

"Is there a problem gentlemen?" She asked. Hagrid gave Filch a slight glare until he answer the female teacher.

"I was explaining why the kids can't go, the forest is dangerous!" He yelled. Filch rolled his eyes sighing in annoyance.

"Why? What's going on in the forest Hagrid?" Harry asked. Hagrid looked at Harry sadly.

"Something has been sighted in there, killing the unicorns"-out f the corner of his eye, he could see the princesses stiffen and growl- "and I was tasked to go figure out what it was. But now it seems you lot will be joining me." Hagrid explained. Harry nodded his head.

"I see, then we better get going. I'd rather not have Unicorns being killed and something dangerous near he school." All heads tuned towards Griphyx, who had stated this. The princesses nodded, also wanting to figure this out as well. Hagrid sighed sadly before nodding his head.

"Right, then you three" -he said pointing to Malfoy, Ron and Hermione- "are with me. You three"- he pointed to Harry, Griphyx and Ruby, but also pointing at the princesses- "are going with Fang, understand?" All heads nodded. When he tuned back to give he two professors a piece of his mind, he had found that they already left back into the castle. The two teams headed into the dark forest. Griphyx looked around the forest along with both night princesses, the three of them could see nothing, but could feel everything when in the shadows. There were the rustling of sticks, bit nothing much else.

They had met up with the other group. Hagrid reported nothing while Griphyx did the same. For a brief moment the princesses saw something moving in the darkness. Griphyx picked up on it too, he turned as saw figure standing there until it began to run. Griphyx gave chase. The others followed but were having a difficult time. Hagrid watched Griphyx's movements, and saw a predator stalking it's prey. A chill went down his spine when he saw how fast Griphyx became, but then thought he saw that the shadows were helping move faster.

Harry had to speed up and was soon behind Griphyx until he started jumping from branch to branch. Griphyx acted like a monkey going after this figure. Harry noted that they figure looked to be floating away faster and faster, but then, it vanished before all of their eyes. Griphyx stopped and fell to the ground on his feet, some dirt was puffed into the air. The princesses and Harry arrived to him first.

"Something felt off about that figure. It felt...evil." Griphyx explained and when he did so, the others heard him.

"Then we need to leave here now!" Malfoy exclaimed like a little girl. Hagrid nodded his head, worried about the groups safety. The princesses agreed and stayed by the Potters sides. The large group moved towards the castle/school. However they split apart when a noise was heard. For some strange reason Hagrid told the two groups -Harry, Malfoy, Fang, Griphyx for the first group, Himself, Hermione, Ron, Ruby in Hagrid's group-.

As Griphyx's group looked around, a unicorn brushed passed them, bleeding silvery blood. It collapsed a few feet in front of them. The figure had returned, barring it's bloody teeth. Malfoy and Fang ran for the hills screaming and barking. The being looked toward the unicorn, moving closer to it until the shadows literally made a wall in front of it. Startled it moved back, turning around it saw that Griphyx was holding his wand up, his eyes slit and a growling coming from his throat.

The being moved towards Griphyx until Harry sent a small beam from his wand at the figure, pushing it back slightly. The figure seemed to stare from under it's hood before a centaur rushed from he brush, kicking it's forelegs into the air causing the figure flee and fly into the air.

It looked at the Potter brothers and then to the princesses. It inclined it's head to them, before it looked at the two brothers. "You are safe now, Potters, but you two mustn't be here. Dark forces are seeking you out an this place is not a good place to be." He explained. They knew it was a he from the gruffness of his voice and how deep it was. The centaur looked down at the unicorn and sighed sadly while Griphyx had moved to it's side. "It can not be healed when wounded by such a being. It-" He silenced himself when a bright light formed from Griphyx's hands that were just above the unicorn's wound, healing slowly.

"I won't let her die! I won't let this life be taken! She has too much to lose!" He growled out in pain through grit teeth. Harry placed a hand on his little brothers shoulder, sending magic to him so Griphyx could heal the unicorn. The princesses placed their hooves onto Griphyx as well, concentrating as the unicorn healed quicker. The unicorn looked to be gaining color as her wound closed. Soon the deed was done, but just as when the others had arrived to watch the scene. They saw Griphyx fall over until the unicorn caught him with her side. She looked down at him as his eyes were filled with pain and exhaustion. The princesses checked the unicorn over before they looked at Harry and Griphyx.

"She is pregnant Harry, Griphyx." Luna told them. all of the few who could see and hear her gasped, while those who couldn't -Malfoy- just looked at them like they were crazy.

"You saved three lives tonight, Harry, Griphyx." The centaur said to the two. Hagrid stepped foreword and spoke to the centaur.

"Good to see you again Firenze." He said. Firenze nodded his head before looking back at Griphyx who was being softly nuzzled by the unicorn showing she was thankful -something that took him and the others by surprise-. Griphyx looked up at the unicorn and smiled at her.

"I am glad you and your babies will be fine. I hope you stay safe, okay?" He asked while she helped him to his feet. The unicorn nodded her head before galloping off into the forest to seemingly never be seen again. Griphyx tottered over and placed a hand on a tree as he coughed slightly, his back and side in pain. Ruby moved to side to try and support him. Griphyx sent Ruby a thankful smile before he coughed at the ground again, his back and side burning more and more. Harry was experiencing the same thing however it was with the scar on his forehead. The two Potter brothers collapsed to their knees coughing and in pain. Firenze moved swiftly and picked them up and began to take them to a nearby lake where he put them in.

The water of the lake glowed in a white holy light, washing over them as they rested, their faces were the only parts out of the water. The others could hear their pants in pain from the sore line. Griphyx and Harry's pants soon stopped as they had calmed down, the pain they felt was now gone. Balls of flame floated around the lake, each a different color until two large fames erupted from the two brothers. Harry's was bright vibrant red mixed with green, it gave off a warm feeling that could melt the coldest of snow days in mere seconds. Griphyx's on the other hand, was an icy blue with multiple colors radiating a chilling cold that tingled their senses, and cold most likely freeze anything, even fire. In the center of theirs flames, Harry's was a misty white while Griphyx's was a shadowy black, but both made the group feel comfortable and safe.

Firenze saw the flames and was astonished by how large they were and that they were going to keep growing. The two flames outmatched many that he had scene, however he heard the princesses call those two large flames their aura's, their magic and their very souls. Firenze moved slowly as the flames slammed back into their owners bodies heating them up. As Griphyx and Harry sat up quickly, they were swiftly pulled from the lake and placed on the land on their feet. Griphyx felt strange, like something was unlocked inside of him. Harry felt similar, but also different than his brother. He felt stranger and faster than before.

"It seems the stars are looking upon you both. Hopefully the world will change with you two in it, as well as those three." He said to them in a hushed tone when moving his head towards the princesses softly. "I will-" He was cut off when a neigh resounded from in the forest. A herd of unicorns rushed out, circling the group until the one that Griphyx saved moved up to him and nuzzled him gently. Griphyx smiled and rubbed her snout gently, then her neck and back. The other unicorns moved close to him until what he assumed was the 'Alpha' stepped foreword and stared at him.

The two stared at each other for minutes before Griphyx smiled slightly and waved. "Hi." Was all he said and then the Alpha nodded it's head before nuzzling him slightly and then kneeling it's head down, pushing what looked to be a...necklace? Griphyx picked it up gently, then indicated to it, then to himself as if asking if they wanted him to have it. The Alpha nodded it's head again. Griphyx smiled at the Alpha. "Thank you for the necklace." He said to them. He looked down at the necklace. It had a bright silver and gold chain pieces on it, it connected with in the back with the hook and loop parts, there was what looked to be bright blue moon connected to it. He smiled and put it on, the chain and emblem were colder than ice, but it felt right.

The alpha rose on it's hind legs before galloping off back into the forest with it's herd following close behind. Griphyx looked towards his brother, who had gotten necklace similar to his own, but it was gold and silver, with a red sun emblem on it. The brothers nodded to each other before looking at everyone else. Their necklaces glinting in the light of the full moon, everyone seemed to be astonished, but Malfoy glared at the two, while Ruby stared at Griphyx, an odd gleam in her eye.

The group followed Firenze as they were leaving the forest quickly as to not get stopped once again. Firenze stopped and looked at the group.

"This is were we part ways. May all of you live happily." He said before trotting back into the forest, the shadows concealed him. The group had headed towards Hagrid's shack, seeing McGonagall, Filch and Dumbledore standing their, worried looks on their faces. When they spotted the ground, they almost let out a sigh of relief, but when they saw that Harry and Griphyx were wearing two random necklaces, as well as dirtied and limped slightly, they grew a bit more worried.

"What happened while in there?" McGonagall asked. Filch and Dumbledore stayed quiet to hear the experience they had. Griphyx and Harry relayed what had happened on their side, wile Hagrid explained his. The teachers were surprised about the whole thing with the figure, the unicorns and even the lake. Dumbledore knew about the lake for he had been there before but was surprised when he heard that the two Potter's flames were that large at such a young age, meant that they had powerful magic indeed.

"I see, and that is how you got those necklaces, is it?" Dumbledore questioned. Harry and Griphyx nodded their heads in affirmation. Dumbledore nodded his head in understanding. The two brothers stood next to each other, both exhausted from the night they had had ad thankful it was now the weekend. As the group headed to their respected house/dorms. Griphyx and his group has arrived at their place, Ruby now had her own bed, to which Luna joined her as they slept, Celestia slept with Harry while Nightmare stayed by Griphyx's side. They all went to sleep, waiting for morning to come so they could enjoy the weekend without teachers breathing down their necks constantly and can practice more magic without others needing to know, little did they know that Harry's and Griphyx's necklace's were actually keys to something far better than they could ever imagine.

Author's Note:

Here ya'll go! Chapter 10 is up! See you all next time!

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