The two Potters and the Three Princesses

by Vladimir

Chapter 15

Griphyx sits on a couch in Snape's office along with the rest of his group of friends. The princesses float there above them and they notice Griphyx has a massive amount of hate in his eyes as he stares at Snape and Malfoy deeply.
"Now then. You shall explain yourselves right this instant! What did Malfoy mean by you having 'wings', Mr. Griphyx?" He says with large amounts of venom in his words. Griphyx growls at Snape loudly and shows his fangs and this seems to startle Snape, but nothing more, Malfoy on the other hand, was a little wuss.
"AH! Look at him!! He's a freaky-vampire-thing!!" He shriek like a little girl. Ruby gives him a dirty look.
"He isn't, he's a- " She is cut off by a notebook hitting her in the face, knocking her back.
"SHUT UP FREAK!" He screams at Ruby. That was a mistake. Griphyx moves and pins Malfoy to the far wall with a finger and glares deeply into the blonde boys eyes. Malfoy stares into Griphyx's eyes with fear and then looks to Snape with hope, said hope vanishes as Snape simply stares.
"It would seem that you are going to detention, Mr. Malfoy, and you Griphyx, are in need of an explanation of you...speed and strength." He comments calmly. Griphyx growl once more before tossing Malfoy in the air and seemingly appears back into his own seat to watch Malfoy flop onto his back. "No then, explain what he meant?" Snape says again.
"It was a term of when Harry and I were little. We dreamt of flying and I guess it just stuck to me, nothing more. As for my strength and speed? I have always been this way. Can we go now?" Griphyx states nonchalantly. Snape thinks this over.
'There is something more to him and his friends, I will need to take it up with Dumbledore to search their things.' He thinks to himself in his strange strange mind.
"Very well, but do not attack another student, understood?" He orders. Griphyx nods his head as he and his friends, as well as the princesses leave the office and head back to their room. Griphyx sighs as he sits on their massive couch and thinks over everything that has happened. He looks up at Nightmare who is giving him a sad smile.
"It'll all be okay, Griphyx. You'll see." She tells him. He nods his head sadly and hugs her gently. It was odd for the others to see him and Nightmare having such acts towards each other, some might even see it as 'love' but seeing as to how much time he, Luna and Nightmare spend together, it would make sense. Luna nuzzles the two of them gently.
"All will be fine, you shall see our dear Griphyx." She tells him. Griphyx smiles at both of them before he grabs his necklace piece, ever since a few nights ago, he has been hearing the voices of those from his and Harry's past, more specifically, those 'gods and goddesses' that the two had met so long ago. Griphyx sighs and squeezes the moon pendant tighter before releasing his grasp and looking up everyone with a smirk.
"Hay yeah, everything will definitely be fine! Now then, lets go and have some diner, alright?" He states. It was strange for him to be the leader, generally it had been Harry, but lately Harry has been letting Griphyx take the lead, and it has been helping him out immensely, he actually talk now! Griphyx gets to his feet and walks through his group of friends and as he leaves, they follow.
They arrive at the mess hall where they are greeted by Dumbledore -the usual thing- and they greet him back. Once they arrive and sit down, something unexpected happens. A teacher with a bald head comes running in and screams his head off.
"TROLL!!! TROLL!!!! There's a troll in the dungeon..." He says before passing out. Griphyx gets to his feet with his wand in hand. He looks over at Dumbledore, McGonagall and Hagrid who also rise to their feet, however, Snape does the same.
"It would seem that we are needed....please, remain seated here until the Troll has been dealt with." Dumbledore orders before he, McGonagall, Hagrid, Snape and Griphyx with his group head on out. "It would seem that your magic will be needed on this night, Griphyx, as you are a much closer connection to the ones that control it. Please be careful." Dumbledore tells Griphyx who nods his head and an orange glint appears in his eyes for half a second before he runs out to find this Troll.
"Why are we letting HIM go ahead and deal with this beast?" Snape asks. Dumbledore looks at his companion with a small smile.
"He has immense magic that surpasses many of the teachers here. Surely, you have noticed his magical prowess?" He states. Snape nods his head and knows what Dumbledore was talking about.

Griphyx runs down the corridor and meets up with a tall grey humanoid being that has a rag around it's hips to cover it's extra bits. It wields a brown log or a club and it stares down at Griphyx, who stares back before smiling.
"Well you certainly look interesting enough!" He says with a grin before holding his wand like one would a knife. "Try not to disappoint!!" He laughs out as he charges the Troll. The troll (we'll name him Trolly, thank you Pinkie Pie!!) swings his club down and it crashes into the floor and breaks the tiles.
Griphyx sits on top of the Troll's club with a smirk on his lips.
"Gonna need to try harder than that!!" He roars out as his wand lights up and his right hand ignites into a shadow fire. He charges at the Troll before firing a bolt of magic in the form of a wave from his wand, as his hand catches the cub. The glass next to them shatters from Griphyx's speeds.
'Seems that I am stronger....that's not good, if I get too carried away I might destroy this part of the school!' He thinks to himself in a bit of hurry. The wave of magic collides with the Troll, but only makes it angrier.
"Oh crap..." He says before the Troll swings down at him again.

"We need to hurry! Something isn't right here..." Harry states as he runs down the hallways going to help his brother, the others and the princesses follow, but as they round the last corner, they see Griphyx sitting atop of the Trolls back with a bored expression on his face.
"I had to knock this bucker out, apparently magic makes them stronger, just bucking GREAT!!" He groans out in annoyance. He sends a mock glare at Harry. "Next time, you deal with the weirdo magical crap, and I'll stay behind and get there to help you out at last second, Kay?" He says sarcastically. Snape has a look of disbelief, how could such a young boy handle a large Toll, a Mountain Troll no less! He stays quiet and watches, the night only getting more normal, much to Griphyx's dismay.