Friendship is Chaos

by Vladimir

Chapter 2: Summer Sun Celebration Part 2....

I ran after Spike and Twilight, as I came through the libraries door, I saw the two looking around frantically.
"Elements or Harmony..Elements of Harmony. I can't find the Elements of Harmony anywhere!" Twilight exclaimed in immense frustration.
"And just what ARE the Elements of Harmony huh!? What are you, a spy!? And Disorder, why are you with this pony! Are you working for whoever that was!?" I recoiled slightly, scared of Rainbow Dash who thought I was recoiling because she blew my cover. "You ARE a spy! I even saw that mare drop that necklace onto your neck!!" Now that got everyone's attention right onto me. I through my arms up to protect myself, tears going down my cheeks. Applejack came to my rescue, grabbing Rainbow's foot and pulling her onto the floor. When the others looked back at me, they saw my wings and tail.
Fluttershy started to move towards me, but I flapped my wings, sending me back but also knocking everyone over. I brought my wings around me as a protective shield.
"P-please don't hurt me!!" I cried out. Fluttershy gently placed a hand on my Alicorn wing, which caused me to tremble.
"Shh you're okay now. Nopony is going to hurt you, okay Disorder?" She cooed to me like a mother would her child. I looked up at her with my strange eyes, they were still burning with tears as they ran down my face. I hugged her tightly and trembled in her arms, my face buried into her shoulder. "Hush now, it's okay Disorder, Rainbow Dash is sorry she scared you, she is just worried about the princess is all." She said to me kindly. She saw my necklace dangling and she too grew curious. "Is it alright if we see your necklace?" I nodded my head before sitting up, I grabbed the necklace, and we all looked at it.
The chain was a mix, one part of the chain was silver and the other part was gold. The chain was connected in the back by a hook and a loop, while the front had the same symbol on my shirt, he Yin-Yang symbol. I looked at the emblem, until I felt Fluttershy hug me softly. I looked up at her, she looked down at me and smiled.
"It's a beautiful necklace do you know why the mean mare gave it to you?" She asked me. The others stayed quiet to listen -much to Rainbow's dismay-.
"I...I saw her look at me, but, she looked ready to cry as she saw me. I saw her lip quiver, as if she wanted to tell me something. But...but I don't know what. Those guards jumped her before she could do or say anything. But, I think it's mine." I said to them as I pressed the emblem the symbol on my shirt, the others saw the similarities.
"Well anyway, no, I'm not a spy, so far neither is he. But his story seems to mean that he IS connected to Nightmare Moon, let alone the fact that he looks so..."
"Freakish?" Rainbow said in a peeved tone. I looked down at my feet and sighed. I walked passed everyone.
Or at least I tried to...
Applejack placed a hand on my shoulder, looking down at me. I looked up at her with hurt yes, she gave Rainbow a glare. Rainbow groaned, rolling her eyes,
"Sorry I called you a freak, Disorder. But c'mon! He looks so different than us! No other human even has a tail, wings or his hair and eye color!" She said to everyone. I rushed out of the library, the group followed me -while berating Rainbow for what she had said to and about me-. I ran faster as I headed towards the Everfree Forest. A lavender wall cut me off, as I turned around I could see Twilight's horn glowing. She and her friends stood there, looking at me. I stayed put and side.
"Now we need to calm down, we also need to find the Elements of Harmony. But I don't know where it I-" She was cut off by Pinkie Pie.
"Elements of Harmony: A Reference Guide!" She exclaimed holding out a book. Twilight gaped at Pinkie. "It was under 'E'." And with that, she came up to me and hugged me tightly. I blushed before hugging her back. Twilight skimmed through the book with mazing speed before she slammed it shut.
"There are six elements, Laugher, Kindness, Generosity, Honesty, Loyalty but the sixth element is unknown! It is said tat they were in the old castle of the pony sisters in the..." She stopped before looking at me. "Everfree Forest." She dropped her magic wall before moving to me, she placed a hand on my shoulders. "Sorry to have dragged you into this, Disorder." She said to me. I shrugged before smiling at her softly.
"S'okay, I would have followed you in there anyways. Besides, I know where that castle is! I've been there!" I chirped out to the group. Twilight's jaw dropped, staring at me. "What? I had nowhere to live at the time, so I lived there until the princess found me and took me with her to this town." They stared at me as if I had gained a second head. "What...?" I asked them innocently.
"You've been there and you never told anypony, no, you haven't told anypony you got adopted by the princess!?" Twilight gaped at me. I blinked before looking down.
"I wasn't adopted by anyone, and I had no friends at the time, so who would I have talked to?" I said to them, sorrow in my voice.
"Well yah do now sugar cube! Now git over 'ere and give me a hug, alright?" Applejack said to me. I hugged her tightly as she hugged me back tightly.
I felt something form in my heart. 'Is this friendship? What...what is this?' I questioned myself in my mind.
"Now c'mon y'all, lets get going after those Elements o Harmony!" She cheered after our hug. We all cheered back and headed into the forest. As we were walking, we had reached a cliff. Rainbow was talking about how no one ever came back out until the edge of the cliff collapsed beneath Aj, Twi and I. I slid down on my feet while Aj and Twi slid down on their backs. Twi was about to fall off th ledge until Aj grabbed her hand.
"What do I do!?" Twi screamed to Aj. Aj looked up as if thinking before she said something that shocked both of us.
"Let go."
"Are you CRAZY!?"
"No I ain't!" Aj sai to Twi. She continued. "You'll be fine, I promise." Twi nodded her head, closed her eyes and let go. She screamed as she fell until Fluttershy and Rainbow caught her and placed her onto her hooves gently. Aj began to fall until I grabbed her by the scruff of her shirt with my right hand, Pinkie with y left while Spike was holding Rarity. I felt the two of them bond. I smiled down at the four, the three of them blushed -Pinkie spouted something out about something, I wasn't paying attention-. When we reached the bottom, I placed the two of them down while Spike kept holding Rarity -not that either of them minded-.
"Woo-wee! If'n I knew you were that strong I would have had you on the farm months ago!" Aj said to me, causing me to blush.
"It was nothing. Just what I do for friends." I said to her with a smile. She smiled back before heading to the others. I followed her.
"Alright ponies, dragon and human, lets keep going!" Twi said. We continued walking down a dirt path in the full moons light being our sun at the moment. I heard bushed rustling and I moved in front of them, spreading my wings to their full length.
"Something is stalking us." I said to my friends. They stopped and listened carefully. Just as I was going to relax, a manticore bursts from the brush, roaring in what I could hear as agony. Fluttershy's ears swiveled slightly and I could tell she heard the same thing. The others besides us rushed the manticore, blasting spells and flames, even throwing random apples and...confetti?
"stop..." I heard Fluttershy whisper softly. The others kept attacking the creature merely pissing it off. I heard Fluttershy say it just a bit louder, but the others kept attacking.
"STOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!" Fluttershy yelled loudly. Everypony stopped as stared at Fluttershy as she cooed to the manticore softly before pulling out a thorn. It roared right in her face.
"FLUTTERSHY!!" They screamed her name until the manticore began to lick Fluttershy's face gently while purring.
"You're just a little kitty, aren't you?"
"Little?" Rainbow questioned. The manticore left the area quickly.
"How did you know there was a thorn?" Twi asked.
"I didn't. Sometimes we all need to be shown some kindness every once in a while." Shy answered. We continued to walk, however I was beginning to connect the dots. I figured that Aj is honesty and Shy is kindness, but that just left the others. We reached a lake where there was a blubbering sea serpent -say that one ten times fast...- with part of his mustache missing.
"Really? A mustache?" RD question before her and Aj rolled their eyes in annoyance.
"Why I can't let this crime against fabulosity go unpunished! I mean look at those gorgeous scales!" Rarity stated.
"Oh I know!"
"And your mane!"
"It's true!"
"It just does not look right without your fabulous mustache!"
"It's true! It's true!" The serpent cried out.
Rarity plucked a scale off of the serpents body, cutting off the hair from her tail before giving the serpent a new -kind of evenly matched- mustache.
"Rarity, your tail!" Twi stated.
"It's okay. It will grow back, besides, I heard short tails are all the rage!" She stated.
I then gained another bond forming, except it was towards the girls and Spike. I smiled softly when I realized that Rarity was generosity. The serpent made himself a bridge so that we could cross, however, out of corner of my eye, I could see him staring at me warily before leaving the area.
We were passing through trees with strange faces on them. The girls and Spike screamed, while I just stared at them like they had gone crazy. Then I heard Pinkie laughing. The girls asked why she was laughing. I heard music invade my ears as she began to sing about what she was told to do when she was but a filly. When she laughed a few faces vanished into puffs of pink smoke.
"Ha Ha Ha." She stated. The others gasped as they were catching on. I could not help but groan and go to face palm, that is, until the faces literally poof out of existence.
'Perhaps I should listen to Pinkie's advice from now on...' I said to myself in my head. She then went to talking about laughing at ghost's, soon the others started to laugh as well, the faces seemed to vanish completely. I giggled -yes, I giggle- at the scene before me as they rolled around in the grass. I clapped my hands causing them to look up at me. I blushed from how some of them were posed.
"Um, not to ruin your fun and all, but we kinda have to go..." I said to them with a deadpan look. They nodded before getting up to their feet -or hooves guess...?-. We continued to walk, but then I face palmed when I realized that Pinkie was laughter. We reached a broken bridge and Twi almost fell -again- before RD caught her.
"What is up with you falling off cliffs today?" She stated before flying over to fix he bridge. I could see ponies approach her, trying to stop her from stopping her from fixing the bridge. I went to stop her until Aj stopped me.
"Don't worry Disorder. She'll pull through, just have some faith in her, alright?" She said to me. I nodded my head before sitting on a tree stump away from the group. I saw RD arrive claiming that she would never leave her friends hanging. Another bond formed and I saw that RD was loyalty. I smiled and internally clapped my hands. I got o my feet and followed the girls into the castle.
As we entered we saw a stage of sorts, with sixe white stone orbs laying on the ground. I took a step foreword before the others. I smiled as I got near them, but was stopped by Nightmare Moon who appeared before me. She looked down at me with an icy glare, causing me to cower before her. But then I spotted my old bed, to which I walked over to and smiled as I rubbed it gently. Everyone -including Nightmare Moon- stared at me as my wings and tail form and I picked up a picture of a strange man in stone. Nightmare's eyes widened when she saw the picture before she growled.
I looked back at Nightmare Moon, my tail whipped down at the ground, creating a thunderous clapping sound. She stared at the picture, muttering a name, until her eyes widened, and looked directly at me.
"You don't know what you are, do you?" She asked. I sighed and shook my head. She laughed and knocked me aside with a kick. I fell into Twi who was trying to get a spark to ignite the elements, but was stopped when I was thrown into her. Nightmare appeared before us and teleported away from the group, taking the elements and us with her. When I came to, I aw that Twi was battling Nightmare, the two firing beams of magic at the other. Nightmare was winning. I grit my teeth and growled before standing up and I felt an odd sensation in my hands.
I inspected my hands and saw that they were glowing slightly. I looked at the two fighting and then did something foolish.
` "Hey Nightmare!" I yelled. She looked at me, but froze when she saw that my right hand was held out, my index finger and thumb in a snapping motion. "Freeze!" I snapped my fingers and she was then in a large block of ice. I looked at Twi and yelled at her to try to get the elements done. But the ice shattered with Nightmare roaring in anger. She stomped her left hoof, breaking the stones to pieces.
"Now nothing can stop me! My night shall last, forever!!!" She howled in laughter. I growled and snapped my fingers again, thinking of striking her with lightning. A thundercloud formed above her, and she was then struck by lightning. Nightmare yelped in slight pain, before she cast a scowl in my direction. "Now it is time to get rid of you, Draconequus!" She bellowed out at me. A scythe formed in her hand s she rushed me. I screamed and grabbed my necklace. The emblem glowed in a bright white light before it turned into a sheathed katana, the hilt was black and red, the guard had the Yin-Yang symbol. The sheath was sky blue while at the tip was gold.
I unsheathed the sword and bright neon sky blue flames formed all over my body and the sword itself. The blade was neon purple with an purple aura radiating off of it. I raised the sword in a guard stance just in time to catch Nightmare's scythe before it took off my head, however the blade of her scythe cut into my shoulder, causing me to scream out in pain before shoving her back with all my force. She flew across the room and slammed into the far wall.
I heard Aj calling for me and Twi that she an the others were on their way. When they arrived they saw my covered in flames and y left shoulder having a deep gash in it. I flapped my wings propelling myself to Nightmare, the two of us clashed weapons as we flew through the roof and clashed outside. Nightmare kicked me in the stomach sending me back through the roof, landing right in front of the others. I was gasping fro breath, I could taste blood in y mouth, my chest was cut, my shoulder bleeding profusely while my Alicorn wing had a hole through it.
"Disorder, are ya'll alright!?" Aj screamed to me. I panted and wheezed before slowly getting back up, I could see a spark in Twi's eyes as Nightmare landed back onto the stage.
"You think you can destroy the Elements of Harmony? Well you can't! Because the are right here!" She said pointing to the others.
"Applejack, who reassured me that I would be okay from the fall off the cliff, is the element of...Honesty!" Shattered pieces one of the orbs floated around Aj.
"Fluttershy, who helped a manticore with a thorn by will and kindness, is the element of...Kindness!" The same thing happened to Shy.
"Rarity, who gave up part of her tail for someone else without asking for anything else in return, is the element of....Generosity!" Rare had the same shards floating around her as well.
"Pinkie Pie, who showed how to laugh in the face of fear, is the element of....Laughter!" The shards floated around her as well, though oddly they seemed happy to do so.
"Rainbow Dash, who helped fix the bridge so we could cross, even when proposed something against it, and stayed loyal to her friends, is the element of...Loyalty!"
"But you don't have the sixth element, I can't be beat!" Nightmare laughed out.
"Wrong! For the sixth element is right here. I realized that I was the sixth element, once I realized that you were all my friends!" With that said, Twi gained a tiara, while the others gained necklace's, all items baring their cutie marks. They began to rise, a heavenly light forming around them, until the fell back onto the floor. "I don't understand, what happened!?" Twi yelled out.
"Foal, did you not know of the seventh element!? I still can't be beaten! The night, will. Last. FOREVER!!" She howled in laughter, showing her fangs, until I snapped my fingers casing a bucket of water to fall onto her head.
"Your wrong, because I am the seventh element, the element of...Chaos!" I yelled out. A bright light enveloped me as I had grown taller, and the same age as the girls were, I was as tall as Nightmare was, my wings larger, my tail longer and sharper at the tip, while my fight hand grew claws, my left hand stayed the same, I had a draconic horn coming out of the right side of y head, while I had an Alicorn horn coming out of my left. My left eye was the same, but my right eyes was green and yellow, the iris slit like a cats was. My sword had become longer, as did it's sheath, the guard now looked like a mini solar system, as it slowly turned, while my hair had become longer and swayed in an ethereal wind.
I looked at Nightmare before I raised my sword above my head, rainbow flames circled my blade as I grabbed it with my other hand. The girls all began to rise, before we both sent out a beam and a jet of rainbow flames at Nightmare.
"Noo!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!" Nightmare screamed out was all I could hear before collapsing.
As I floated around the pitch blackness, I saw Nightmare standing before me with a smile on her face. She hugged me gently as she rubbed my back softly.
"If you ever need me, I will be here for you, Disorder." She said before gently kissing the top of my head. When I looked up at her, I saw that her eyes held tears in them. She gently touched my face, before she began to leave towards a moon. As I began to return tot he waking world, I looked around the room before I saw that my body was still changed, and that Nightmare's body had also changed. She looked younger, but also different. Nightmare's helmet lay in pieces. The girl began to wake up, as she looked up at me, she froze, as if terrified of me.
I winced when I saw that my shoulder was still injured, but then I saw that my necklace had returned to normal, my sword gone. I took a weakened step towards the girl, until I heard a heavenly voice from behind me.
"It's good to see you again, Princess Luna." I heard Princess Celestia say. I turned around and looked at her, she smiled at me like a mother would their child. "And you too, Disorder." Princess Luna gaped at us until Princess Celestia kneeled down to the younger princess who shied away in fear. I kneeled down and offered her my hand, she blushed, but took it gently, I helped her to her feet, much to Princess Celestia's enjoyment. "Will you accept my friendship, little sister?" She asked. Twilight and her friends yelled out 'little!?', showing that they were awake.
Princess Luna nodded her head as she sobbed into her sister's chest. "Yes big sister yes! I missed you so much!" She yelled out through tears.
"I missed you too, Luna." Celestia said as her eyes started to tear up. I smiled and gently wrapped my arms and wins around them both, giving them a big hug. The two of them looked at me, Luna in surprise, and Celestia in joy. I smiled at the two, until I winced, grabbing my now throbbing shoulder in pain. I was forced to kneel down, hissing in pain. My sight began to darken, as my ears began to ring. As I fell onto my back, I could hear Celestia telling everyone to help her get me to a hospital.
I woke from the sound of machine's beeping, and constantly whispering. I opened my eyes, and while scanning the room, I saw that I was in a bed.
"Oh, it's good to see you are finally awake! My name is Nurse Red Heart." I nodded my head to her. She asked me mundane questions which I answered with mundane answers. After an hour and a half, she left the room, and everyone walked in, all with happy smiles on their faces. I smiled back, and hey began to explain to me what happened. It was going to take a while...