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The two Potters and the Three Princesses - Vladimir

A story that retains to the Harry Potter Universe, as well as MLP, an my own Imagination. MLP is owned by Hasbro, Harry Potter is owned by J.K. Rowling, OC's are my own. Inspired by "The Wizard and the Lonely Princess" - Harry Leferts

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Chapter 5

The group had began to descend towards an alleyway. The princesses made a triangle formation around the two Potter brothers. Griphyx felt a chill run up his spine as he moved closer to Nightmare and Luna. The two felt the same chill and moved close o him, but kept the triangle formation as well. Celestia looked around the dark alleyway, curious a to why her sisters and Griphyx were acting this way, she looked towards Harry who shrugged slightly, but soon stopped once Hagrid did.

"Alright boys, here we are!" He exclaimed loudly. The brothers looked at him confused until he tapped three bricks on a wall, said wall parted into two different directions and there was a second alleyway filled with people. On store shelves ere cages of animals, on others there were what looked like dragon parts, that had made Griphyx whimper loudly, drawing attention to him from the others, he stared at the dragon bones, claws teeth, and scales, whimpering like a lost puppy. The two night princesses had draped wings over his shoulders, but h kept whimpering and began to shudder. His eyes grew misty until Harry placed a hand over his eyes, he was shuddering as if in fear and his body was hot. Hagrid placed a hand on Griphyx's forehead gently, concern on his features.

"Something wrong Griphyx? You just started whimpering and shuddering for no reason." Griphyx did not respond but kept shuddering, his hands were trembling, then rattling was heard. Hagrid looked towards where the dragon parts were, and saw they were trembling as well, but soon there was a flash of light and there was nothing more than an ash white, and bright neon green wand with curved pointed tip going upwards. Hagrid looked back at Griphyx, who had calmed down, but was also eerily calm, even his breathing seemed to be nonexistent.

"The wand chooses it's wielder, seems this particular one chose a new master." An old man behind a counter said. Harry looked at the man confused. He had just witnessed a wand create itself from his brothers whimpering, what was wrong with this man? "That wand was taken apart by a very powerful spell from a late and powerful wizard. Said it would rebuild itself when it finally found it's rightful owner. Seems it finally has, that wand had been in parts for over sixty years now. That now belongs to you, and you alone, Mr. Potter." The man said with a calm voice, yet he did not touch the wand.

Griphyx strode up to the wan and picked it up by it's neon green hilt, it was roughly around two feet long, rater long compared to most wands, it was sharp at the tip, much like a tooth, claw, or scale of a dragon, the color reminded him of the bones he aw, while the neon green reminded him of a sword hilt, which was half a foot all on it's own, it looked like a dagger of sorts, somewhat anyways. As Griphyx held the wand, it trembled as if happy to be held by him, Harry, Hagrid, and the princesses stared at Griphyx as the light in the room dimmed down to the point where only a few candles were lit, and made a circle around Griphyx. The man behind the counter watched silently, his eyes seem to brighten some as Griphyx smiled softly, his strange eyes filled with light that was missing from before, as if it was finally restored to him. Soon the other candles flickered back on in an instant and Griphyx held what looked like a neon green sheath to a dagger, but the others soon noticed it was meant for the wand, rather odd and spooky in a way.

"Griphyx are you alright? You were acting kind of....odd for a second there after that little show." Harry asked. The princesses nodded their heads in agreement. Griphyx looked at the four before shrugging. Soon after Harry found a black an red wand, it was apparently the same kind as the one which killed their parents. In his wand was a Phoenix feather and it resembled Griphyx's, ever so slightly that is. The brothers got their wands and the group headed out to gain more materials, which consisted on books, quills, papers -scrolls for a few items-, and pets. Harry had gotten a white black spotted Snow Owl, while Griphyx had gotten a black Great Horned Owl with white spots on it, both owls eyes seemed to be the same yellow color. The group had headed all over this new alleyway and saw sights they found interesting. After a few days of staying at an inn -and practicing magic, which they were going better at, however Griphyx's and soon had a right sickly neon green around his wand and hand, which grew darker when he used just his hand, and if he poured more magic into his hand(s), the aura turned black and dark green, which was odd and looked rather creepy. Where as Harry was dealing with the same problem, but when he poured more magic into his hand or want, it turned to bright white and red. The princesses decided to halt the lessons for a while, the two brothers agreed completely, and were soon headed towards a train station.

However on the way they had met with a paled skinned blonde haired boy who looked their age, but Griphyx picked up a strange scent on him, he made a quiet growl in the boys direction.

"What's wrong Griphyx? Is he not good?" Harry had learned to trust his brother whenever he growled. It usually meant that said object, or being was going to be a problem in the future. The boy looked in their directions and smirked, making his was over to them. Griphyx turned his head away, the three princesses grew confused.

"Hello, what might you two be doing here hm?" The boy asked with a snobbishly irritating voice that reminded the princesses of Blueblood. "Oh, where are my manners, your names are?" The boy questioned them again, still slightly snobbish.

"None of your bucking business" Growled Griphyx, which made the boy jump slightly. "Now go away, you reek of lies and darkness..." He continued.

"Do you know who y father is!? I am a Malfoy! Draco Malfoy! You will show me respect 'less you know what's good for you!" Malfoy growled out. Griphyx growled back, only it sounded more like an animal's growl than a human's.

"No I don't know who you are, none of us do. Nor do we care, now leave us alone." He ordered with grit teeth. Harry and the princesses were getting worried, Griphyx never snapped at anyone unless there was a reason, which worried them even more. Malfoy scowled and looked at Harry.

"Better keep your freak under lock and chain, or something might happen to him." He said which only made the others grow enraged. Nightmare and Luna had agreed to give him nightmares for a week if they ever saw him again.

Harry pointed his wand at Malfoy. "Is that a threat?" Harry growled out, his aura visible to Griphyx and the princesses, however Malfoy did not seem to notice. Malfoy's eyes widened slightly until he growled, and began to move away.

"We will meet again." And with that, the little twit vanished in the sea of people.

"Are you okay Griph?" Harry asked concerned. The princesses expressed their concerns as well. Gripyx nodded his head slightly, feeling fine.

"Yes, I am feeling fine, and I am okay brother, Celestia, Nightmare, Luna. I will remain fine. Besides I was ready to bring my own wand out." He said calmly. Harry nodded his head, and headed to some sort of bank with goblins, gold, and other things with Hagrid. Soon they had reached a train station and passed through a magical brick wall that none magical humans could use or even see. They boarded the train and had gotten into a train car with a brunette haired girl and a red head boy.

"Hello, my name is Hermione Granger. And this-" She motioned to the boy. "Is Ronald Weesley. And who might you two be?" Hermione questioned innocently. Harry leaned and ear close to Griphyx, who gave a soft purring sound. It was weird, whenever Griphyx purred it meant that someone was trustworthy and a good person. This however did not go unnoticed by the two across from them.

"Something wrong?" Ron asked. Griphyx looked directly at Ron and purred once more, his eyes slit slightly. Hermione and Ron jumped, taken aback from Griphyx's eyes.

"My name is Griphyx Potter. And you both passed the test." He stated with a gentle smile, to which his wand seemed to glow all on it's own. Hermione and Ron blinked a few times until they looked at Harry and Griphyx, but their eyes soon set upon the princesses. Their eyes widened and when the princesses noticed that they were being stared at, Nightmare and Luna moved close to Griphyx, while Celestia moved closer to Harry. Soon Griphyx's eyes narrowed as he began to growl. "You can see them now. How? Was it my wand?" Griphyx questioned as he took it out of it's strange box/sheath.

"It could have been Griphyx, remember, magic can sometimes be random and not always accounted for." Stated Luna. Ron and Hermione went even more wide eyed when she spoke. She looked at the two with a raised eye brow. "You two never seen a Goddess before? Weird." She said nonchalantly.

"Goddess? And did you say Potter? Never mind that, but who and what are they?" Queried Hermione. Ron stared at the three goddesses.

"Allow me to explain. I am Celestia, Goddess of the sun, my sisters Luna and Nightmare Moon are the goddesses of the night and dreams." Celestia said, pointing a hoof at the other two alicorns. The two nodded. Ron and Hermione seemed rather surprised that there wee goddesses, let alone the fact that they were with Griphyx and the other boy.

"Anyways, we are the guardians of Harry Potter-" She patted Harry's shoulder gently with a hoof to prove her point. "-And Griphyx Potter. We protect them from harm and are their best of friends. However since You two are capable of seeing us, then that means we can trust you both to not mention us to other humans?" Celestia asked. Ron and Hermione nodded their heads and began to ask the princesses questions. The train ride was filled with laughs, and questions, however Griphyx and Harry enjoyed the fact that their best friends, guardians, and mentors were gaining new friends.

"Do you three know any magic?" Hermione asked. The princesses and Potter brothers froze at that and looked at each other with paled faces.

"Um, yes we do, why do you ask?" Celestia asked, nervousness in her voice. Hermione and Ron looked from the princesses and the Potter brothers before something clicked in their minds.

"Are you accepting anymore students?" They asked at the same time. The princesses looked at each other before looking at the Potter brothers. Griphyx and Harry nodded their heads.

"Yes, I suppose we could, however, we will need to show you the basics I suppose." Celestia answered. Nightmare and Luna had wrapped their wings around Griphyx's shoulders tightly. "But it will need to be in your dreams, where we will be able to practice. Let alone the fact their will be breaks, as well as you three learning at this, 'Hogwarts' school, understood?" Hermione and Ron nodded their heads. Griphyx sighed, he was beginning to grow annoyed of all the talking, and he needed to rest. His eyes were hurting, and his magic reserves had dropped rather low. The princesses noticed this, and let him sleep. The rest of the trip was filled with whispers, and what Harry, Griphyx and the princesses did when the two brothers were little. Things were getting interesting, and were going to continue to do so.

Author's Note:

Well, here's chapter 5. Hopefully it's better than the rest, and yes, other characters will be able to see the princesses, but very few. Anyways, see you all later!

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