Dragon's Reign

by Vladimir

The Wedding Part 3

I shot the head off of a black feathered griffin, it's body slumped onto it's ally who was soon slaughtered by Aqua. My Elite Guard had managed to take out thirteen groups of enemies, Gilda was proving herself useful to us, grabbing a griffin I threw him towards Boulder, who cleaved the unlucky bastard in half. Sapphire was appearing and ten vanishing in the blink of an eye, decimating another group, however there were more than I had anticipated.
"Destroy! Protect Equestria! Release!!" I saw thirteen pillars of light rise into he air, the fourteenth light soon rose with the rest, all of them different colors, however each showing their own power. Boulder was now wielding a cleaver, his body had grown bulkier, his tail more like a club. The others up to Felicia were the same, then the similarities ended. Felicia slashed at griffins with her claws, Nightmare wielded a double pointed green staff, Claw (Number Five) had multiple arms and tails, his tails acted like spears, while his four arms carried a scythe in each hand. Abyss's right hand was a lance itself, sending scolding hot water at the targets.
Emerald was taller than the rest, she had tentacles flinging griffins around like they were nothing but dolls, while her axe had grown and serrated on each blade. Sapphire's shield was now like a boomerang, however it was spiked around the ridges, and number one, Flare, her spear would be thrown, an would explode on impact, however it was materialized back into her hand in a bright red light. Soon I saw Discord soaring through the air, his sword out, sending Solar Flares down onto the Griffins, I saw Shinning Amor with his Elite Guards killing enemy griffins if they had not given up already.
Perhaps I was wrong about the Equestrian Royal Guard..." I said to myself in a whisper. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw griffin was making it's way towards Flame and Luna. I growled until it was suddenly cleaved in half by a changeling, it's eyes red. It looked at me and nodded before more changelings entered the fray. I could not be more happier.
"I have a feeling you are happy?" I turned to see Chrysalis standing there, leaning against a wall with a smile on her face. Nodding my head, a grin grew onto my face.
"Very happy." I was getting ready t leave, until she kissed me on the lips softly, looking into my eyes, I could see something, was it concern?
"Be careful, I may be a new mate for you, but changelings become very attached to their mates. More so for the kings and queens." I nodded my head, before inclining it towards Luna and Flame.
"Keep them safe alright? And I know you can, your power is pretty strong." I told her. She nodded. With that, I leapt into he air, my wings and tail formed, my sword drawn in my draconic hand, my new pistol on my human hand. Soaring into combat, Discord had shot off a black an red beam destroying building -thank goodness we had every pony in the castle- and decimating the griffins ranks. I landed in he battle field, sending shockwaves all over the ground, gust's of wind blew the griffins into the air, they stabilized however and decided to shoot bolts at me. Quicker than lightning I had shot all the bolts and crossbows to bits, the griffins stared at me with slack jaws, some were fleeing, only to be exterminated by Felicia when she shot out a blue beam from her hand. I swung my sword down, sending out a Crescent Moon, destroying a group of brawler griffins to their doom. Jumping into the air, I began to spin, a tornado began to form, but that was nothing, what I did next sent fear through the griffins, I slashed my sword in an arch motion, the tornado split into two, and were heading right for them.
"Looks like you are getting stronger Nova. Good, lets hope we don't destroy Canterot though, like we did those fields all those weeks ago." Discord said from beside me. He and I had become the leaders of the power houses, his Elite Guard were members of the Hive -and still are, just a different sector of it- and had been changed. He turned to the left and then grinned like a maniac. "Oh this is fun! Shame those ponies and changelings died though..." He growled at the end. Even he was angered by the killings. An explosion sounded off behind us, a castle spire had collapsed. Discord and my eyes grew wide when we saw Chrysalis, Celestia, Luna and Flame being surrounded by griffins, the three diarchy had rings around their horns. The two of us broke the sound barrier, flying directly at the griffin enemies, but then, time seemed to stop for me, when I saw Flame trying to protect the others, and getting stabbed through the chest, just past her heart. Discord saw y look, and he flew faster, trying to get away.
'No...no...no...' I thought to myself. My speed increased, and my teeth grit. I shattered a second barrier just in time for the griffins to look up. Their smug grins turned into gapes of fear and despair. I ripped the head off of a griffin like it was paper, my pistol in it's holster, my sword sheathed. I stomped the head of a second griffin covering the floor in gore. The other griffins were paralyzed. They had had apparently never seen something like me, pissed off to no end.
"You will...DIE..." I hissed out, the griffin holding Flame dropped her, as he threw the knife with her blood on it at me. I slapped the knife, sending it right back at the griffin, impaling it into his head. I appeared in front of the last two griffins, impaling my hands into their chests, I raised my head quickly, cutting the griffins in half from the chest up. Blood sprayed everywhere, covering me in it, not that I gave a damn. Looking at Flame, my hands trembled as I kneeled down, rubbing her cheek gently as she panted trying to stay awake.
"Stay with m baby! You can do this! Just focus on me alright?" I told her. She nodded her head, staring at me, wile Chrysalis started to heal her. I could see her wounds healing and her breathing started to become calm. I rose to my feet, turning around and walking away.
"where are you going, Nova?" Discord asked me. I looked at him from the corner of my eye.
"I am ending this invasion." My tone serious and cold and even leveled. Discord nodded his head nervously, before heading over to Flame to try and help. Cadance soon arrived on the scene helping heal Flame. I spread my wings as my power began to rise, the wind kicked up, and all of my Elite Guards appeared behind me, holding Shinning Armor and his Elite who were holding Twilight and her friends. Rainbow saw Flame who was slowly being healed, and kneeled by her side.
"What will you do Nova? Kill most of them or something?" Fluttershy squeaked out. I looked her strait in the eye as my true aura began to leak out, my eyes cold, they were slit like a dragons, their colors were black, yellow, and green, rings forming around the slit in a light purple slowly turning darker.
"I'm going to decimate them, destroy them..." I told her, before side stepping into the middle of the battle field. I opened my mouth, a purple sphere in my mouth, and then I let out a destructive beam, going throughout their ranks.

=================Luna's Perspective================

I stared at the battlefield, a purple beam of light moving about in a circle. I could see griffins trying to flee, only to be caught by a changeling and decapitated, or to see an enraged Sapphire and Nightmare literally tearing them in half. I held Flame's right hand, while Chrysalis held her left. Looking into Chrysalis's eyes, I could see she care deeply for Flame, Nova, and...me? Yes, she was caring abut me. I smiled at her, she smiled back. Flame's wound soon closed, and she lay there in our laps, fully healed.
"Daddy is mad...he is mad that we were attacked." She said, looking up at us. Cadance rubbed Flame's cheek gently, and to her surprise, she nuzzled her hand gently back. "Aunty Cadance you look pretty." She complimented. Cadance smiled down at her, rubbing Flame's cheek gently.
"Thank you Flame." She looked at Shinning Armor, who was holding a distraught Twilight. "What's wrong with Twilight, Shiny?" I heard Cadance asked. I then heard Shinning sigh sadly.
"She thinks killing is wrong, but, it is necessary in a situation like this. She believes that everything can be solved with talking things out first. But she needs to understand that talking things out, can't always solve problems." He said softly, rubbing Twilights back gently. I sighed sadly nodding my head. I soon heard what sounded like a thunder clap. Looking up, I saw that he battle was over, and that Nova was before me, he was normal once again. I smiled up at him, and he smiled at me, as well as Flame and Chrysalis. The three of us hugged him tightly, happy to see he was alright, however, most of Canterlot was a smoking rubble, however, buildings can be rebuild, but lives could not. Sadly changeling and pony live were taken today, on such a grand momentous occasion.

=============Nova's Perspective===================

After I ended the hug, I heard Celestia sigh sadly.
"The wedding will need to be rescheduled until Canterlot and the castle have been rebuilt, I am sorry Cadance." Cadance nodded sadly. However, I soon clasped Cadance's shoulder gently.
"I know were the two of you can marry." I waved a hand at a crystal wall, said wall parted reveling a secret passage way. "In my hive, we can hold it, seeing how it is essentially a secondary castle, however it will be strange for ponies and changelings to walk into it at first." I explained to everyone. Celestia looked at me incredulously.
"There is a castle underneath Canterlot?" She asked. I smirked and nodded.
"Oh yes, and it was tunneled into the crystals, possibly twice the size of this one, however there are no more crystals, except for the barriers and den's." I said loudly and calmly. Celestia nodded her head before gesturing me to lead the way. We walked down the crystal stairs for around roughly twenty minutes until we had reached he bottom and I heard everypony gasp, and awe. I stared at my castle in all it's glory, made out of the crystals it was born from, the cavern was around eighteen miles wide and twenty miles deep.
"This is your castle!?" Chirped out Pinkie Pie. I nodded my head with a smirk.
"It sure is, took a while to build, but as you can see, it's rather nice. I had it made to resemble Canterlot's castle, inside and out." I explained to the group. We made out way towards the castle, that would soon house the wedding, and if possibly, replace Canterlot's old one.
Hours had passed as everything was being set up. Soon Shinning Armor and Princess Cadance were married, and the after party began. I danced with my mates, and out of the corner of my eye, I could see Spike talking to Felicia, Nightmare and Emerald. Felicia and Emerald giggled at his jokes, while Nightmare smiled softly. I nodded my head before looking at my two wonderful mates in y arms. They are wearing dresses that hug their amazing figures. Chrysalis's mane was in an Asian styled bun, while Luna's was laying across her shoulders, slowly and gently moving in a non-existent breeze.
Shinning and Cadance got into a carriage and left towards a Crystal summer home, and I smiled happily however, I had caught the bookie and blushed when Chrysalis and Luna giggled, each holding onto an arm kissing my cheeks gently. I held the two of them close. One everyone was in their respected rooms, I had taken the two of them to my room. It was Spartan in general, nothing much was in it, not that I needed much. Luna and Chrysalis had changed into rather sexy pajama's, while I stayed in my bower. We cuddled up against each other, sleep finally taking us. Little did we know that something big was coming, something that non of us were expecting.