• Published 20th Feb 2014
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Friendship is Chaos - Vladimir

In a word where some humans are in the world of Equstria. A boy with a destiny to ave the world, or, drive it into chaos. Disorder must now choose a side, to be good, or evil. Oc's are my own, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by the

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Applebuck Season and Break Ins....

Author's Note:

Here be chapter 4! Sorry it's s short!

It had been two weeks since the princesses had visited. It had also been a week after my passing out at the library, apparently I had gained more magical power than I knew what to do with, so my body took the price by needing to shut down slightly and 'consume or dispel' of it. When I had been told this after waking up, I decided o practice, I am now able to summon things from others places, but I can't control all of my magic yet. The next week eventful, I had started to go out with Aj, Twi and Luna who were even more interested in me, I with them, Celestia was still a mystery, she liked me, I her, but, something was causing her to not ask me, which was fine, I don't want to pressure her into anything. I had listened to some human music and watched human's television shows, my favorite shows are what they call 'Anime'. So awesome! The music is a different story so far, my favorite song is "Psycho - by Puddle Of Mudd". They are pretty awesome if you ask me! I even managed to get a human laptop, cd-player, even a flat screen TV and game console! I usually had an empty house, but ever since I started going out with Luna, Aj and Twi, things seemed to be livelier.

I heard rapping on my front door causing me to turn off my TV and go to answer it. As I got closer to it, I heard some rustling and metal clanking. I froze, looking at my door, I then heard Blacky's voice from the other side of the thing.

"Careful with that thing! It took weeks to make that for our friend." I heard him sneer the 'friend' part out. I jumped back from my door, I had a custom made scythe made for me. It's pole was pitch black, the bottom was like a golden spear, while the blade was two different colors, the outside was midnight black while the center was like a curved triangle shimmering dull silver. I kept it at my side, waiting for the ponies to break in. But they never did. As I lowered my guard, the tip of the scythes blade tapped the hardwood floor, and then all hell broke loose. The door was bashed in by Blacky's war-hammer, as a caramel creamed colored earth pony wielding a strait sword rushed at me. I spun my scythe, blocking the ponies attack, but also parrying him as he stumbled back. A charcoal grey Pegasus pony dived at me, I did the same to him as I did to his buddy. He stopped mid attack, as my scythe kept spinning, he could hear the air being cut by the blade. He scowled before he soon smirked. He rose just as Backy's war-hammer passed from underneath him.

My eyes widened as the hammer got closer. I went to block, but I was sent back into a wall, Blacky rushed me, swinging his hammer down at me, but I shoulder rolled to my right going passed him, his two buddies came at me with knives and swords. I hissed in pain as the Pegasus pony cut my shoulder. I back flipped away from the three of them. I got in a guarding stance, thankful that I had a psychic link to every pony, I called for help.

"Luna!" I called for her.

"What's wrong Disorder? Has something come up?" She asked me as I blocked the earth ponies sword and kicking the Pegasus pony away.

"I'm being attacked in my home by an earth pony, Pegasus pony and ponyville's black smith!" I blocked more attacks while trying to keep the psychic link up.

"I'll be there with a handful of guards, just hold on alright?" She asked as yelled out in pain as the earth ponies sword was stabbed in my left shoulder. "DISORDER- !" Was all I could hear before the pain cut off the psychic link between us. I kicked the earth pony away as hard as I could, I heard cracks coming from his chest, meaning I broke some of his ribs. I grabbed the blade of the sword, and pulling it out, splattered blood all over the floor.

"It looks like you are in bit of pain lad. Why do you have a smack!" Blacky said as he rammed the hammer into my chest, knocking me further back into my house. Hitting a mirror on the far wall, I gasped for breath. "Tsk tsk, look at you, breaking a mirror? such bad luck you have now!" He growled as he stomped on my hand with a hoof. I screamed in pain until his kicked me in the jaw. I spit out blood before giving him a death glare. He laughed at me in my face. I growled up at him, until he grabbed e by my throat and lifted me into the air. He smirked like he just won something. "Now look at you, bleeding and you have a broken hand, sucks to be you right now huh?" He question. His smirk vanished when he heard the guards burst through the door and knocked him to the ground, releasing me. I gasped as Luna rushed in next and knelt beside me. Blacky stared at me in horror as I hugged Luna gently, a thought clicking in his mind. "Your he one that's dating her!?" He looked like he was about ready to piss himself.

"Indeed he is. As thou had said to him, 'Sucks to be you right now, huh?'" She growled at Blacky with grit teeth, I could see hatred in her yes for the distasteful stallion. He whimpered as she started towards him, but she stopped when I grabbed her hand gently.

"He isn't worth your time, let Celestia deal with his punishment." I said to her, still gasping for breath. Luna nodded her head sighing before she ordered the guards to take the three to the Canterlot dungeons. She stayed behind with me as I snapped my fingers on my good hand fixing the house and my hand as well.

"Never get tired of that" Luna said to me. I laughed and nodded my head slightly before wincing from my shoulder. Luna tapped a finger on it gently, I watched as her magic healed it. I thanked her before I became tired. "Would it be possible for us to stay here for the night?" Luna asked me. I nodded my head, too tired to answer. I got to my bed and passed out, unaware that Luna was playing games.

I woke up later that afternoon hearing ponies screaming out as if they were horrified by something. I headed outside and locked my front door. Looking around, I saw baby bunnies hopping around with Shy trying to stop them softly. I snapped my fingers as they were placed in a en of sorts causing ponies to watch hem hop around, nibbling on the flowers. They 'Awwed' as I headed towards Aj's farm. When I got there, I saw that most of the orchard was cleared but saw that the other half wasn't yet. I also saw Aj pass out in front of Big Mac and Twi. I rushed to them as quickly as I could, forgetting I could teleport -because of magic!-.

Aj! Aj! Are you alight!" I called to her. She looked up at me with pleading eyes.

"Please...Help me with the orchard." She whispered out. I nodded, noticing that Twi had an incredulous look on her face. Looks like I missed and adventure today, oh well. I snapped my fingers as the apples fell into the barrels beneath heir trees. There were more trees I didn't get, so I left them for the others to get to while I stayed by Aj's side, making sure she was fine. Big Mac silently glared at me -he doesn't like me all that much...-.

After every pony was finished with the orchard, Aj had set up a table and brought us glasses of lemonade for us to drink as we talked about our days, they all reacted with gasps hen they heard what had happened to me last night, but I reassured them that everything was fine..

"I'm sorry for being a little stubborn." We gave her a deadpan stare. "Okay, a might stubborn. But now Ah know tha' Ah can count on ya'll to help me out with the orchards when Ah need it, right?" She half asked and half told us. We nodded and said we would help her out wen she needed it, as long as she accepted it.

"Hey look! Muffins!" I heard Spike say.

"NO!" Every pony screamed. Spike and I stayed silent as the girls laughed at some sort of inside joke until I remembered Al made those 'baked bads'. I snapped my fingers and all those that were sick, were cured. The rest of the day was spent with the girls and Spike at my place, listening to music, unaware that what I set in motion, would cause many problems, but would also have many good things come as well.

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