The two Potters and the Three Princesses

by Vladimir

First published

A story that retains to the Harry Potter Universe, as well as MLP, an my own Imagination. MLP is owned by Hasbro, Harry Potter is owned by J.K. Rowling, OC's are my own. Inspired by "The Wizard and the Lonely Princess" - Harry Leferts

Griphyx, and Harry Potter, the last of the Potter family are lonely and want friends. In Equestria, Priness Celestia, Goddess of the Sun, Princess Luna, Goddess of the moon, and Nightmare Moon, all wish to have friends whom accept hem for them. As they make their wishes, they come true. Somewhere in the darkness, something stirs and it's up to our heroes, and friends they will make along the way, to stop it.

Chapter 3, and 4 have been edited.
Will undergo "improvement" so expect there to be posts of same chapters, as I have decided to "re-do" the story, even IF it is just remaking the Chapters but it will have a "Prologue".

Chapter: Prologue

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Normal speak


Magical speak


The air is cool and the wind is soft as it rasps against the houses on Privet Drive in London, England. At the head of the street stands a tall figure that wears what looks to be strange robes and even a pointy hat. The figure is an old man with a long white beard that goes down the front of his chest before stopping near his stomach. His half moon glasses glint slightly in the light as his eyes hold a sense of wonder for one so old in their age.

The man reaches into his sleeve and pulls out what looks like a lighter and clicks it. The streetlamps begin to flicker off as orb after orb of light flies into the "lighter". As the last lamp dies out, the man clicks the device once more and conceals it into his sleeve once more. He takes a step forward down the now darkened rode slowly as if taking his time as if waiting for someone to arrive with a package, or two.

The old man walks up towards a white painted house with a Cheshire cat sitting perched on a brick wall as it mewls towards him. The man gains a soft smile.

"It is good to see you, Minerva." The man states. The cat looks to be pouting before walking along the house however, from the light of the moon the cat's shadow is shown to be turning into what looks to be a woman. Said woman looks old and slightly decrepit, but still holds a sense of still being "young" than many would think was possible. She wears a strange dress that looks befitting of a Professor of some sort with a hat with a silvery feather in it. The old woman looks towards the man with a pouting look.

"How did it was me, Albus?" Minerva asks. The man chuckles lightly.

"I have never seen a cat sit so stiffly before in my life." He says calmly as well as merrily. Minerva huffs lightly.

"You try not being stiff when sitting on a brick wall all day long." She states. Albus looks at the woman in surprise. His eyes seem to hold a curious twinkle in them.

"All day?" He asks. Minerva nods her head slightly. "Were you waiting for me to arrive during the day? Or were you anxious to see the two?" He asks.

"I was hoping that it would have been done earlier, but, seeing as to how these muggles(Non-Magical's) kept walking about." She says calmly before gaining a thoughtful look and a sheepish smiles (as sheepish as the woman could get from how strict she looks). "Though, I do believe I was a bit anxious." She states. Albus nods his head.

"I completely understand." He says. Minerva looks around before raising a brow.

"Where are they?" She asks. Albus' eye-twinkle becomes brighter.

"I am having Hagrid bring them here." He says softly. Minerva gains an aghast look.

"Him?" She asks incredulously. Albus nods his head.

"Indeed. It seems that he had become attached to Harry and was having problems with letting go." Albus says lightly.

"What of his brother? Did he even get a name?" Minerva asks. Albus sighs.

"He has no name as Lilly and James had been attacked before he could even be named." He informs the old woman.

"Then what are we to call him? And is Hagrid not attached to him like he is to Harry?" She asks. Albus holds a confused look in his eye.

"To that, I am unsure of, but, perhaps it has something to do with his eye." He says.

"His eyes?" Minerva asks in confusion.

"He has those kind of eyes. Meaning he isn't James', yet, he is Lilly's." Albus informs.

"She has a Half-Blood child? Then who is the father?" She asks. Albus sighs and shakes his head.

"I wish I new, but, I do not know. Perhaps, in time, we will learn of him." He says calmly. The sound of a motor revving is hear and the two turn to see a large man riding a motorcycle with a side-car attached to it lands before them. The large man has long thick black hair and beard. He wears a brown leather trench coat and pants along with large brown boots that sits against the pedals.

He rises off of the machine and stands to 8' 12" with rounded black goggles over his eyes which are fogged up for some reason. As the man takes the goggles off up onto his forehead they now see why they had been fogged up. The man's eyes were teary and puffy as well as red. His nose and cheeks are rosy red as if he had ran out of oxygen every so often(possibly true). Albus smiles at the man.

"Hello, Hagrid. I trust the two are safe?" He asks. Hagrid nods before he seems to pale slightly. Minerva and Albus notice this immediately.

"Is something wrong?" Minerva asks. Hagrid nods his head as he picks up and hands a boy to her.

"This one has a horn as well as what looks like a marking on his little back." He states. Minerva undoes the strange orange and purple colored blanket to reveal as small baby boy. His skin is far too pale to be normal and true to Hagrid's word, there is indeed a horn coming from the left side of his head. When she turn the boy over slightly to reveal his back(which she notes is even more pale) does have a strange symbol that looks to be like a seal of some sort, yet, non of it shows any human magic towards it.

She rolls the blanket back up around the baby only to stop and stare in his eyes which lay open. She notes that his eyes are stranger than the Half-Blood's of the past she has had the pleasure of meeting. While he has the slit pupils, his iris' are two different colors though. His right eye is bright red with a tint of orange and purple, while his left is bright forest green and resembles a cat's eye. He looks at her as if studying her before his eyes close and his snores are hard to be known at he is resting once again.

She places the boy back into the basket next to his brother. Harry Potter. Hagrid picks the basket up and places it before the door of a house with the number "4" on it. He sniffs slightly before walking back to his bike and after a few words being exchanged between Albus and himself(Minerva being pre-occupied on staring at the boy she was just hold) before they are stopped by a voice.

"Griphyx. We'll name him Griphyx."

"Hm?" Albus asks. Minerva looks at the old man.

"We are naming him Griphyx. Any problems with it?" She asks. Hagrid shakes his head and Abus gains a small smile.

"It's a good sounding name. Griphyx. Yes." He states before vanishing with a *pop* and Hagrid leaves with a soft *vroom*. Minerva looks towards the two boy's and pulls out a stick and waves it above the basket. A name plate forms saying "Harry and Griphyx Potter". She nods her head before knocking on the door, returning to her cat form and running away before she to leaves with a *pop*.

The door opens to reveal what looks to be a dying horse with a perm. She gasps and brings the basket into her home and slams the door shut and locking it.


5 years later. . .

A large whale of a man holds two boys by their arms as their faces are covered in bruises and even a few cuts and scrapes. The man's face is bright white with anger and is panting from his pure rage. Behind him is a pig of a boy who is nursing his broken nose and a few broken fingers while the dying horse of a woman wails in fear unsure of what to do.

"I have had it up to here with your freakishness! No dinner, breakfast or lunch for a week! And I expect you both to have your chores done before any of us wake up! Understand!?" The man bellows in rage as he throws two boys into a small cupboard just large enough for them to share. The whale slams the door shut and locks it in place with a heavy duty lock and chain before storming(or was it stomping from the sound of it) off towards what the two believed to be the crying child.

The oldest boy(only by a few hours) wearing rounded glasses is quick to move to the younger boys side(his younger brother and holds him gently. The boy in question is pale beyond belief if you were to tell anyone. He looks like skin and bones yet he has obvious muscle as he had shattered the pig-boy's nose and snapped his fingers on his left hand like twigs. A cut is in the side of his right cheek which is slowly healing as quick as it can.

On the left side of his head is a horn that has what looks to be part of a shell of some sort that protects part of the left side of his head. He has strange mascara markings(even though they have no makeup) that makes faint tear-line like markings that start below his eyes before stopping above his cheeks(even though said markings are incredibly thin but still noticeable), his hair is just as strange as the rest of himself, as it is darker than the blackest of nights yet the tips are bleach white. His breathing is shallow and few. His chest barely rises and he sounds to be wheezing.

The boy with the glasses has tear eyes as the warm salty water moves down his cheeks an drips onto the younger boys face making his closed eyes twitch slightly. He peers down at his younger brother who managed to save him from their uncle Vernon's wrath and took most of the damage. While his younger brother has amazing healing capabilities, he also knows that right now, said ability isn't going to do much.

"Come on Griphyx...come on!" He whimpers out. "Don't die on me! Please!" He begs his younger brother. Said boy twitches slightly and the older boy feels a cold hand press up against his cheek lightly.

"Don't worry...Harry...I won't" Says the weak voice of a child. Harry looks down and see's Griphyx looking up at him with his green eye open and a gentle(yet pained) smile on his lips.

"Oh Griphyx..." Harry whimpers out as he holds his little brother closer to himself. Griphyx stares up at Harry and even though a smile is gracing his lips his eye holds no emotion whatsoever as it seems to belong to something not completely human. Harry whimpers as he holds Griphyx closer to himself.

"I wish we had some friends...I wish we could be treated right by others..." Harry whimpers out. Griphyx's eye narrows slightly in slight sadness before it closes and he drifts off to sleep. Minutes later Harry falls to his slumber as well. However, the power of a child wishes are so powerful that they can come true. Harry's wish is about to be fulfilled whether or not he realizes I yet.



The world of Equestria sits in darkness as Celestia and Luna run around in trying to figure out where their older sister Nightmare Moon had gone. The moon that sits high in the sky but it seems to be dull compared than usual. The night itself is overwhelmingly hot when Nightmare refuses to actually control her abilities as the Goddess of the Night. Celestia and Luna reach up with a lavender colored Alicorn mare with a purple mane and tail with a single red stripe going through each.

Twilight Sparkle.

The protégé of Celestia; Goddess of the Sun and Day.

Twilight Sparkle had just been made into an Alicorn Goddess not even a few hundred years ago as she is now in charge of the stars while helping with the night.

"Twilight!" Celestia exclaims. "Have you found our sister!?" She begs.

"No, but I can help with this!" Twilight says with determination.

"How?" Asks Luna.

"Remember when Nightmare had asked me to help a few decades back?" Twilight asks. The two nod their heads lightly. "Well she had given me some of her power to control the night if, for whatever reason, she wasn't around." Twilight informs them. Celestia nods her head slightly.

"I see. But that doesn't help in finding her!" She exclaims. Twilight gains a sheepish look.

"Um...actually...I think she had said she would be looking into the dream scape..." Twilight informs them. Luna's left eye twitches.

"And you forgot to tell us this, why!?" She bellows.

"It uh...slipped my mind? He he?" She says. Luna sighs in aggravation before face-hoofing repeatedly chanting the word 'stupid!'. Celestia sighs with relief.

"Oh good. But, why was she headed there?" She asks. Twilight shrugs.

"She said she had wanted to look at those "hoo-man" dreams again. Something about them kept her interest for quite some time apparently." Twilight informs them. Celestia nods.

"That is true. I wonder how they are doing, anyways?" She asks no one in particular. The thought is stopped as the entire castle starts to shake and tremble by someone's most impressive furry as a portal opens and the three Alicorn's rush towards Nightmare Moon's room. As they reach the ajar door, however, they are greeted by the sight of two small human males both injured(though they note the younger one is in a near death like state while the older is simply cut up slightly around his cheeks).

"I wish we had some friends...I wish we could be treated right by others..." Says the older child as the portal seems to grow larger and begins to suck the air around it in. However, what shocks them is who is creating the portal.

It is their older sister; Nightmare Moon.

Nightmare sits before the portal as her horn glows brighter and brighter as the portal keeps growing larger and larger. Celestia notes the tears rushing down her cheeks and feels a bit of sympathy towards her older sister. Celestia moves closer to her sister before she hears Nightmare mumbling something.

"I'll be your friend..." She states.

Celestia stands stock still. Did her older sister just say she would be these human's friends? How curious. She sits next to Nightmare and her own horn glows brightly as the portal grows and becomes more stable.

"I'll be their friend as well." She says with a soft motherly smile. Nightmare sends her a happy yet annoyed glare in acceptance. Luna sits on the other side of Nightmare being the youngest of the three and ignites her own horn to life. The portal becomes stock still and completely stable. Nightmare rises to her hooves and looks towards Twilight who is now being accompanied by Cadence and Discord.

"Make sure the would isn't destroyed before we return." She says. Discord smirks.

"Don't think we won't visit you every so often, Moony." He teases. Nightmare giggles darkly.

"I know. But be sure to not be noticed by these humans unless told to. Understand?" Nightmare orders. Discord nods and bows mockingly.

"Of course, Queen Nightmare Moon." He states before looking at the sky. "I'll be in charge while you three are gone. I'll handle raising the sun and Twilight can raises the moon in stars as well as the night. Cadence can do the paper work." The Draconequus states before looking back at the three Alicorn's. "We'll miss you three. But, you all need a vacation." He laughs out before a comical boot the size of a tree kicks the three through the portal.

"DAMN YOU DISCOOOOOOO- *POP*" Was the last sound they had heard. Twilight gives Discord a flat look.

"You do realize Queen Nightmare is going to kill you...right?" She asks.

"Totally worth it." He grins.



Harry and Griphyx had just fallen to sleep into a swirling vortex of energy formed above their heads and three horses with horns and wings landed atop of them. Harry gives out a startled cry while Griphyx lay on the floor with his left green slit eye stares at the three beings in surprise and interest but doesn't show it. The white one groans.

"Oh, Luna, Nightmare?" She calls out. The voice sounds female.



Two more female voices sound off as well. Griphyx's eye looks towards the three of them as he notes the white one has a tattoo of an orange and yellow sun on her flanks. The blue one has that of a white crescent moon over black cloud like splotches. And finally the black one has an eerie blue crescent moon over purple cloud like splotches. Griphyx notes that their manes and tails are moving in a never ending ethereal breeze and look to be twice(save the black one who is thrice) the size of them, yet they weigh nothing.

"How curious..." Griphyx rasps out. The black horse looks at him with wide eyes.

"You...You can see us?" She gasps.

"Yeah, we both can." Harry states as he rubs his head in pain. Celestia is currently sitting in his lap and blushes slightly before hopping off of him.

"Sorry." She says.

"It's fine." Harry says with shrug. He looks around and notes that they are on the...moon? "How...?" He asks in awe.

"We entered into your dream world, however, we are actually laying on you two in the physical world." Nightmare informs the two of them.

"Who are you though?" Harry asks.

"My name is Princess Celestia, Goddess of the Sun." Celestia says.

"I am Princess Luna, Goddess of the Moon." Luna introduces herself.

"I am Queen Nightmare Moon, Queen of Darkness, Goddess of the Night and Dreams." Nightmare states.

Interesting.... Griphyx thinks.

'Scary...' Harry thinks.

Nightmare looks towards the two with a ghost of a smile while Luna nuzzles Harry gently(as does Celestia) with a smile on her face. Nightmare looks towards Griphyx and tilts her head.

"What is your names?" She asks as friendly as possible.

"H-Harry P-P-Potter!" Harry stutters out. Griphyx remains calm.

"Griphyx Potter." He states. Nightmare nods her head.

"Alright. She says before nuzzling Griphyx gently.

"Do you um...wanna play something?" He asks. Luna nods rapidly and the two chase after each other. Celestia giggles before looking at Griphyx.

"Why aren't you playing?" She asks. Griphyx gives her a side glance.

"Why would I need to "play"?" He asks.

"It helps make friends." She says. Griphyx closes his eyes slightly before smirking and running after the two in their heated game of "tag". Nightmare smiles as Celestia goes and joins them, soon, Nightmare herself is playing with the four of them a gleeful smile on their faces.

Chapter 3

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The next morning the brothers awoke to not the sounds of their 'family', but the nuzzling of the Princesses. Harry hugged Celestia's neck, and pulled himself closer o her, feeling much more comfortable with her warmth. Griphyx smiled at Luna and Nightmare as they laid their heads n his shoulders and wrapped him in their hooves. Last night on the moon in their dreams, Harry had learned to create a sphere of light which could be used as a light source. It was also capable of being used as a weapon and Griphyx learned how to change his right arm into a shadowy claw. It was capable of stretching around twelve feet and gain more mass the longer he stays in the dark.

"Griphyx" nightmare started and continued when he nodded, "I was wondering why it is that your eyes seem so much like mine?". Griphyx simply shrugged, he had no idea why or how his eyes looked like they did. She mulled over his answer t her for a few moments, then nodded and patted his head gently with one of her hooves. She smiled when he gently grabbed it and rubbed the top of it with a thumb. Luna smiled at Griphyx, he then looked at her and smiled back until a loud thud resounded from upstairs. He sighed and pulled his clothes on, though his right sleeve was pulled up above his elbow as he walked out of the cupboard, and headed into the kitchen where Dudley walked down the stairs and stared at Griphyx, whom stared back.

Dudley went to the living room, muttering 'freak...' under his breath, Griphyx sighed, and grabbing the bridge of his nose, shook his head from side to side in annoyance. Harry soon came out of the cupboard followed by Celestia, Luna, and then Nightmare. Griphyx yawned and opened the refrigerator, and pulled out the bacon and eggs, while Harry put the bread in the toaster and started the coffee. A few moments later Vernon and Petunia had walked down the stairs and were seated at the table, both ignoring the two brothers. After everything was done, Harry placed his aunt's and uncle's breakfasts on the table, and headed outside. Once outside though Griphyx handed Harry a piece of toast, while he himself ate another. The two brothers and the Princesses went to the park yet again, but this time, the bothers sat on what they called 'swings'.

"Do you think they noticed you take those pieces of toast?", Harry asked his brother, concern entering his voice. Griphyx smiled and shook his head, as he looked up to see Luna looking down at him, he reached a hand up, and poked her nose gently, which caused her to jolt her head back, and blink a few times, before giggling while he laughed. Harry started to swing and a few moments later, so did Griphyx. Nightmare laid on the ground, and watched he two, Luna and Celestia sitting on the top of the 'castle' ding the same as her, the three of them keeping watch for any sign of danger. Griphyx yawned loudly and jumped off the swing set and landed on his a few feet away, he placed his hands in his pockets and tilted his head up looking at the dark cloudy skies, but then an idea came to him.

Griphyx walked over to Nightmare, and as she looked up at him, he playfully bopped her on the snout. "Tag, your it!", to which he the ran away from her, Harry looked at Nightmare, a smile on his face. Nightmare shrugged and gave chase, she found it was harder than it looked trying to catch up to Griphyx. She then had a plan, and smirked deviously, she hovered, and then rose into the air, once she spotted Griphyx she dived at him, and then tapped his shoulder with a hoof.

"It would appear that you are it child.", Nightmare stated. Griphyx had a wide grin on his face and then hugged her around the neck gently, she was taken by surprise at first from the sudden contact, but soon wrapped a foreleg around him in a half hug, mentally growling at herself for showing weakness. Celestia, Luna and Harry laughed loudly. Nightmare let go of Griphyx and looked down at him. "We should head back to the house, we might be needed by your dreaded....'family'." she snarled the last part out. Griphyx nodded, and began to walk back towards the house, the others soon followed. As the group was close to the house, an elderly woman had came into view, smiling at the brothers.

"My, it's good to see you two boys again, have you both been playing?", the elderly woman asked. Griphyx nodded happily while Harry answered with a, 'Yes ma'am'. "Good! You boys stay out of trouble alright?", she said. The brothers nodded their heads and went into their home, not noticing the saddened look on the woman's face as she went along her way. Harry sat in the living room with Griphyx sitting in the loveseat. The Princesses looked about the room, then static entered it, and all th+ree heads looked towards Griphyx as he had turned on the machine called the 'Radio'.

"So what are we gonna do tonight?", Harry asked the Princesses. Celestia stated that they were going to work on their magic again, and also explore the moon. Harry had a large grin on his face from that news, he had gotten so excited that he jumped a little bit on the couch, but after a disapproving stare from Celestia, he stopped, but kept grinning. Griphyx closed his eyes to let them rest, and laid his hands on Nightmare's and Luna's necks gently, they closed their eyes as well while Celestia and Harry kept talking about what it was like in Equestria, needless to say, Celestia was more than happy to tell him. Later on in the day the Dursley's came home, Vernon and Petunia started on dinner, while Dudley went to the restroom to wash up. Harry and Griphyx by this time, were in their little 'room', waiting for dinner. Their cupboard door was hit to signify for them to open up and get their food, they did, and went to the patio table to eat from their odd 'family' who were being taunted by Luna, not that they could see her anyways.

Later that night the Princesses laid down in the cupboard first, and tolled the brothers to rest their heads on their sides, they shrugged and did so, however, Nightmare was awake after the others drifted to sleep, as she filled Vernon's, Petunia's, and Dudley's dreams with nightmares for the whole night, none of them would treat their Harry and Griphyx in any ill way, especially Griphyx. Soon after her task was done, she too drifted to slumber.

Griphyx opened his eyes, and looked around, he saw that in Harry's left hand, was a white flame, similar to Griphyx's -as he had named it- Shadow Limb. He looked towards the two night Princesses, as they instructed him to bring out his Shadow Arm. "Now Griphyx, I want you use your Shadow Arm and pick up that rock.", Luna state, while pointing a hoof at a nearby moon rock, roughly the size of a shoe. Griphyx nodded, he concentrated, and his right arm shafted it's form into a clawed shadowy one, the shadow's started from his finger tips forming claws, all the was up to his shoulder and a black flame like cloth flapped in an ethereal wind behind him. He looked at the rock, reared his arm back, then trusted it forward, his arm stretched and his hand grabbed the rock, his arm retracted and there was the rock, in the palm of his hand. Nightmare and Luna clapped their hooves together, Luna smiling, and Nightmare grinning. Griphyx smiled, he looked down at the rock, a curious look crossed his face, as he squeezed the rock on his hand, the sound of the rock cracking, and then nothing, as he opened his hand, and tilted it tot he side, pebbles fell at his feet.

"Interesting...So you're physical strength is also increased as well as the fact you can't be hurt on that arm. Very interesting indeed....", Nightmare stated with a rather large grin that showed her sharp fangs. Luna nodded in agreement, and began to teach Griphyx how to form the shadows around him into shields and sphere's, similar to Harry's teachings, but specifically meant for battle, seeing how Griphyx was more of a protector than a starter of fights, or at last tried not to be. As the three took a break, they watched as Harry's heft hand glowed in a holy white light, lighting everything around them up, and all felt at peace. The rest of the night was filled with more training, and breaks to which the five of them played 'Tag'.


A few years passed after their training with their Light and Shadow Arm's, and the brothers had become older, they were the same ages of nine, though Harry was older by a minute. During the times from when they were younger, the Princesses had remained by their sides, teaching them, playing with them and just being there for them. Dudley, Vernon and Petunia on the other hand, managed to get many good night's of rest, but mostly nightmares. It was around the time of Christmas.

"Merry Christmas Harry, Merry Christmas Griphyx!", Celestia cheered out, Christmas being her favorite human holiday, much like Equstria's 'Hearth's Warming Eve'. Halloween being Nightmare's and Luna's favorite holiday, much like their 'Nightmare Night'.

"Merry Christmas Celestia, Luna, Nightmare, Harry", Griphyx said to the group, they all sounded a cheer of delight and began to drink eggnog. Another thing that the brothers had found out was that they could give some magi tot he Princesses so they could eat or drink, not that they really needed to, but it made the two more comfortable, even if it did cause them some stress, but nothing too bad. Harry was leaning against Celestia, the two had a bond and stayed close to each other.

The same could be said for Nightmare and Luna, the tree of them stuck together most of the time eve when they were training, though in a whole, the entire group had a massive bond to each other, neither of them really leaving the other unless needed to. Griphyx stood up, and went into the closet of the brother's 'new' room -it was really Dudley's old room, but it didn't matter to them- and pulled his clothes on. He still wore grey jeans, boots, but his shirt was now silver, and his red coat with blue draconic wings on he back. Harry looked at his younger brother, who had become a foot taller than him, Harry was around 4' 2", where as Griphyx was around 4' 5", Griphyx was at eye level of Celestia, and Nightmare. Harry rose and put his golden shirt on, followed by his blue coat with the bright red angelic wings on the back.

The two brothers went downstairs and out the front door, and down the street. The Princesses followed the two from the air, the group soon got to a tree house which they had built, Nightmare called it their lair/nest. Over the years the Princesses had been teaching them magic, not very much sense they didn't really have catalyst's that worked besides their hands, and even then there was he chance of the spells not working. Griphyx hopped down from their 'lair' and helped Harry down next. After everyone was on the ground the group made their way back to the house, where the Dursley's were having their supper. Harry's, and Griphyx's food was on the counter, and the two took it outside to the patio, and ate while talking to he Princesses about their magical and school lessons, and about their future lessons, but had they known what was to soon come, they might had been more prepared.

Chapter 4

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Griphyx and Harry were sitting on the sofa sipping from a can of soda, with Luna and Nightmare sleeping away near the heater, they had grown to love it, the two brothers never really got an answer as to why, however. They listened to the radio while Celestia was laying next to Harry, leaning her head on his shoulder while he rubbed the side of her neck gently. Griphyx had his eyes closed listening to the soft gentle snores from Nightmare and Luna as well as the soft music from the radio. Out of nowhere a loud thud from the front door jolted them out of their stupors, all five heads directed towards said door. Griphyx rose and strode towards the door, Luna just behind him, Nightmare and Celestia making a circle around Harry like a pair of guards. Once Griphyx reached the door, he looked through the peep hole only to see no one there, he opened it slightly ad looked left, then right and yet still found no one. He closed the door and shrugged, he took a step ad the sound o crumpling paper met his ears, he looked down and saw he was stepping on what looked like a tan envelope.

He bent down and picked it up, he looked at Luna who shrugged and the pair walked back into the living room and plopped onto he couch, Harry noticed the envelope, "Who's it from Griph?", he asked curious as to who had been sending them mail. The Princesses each looked at each other with curious glances, all wondering who would know the two of them. "I'm not Harry, lets find out.", stated Griphyx. He opened the envelope, and pulled out a letter, confused as to who it was from, I did not say, however it was addressed towards the two brothers, Griphyx stared at the letter, his hands shaking slightly. "What's wrong Griph-", Harry stopped and looked at the letter it stated where they were living, full names, address, and stating something about a 'Magic School', etc. Griphyx refolded the letter and placed it on the coffee table and closed his eyes, his hands slightly shaking.

"Who would know where the two of you live? And why would the send you a letter?", asked Nightmare who was intrigued. Celestia draped a wing over Harry's shoulders as she tried to calm him down, it worked. Harry shook his head, "I-I don't know, but they must know us, but...who the hay knows us!? We only have you three that are our who?", he questioned. Luna and Nightmare shrugged and lay next to Griphyx, both draping a wing over him as he calmed down. The group sat and wondered who exactly these people were and how they knew the two brothers. Hours passed and finally the Dursley's had came home and Vernon was first t enter, he bore a smile on his face, until he noticed the torn envelope and letter laying on the coffee table, his face turned red wit rage and bellowed "BOYS! ROOM NOW!!!" and the two brothers went to their rooms after being shoved up the stairs. Nightmare growled ad muttered under her breath about giving Vernon terrifying nightmares tonight.

As the bothers lay on their beds, Celestia still pondering about the letter, she went to speak but Luna beat her to it, "Maybe if we keep the letter more will come? And maybe we will finally see this person who dropped it off in the first place?" she somewhat asked and somewhat stated to the group. "But Uncle Vernon has the letter now and I can smell smoke, so he must be burning it. We'll just have to wait for another if anything else does come." Griphyx stated. The Princesses nodded and Harry grunted out, "But what if he keeps getting them, and if we hide one he might go looking for it and go through our things.". The other four grunted in annoyance at how true of a statement it was, after the 'prank' Dudley did with Vernon's car keys and mentioned how Griphyx and Harry 'stole the keys and hid them in their room', they were still looking for both of their socks after Vernon's rampage. The potters grumbled from the memory of the experience.

As they all began to drift to sleep Griphyx shivered and curled into a ball before letting sleep take hold of him. Heopened his eyes to see Celestia and Harry chasing each other, Luna and Nightmare talking to each other about something though, he didn't want to interrupt them, so he went to his brother and Celestia. "Mind if I play?", he asked. Harry nodded and poked Griphyx's chest and runs one way while Celestia runs the other. Griphyx smiles happily, but shivers slight to which he shrugs it off and chases are Harry first. Griphyx kept chasing Harry, however he soon lost where he was. There was one thing that Harry was better at than Griphyx and it was hiding. Griphyx smirked and jumped into the air and hovered there -due to them being in the dream realm and could fly if they wanted to-, looking around until he spotted Harry hiding in a crater, he silently floated down behind Harry and placed a hand on his shoulder. "BOO!", was all he said, and Harry shrieked loudly and jumped. Luna, Celestia an Nightmare appeared in front of them in a flash of light, looking around frantically until their eyes met the brother's eyes, the princesses sighed contently, knowing that the two were safe, but then grew curious.

"Why did Harry shriek exactly? I thought you three were playing tag, not playing, "Lets scare the Princesses".", Nightmare grumbled. "I-I was looking around for Harry and I spotted him here, so I uh...scared him?", Griphyx stated with a small smile on his face. The Princesses face-hooved and groaned, but then Griphyx poked Celestia's cheek gently with a finger. "Tag, you're it!", and after saying that Griphyx bolted, followed by Harry, the two brothers laughing merrily. Nightmare and Luna looked at Celestia before Nightmare teleported away and Luna blinked, shrugged and followed Nightmare. Celestia giggled and chased after the boys, catching them easily and poking their backs gently. The rest of the night was nothing but playing games and every once in a while would purposely playfully tackle Nightmare and hug her for no reason other than to annoy her.

When morning came the brothers rose from their lumber got dressed and then went to school. The same old routine they did everyday besides the weekend. When school ended the bothers rushed away from said school and managed to get to the house with no problems. They noticed that no one was home, so after doing the chores (cleaning the house, dishes, etc.) that they were given, they decided to take a nap upstairs in their room.

The brothers awoke to Vernon yelling for hem to get down the stairs immediately. The two quickly got dressed and rushed down the stairs, though at the bottom step Griphyx tripped and landed on the tiled floor face first. "...ow", as all he muttered before standing up and rubbing his nose gently. The boys looked towards their uncle and noticed that he was holding another tan envelope and his face red in rage -yet again-. "WHO IS SENDING THESE BLASTED THINGS!?", he shouted at the two who shrugged, not really sure who it was either. "I knew you two would have been nothing but trouble...ggggrrrr..", Vernon growled in annoyance and anger. As he was muttering something under his breath something unexpected happened, letters flew out form he mail-slot at the door, the windows and then down through the chimney. The aunt, uncle, cousin, Princesses and the Potters brothers stood where they were, until Vernon growled and yelled, "WE ARE MOVING!! NOW!!". The brothers looked at each other and then glanced at the Princesses, the each had a worry in their eyes.

Dudley's eyes showed a sense of fear to them, and he tried to 'cam' his father down, not that it would have worked from how angry Vernon was anyways. "But daddy-!"

Dudley was cut off by a furious Vernon. "NO! MOVE AND PAC YOUR THINGS! WE ARE LEAVING NOW!", he then stormed off, Harry and Griphyx already in their room.


The Dursley's, Potter brothers and the Princesses arrived at a house on what over looked a cliff, rain bearing down on them as the winds howled. They made it inside, the brothers went to the musty couch and laid a large green blanket over it, wile the Dudley's took the three beds. The Princesses draped their wings over the two brothers and got comfortable, for it was going to be a long night. The group never went to sleep however, since the storm was still raging outside and the noise was frightening to the still young brothers, however, Griphyx kept putting on a brave face for Harry even though he too was shaken up from all the noises outside. The Princesses would try and have the boy's attention on them instead of the storm that was raging outside like a dragon who just had it's hoard taken and was searching for it.

"When do you think the storm will end Luna?", Harry asked curiously. The night Princess shrugged an shook her head. "I don't know harry, it might not even end tonight. For all we know it could all on for a few days...", Luna solemnly stated. Harry sighed sadly and leaned against Celestia who nuzzled him gently saying that everything will be alright and that nothing will hurt him, nor Griphyx. Harry smiled at that and stayed close to her while Griphyx lay his head on Luna's side, Nightmare decided to try something an used her magic to become smaller, she then hopped into Grphyx's lap curling up as he rubbed her back gently. Nightmare smiled and nuzzled his hand gently. The group took comfort in each other's presence and after a while, rested their eyes.

A loud thud on the door woke everybody up, all heads directed to said door, as something heavy was smashing into it. Vernon rose and got his shotgun he moved towards the door and yelled, "GO AWAY! -" another thud from the door "- I AM ARMED!". The door then fell tot he floor off it's hinges, and there stood a rather tall man wearing a brown trench coat, boots, pants, on his face were goggles and a black beard and was holding an umbrella.

"Sorry 'bout that!", the man said as he picked up the door and placed it back where it belonged. He then looked at the two brothers, and smiled. "Harry! and Griphyx too! Good to see you boys again!". The boys looked at each other confused as to who this man was and how he had known them. They turned their attention back to the tall man, inquisitive looks on their faces. Celestia stood up to the mans chin -save for her horn which made her the same height as him.

"Excuse me sir, but how do you know us? When we don't know who you are at all?", questioned Griphyx. The man looked at the boy and smiled. However behind the man stood Nightmare, her eyes in a piercing icy glare.

"Why I be the one who placed you two with the Dursley's under the orders of headmaster Dumbledore of course." Nightmare scowled at the man and her horn started to glow a dark blue color. Griphyx side stepped the man and got in front of Nightmare causing her to stop what she was going to do. He looked up at the man, his eyes held a questioning gazing them.

"So why are you here then? Is it about that school from the letter?" the man was taken aback by this. He placed his umbrella hook on his forearm, and raised an eyebrow.

"I thought the letters weren't getting to you boys, let alone I was tolled to be wary, for something peculiar. Though I have seen nothing yet." Nightmare walked past the man who shivered when one of her feathers brushed against his hand. He looked around. "Did it just get colder in her?" The Potters and Princesses stopped and looked at the man. Nightmare couldn't believe it, she was capable of touching this man's hand with a feather, yet to ever other human -except for Harry and Griphyx- she could do nothing but walk through them.

"No, not really sir, but if I may ask, what is your name? And as for the letters, they came but we didn't know who was sending them, so we waited for someone to come to us, rather than to go to them." Harry questioned. "And as for the letters, they came but we didn't know who was sending them, so we waited for someone to come to us, rather than to go to them." He stated. The tall man nodded with a soft smile on his face, however out of the corner of his eye he could have sworn he saw something moving in the direction of Nightmare.

"Names Hagrid at your service! And you both seem rather smart to come up with something like that." The Princesses rolled their eyes, often times people would be surprised as to how smart and logical the two brothers could be at times. Harry nodded while Griphyx was grumbling quietly so only Luna who had been standing next to him could hear. "Now then, I'm here to bring you two to the school, to learn more about magic!" The boys quirked an eyebrow and took glances at the Princesses who nodded their heads. Celestia thought of this situation in their favor, meaning that the brothers would be capable of learning to control their magic better as well as gaining more knowledge. Hagrid looked down at the boys expressions and nodded, he sat down on the couch and looked at the two at eye levels, the boys moved back a bot no sure hat to expect this tall ma was going to do. "You two don't know what yah are do yah?" The boys shook their heads, Hagrid groaned in annoyance. "So the muggles didn't tell yah. Your both wizards boys. Though I do have a question and it is for you Griphyx."

"Okay...?" Griphyx said, not sure hot to respond to the man without sounded like a jerk. Hagrid looked Griphyx in the eyes and pursed his lips, thinking how to word his question without making Grihyx feel down casted.

"Why are your eyes the way they are? I never got an answer from anyone when they tolled me that the were different." Grphyx groaned slightly, he had always hated being asked that question. Even now he has no idea why his eyes are strange, though now thinking back, he felt kind of glad he was different than the others, made him feel special even if he was teased and picked on a lot.

"Sorry Hagrid, but I have no clue, I have always been made fun of because of my eyes and how strange they are. And I have never found out why either to be honest with you." Hagrid nodded his head in understanding. He placed a small box onto the couch and out of the corner of his eye noticed how something kept moving and vanishing. He looked back at the boys with a smile.

"Here you two go" The boys looked at the box, Harry took a step forward and opened it. Inside the box was a cake with pink frosting. The two brothers looked back at Hagrid who kept smiling. "Well go on and eat it, not like it will run off or anything." The two shrugged at each other not sure what was going to happen next. However, they stopped and looked back at Hagrid.

"Why exactly do we have a cake?" Griphyx questioned. Hagrid chuckled until he saw the looks on the boys faces, he stopped.

"Why it is for your birthday of course!" Hagrid said with a smile. Griphyx and Harry nodded and looked back down, only to find the cake was missing. The Princesses looked and saw Dudley eating the cake, Nightmare growled. Hagrid looked over and saw this, he stood u and pointed the umbrella at Dudley. "Now that ain't yours!" and a blue bolt shot Dudley in the rear, where pigs tail grew. Vernon and Petunia started shrieking to turn their 'baby boy' back to normal. "Why? He already acts like a pig now, why not give him a tail?"

"I am starting to like him" Nightmare stated to Griphyx, who nodded in agreement. Hagrid walked outside with the two brothers and three princesses following him.

"Alright, lets get going, we don't want to be late getting your supplies now do we?" Hagrid stated. He walked over to a motorcycle with side car to it. The brothers sat together, and the machine did something no one of the were expecting. It took to the skies. The princesses followed and the rest for the trip was filled with silence.

Chapter 5

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The group had began to descend towards an alleyway. The princesses made a triangle formation around the two Potter brothers. Griphyx felt a chill run up his spine as he moved closer to Nightmare and Luna. The two felt the same chill and moved close o him, but kept the triangle formation as well. Celestia looked around the dark alleyway, curious a to why her sisters and Griphyx were acting this way, she looked towards Harry who shrugged slightly, but soon stopped once Hagrid did.

"Alright boys, here we are!" He exclaimed loudly. The brothers looked at him confused until he tapped three bricks on a wall, said wall parted into two different directions and there was a second alleyway filled with people. On store shelves ere cages of animals, on others there were what looked like dragon parts, that had made Griphyx whimper loudly, drawing attention to him from the others, he stared at the dragon bones, claws teeth, and scales, whimpering like a lost puppy. The two night princesses had draped wings over his shoulders, but h kept whimpering and began to shudder. His eyes grew misty until Harry placed a hand over his eyes, he was shuddering as if in fear and his body was hot. Hagrid placed a hand on Griphyx's forehead gently, concern on his features.

"Something wrong Griphyx? You just started whimpering and shuddering for no reason." Griphyx did not respond but kept shuddering, his hands were trembling, then rattling was heard. Hagrid looked towards where the dragon parts were, and saw they were trembling as well, but soon there was a flash of light and there was nothing more than an ash white, and bright neon green wand with curved pointed tip going upwards. Hagrid looked back at Griphyx, who had calmed down, but was also eerily calm, even his breathing seemed to be nonexistent.

"The wand chooses it's wielder, seems this particular one chose a new master." An old man behind a counter said. Harry looked at the man confused. He had just witnessed a wand create itself from his brothers whimpering, what was wrong with this man? "That wand was taken apart by a very powerful spell from a late and powerful wizard. Said it would rebuild itself when it finally found it's rightful owner. Seems it finally has, that wand had been in parts for over sixty years now. That now belongs to you, and you alone, Mr. Potter." The man said with a calm voice, yet he did not touch the wand.

Griphyx strode up to the wan and picked it up by it's neon green hilt, it was roughly around two feet long, rater long compared to most wands, it was sharp at the tip, much like a tooth, claw, or scale of a dragon, the color reminded him of the bones he aw, while the neon green reminded him of a sword hilt, which was half a foot all on it's own, it looked like a dagger of sorts, somewhat anyways. As Griphyx held the wand, it trembled as if happy to be held by him, Harry, Hagrid, and the princesses stared at Griphyx as the light in the room dimmed down to the point where only a few candles were lit, and made a circle around Griphyx. The man behind the counter watched silently, his eyes seem to brighten some as Griphyx smiled softly, his strange eyes filled with light that was missing from before, as if it was finally restored to him. Soon the other candles flickered back on in an instant and Griphyx held what looked like a neon green sheath to a dagger, but the others soon noticed it was meant for the wand, rather odd and spooky in a way.

"Griphyx are you alright? You were acting kind of....odd for a second there after that little show." Harry asked. The princesses nodded their heads in agreement. Griphyx looked at the four before shrugging. Soon after Harry found a black an red wand, it was apparently the same kind as the one which killed their parents. In his wand was a Phoenix feather and it resembled Griphyx's, ever so slightly that is. The brothers got their wands and the group headed out to gain more materials, which consisted on books, quills, papers -scrolls for a few items-, and pets. Harry had gotten a white black spotted Snow Owl, while Griphyx had gotten a black Great Horned Owl with white spots on it, both owls eyes seemed to be the same yellow color. The group had headed all over this new alleyway and saw sights they found interesting. After a few days of staying at an inn -and practicing magic, which they were going better at, however Griphyx's and soon had a right sickly neon green around his wand and hand, which grew darker when he used just his hand, and if he poured more magic into his hand(s), the aura turned black and dark green, which was odd and looked rather creepy. Where as Harry was dealing with the same problem, but when he poured more magic into his hand or want, it turned to bright white and red. The princesses decided to halt the lessons for a while, the two brothers agreed completely, and were soon headed towards a train station.

However on the way they had met with a paled skinned blonde haired boy who looked their age, but Griphyx picked up a strange scent on him, he made a quiet growl in the boys direction.

"What's wrong Griphyx? Is he not good?" Harry had learned to trust his brother whenever he growled. It usually meant that said object, or being was going to be a problem in the future. The boy looked in their directions and smirked, making his was over to them. Griphyx turned his head away, the three princesses grew confused.

"Hello, what might you two be doing here hm?" The boy asked with a snobbishly irritating voice that reminded the princesses of Blueblood. "Oh, where are my manners, your names are?" The boy questioned them again, still slightly snobbish.

"None of your bucking business" Growled Griphyx, which made the boy jump slightly. "Now go away, you reek of lies and darkness..." He continued.

"Do you know who y father is!? I am a Malfoy! Draco Malfoy! You will show me respect 'less you know what's good for you!" Malfoy growled out. Griphyx growled back, only it sounded more like an animal's growl than a human's.

"No I don't know who you are, none of us do. Nor do we care, now leave us alone." He ordered with grit teeth. Harry and the princesses were getting worried, Griphyx never snapped at anyone unless there was a reason, which worried them even more. Malfoy scowled and looked at Harry.

"Better keep your freak under lock and chain, or something might happen to him." He said which only made the others grow enraged. Nightmare and Luna had agreed to give him nightmares for a week if they ever saw him again.

Harry pointed his wand at Malfoy. "Is that a threat?" Harry growled out, his aura visible to Griphyx and the princesses, however Malfoy did not seem to notice. Malfoy's eyes widened slightly until he growled, and began to move away.

"We will meet again." And with that, the little twit vanished in the sea of people.

"Are you okay Griph?" Harry asked concerned. The princesses expressed their concerns as well. Gripyx nodded his head slightly, feeling fine.

"Yes, I am feeling fine, and I am okay brother, Celestia, Nightmare, Luna. I will remain fine. Besides I was ready to bring my own wand out." He said calmly. Harry nodded his head, and headed to some sort of bank with goblins, gold, and other things with Hagrid. Soon they had reached a train station and passed through a magical brick wall that none magical humans could use or even see. They boarded the train and had gotten into a train car with a brunette haired girl and a red head boy.

"Hello, my name is Hermione Granger. And this-" She motioned to the boy. "Is Ronald Weesley. And who might you two be?" Hermione questioned innocently. Harry leaned and ear close to Griphyx, who gave a soft purring sound. It was weird, whenever Griphyx purred it meant that someone was trustworthy and a good person. This however did not go unnoticed by the two across from them.

"Something wrong?" Ron asked. Griphyx looked directly at Ron and purred once more, his eyes slit slightly. Hermione and Ron jumped, taken aback from Griphyx's eyes.

"My name is Griphyx Potter. And you both passed the test." He stated with a gentle smile, to which his wand seemed to glow all on it's own. Hermione and Ron blinked a few times until they looked at Harry and Griphyx, but their eyes soon set upon the princesses. Their eyes widened and when the princesses noticed that they were being stared at, Nightmare and Luna moved close to Griphyx, while Celestia moved closer to Harry. Soon Griphyx's eyes narrowed as he began to growl. "You can see them now. How? Was it my wand?" Griphyx questioned as he took it out of it's strange box/sheath.

"It could have been Griphyx, remember, magic can sometimes be random and not always accounted for." Stated Luna. Ron and Hermione went even more wide eyed when she spoke. She looked at the two with a raised eye brow. "You two never seen a Goddess before? Weird." She said nonchalantly.

"Goddess? And did you say Potter? Never mind that, but who and what are they?" Queried Hermione. Ron stared at the three goddesses.

"Allow me to explain. I am Celestia, Goddess of the sun, my sisters Luna and Nightmare Moon are the goddesses of the night and dreams." Celestia said, pointing a hoof at the other two alicorns. The two nodded. Ron and Hermione seemed rather surprised that there wee goddesses, let alone the fact that they were with Griphyx and the other boy.

"Anyways, we are the guardians of Harry Potter-" She patted Harry's shoulder gently with a hoof to prove her point. "-And Griphyx Potter. We protect them from harm and are their best of friends. However since You two are capable of seeing us, then that means we can trust you both to not mention us to other humans?" Celestia asked. Ron and Hermione nodded their heads and began to ask the princesses questions. The train ride was filled with laughs, and questions, however Griphyx and Harry enjoyed the fact that their best friends, guardians, and mentors were gaining new friends.

"Do you three know any magic?" Hermione asked. The princesses and Potter brothers froze at that and looked at each other with paled faces.

"Um, yes we do, why do you ask?" Celestia asked, nervousness in her voice. Hermione and Ron looked from the princesses and the Potter brothers before something clicked in their minds.

"Are you accepting anymore students?" They asked at the same time. The princesses looked at each other before looking at the Potter brothers. Griphyx and Harry nodded their heads.

"Yes, I suppose we could, however, we will need to show you the basics I suppose." Celestia answered. Nightmare and Luna had wrapped their wings around Griphyx's shoulders tightly. "But it will need to be in your dreams, where we will be able to practice. Let alone the fact their will be breaks, as well as you three learning at this, 'Hogwarts' school, understood?" Hermione and Ron nodded their heads. Griphyx sighed, he was beginning to grow annoyed of all the talking, and he needed to rest. His eyes were hurting, and his magic reserves had dropped rather low. The princesses noticed this, and let him sleep. The rest of the trip was filled with whispers, and what Harry, Griphyx and the princesses did when the two brothers were little. Things were getting interesting, and were going to continue to do so.

Chapter 6

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Griphyx awoke with a start, as he opened his eyes he saw Hermione was gently shaking his shoulder. "Wake up, we have a few more hours till we reach the station and I was wandering to ask you some questions, if you don't mind." She asked. Griphyx yawned and nodded his head. Luna and Nightmare were curled up on both sides of him, sleeping no doubt. He looked towards Harry, who was talking with Ron and Celestia.

"Looks like those three have bonded..." Griphyx stated with an oddly cool voice. His eyes were still slit which made Hermione jump slightly when he looked at her with his gaze alone. "You wanted to learn more about me? Alright, ask your questions." He stated as if bored, when it was the exact opposite.

"R-right. I was hoping to know why your eyes seem so..." She paused, looking for the right word without it sounding like he was judging him. Harder than it looks as she had found no way around the biased words.

"Strange? Freakish?" Griphyx said calmly. Hermione nodded her head silently. "I see, well sorry to say this, but I have no idea why the hay my eyes are the way they are. I guess you could say they are special in their own way." He continued. "Do they scare you? Put you off into not becoming my friend?"

Hermione was taken aback, sure his eyes were weird, but to be afraid of them, to not want to be his friend? That's just odd. "They don't scare me, I find hem, interesting. And of course I want to still be your friend, why would you think otherwise?" She asked, truly curious.

"Because that's how other humans treat me. Like a monster, not that it bothers me now and about the friend thing, I was merely curious. Unlike my older brother, I am not completely normal, if not at all..." Griphyx stated in a calm voice, however pain was in it as well. Hermione nodded her head.

"That's okay, I think they suite you, besides, they are pretty cool. Ominous but they show compassion." She said to Griphyx who stared at her silently. He had not met very many people who were like her, the only beings that truly accepted him were his brother and the three princesses, no one else. He looked her up and down, unlike Harry, Griphyx was a bit more developed than most kids were. Harry was just starting to get over his puberty 'squeaks' as they had called them. Griphyx focused on Hermione's eyes, which caused her to flush slightly. "is there something wrong Griphyx?" She asked, her face still flushed.

"You have beautiful brown eyes, they compliment your fair skin and lovely chestnut colored hair." He stated as if fact. Hermione blushed this time, no one besides her family had complimented her on her looks.

"Thank you Griphyx, that was sweet of you." She said as she started to genuinely smile at the strange Potter. Griphyx softly smiled back. Luna yawned and raised her head from Griphyx's lap and looked around the room. When she saw the slight blush on Hermione's face, she looked at Griphyx with a small grin.

"Someone making a new friend eh?" She playfully batted a hoof at him. Soon Nightmare awoke and scowled slightly, tightening her grip on Griphyx in a possessive manner. Luna soon stopped, but she let out a slight a giggle. "Oh fine, but it is nice to see Griphyx gaining a new friend is great! Besides, she will become your fellow student." Luna stated with a happy grin on her muzzle.

"indeed, I think it will be fun to have more learning from you three, huh Luna? Nightmare?" Griphyx said with a small smile. The two of them smiled back, both were positively beaming. Hermione looked at the three and smiled.

"Well I hope I'll be a good student." She stated. The three of them stopped before looking at Hermione.

"You....want to learn Night magic, instead of learning sun magic? why?" Questioned Nightmare, leaving an astonished Luna and Griphyx eerily quiet.

"Well I have always enjoyed the night and stars, not that I don't like the sun, I enjoy both!" She cheered out. The two night princesses smiled and then looked at Griphyx.

"We like her." Nightmare said with a grin, however her tightened grip did not falter. Griphyx nuzzled Nightmare gently before looking at Hermione with a gentle smile.

"Welcome aboard then. However, you will have to go through a LOT of practicing magic, probably not the same amount of time as Harry and I have had, but a sizeable amount." Griphyx said with a serious tone which was betrayed by his smile. Hermione nodded her head, a serious look on her face. The two princesses lay their heads back into Griphyx's lap for more rest. An hour had passed and the car was silent, that is, until a familiar boy knocked on the door of the car.

"Oh, it's you." Said Malfoy with a scowl on his face from seeing Griphyx. Griphyx made a growl and his body stiffened.

"What do you want?" Griphyx growled out with clenched teeth. Malfoy got a haughty look on his face, not that Griphyx care any. He then looked at Ron, Harry and Hermione, his scowl seemed to deepen when his gaze was upon Hermione.

"Ugh!" groaned Malfoy. "A Muggle born! What is IT doing on this train?" He scoffed when Hermione looked down casted. Griphyx snarled and stood up, his wand out and his slit eyes narrowed on Malfoy.

"The buck do you want?" He snarled. Malfoy recoiled slightly, before he scoffed as two boys were behind him, both scowling at Griphyx.

"And what can you do him? Your out numbered." Griphyx let out another growl shaking the two boys to the bone.

"I don't care, nobody insults my friends! Now leave, or else I will make you..." He growled out, before scowling at the three boys.

"Do you know who my father is!? I could have you taken away, as well as your little...friends." Malfoy said loudly making all heads look at him. Griphyx on the other hand was now mad, he snarled in Malfoy's face, his sharpened canine's showing for all to see, even Harry was just seeing them, they were longer and sharper than what they should have been. This caused the three boys to recoil in a bit of fear, Malfoy raised his hand, which was quickly slapped from his hand in the blink of an eye.

"Is that a threat you little whelp!?" Griphyx raged down on Malfoy, his wand starting to shiver. Harry placed a hand on his younger brothers shoulder, and spoke calmly despite the situation.

"Leave him be Griph, he isn't worth it. Now lets get back into the car, we are making a scene." Much to Harry's word, Griphyx had made a scene, a few adults watching as well. He growled softly before leaving behind the three cowering boys, Harry was by his side and when the car door closed, all hay broke loose.

"What the bloody hell was that Griphyx?" Questioned Ron, who was staring at Griphyx's 'fangs'. In all their minds, they could only picture a vampire, however, to the princesses, they saw a dragon that was protecting it's hoard.

"I got mad, so what? He was making fun of Hermione, and then he threatened all of you! How could I not get mad?" Griphyx said, defending himself. "And please stop staring, it's making me feel...weird." He whispered softly, a slight blush on his face. They stopped staring but soon they were asking more questions. Griphyx answered them all to his best abilities, some he could, others he could not. He felt like a freak for showing them his teeth, that it until Hermione and the two night princesses said they looked interesting and hat they suited him well. He smiled at them showing off his 'fangs'.

Soon the train stopped next to a lake with boars with torches that were pointed towards a castle of sorts. The princesses noted that the castle looked similar to Canterlot castle in many ways. They met with Hagrid who was smiling at them until he caught a glimpse at Griphyx's teeth, they did not settle well with him. when Griphyx stood before Hagrid, he purred softly an nodded his head to Harry.

"He has passed..." He stated which made Hagrid raise an eye brow until a green glowed resonated from Griphyx's wand and caused Hagrid to rub his eyes. When he looked at Harry, he saw the princesses in all their glory, they looked towards Griphyx an eye brow raised.

"Is there a reason you allowed him to see us Griphyx?" Luna asked softly. Griphyx looked at Luna with a soft smile, he was going to explain until Hagrid spoke.

"What are they exactly?" He asked. The group groaned slightly before Celestia had explained to Hagrid everything. Once all was said and done, Hagrid looked at the boys and smiled. "That's one heck of a story! So you can teach human's magic eh?" Celestia nodded her head, a smile on her muzzle. "Well that be fine with me, but let me guess, I got to keep you three a secret from anyone else huh?" He was met with six heads nodding in affirmation. He sighed, but then smiled. "Well alright then, just don't cause too much trouble ya'hear?"

"Don't worry, we will be on our best behavior, that is, unless somebody harms our Potter's, then things WILL get ugly." Stated Nightmare with a haughty expression. Hagrid nodded his head in understanding. When they reached the shore they were met by an old woman.

"Hello, I am Professor McGonagall. I will be taking you all to the dinning hall, where you will be judged to go to a certain house. Please follow me." She said before walking into the castle, all the students following her. When they got there however, the princesses were amazed to say the least, the ceiling had clouds and a moon shining just above them. They had passed by ghosts, who stopped and stared at the princesses, before bowing in respect to the goddess of the sun, and the two goddesses of the night. Hermione, Harry, Ron and Griphyx sat at the same table. The princesses floated above them.

"Hello, and welcome to Hogwarts. I am headmaster Dumbledore, it is a pleasure to meet you all. I hope you will enjoy your stay here." The old man had said to them, his voice being projected out. Griphyx stared at Dumbledore, before rising and walking up towards his table. Griphyx's strange eyes fixed on the old man, who looked back at him. "Ah, Griphyx Potter, it is good to see you. Was there something you needed?" Dumbledore asked.

Griphyx merely stared at the old man, before he began to purr slightly, his wand glowed in a green aura once again. "You...have passed." And with that, Griphyx went back to the table. Dumbledore, however, was already capable of seeing the princesses, but knowing that he somehow 'passed' made him smile softly. Princess Luna looked at Dumbledore, as if she had met him before. Dumbledore winked discretely at her, which made her blushed slightly. The two other princesses looked at Dumbledore, and nodded their heads, giving him a 'we'll talk later' look.

"Now then, I would like a student to approach the hat, one at a time, to be assigned tot their new 'houses' where they will be capable of gaining points each an every year." Oddly enough, Harry was first up, who was placed into Gryffindor. Next was Hermione, then Ron, both in Gryffindor . When Griphyx was up, however, the hat had a hard time on deciding where to put him. They had a debate but he was soon placed into Gryffindor. Malfoy and his goons were placed in Slitherine. After all the student's had been assigned a house, Harry, Griphyx, Hermione, Luna, Celestia and Nightmare were asked to follow Dumbledore. It was going to be a long night, Griphyx could feel it. Oh how right he was.

Chapter 7

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The group walked through the overly long hallway behind Albas Dumbledore. Everyone was quiet, however the princesses noted that some of this 'Wizard's' and 'Witch's' held a rather large magical power, but not enough to cause worry for them, but for Harry and Griphyx. The two Potters were still learning and their magic was very potent and unstable. More so in Griphyx's case than Harry's. Dumbledore had opened a rather large door and stepped inside. There the group soon followed, but were greeted by self portraits of himself some portraits of students and passed teachers. On a stand stood a phoenix that reminded Celestia of Philomena. Everyone was still quiet as Dumbledore stood by what looked like a bowl full of sweets.

"Would any of you care for a jelly bean?" He asked while holding out a box towards the group. Griphyx grabbed the back, nodding his head thanking Dumbledore. Harry soon took a box as well. "But be wary, they have some odd flavors. One such flavor I come across is vomit and then other times it wax." He explained with a calm demeanor, however he had a small smile on his face, his eyes showed a childlike glee whenever he looked upon the three goddesses. "You three are the guardians of Harry and Griphyx, correct?" He asked. The three of them nodded their heads in affirmation. "That's good. however, I must ask, when did you three teach the two boys magic? It certainly is like ours, however, it is also different." Dumbledore asked.

"We have been teaching them magic for years, however, when we had gotten the letters for tis school, we thought it would be a good idea to continue their lessons, while learning human magic as well as ours, let alone gain some more discipline." Celestia explained. Albas nodded his head, his face stoic, eve though his eyes betrayed him. They held a sense of...honor? Yes, honor for these three for thinking in such a way.

"I understand. Do you two plan on taking on more students?" He asked the million bit question there.

"Only if they pass the test. Which very seldom do." Luna stated, placing a hoof on Griphyx's shoulder, rubbing it gently. Dumbledore nodded, before looking at Griphyx.

"So far, only two others have been permitted to be taught, while another two have been allowed to see them, correct?" Griphyx nodded as he chewed a jelly bean with the flavor of dirt. "Very well, I will allow this, as long as it does not become too much of a problem." Albas told them. The group nodded their heads before a knock sounded at the door. "Come in." Hagrid walked into the room, however he bowed slightly to the princesses. The three inclined heir heads slightly to him out of mutual respect.

"So I take it they have the clear to continue their...studies?" He asked, pausing on the last word. Dumbledore nodded his head before sitting at his desk.

"Yes, they are just fine to continue doing so. However I ask that you contain your new magic from other students as well as possible." He explained to everyone. The group nodded until Hagrid deiced to take his leave. After an hour of talking and interviewing each other, the princesses and the Potter brothers were placed in a 'fifth' house -it was really a secret part of Gryffindor- along with Hermione and Ron. The group had gotten their own beds, however, while Ron and Hermione lay in their own beds, Harry and Celestia shared his, while Griphyx, Nightmare and Luna shared the other. The group drifted off to sleep.

When Griphyx opened his eyes, he was on the moon again, however, Hermione and Ron were there too. Both of them confused as to how they had gotten there. After a half an hour of explaining to them it was a dreamscape, they had finally calmed down. The princesses were flying around, firing beams at boulders, while Harry tried to copy them, but failed. Griphyx jumped upward and landed just beside his older brother. Hermione and Ron followed suite, though neither of them were used to the dreamscape.

"Focus your magic into the palm of your hand or tip of your fingers or wand Harry. Concentrate on forming the magical energies into a solid mass before releasing." Celestia explained to Harry gently. Luna and Nightmare were sending their own beams at boulders, while Griphyx studied their techniques. Hermione and Ron sat and watched, not sure of what to do. Griphyx pointed his right index ringer forward, concentrating he drew in the magical energies around him, however it was so potent, it looked like white flames were forming into a small sphere before said sphere began to lengthen and curl around his finger, before a beam shot out hitting a boulder, the beam passed right through it, making a clean hole cut strait through it.

"Good. Griphyx is getting better at this than we thought. Harry also seems to be getting it. But what of the other two?" Luna stated to Nightmare and Celestia. The three thought and thought and thought. Until Griphyx had asked them to teach the two the basic's, such as levitation, shields, aura's, even wings if they so needed to teach -though those were abilities that might be to tough for them, it was hard for Harry and Griphyx to even do, let alone actually fly. So far only Griphyx can fly, while Harry seems to glide.-.The princesses nodded before beginning Hermione's and Ron's teachings. As the night went on, the two learned how o levitate an barely make a shield. While Griphyx had been flying around with his wings holding his strange wand like one would a sword, and Harry was sending off beams to practice. As the night soon came to an end, the group awoke, feeling stronger an more connected.

"It seems that you two are fast learners where it counts, however you will have a long way to go until you reach Harry's level, let alone how quickly Griphyx can manage his magic so well." Celestia told them. The two smiled and whooped. Harry grinned happily as he yawned and leaned against Celestia, who nuzzled him softly. Griphyx however, had his arms around Luna's and Nightmare's shoulders, keeping them close to him, to which, they did not leave his side.

The group departed from their room, and headed to the mess hall, ready for their classes as well as hungry. When they arrived however, there was a strange sight before them. There was a 'battle' going on between Mlafoy and another student, they had black as night hair, red eyes the color of blood, they were slit like Griphyx's. She was holding a bright blood red wand, on her shoulder was the Gryffindor symbol. Griphyx purred softly, before pointing at the girl.

"She passes the test..." However, he also found his girl fascinating. Her eyes were just like his, but not in color, but the way they were slit, it made him, happy. The girl glanced at the group, however was surprised to see the princesses. Malfoy sneered as his send some sort of attack at the girl, nocking her over. Once she hit the ground, Malfoy was going to give her the finishing blow, however, as he went to flick his hand, he was knocked aside by an invisible shield -well, to everyone who could not see the princesses that is- knocking him away. Griphyx stood between them, his eyes sit and narrowed, "You attack someone while they are down and defenseless. Only cowards do that. No, worse than a coward, trash. Trash does that." He scolded Malfoy. Unknown to him however, the girl was blushing be bore a slight scowl.

"Freak! I am obviously better than you will ever be!" He rose up, ready to blast Griphyx with unstable magic, until Griphyx whipped his hand to the side, only the girl could see this motion however, and Malfoy's wand flew out of his hand and onto the floor.

"You aren't better than me. No one is better than another. That is fact." With that said, Griphyx turned an held a hand out to the girl, who noticed hi eyes, she gasped softy.

"Your eyes...their like mine!" She said. Griphyx nodded his head as he took her hand gently, lifting her up to her feet. The girl blushed more as she looked away, as if embarrassed from this odd situation. Malfoy had already ran with his tail between his legs.

"My name is; Griphyx Potter. What's yours?" He asked. Holding her hand still, though neither seemed to mind.

"My name is; Ruby Star." Ruby answered. Griphyx nodded his head before looking back at his group. The princesses all had playful grins, though Nightmare was slightly raging inside, she was glad he made a new friend, as well as protecting someone else.

"Mr. Potter! What is the meaning of this!?" Bellowed McGonagall. Malfoy right behind her sneering. He had apparently lied to her. McGonagall scowled at the pour potter boy, until Ruby got in the way, her eyes taking the teacher off guard, not expecting to see another set like Griphyx's.

"Ma'am, whatever this...snake has told you, is a lie. He attacked me for being different and called me a freak. Once he had knocked me to the ground, he was going to attack me again until Griphyx here" -she motioned to the bot- "Stepped in and saved me. When Malfoy went to attack him, his hand had 'fallen' from his hand." Ruby explained. McGonagall looked aghast that Malfoy lied to her, before giving Griphyx an approving look and nod.

"Five points from Slitherin. Ten points to Gryffindor." She said to everyone, until she was cut off by Griphyx.

"Professor. Thank you for the points, but what will you do about Malfoy?" Harry asked. McGonagall seemed to be in thought until she looked at the group.

"I will find something for him to do." She stated, before leaving, Malfoy following here, scowling at the group, grumbling under his breath. Ruby and Griphyx looked at each other, both blushed slightly before separating, looking away from each other. The princesses giggled slightly, until Ruby stared at them. Ruby walked over to Nightmare, and placed a hand on her back gently, a shiver went through Nightmare and Griphyx like a bolt o electricity,

"You are so pretty..." Ruby complimented Nightmare.

"She is very beautiful indeed." Griphyx said next, causing Nightmare to gain a faint blush on her cheeks.

"Why thank you two, not very many po- people compliment me on my looks." She stated. Ruby smiled more and hugged her gently. "It seems you are similar to Griphyx, would you like to be out new student?" Nightmare asked Ruby after returning the hug. Ruby cocked her head to the side.

"Student? For what?" Griphyx chuckled softly before leaning against Nightmare gently, Lune lays her head on his shoulder.

"Magic of course. We have been given permission to teach certain people who pass Griphyx's test, which you did." Nightmare explained.

"Test? What test?" Ruby asked. Her answer came from Griphyx when he purred softly, startling her at first, before blushing, and then smiling. "Oh, does that mean I pass if you...purr?" Griphyx nodded slightly before smiling softly at her. Ruby smiled softly back, before she noticed that more students were filing in. The group went to their table, staying together talking amongst each other waiting for everyone to arrive. And wait they did.

Chapter 8

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As Hermione, Ron, Harry and Ruby chat amongst each other, Griphyx and the princesses stayed silent, listening to the group talk, laugh and tell jokes. They noted that Ruby was more mature like Griphyx, but she was also seemed to act like a child at times. However, Ruby was similar to Griphyx, where Griphyx had his partial abilities over the shadows and even capable of using Night Magic, Ruby's body heat was like a furnace, which led them to believe tat her power might have been more like sun magic, but when they looked into her aura, they noted she was exactly like Griphyx's except it resembled Harry's Sun Magic.

The teachers filed in after a few moments, however Malfoy had returned as well, his scowl only deepened when he saw the group of 'freaks'. Dumbledore sat in the middle of the head table, he cleared his voice, however everyone was talking over him, as he teachers tried to calm the students, they were soon no longer heard. Griphyx looked over to see Malfoy sneering at him. He growled loudly enough for his entire table to hear. All their heads on him as he rose to his feet.

"QUIET NOW!!!" Griphyx bellowed in his 'Royal Canterlot Voice'. All noise in the room was halted from the sheer force of Griphyx's voice, an empty table was knocked onto it's side. The teachers stared, student's mouths were agape, but Harry, Luna, Nightmare and Celestia acted as if this was normal. Hermione, Ron and Ruby stared at Griphyx with mouths agape and eyes wide. "Thank you." Griphyx stated calmly with his eyes closed before sitting back down at his table.

"Now that we have attention, I was saying were are going to start your classes today. Please head to your respected teachers. Have a good day." After that announcement, everyone had breakfast, though most were wary of Griphyx, questioning what else he could do. As the Griphyx and Harry's group began to leave -while they were eating, there were assigned groups, and oddly enough they were all one group- heading towards their first class which was Prof. McGonagall's. When they had arrived however there was no one there but a simple cat.

"Where is the Professor? Isn't she supposed to be here?" Hermione asked. Ron shrugged before sitting at his desk, his seat was next to Harry who was between Ron and Hermione. Griphyx sat at his desk, however he was more laid back and staring at the cat intently. The cat stared back at Griphyx silently. Then Griphyx smirked slightly before speaking.

"Hello Professor. When are we going to turn into animals?" He asked. When the others looked at him, they saw him talking to a rather surprised cat. The cat meowed before jumping off the desk and turning into McGonagall all in a matter of seconds. Everyone looked surprised except Griphyx who just yawned in boredom.

"How did you know it was me, Mr. Griphyx?" She asked, truly interested in how this new student had known it was her all along. Griphyx looked up at his teacher before answering. McGonagall noted that the color of his eyes had changed quickly from green to blue to their normal rainbow like ways.

"When I saw that there was a cat staring at us, it felt off. 'Why would a cat care about our conversations?" I asked myself that question before it dawned on me. If there were people like me, magical humans, magical trains, vaults, goblins, giants. So why wouldn't there be people capable of turning into animals? I put two and two together." Griphyx explained. It sometimes shocked the princesses how smart he was when he never really talked much. McGonagall nodded her head thinking what Griphyx had said before giving him a proud look.

"Very good, however not many people can turn into animals. Very few Wizards have this ability. They are called Animagus, meaning they can turn into an animal." She explained. Griphyx nodded, seemingly understanding to what she was talking about. The others -except for some reason Hermione and Ruby- were surprised by this. Griphyx sat back in his chair and closed his eyes. Minutes passed when the doors opened and more students entered the room. Malfoy being one f he first, he scowled at the group of friends before muttering something under his breath. "If you have a problem calling us 'freaks' to our face's, then don't speak about us Malfoy..." Griphyx said out loud for everyone to here. Malfoy's face flushed pink in rage and embarrassment.

"I said no such thing!" He yelled at Griphyx who still had his eyes closed. Harry watched as Malfoy grew angrier as Griphyx ignored him. Malfoy growled and pulled out his wand until McGonagall made her presence known to the class -apparently she turned back into a cat after their little chat.

"I will not tolerate violence in the class!" She scolded Malfoy. He flushed even more glaring at Griphyx with great amounts of hate.

"Fine, but this isn't over Potter..." He hissed out Harry's and Griphyx's last name. But they all knew it was directed to Griphyx. Griphyx showed no sign of acknowledgement towards Malfoy's 'threat'. Malfoy swore under his breath about getting him back. The class went on with Malfoy glaring at the back f Griphyx's head. Harry, Hermione and Ruby asked and answered questions that made the princesses proud. Ron and Griphyx stayed quiet, however while Ron was staring into space, Griphyx was taking long detailed notes tat would put Twilight Sparkle to shame. Once class ended, the group made their way towards the next one. Malfoy and his goons right behind them, all of them glaring at the group. Nightmare growled at the bullies until Griphyx gave her a silent shake of the head telling her they weren't worth it.

They reached Snape's class for potions. Professor Snape seemed to despise the two Potter brothers, but when it came t Griphyx, he avoided eye contact for some reason. Malfoy had tried to prove that Griphyx was less than him, however he only managed to gain himself a detention for blowing up his lab equipment and glared as everyone laughed at him. Snape was not happy, no, that's an understatement. He was pissed. Malfoy was not happy either, even less when Griphyx ad his group had passed the little 'exam'. After that odd class the group had a free period to do as they pleased.

"So what did you think so far?" Ruby asked Griphyx with a chipper tone in her soft voice. Griphyx shrugged his shoulders slightly staying quiet. Hermione had stated that Griphyx was rather quiet compared to everyone else. No one disagreed, not even Griphyx himself. They walked around the school grounds until they came across Hagrid who was standing in front of a shack with smoke rising from the chimney.

"Hey Hagrid, what exactly are you doing?" Harry asked the tall gentle man. Hagrid turned and smiled at the group, even bowed to he princesses who smiled back at him and bowed their heads slightly back to the gentle giant.

"I'm making something for later. What you all doing out here anyhow?" He asked, the smile never leaving his face.

"We were roaming the ground since we have a free period at he moment. And when we saw you out here, we decided to stop by and say hello." Griphyx explained coolly. Hagrid nodded his head thinking about the answer before his smile grew some. the group nodded their heads before heading out, Hagrid asked them to come by later to see something. Griphyx nodded hi head, as did the others before they left.

The rest of their day was filled with learning and wondering what Hagrid wanted to show them. Looks like they would need to wait until later that night to see what is was. Little did they know that they would stumble upon something that would start their true adventure.

Chapter 9

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When the day was growing dark, Griphyx, Harry, Luna, Nightmare, Celestia, Hermione, Ron and Ruby headed out to Hagrid's to see this thing he had talked about. As they walked throughout the school and onto the grounds outside near Hagrid's shack, the air was bitter cold. They moved as a team until they reached the shack. However unknown to them, a certain blonde-hair-stuck-up-SOB was following them from the shadows. Griphyx rapped on the door, movement from the other side told them that Hagrid was moving towards the door, but when a second being moved around inside, they began to question if he truly lived alone.

When the door opened Hagrid greeted them with a smile as he peered down at them. "You all are right on time." He said o them. A big black dog moved next to Hagrid's side. It looked at Griphyx and Ruby, it's tail seemed to wag so fast they began to fear it might fall off. It barked happily as Ruby petted it's head, however Griphyx kept his distance from the dog, something was not right with this picture.

"What's the matter Griphyx? Fang won't bite yah, he's just a big o'll pup!" Hagrid exclaimed with glee. However Griphyx stared at the dog before he slowly moved his hand to it's hand. Fang looked up at Griphyx, seemingly picking up on his feelings before nuzzling Griphyx's hand gently with his nose. Griphyx smiled softly as he rubbed Fang's head gently. Fang's tail wagged faster as he moved next to Griphyx not doing anything but standing by his side. The princesses smiled and looked down at Fang, Fang looked up at them before his tail wagged in overdrive. They giggled as he nuzzled them repeatedly, sniffing them out like a puppy would it's new friends before he sat by Harry's side.

"So what did you want to show us Hagrid?" Harry asked. Hagrid grinned as his pot began to boil and tremble. He quickly moved to it before reaching in and pulling out something they did not expect; a dragon's egg.

"Is that a dragon's egg!?" Ron ad Ruby yelled at the same time, both astonished as to how he had gotten such an egg. "Where did you get it from Hagrid?" Ruby asked. She stared at the egg, but out of he corner of her eye, she could see Griphyx gripping at his chest, either in pain or excitement. She then looked down and saw that his want was glowing and his aura changing colors as well. The princesses noticed this as well and they grew worried.

"I got him from a bar, said he got this little fellar from a poker game or something. Said he was glad to have it taken off of his hands." He then stopped with a puzzled look before it vanished when the egg began to crack and hatch. Griphyx gripped tighter at his chest, watching intently at the egg. When a chirp resonated from the egg, out of nowhere said egg exploded revealing a baby dragon. It had two wings, legs, a long spiked tail, a beaked mouth, five horns coming from it's head. The color of it's scales are black and green, it's eyes are deep purple with yellow slits. The dragon looked around the room, until it's gaze stopped on Griphyx, who was gripping his chest tightly. The little drake hopped over to him before perching itself onto his shoulder.

Griphyx looked at the dragon. The dragon looked back at Griphyx. And the two started a silent and strange staring contest before the drake nuzzled him gently, chirping happily. It looked at where it's egg once stood and hopped onto the same spot. It sneezed a small flame setting Hagrid's beard on fire slightly. Hagrid quickly put out the small fire with a hand.

"Well that was unexpected." Ron stated. A series of grunts resounded from around the room. The drake curled up in front of Griphyx before it seemingly fell asleep. Griphyx gently held the young drake, cradling it in his arms. Fang barked which alerted the group, the drake hissed, it's tail curling around Griphyx's wrist. The two of them looking at the window. The others turned at just the right moment to see Malfoy running off into the darkness. They stood stock still. Hagrid let out a sad sigh before plopping down into his chair.

"their going to take pour pee-wee away. And he was just born too." He whimpered softly. Griphyx placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. When Hagrid looked at the boy, he was surprised to see determination in his eyes and face.

"No they won't. Not unless we do something about it. But what?" He questioned. 'Pee-wee' had crawled onto his shoulder acting like a parrot would. The group sighed in defeat until there was someone outside calling out their names. Griphyx was first to leave the hut. Once outside, he saw Professor McGonagall standing there with a cross expression on her face. Griphyx then saw Malfoy sneering at him with hatred. Griphyx growled loudly, gritting his teeth. Pee-wee looked at McGonagall, nothing. But when he looked at Malfoy, a loud hiss was heard. Malfoy recoiled back, not expecting the dragon to be on Griphyx's shoulder.

"What on earth are you ding with that dragon? It could cause serious harm to you or anyone else!" McGonagall shrieked. Griphyx stared at his teacher with cold eyes, they sent shivers up and down her spine. He then directed his gaze at Malfoy. Malfoy froze instantly, his yes wide with fear. Griphyx walked up to the two, but as he did so McGonagall was ready to draw her wand however Malfoy had already drawn his and pointed it at Griphyx and Pee-wee. He flicked his wrist sending a bolt of magic at them. Griphyx kept walking, the bolt missed him and Pee-wee by a few inches hitting the shack, kicking up dust.

"Mr. Malfoy! What is the meaning of this!?" McGonagall yelled at the boy. Malfoy tried to explain to her that he and the dragon were going to kill him. But when the professor told him otherwise, let alone the fact that Pee-wee seemed to be under control, from what she could tell, the dragon was not acting out, but, stayed calm and on Griphyx's shoulder. "They are not! Now please calm down!" She yelled once again. By the time she had turned to meet Griphyx's gaze, he was right in front of her, his eyes no longer cold, but filled with sympathy.

"I would like to ask Dumbledore something. Can you lead me to him?" He asked in a hushed tone. McGonagall, for some reason nodded her head, leading Griphyx -and his friends and Malfoy- to Albas. When they reached Dumbledore's door, Griphyx pushed it open and entered the room. There sitting at his desk was Dumbledore, his eyes closed and on his head is a poke doted night cap. "Headmaster Dumbledore" Griphyx stated loudly to wake up the old wizard from his sleep.

Dumbledore opened his eyes to see Griphyx and Pee-wee. He moved slightly before smiling at the boy. "Yes Griphyx, what can I do for you and your...dragon?" He seemed to be confused for a second before shrugging it off.

"I was hoping that Pee-wee could...well...stay here, sort of like a guardian like your Phoenix." He stated. Dumbledore's eyes showed that he was surprised, but he soon smiled and nodded his head softly.

"Possibly, that all depends on if the ministry will allow such a thing. If so, then he will remain here, however" -Dumbledore stated before continuing, giving him a soft stare- "He is to remain here or in your room, but if possible, with Hagrid. understand?" Griphyx nodded his head before taking his leave. Hagrid had been just outside, trying to listen in on the conversation.

"How did it go Griphyx?" Hagrid asked. Griphyx looked at the gentle giant, a gleam in his eye.

"He had said that if he ministry approved, he could stay, but for now, he will be staying with you. Is that aright Hagrid?" He asked. Hagrid gained a happy grin on his face, nodding rapidly. McGonagall had sneaked into the room, without them noticing and approached Dumbledore.

"Are you serious about keeping the dragon here; Albas?" She question. Dumbledore sighed and shook his head slightly before looking into space.

"No, however, Griphyx proves a good point. It could become a good asset in guarding...that." He stated calmly. "Surely Pee-wee would do fine alongside Fluffy in protecting the school an it's children. Don't you agree McGonagall?" McGonagall nodded her head, sighing before looking at Albas.

"Yes, it would be rather useful. As well as seeing know who has returned." Dumbledore nodded his head, sighing sadly. He had a feeling that he would try to attack the Potter bothers. Though they would stand a chance, since they know powerful non human magic, as well as have three goddesses as their protectors an guardians. He found hope in the two boys as they seemed to be getting stronger everyday. But when it came to Griphyx, there was something more to him, something that seemed both familiar, and yet, different at the same time. Whatever it was, it would need to wait for a later time. How right he was, something was going to happen, and it was going to change the wizarding world forever.

Chapter 10

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The next few days ere quiet, except for today when McGonagall had taken them and Malfoy to Hagrid's to meet a 'Filch'. When they arrived it was late at night. The two teachers were bickering about something about the 'forbidden forest' or something.

"I'm telling you Filch that they are just kids! They can't go into there!" Hagrid yelled at an old man who's long brown hair looked like it was ready to fall out. The two looked at the group when McGonagall cleared her throat, alerting them of heir presence.

"Is there a problem gentlemen?" She asked. Hagrid gave Filch a slight glare until he answer the female teacher.

"I was explaining why the kids can't go, the forest is dangerous!" He yelled. Filch rolled his eyes sighing in annoyance.

"Why? What's going on in the forest Hagrid?" Harry asked. Hagrid looked at Harry sadly.

"Something has been sighted in there, killing the unicorns"-out f the corner of his eye, he could see the princesses stiffen and growl- "and I was tasked to go figure out what it was. But now it seems you lot will be joining me." Hagrid explained. Harry nodded his head.

"I see, then we better get going. I'd rather not have Unicorns being killed and something dangerous near he school." All heads tuned towards Griphyx, who had stated this. The princesses nodded, also wanting to figure this out as well. Hagrid sighed sadly before nodding his head.

"Right, then you three" -he said pointing to Malfoy, Ron and Hermione- "are with me. You three"- he pointed to Harry, Griphyx and Ruby, but also pointing at the princesses- "are going with Fang, understand?" All heads nodded. When he tuned back to give he two professors a piece of his mind, he had found that they already left back into the castle. The two teams headed into the dark forest. Griphyx looked around the forest along with both night princesses, the three of them could see nothing, but could feel everything when in the shadows. There were the rustling of sticks, bit nothing much else.

They had met up with the other group. Hagrid reported nothing while Griphyx did the same. For a brief moment the princesses saw something moving in the darkness. Griphyx picked up on it too, he turned as saw figure standing there until it began to run. Griphyx gave chase. The others followed but were having a difficult time. Hagrid watched Griphyx's movements, and saw a predator stalking it's prey. A chill went down his spine when he saw how fast Griphyx became, but then thought he saw that the shadows were helping move faster.

Harry had to speed up and was soon behind Griphyx until he started jumping from branch to branch. Griphyx acted like a monkey going after this figure. Harry noted that they figure looked to be floating away faster and faster, but then, it vanished before all of their eyes. Griphyx stopped and fell to the ground on his feet, some dirt was puffed into the air. The princesses and Harry arrived to him first.

"Something felt off about that figure. It felt...evil." Griphyx explained and when he did so, the others heard him.

"Then we need to leave here now!" Malfoy exclaimed like a little girl. Hagrid nodded his head, worried about the groups safety. The princesses agreed and stayed by the Potters sides. The large group moved towards the castle/school. However they split apart when a noise was heard. For some strange reason Hagrid told the two groups -Harry, Malfoy, Fang, Griphyx for the first group, Himself, Hermione, Ron, Ruby in Hagrid's group-.

As Griphyx's group looked around, a unicorn brushed passed them, bleeding silvery blood. It collapsed a few feet in front of them. The figure had returned, barring it's bloody teeth. Malfoy and Fang ran for the hills screaming and barking. The being looked toward the unicorn, moving closer to it until the shadows literally made a wall in front of it. Startled it moved back, turning around it saw that Griphyx was holding his wand up, his eyes slit and a growling coming from his throat.

The being moved towards Griphyx until Harry sent a small beam from his wand at the figure, pushing it back slightly. The figure seemed to stare from under it's hood before a centaur rushed from he brush, kicking it's forelegs into the air causing the figure flee and fly into the air.

It looked at the Potter brothers and then to the princesses. It inclined it's head to them, before it looked at the two brothers. "You are safe now, Potters, but you two mustn't be here. Dark forces are seeking you out an this place is not a good place to be." He explained. They knew it was a he from the gruffness of his voice and how deep it was. The centaur looked down at the unicorn and sighed sadly while Griphyx had moved to it's side. "It can not be healed when wounded by such a being. It-" He silenced himself when a bright light formed from Griphyx's hands that were just above the unicorn's wound, healing slowly.

"I won't let her die! I won't let this life be taken! She has too much to lose!" He growled out in pain through grit teeth. Harry placed a hand on his little brothers shoulder, sending magic to him so Griphyx could heal the unicorn. The princesses placed their hooves onto Griphyx as well, concentrating as the unicorn healed quicker. The unicorn looked to be gaining color as her wound closed. Soon the deed was done, but just as when the others had arrived to watch the scene. They saw Griphyx fall over until the unicorn caught him with her side. She looked down at him as his eyes were filled with pain and exhaustion. The princesses checked the unicorn over before they looked at Harry and Griphyx.

"She is pregnant Harry, Griphyx." Luna told them. all of the few who could see and hear her gasped, while those who couldn't -Malfoy- just looked at them like they were crazy.

"You saved three lives tonight, Harry, Griphyx." The centaur said to the two. Hagrid stepped foreword and spoke to the centaur.

"Good to see you again Firenze." He said. Firenze nodded his head before looking back at Griphyx who was being softly nuzzled by the unicorn showing she was thankful -something that took him and the others by surprise-. Griphyx looked up at the unicorn and smiled at her.

"I am glad you and your babies will be fine. I hope you stay safe, okay?" He asked while she helped him to his feet. The unicorn nodded her head before galloping off into the forest to seemingly never be seen again. Griphyx tottered over and placed a hand on a tree as he coughed slightly, his back and side in pain. Ruby moved to side to try and support him. Griphyx sent Ruby a thankful smile before he coughed at the ground again, his back and side burning more and more. Harry was experiencing the same thing however it was with the scar on his forehead. The two Potter brothers collapsed to their knees coughing and in pain. Firenze moved swiftly and picked them up and began to take them to a nearby lake where he put them in.

The water of the lake glowed in a white holy light, washing over them as they rested, their faces were the only parts out of the water. The others could hear their pants in pain from the sore line. Griphyx and Harry's pants soon stopped as they had calmed down, the pain they felt was now gone. Balls of flame floated around the lake, each a different color until two large fames erupted from the two brothers. Harry's was bright vibrant red mixed with green, it gave off a warm feeling that could melt the coldest of snow days in mere seconds. Griphyx's on the other hand, was an icy blue with multiple colors radiating a chilling cold that tingled their senses, and cold most likely freeze anything, even fire. In the center of theirs flames, Harry's was a misty white while Griphyx's was a shadowy black, but both made the group feel comfortable and safe.

Firenze saw the flames and was astonished by how large they were and that they were going to keep growing. The two flames outmatched many that he had scene, however he heard the princesses call those two large flames their aura's, their magic and their very souls. Firenze moved slowly as the flames slammed back into their owners bodies heating them up. As Griphyx and Harry sat up quickly, they were swiftly pulled from the lake and placed on the land on their feet. Griphyx felt strange, like something was unlocked inside of him. Harry felt similar, but also different than his brother. He felt stranger and faster than before.

"It seems the stars are looking upon you both. Hopefully the world will change with you two in it, as well as those three." He said to them in a hushed tone when moving his head towards the princesses softly. "I will-" He was cut off when a neigh resounded from in the forest. A herd of unicorns rushed out, circling the group until the one that Griphyx saved moved up to him and nuzzled him gently. Griphyx smiled and rubbed her snout gently, then her neck and back. The other unicorns moved close to him until what he assumed was the 'Alpha' stepped foreword and stared at him.

The two stared at each other for minutes before Griphyx smiled slightly and waved. "Hi." Was all he said and then the Alpha nodded it's head before nuzzling him slightly and then kneeling it's head down, pushing what looked to be a...necklace? Griphyx picked it up gently, then indicated to it, then to himself as if asking if they wanted him to have it. The Alpha nodded it's head again. Griphyx smiled at the Alpha. "Thank you for the necklace." He said to them. He looked down at the necklace. It had a bright silver and gold chain pieces on it, it connected with in the back with the hook and loop parts, there was what looked to be bright blue moon connected to it. He smiled and put it on, the chain and emblem were colder than ice, but it felt right.

The alpha rose on it's hind legs before galloping off back into the forest with it's herd following close behind. Griphyx looked towards his brother, who had gotten necklace similar to his own, but it was gold and silver, with a red sun emblem on it. The brothers nodded to each other before looking at everyone else. Their necklaces glinting in the light of the full moon, everyone seemed to be astonished, but Malfoy glared at the two, while Ruby stared at Griphyx, an odd gleam in her eye.

The group followed Firenze as they were leaving the forest quickly as to not get stopped once again. Firenze stopped and looked at the group.

"This is were we part ways. May all of you live happily." He said before trotting back into the forest, the shadows concealed him. The group had headed towards Hagrid's shack, seeing McGonagall, Filch and Dumbledore standing their, worried looks on their faces. When they spotted the ground, they almost let out a sigh of relief, but when they saw that Harry and Griphyx were wearing two random necklaces, as well as dirtied and limped slightly, they grew a bit more worried.

"What happened while in there?" McGonagall asked. Filch and Dumbledore stayed quiet to hear the experience they had. Griphyx and Harry relayed what had happened on their side, wile Hagrid explained his. The teachers were surprised about the whole thing with the figure, the unicorns and even the lake. Dumbledore knew about the lake for he had been there before but was surprised when he heard that the two Potter's flames were that large at such a young age, meant that they had powerful magic indeed.

"I see, and that is how you got those necklaces, is it?" Dumbledore questioned. Harry and Griphyx nodded their heads in affirmation. Dumbledore nodded his head in understanding. The two brothers stood next to each other, both exhausted from the night they had had ad thankful it was now the weekend. As the group headed to their respected house/dorms. Griphyx and his group has arrived at their place, Ruby now had her own bed, to which Luna joined her as they slept, Celestia slept with Harry while Nightmare stayed by Griphyx's side. They all went to sleep, waiting for morning to come so they could enjoy the weekend without teachers breathing down their necks constantly and can practice more magic without others needing to know, little did they know that Harry's and Griphyx's necklace's were actually keys to something far better than they could ever imagine.

Chapter 11

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Griphyx was walking through the mess hall with a bored expression. It was around noon and lunch had already passed. The princesses and the others had decided to go visit Hagrid, and to call them via spell. He soon grew even more bored before leaving the empty mess hall. As he strode throughout the castle turned school, he had seen multiple students -mostly girls for some reason- watch him go past and away from their area. He walked down the large hallway and up a flight of stairs before he was stopped by Malfoy an his goons.

"Well if it isn't Potter. What's the matter? Lose your own brother and friends, hm?" He questioned with a snarky attitude while his goons laughed at his overly stupid and obvious question as if it were a joke. Griphyx stayed quiet and his gaze down at the floor, his hair managed to hide his eyes well. Malfoy pushed Griphyx while he was still on the stairs. Griphyx fell backwards as Malfoy and hi goons laughed. However Griphyx grabbed the railing with a hand ad pulled himself foreword passed Malfoy an goons, knocking to the side. He continued to walk until Malfoy began to speak again. "And where do you think your going without apologizing to us huh? You dirtied our clothes!" He yelled at Griphyx. Malfoy and his goons got angrier when Griphyx merely shrugged without tuning around to ace them.

"Hey! He's talking to you, you freak!" Malfoy's right goon growled out. Griphyx still didn't turn around, but listened to the idiots talk about how their clothes are dirty, and how Gryffindor is nothing but trash. Griphyx could care less what people thought about certain things, but it's when people do something wrong just because they don't like something. He tilted his head to the left, as if mocking them to continue their ramblings so that he wouldn't be as bored. At least they kept him occupied until his group returned.

"So Potter..." Malfoy all but hissed out. "Why don't you apologize, hm? Perhaps I can forgive you if you do that, and polish me and my friends shoes, eh?" He said with his snobbish voice, which was starting to annoy Griphyx greatly. He let out a long, tired sigh before looking back to see Malfoy and his goons holding their wands in their hands, as if he'd bother to fight them, they didn't really matter, nor were they any real problem. Compared to his and his groups magic training, Malfoy and his group of misfits were nothing but stuck-up-fools trying to look cool. Griphyx turned back around and continued walking to nowhere.

As he was about to round he corner, a bolt of magic whipped past his head. Turning his head, he saw Malfoy with a defiant sneer on his face. His wand pointed directly at Griphyx's head.

"Well then Potter? Are you going to apologize?" He hissed while sneering. Griphyx let out another sigh. He knew if he was to attack Malfoy with his own magic, he'd be in serious trouble with the school, or worse, the princesses. He thought about blasting Malfoy down the stairs with a small beam, but remembered that the smaller the beam, the more damage it does. So, he did the next best thing. He punched Malfoy right in the face with some force behind it. Malfoy screamed like a little girl, grabbing his face saying how Griphyx 'broke his nose', which was highly unlikely, Griphyx had merely tapped into his actual strength -though it was hard not to punch Malfoy harder, he resisted- and walked around the corner. A grin on his face, Griphyx headed down another flight of stares with students rushing up them to find out who was screaming. Too bad they couldn't see Griphyx's grin.

Griphyx had left the ground and went to Hagrid's, where he met up with the others. Harry looked at Griphyx and paled. He knew to never like Griphyx's grins unless it was towards someone they hated mutually.

"What did you do this time?" Harry asked with a groan. All heads were turned towards the now smirking Griphyx, showing his fangs for all to see -though Ruby smiled at how many fangs Griphyx had-.

"Oh nothing~ Just punched Malfoy in the face after he threatened me, and then shot a bolt of magic at my head. But before he did that, he tried to push me down the stairs, but the best part was when he screamed like a little girl, saying how I" -he cleared his throat- "'broke my nose'. It was hysterical!" Griphyx actually laughed. Now everyone was frightened, not from the violence, but the fact that Griphyx was laughing. Not something they see everyday.

"That wasn't very nice, even if it was funny, it wasn't nice at all! Besides, you could get in trouble! What if you did break his nose!?" Hermione shrieked. This time both of the Potter brothers and the three princesses laughed. The rest of the group was stumped as to what was so funny.

"Hermione, if Griphyx wanted to, he could had sent Malfoy through a wall, let alone break his nose!" Harry gasped out between breathes and laughs. The group stared at Griphyx, mouths agape, all wondering why they haven't been told this information yet, if at all.

"And when ere we going to get told about this!?" Hermione and Ron yelled this time together. The five kept laughing, a knock sounded from the door. As Hermione opened the door, she paled when she saw Prof. McGonagall standing there with a crossed face, which also turned pale when she saw Griphyx laughing with a large smile on his face, his fangs showing. Griphyx fell in front of the paled teacher laughing like mad, slamming a fist onto the floor as he pounded his fist on the front of the shack, shaking it, Harry and the princesses had slightly sobered but had the giggles.. The others panicked while Griphyx was slowly starting to sober from his amusement.

"Oh I needed that! Oh hey Prof. McGonagall! Did you think I was funny how Malfoy hasn't gone through a wall yet for nearly taking my head off?" He questioned. McGonagall's face seemed to go paler. "No? Just me? Meh, everyone's a critic." He stated before jumping to his feet and stretching his arms.

"What do you mean he tried to take your head off?" She questioned, the others soon grew serious as Griphyx explained who everything that had happened up to the point he had been laughing like a lunatic. McGonagall scowled before looking down at Griphyx. "I see, then I will deducted 20 points rom Slitherin, but 10 points from Gryffindor. understood?" She asked. The group nodded, thug Griphyx was once again bored. McGonagall left after she said that Malfoy, his friends and Griphyx had detention n her class after their classes were over. Griphyx could honestly care less. Nightmare said that she would stay by Griphyx's side, as did Luna.

The group then continued to talk while Griphyx stayed quiet, contemplating if he shouldn't have defended himself and took the bolt.


The weekend ended with the group of friends training someplace solitude so no one else could see find or see them -except for Hagrid of course-. once they had started their classes, McGonagall said she expected to see him, Malfoy and his friends back in her classroom after they finished their others classes. That time came quickly and soon Griphyx, Luna and Nightmare entered McGonagall's classroom once again.

"Am I the only one that actually showed up here?" He stated before looking around the room. No one was there with him -save the princesses of course-. He let out another tired sigh before he sat at a desk, leaned back and closed his eyes. A few moments passed until the door opened. McGonagall entered the room and grew surprise to see that Griphyx had beaten her to her own classroom. She nodded in approve meant before making herself known to him by clearing her throat. Griphyx's response was a singe wave with two fingers making a mock solute. She nodded her head once again, heading to her desk and taking a seat.

Another few minutes passed in silence. The two night princesses had fallen asleep by Griphyx's side, while he discretely lay his arms on their backs gently. Even McGonagall was beginning to grow tired, until she heard Malfoy and his friends laughing about how the 'old witch' isn't there yet. She heard a mocking snickers resonate from Griphyx who opened an eye before raising a finger to his lips. McGonagall seemed to understand, and as the group of fools grew closer, she decided to play along. She casted an invisibility spell onto herself just as the doors opened up. Malfoy an his friends saw Griphyx sitting alone, no teachers to 'protect' him.

"Well if it isn't the Griphyx Potter. Need another lesson in almost having your head blown off by a magic bolt again?" He taunted Griphyx who stayed quiet, but his grin had vanished, a shiver went down McGonagall's spine when seeing that. Malfoy raised his wand an sent a bolt of magic, hitting Griphyx's desk, right next to his hand. Griphyx shook his head at McGonagall, telling her to not reveal herself yet. Oddly enough, she listened, well, watched to be exact.

"This is a classroom fool, now sit down and be quiet." Griphyx started calmly, which made Malfoy and his friends angry. They all pulled out their wands and pointed them directly at Griphyx, who sat calmly in his seat. Malfoy growled when Griphyx didn't turn around to look at him and his friends.

"We'll make sure you never cross us again, Potter!" Malfoy hissed out gritting his teeth. Griphyx stayed where he sat, not making any sudden movements. "Fine, your funeral!" Malfoy shouted at he and his friends sent bolts of magic at Griphyx. When the smoke was clear, all they and McGonagall saw was a broken desk and empty broken chair.

"Where did he go!? Did we kill him!?" One of Malfoy's friends screamed in fear. Said friend was thrown passed Malfoy as he landed in a desk chair, looking around frantically as to how it happened.

"You know, you are all a bunch of idiots, firing magic in a classroom? Bucking morons." They all heard Griphyx say from behind Malfoy and his gang. They turned and saw Griphyx standing on his left leg while his right was crossed behind it and a hand on the wall, his eyes were closed as if he was bored -truth be told, he was!-. "Had I decided to block your magic with my own, most of this class room, if not all of it, would be broken. Tch, bunch of fools don't you think, Professor?" He stated, opening an eye looking at an empty desk, however the group of fools gasped when they saw McGonagall shimmer out from her invisibility spell. And she looked pissed.

"Malfoy and friends, detention for a week!" She bellowed. Griphyx stayed silent while Malfoy glared at him. The princesses awoke when Griphyx sneezed, they looked around lazily, wondering how their desk was now broken and burnt.

"See what I was saying? They are out to kill me, not that they could, but they tried to at least." Griphyx said to McGonagall who sent a cold scowl at Malfoy and his buddies. She then nodded her head an said that Griphyx could leave. But he had other plans. "Nah, I think I'll stay here, kind of fun now that you know they were dead set on seeing me harmed. Besides, you seemed to have enjoyed the show." He explained. McGonagall nodded her head before she raised her wand, but Griphyx stopped her. "Let me fix that up." He stated. Everyone in the room but the princesses had their doubts, but soon gaped as Griphyx raised his wand, and clicked while also quickly snapping his fingers as the same time. The destroyed desk and chair reformed good as new.

"Interesting, when did you learn how to do that kind of spell, Mr. Potter?" McGonagall asked. Griphyx looked her strait in the eye, before he purred softly so only she could hear. When he sat back at his desk, she rubbed her eyes, but when she opened them, she saw Nightmare and Luna sitting next to Griphyx. She gave an alarmed look at him, before he gave her the 'I'll explain later' look. She nodded her head, looking at the Malfoy an friends, but looking back out of the corner of her eye to see the princesses nuzzling up to Griphyx before falling back to sleep.

When the detention was over, Malfoy and his goons left. it was just the princesses and Griphyx along with McGonagall.

"How do you do my McGonagall, it is finally good to talk to you." Said a voice from behind her. McGonagall turned and saw Celestia who had a wing draped over Harry's shoulder. "I am Princess Celestia, Goddess of the sun." She said to the teacher. McGonagall nodded her head slowly, knowing there was more to it.

"I am Nightmare Moon, Princess and Goddess of nightmares and part of the night." Nightmare said. McGonagall nodded her head again.

"And I am Princess Luna, Goddess of the moon and partial night." Luna said. The three goddesses bowed heir heads slightly, before looking at the teacher. McGonagall stared at the three, questioning how they were connected to the Potters.

"We are their friends, guardians and mentors in our magic. That is how Griphyx was able to fix his desk and chair." Celestia explained. McGonagall nodded her head before plopping down into her chair behind her desk, staring at he five.

"I am assuming that Miss Granger, Mr. Weasley, and Miss star are also learning from you three?" The princesses nodded. "And does albas know of your existence, let alone that you are teaching students magic that is far greater than our own?" The princesses nodded again. "Good, than I will tolerate it, and let me guess, I must keep you three a secret till the day I pass, correct?" Once again, the princesses nodded their heads. McGonagall nodded her head back, agreeing with the terms.

"If it is alright Prof. McGonagall, we are going to train tonight in our dreams, would you like to join us, and see how we do things?" Celestia asked. The professor nodded her had, softly. After an hour, the group of friends left the room and went back to their dorm, drifting to sleep.


Griphyx opened his eyes, as they were once again on the moon. Only this time, McGonagall was there now too. She looked confused until she saw Griphyx an he rest of the gang.

"So you train on the moon?" The group nodded silently. "Interesting, well, come on, show me your magic." She said. Celestia took Harry, Ron and Ruby while Luna took Hermione. Nightmare and Griphyx stayed put. It had been noted hat Griphyx was farther along than the others were, so he should wait for the others to catch up. McGonagall grew astonished when she saw Harry fly around with wings, Rona and Hermione blast beams at rocks -and a few times each other-. Ruby was with Celestia learning how to create a mini sun, while Luna watched over Hermione from the air. All the while Griphyx and Nightmare were curled up against each other, resting their eyes, snoring softly.

McGonagall nodded in approve meant form the way the princesses handle the kids, however, she was wondering about Griphyx. If he was so far ahead, what could he do, and if he really was as strong as he claimed, what if he were o flip, let alone the fact he went at some of his full speed going after that figure in the forest. She would need to keep an eye on him, but seeing how he hasn't harmed anyone -not too badly anyway- that he was fine. The rest of the night was filled with grunts and soft snores. While in the outside world, something began to stir in the darkness, something evil had it's sights on Hogwarts, more importantly it had it's sights on the Potter brothers.

Chapter 12

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Griphyx was alone again, except time he no choice this time. Ever since McGonagall had learned of the princesses existence -courtesy of himself- she has been having him showoff his magic o those who knew about it. He was currently reconstructing a broken podium that had been shattered when Malfoy and his friends chased him around her class room. When Griphyx was done, he heard multiple people -and ponies- clapping their hands or hooves. He was quick to turn around and his eyes widened when he saw a lavender Alicorn standing in front of him, she wears a gold tiara with her cutie mark as the gemstone. His mouth opens and closes like a fish, when he turns to his left he sees his friends smiling though slightly startled by the new princess, while the princesses gape at her.

"Twilight..what are you doing here!? Has something happened!?" Celesta asks with worry in her tone. Twilight laughs softly before shaking her head slightly.

"No Celestia, everything is fine, is fine in fact that there has been nothing to do! So I decided to drop by and see what you three have been doing for so long. Now I can see that you found something to do, I wish I could join you all physically, but at the moment, I must remain here." Twilight explained her form shimmered as if he was fading. "Looks like I don't have very long, oh well." She looks at Griphyx with a smile. "Please watch out for them." She asks.

"I will, I generally do, but so far, hey have ben watching over me, but that's fine. Will we meet again, Twilight?" Griphyx asks in a calm tone. Twilight's smile widens as she nods her head.

"Of course you will! I might even come by physically to stay for a few hours, well, for Equestria it is hours, for you it's days." Twilight explains to the large group. Griphyx nods his head, watching as Twilight vanishes from their view.

"Well, that was unexpected. Who was that anyways?" Asks Ron. Celestia smiles and beams at the question.

"That was my personal student turned princess, the same one I told you all about. Twilight Sparkle, the Element of Magic." She explains. Ron stares with his mouth agape. "But so far, Harry seems to be ding just as great as Twilight is, so if Griphyx!" Celestia is positively beaming at this. Griphyx stretches as he goes to walk to the door, when a flash of purple light forms in front of him. There, standing there in person, or pony, is Twilight Sparkle. She is as tall as Luna is, her mane and tail are long and flowing through an ethereal wind, her regalia is light violet, her fur coat shimmering, while her eyes draw them in.

"Hey, looks like Discord has things covered, so I decided to drop by." She stated. Griphyx blinked before he stared at her wit his strange eyes. Twilight stared back, the two in a silent staring contest that would normally freak others out, they thought Twilight was going to freak, that is, until the two of them burst out laughing and pat each other's shoulders in a friendly manner.

"It's good to see you in the flesh instead of the static. Hey, my name is Griphyx Potter." He stated as he held a hand out.

"Twilight Sparkle." She replied, the two of them shook hoof shake(hand shake?). They smile at each other before turning to see the others looks of confusion. Griphyx makes a 'what's up with them' face to Twilight, she gives him an 'I dunno' shrug and look. The two shrug before walking off side by side. The group of friends and the princesses follow as McGonagall starts o question her own sanity at this point while Hagrid is questioning what is going on. As Twilight and Griphyx lead the group, they converse about their adventures and experiences. They each surprise each other when they talk about their childhoods -though for Griphyx it is more like a few months ago- each feeling either glad or sad to the other.

As they reached the mess hall, Dumbledore saw Twilight and gave Griphyx a questioning look before he shrugged before sitting at the table with the others. The princesses -mainly Celestia, Luna and Nightmare were doing the talking- were talking about what hey have experienced after not seeing each other for so long. Twilight grew more surprised when Celestia, Luna and Nightmare explained how powerful Harry and Griphyx were at magic, and at this point were stronger than she was when she had faced down Discord. Twilight gave the two Potter brothers a look of astonishment, before a look of acknowledge. The two brothers looked at her for a brief second before looking back at Hermione, Ron and Ruby who were talking to them.

They had been conversing for about an hour before Malfoy and his goons approached the table, a scowl on their faces.

"I challenge you, Griphyx Potter, to a duel!" Malfoy spat at him. Griphyx sighed, knowing that he could not back down, decided to take it in stride.

"When and where?" He asks.

"Here and now!" Malfoy yells, pulling out his wand and pointing it at Griphyx. The others -and the princesses- gasp from this. The teachers sigh and allow it to happen, unaware that albas, McGonagall and Hagrid have no idea how powerful Griphyx is. Griphyx hops up from his seat and lands behind Malfoy and his goons.

"Fine, just don't bucking cry when you lose, alright?" Griphyx stated with a very cold tone, that shook everybody down to their cores. Twilight gasps at Griphyx's language, and is about to berate him until she catches a glimpse of his magical flame, and it made her jaw drop. The others soon saw this n stared at Griphyx's massive magical power. Malfoy and everyone else -save the three teachers that can see it- only feel a gust of wind. Griphyx pulls out his wand and pointes it at Malfoy. Malfoy flicks his wand, sending a bolt of teal colored magic bolt at Griphyx, who flicks his wand, and discreetly snaps his fingers, makes a shield, blocking the bolt of magic.

"How did you do that!?" Malfoy yells at Griphyx. Griphyx doesn't replay, as his shield vanishes, he flicks his wand and sends a bolt of his own magic, the color is black and green. As the bolt hits Malfoy, Griphyx quickly weakens it, as he does not want to injure Malfoy too badly. Malfoy flies back and skids on the floor. He stares at Griphyx, wide eyed before running away. Griphyx yawns in boredom before leaving the mess hall. Leaving behind everyone and pony with mouths agape.

Chapter 13

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Griphyx moved down the hall after defeating Malfoy in a duel. He went up the stairs and went into the Gryffindor house, he decided to sit on the couch in front of the fireplace, it was getting colder, as it grew closer to Christmas once again. Hey sighed before laying his head back, closing his eyes he drifted off to sleep. Twilight had entered the room as she saw Griphyx laying his head back with his eyes closed, she lay next to him, enjoying the warmth of the fire roaring in the fireplace. As they lay there in silence, a grunt makes Twilight jump. She turns to the door and see's the group entering in a rush.

Harry looks at his younger brother, who is currently sleeping, but he looks paler, as if h used too much magic and he needed to rest to regain it back, but Harry knew the truth. It was because Griphyx didn't eat or drink very much, and when he did, it was in very little amounts. He knew if Griphyx kept this up, he'd he hospitalized for sure. Harry sighed sadly, and was going to walk away.

"It's funny how worried you get. It's touching, but still funny to see you worrying about me constantly. But, if you think I should eat ad drink more, please hold me back whenever Malfoy goes to ruin it?" Griphyx stated, his eyes opened, they have a weak sort of feel to them. "I know you are all wondering as to why, but that is the reason. Malfoy and his friends decide to take y food, or spill my drink when one of them takes a book o something of mine. If you can hold me back, than I'll eat and drink more." He stated. Harry nodded his head, worry in his eyes.

"Alright little brother. But please take it easy with the magic until your physically able to do that again, alright?" He asked. Griphyx nodded his head. Griphyx's eyes grew heavy as his world started to go black, but then Twilight touched her horn to his forehead, sending energy into his body. His eyes shot open as some color cam back to him, and looking at her, he saw that she had a smile on her muzzle. He smiled back, before Nightmare nuzzled him gently, a worried look in her eyes. Twilight, Luna and Celestia looked at Nightmare in a bit of surprise.

"I'll be okay Moony. No need to worry, alright?" He said to Nightmare. Her eyes widened as a blush formed on her cheeks.

"What did you call me?" She asked. Griphyx gave her a small smile.

"I called you Moony, but, I have a better name for you, but it's stupid." He sighed.

"I would like to hear it, perhaps we can all gain nicknames?" Celestia said. The others nodded, and looked to Griphyx.

"You want me to nickname them?" He asked. They nodded. "Alright, then, Luna, I was thinking of Artemis, for you Celestia, Tia, for you Nightmare, I was thinking of, Nyx." He stated. The three of them blushed at their nicknames.

"What about me?" Twilight asked. Griphyx gave her a kind smiled.

"I was thinking of, Twily." He said.

"Those are three Greek Goddesses names though Griph. Is it even polite to nickname them hat, when the last one we met was..." Harry stopped. All eyes were on the brothers as Harry remembered that the others were there too.'

"You met gods and didn't tell us!?" Hermione asked, an incredulous look on her face.

"We did, but...that's a story for another time." Griphyx stated. "Anyways, I think that they would be happy that used their names to summarize Luna, Nightmare and Twilight. Though Tia was kind of a cop out, huh?" He asked. Celestia shook her head with a smile.

"It's fine Griphyx. Really, it is." She stated. He nodded his head, before laying back, remembering his and Harry's meeting with those beings, it still shook him slightly from how some of them were kind, while others were not. Griphyx sighed as Hermione, Ruby and Ron kept bugging him and Harry about the deities. They stopped when Griphyx growled loudly as their only warning. Soon they decided to head to bed, but Griphyx couldn't help but feel like he was being watched by someone, or, something.


He opened his eyes to see that he was on the moon, but no one else was, he began to worry, until Nightmare walked up to him with the others behind her. She looks down at him and smiles. He smiles back as the two of them share a random hug. Nightmare nuzzles his neck gently, causing him to giggle. The group practices their magic, but this time, Griphyx decided to use his hands instead of his wand. His black and green aura formed around him in a giant pillar of light. Twilight watched, amazed that we was capable of having this much magic.

"That's not all of if Sparkle. Griphyx has tons more magic yet untapped, same with the others, but only Griphyx and Harry reach our level of magic, maybe even closer to Discord's level and ability. While harry uses his hand like we o our horns, Griphyx uses his hands like Discord does." Nightmare said to Twilight. Twilight stared at Griphyx, and for a slit moment, she saw not a human standing before her, but a Draconequus instead. Everyone watched as Griphyx's aura turned from sickly green and black, to bright sy blue and white, he yelled out as if pushing past a barrier.

"That's it Griphyx, just keep pushing!!" Harry, Luna and Celestia cheered him on. The others cheered him on, but as he kept pushing, the ground beneath him started to crack, ad crumble into the pillar of light, the ground shook as he broke the barrier. A shockwave of energy pulsating from one large ring around the bottom, but grew larger as thy go to the top. And as soon as the pillar was former, it changed shape, it looked like a dragon, but it was larger than one they had seen, it was glowing black, they could see that it had four arms, four legs a long tail, four wings on it's back, a long torso ad neck, it's head was like a ponies, but what shocked them the most was it's eyes. It had Griphyx's eyes, but they seemed brighter, the strange creature roared as it began to disappear, it sounded like wail that haunted them to the core.

As it vanished Griphyx stood there, his cloths were torn apart, he slumped onto his knees and placed his hands onto the ground. He looked up at the group, a smile on his face, his teeth were normal except for one, on the right side of his upper jaw, was a long fang of sorts. The princesses grew surprised. What they had just seen, was a Draconequus being born, they saw Griphyx's power, and if he were to go t Equestria, himself. They kept staring at him, they could feel power radiating from him, just waiting to be used, but there was still more to come, they had only managed to unlock his barriers, now he was capable of accumulating much more, whether he wanted to or not.

"That was so cool!" Ruby yelled out. The others cheered at Griphyx as he stumbled to them, but once he reached them, he fell to his knees. His eyes seemed to be brighter as well. Nightmare helped him to his feet. The rest of the night was full of cheering Harry on to trying to get him to break all his barriers, he only managed to break a few, which was rather impressive, it took Griphyx a few tries before he could do that.


The next day, the group was out on a field, they had brooms by their feet.

"Now then" -their teacher Madam Hooch- "I want you all to call to your brooms. Say 'Up' loud enough for us to hear." The class nodded. As their classmates called up, Griphyx and Harry smirked to each other as they thought the same thing.

"UP" They said in unison, Their brooms seemed to appear in their hands while saying this. A gust of wind sent ripples in the lush green grass at their feet. Hooch and class stared at the two as the ripples reached them but soon died out.

"Well that was...something." Hooch said. "Now then, on the count of three, I want you to- NEVAL LONGBOTTOM! GET BACK DOWN HERE!" Hooch yelled to the boy who was stuck in the air. His broom dipped downward and he fell. Griphyx and Harry got back to back, they held their wands out as the used their magic to catch Neville. When he was at least eleven feet from the ground, they dropped him, where Griphyx seemed to appear below him and caught pour Neville. He placed the boy down gently just as Hooch rushed to his side. "That was good magic there Potters, now, no one is to fly again until I return." She stated as she took Neville to the nurses office.

"Well look at this." Malfoy said after Hooch left. He picked up a silver sphere that Neville usually had, he had said it was a gift from his family.

"Give it back Malfoy, unless you want another duel." Griphyx said to Draco. Draco sneered as he rose up from the ground on his broom.

"Why should I? It's not yours." He said.

"It's not yours either, now put it down, or else!" Griphyx stated. Draco smirked and rose farther back towards the woods.

"Then come and get it, freak." He spat. Griphyx growled, he jumped and his broom moved underneath him, and as his feet touched it, he flew towards Draco, Harry followed him.

"Give it back, now." Griphyx growled, while holding his hand out.

"How about, FETCH!" Draco yelled as he threw the sphere past Griphyx's head. Griphyx growled and sat on the broom and took off after the sphere. Griphyx moved so slow on this broom compared to his wings, but he needed to keep up appearances. He reached out with his right hand and grabbed the sphere, he turns and dives downwards, Harry mimics him, just in time for Hooch to walk out of the building. Then both of them spin upwards in the air, they then flew in a circle around each other, and then landed, Griphyx on his broom, as he stands up on it, while Harry has the broom in his hand.

"Potters!" Hooch yelled at the two. "You two, come with me now!" She said. The brothers sigh as hey follow Hooch, Nightmare and Luna follow the, while Celestia and Twilight stay behind. As the five reach the Quidditch team office, they are surprised to see McGonagall. "Found these two flying around. Thinking they would be good for the team." Hooch said to McGonagall.

"I see." She said before looking at the two brothers she sees he princesses there, they have proud looks on their faces. She nods her head, they nod back. "How would you two like to join the Gryffindor Quidditch team?" She asks. The brothers look at each other, before they are pulled back by Nightmare.

"They will need moment to think about it." She said.

"I'll give you two a moment to think it over." McGonagall said. The two nodded and huddled to a corner as the princesses told them the pros to doing this.

"This will do more for the two of you, though mostly you Griphyx. Even with us as your friends, you need more human interaction, so it will create bonds, alright?" Nightmare stated. Griphyx seemed to mull it over.

"I suppose so, but what about our school work? Or sleeping?" He asks. Harry thinking the same way. It was funny, Harry was the more talkative one while Griphyx kept to himself.

"You are ahead of your classes, you have us to help you sleep let alone the fact that you rarely need sleep Griphyx. You're just fine to do this, besides, your physical capabilities are beyond the human limits. You would be a valuable asset to the team, while Harry is faster and slightly more agile than you, so he'd be just as helpful." Luna stated. The brothers nodded their heads before walking back over to McGonagall.

"Fine, but, we wanna do a try out for the team. No being handed our positions. Do we have a deal?" Griphyx asked. McGonagall nodded her head as she called out a name.

"Chad. Please come here, there are two new players for you!" She yelled. A boy who looked a few years older than the brothers walked out. He had brown curly hair that covered his eyes, he wears brown gloves, leg guards, shoulder, chest and torso pads as well. He looks at the brothers until he stares at Griphyx, mainly his eyes and fang.

"Yes Ms. McGonagall? Are these two the newbies?" He asks. She nods her heads.

"They want to do a try outs to determine their role on the team. Please do so when able to." She says. Chad stares at the two before shaking his head in confusion.

"Alright, lets get going you two." Chad states. The five of them head outside, where the rest of the team is. "Okay boys. We have two newbies that will be doing a try out. Lets see hat they got!" He yelled to them. They all whooped in excitement as they handed Griphyx and Harry brooms. Harry takes off first, while Griphyx gets on a surfer stance on the broom, said broom rises and heads into the air quickly. The two of them circle each other as a large sphere and a gold sphere fly past them. Harry goes after the golden sphere as Griphyx knocks the larger sphere away with a paddle. Harry moves quickly as Griphyx is sitting on his broom, doing barrels rolls around him, they move in unison, up, down, left, right, forward, backward. The team watches with mouths agape, Hooch and McGonagall are the same as they watch harry chase the snitch (golden sphere) while Griphyx protects him.

Harry grabs the snitch just as Griphyx holds out a hand and catches the large sphere. The two of them land, Harry hands the team the snitch as Griphyx is using his super grip to keep the larger sphere from moving but his upper half jerks to the sides every so often. The team puts both back into their case before Chad looks at the two.

"Chad Thompson. Good t have a new seeker and protector on the team." He states with a smile while holding his hands out. The brothers shake Chad's hands firmly.

"Good to be on the team Chad." Harry says.

"Yeah." Is all Griphyx says. Chad nods at the two, but then hears clapping. Everyone turns to see that the class was still on the field.

"That was awesome Harry/Griphyx!" Hermione and Ruby whooped out. Ron gave them a nod of his head, the princesses smile at the two, while Draco and his goons glare at the Potter brothers. Griphyx and Harry smirk and give them all a thumbs up. They had gone to the mess hall after Harry and Griphyx were told to stop by next week to get their gear to be fitted. After dinner -which Griphyx ate fully of- they headed to bed, to train their magic more, though Griphyx was told to wait yet again, not that he minded too much. None of them aware that that certain evil, was now in the castle, and it was looking for the brothers, but now, it was mainly looking for Griphyx.

Chapter 14

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Griphyx walks down the hall heading towards the mess hall late, until Draco and his goons get in his way. Smug look on Draco's face gives Griphyx a bad feeling.

"I just became the seeker for the Slitherin Quidditch team." He sneers. Griphyx sighs internally, but physically, he shrugs.

"So? Why would that matter to me?" He asks coolly. Draco scowled and then pushed Griphyx, knocking him onto his side. Griphyx, instead of beating the little twerp, just gets back up and dusts himself off. "Was that supposed t get me to push you back? You do know if I wanted, you would be imbedded into a wall correct?" He states. Draco's wide eyes tells him all h needed to know. "I see. Then you are a fool." He says before appearing behind Draco and his goons before walking on, as he leaves, Draco and his goons are swept aside from random gust of wind.

Griphyx enters the mess hall and seats himself next to his brother. A week had passed and they had their guard. Griphyx looked at Harry from the corner of his eye.

"Draco is the seeker of the Slitherrin team. Just to let you know, we'll need to be ready for the game today." He states. Harry nods his head. Their group listens while the princesses are back at their dorm, resting and regaining lost magical energy. Harry and Griphyx rise from their seats and head to the Gryffindor Quidditch locker room. The two of them are gearing up when Chad walk up to the two of them.

"You, Griphyx have some serious balls, making he Slitherrin team want to kill you." He states with an approving smirk. Griphyx quirks a brow.

"The buck are you talking about?" He asks. Chad hands him a note, it talks about how they are going to win and that they will find out his and Harry's secrets and publicize it to the whole school. Griphyx rips the note to pieces and litters the pieces on the floor. "Empty threats from Malfoy don't scare me. Like I said to him earlier today, if I wanted to, he'd be imbedded into a wall somewhere. I care not for him." Griphyx says coldly. Chad gives him a "Yeah right" look.

"He's telling the truth, he is stronger than you think. He is also a hay of a lot faster than me when he takes something seriously. Be it in the air or on the land, he beats me in everything." Harry says. Chad gives Griphyx an astonished look, Griphyx raises a brow at him.

"You infatuated by me or something?" He asks. Chad shakes his head.

"Nope, just didn't expect you to be like that though. But that would explain the try out and the rumors of you moving so fast it can cause a gust of wind." Chad said. Griphyx gets a smirk before vanishing before Chad's eyes.

"That much is all true, if I truly wanted, I could walk like this, but even I have limits." Griphyx says from behind Chad. Chad jumps and spins around, to see no one. You really need better reflexes if your trying to catch me in action." He states from behind Chad once again.

"Yet well, I can't follow what I can't see, now can I?" Chad states. Griphyx nods his head.

"Very true, but you can follow what you can hear and smell. I sometimes do that when I'm bored." He explains. Griphyx walks past Chad and then picks up his broom, he looks back at them, smirking, showing his fang. "Lets do this!" He states before he and the rest of the team fly out of the room, Griphyx circles around Harry once again, the brothers moving in unison. The teachers watch in awe as Griphyx rotates around Harry like the moon down the earth.

The Slitherrin team flies out next, and he game starts. Harry and Griphyx go after the golden snitch. Draco follows them, but he smile when Harry jerks about and he knocks Griphyx off of his broom. Griphyx blinks, and looks around, his broom is broken and the ground gets closer and closer. He sighs and spins, he lands on the seats just between Hermione and Ruby. He turns and see Snape holding his wand out and muttering something as Harry's broom is jerked around. Hermione sets his cloak on fire and Harry becomes free from the curse. Harry grabs the golden snitch, but he losses control and falls, everyone watches. Griphyx jumps and grabs Harry, the two fall to the ground, but Griphyx snaps his fingers and the broom flies to them as they fall, Griphyx grabs the broom and flies into the air high above the field and clouds.

The two dive down past the clouds, they boom past the audience as they land on the grass. The announcer says that Gryffindor wins. Griphyx helps Harry up to his feet as the two of them head back to the locker rooms. Chad congratulates them, and they thank him. The two get back to their dorm where Griphyx punches a wall, it shutters slightly as everyone including the princesses jump.

"I could I been there to help you quicker if I could use my wings. But these people don't and can't learn of us." He sighs before laying on his bed, frustration on his face clear as day. "How could I have been so foolish as to not check the brooms for any traces of magic, I'm such an idiot!" He yells out, the windows shudder from the force.

"Lets just rest, it has been a long day, especially on how you have been building up magic Griphyx, you need sleep, I'll go tell Dumbledore that you felt ill, alright?" Celestia says. Griphyx nods and sighs. He has been like this for a whole week, but can't seem to understand why. Could he need to unleash his full magic? But if he did, he could damage so many people and living things because of is, sighing, he goes to sleep, as does Harry. Celestia returns an hour later and lays with Harry, and Twilight, while Luna and Nightmare lay with Griphyx. All of them unaware of a pair of eyes looking through the window, a sneer forms his lips, as he rushes to tell Snape.

Chapter 15

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Griphyx sits on a couch in Snape's office along with the rest of his group of friends. The princesses float there above them and they notice Griphyx has a massive amount of hate in his eyes as he stares at Snape and Malfoy deeply.

"Now then. You shall explain yourselves right this instant! What did Malfoy mean by you having 'wings', Mr. Griphyx?" He says with large amounts of venom in his words. Griphyx growls at Snape loudly and shows his fangs and this seems to startle Snape, but nothing more, Malfoy on the other hand, was a little wuss.

"AH! Look at him!! He's a freaky-vampire-thing!!" He shriek like a little girl. Ruby gives him a dirty look.

"He isn't, he's a- " She is cut off by a notebook hitting her in the face, knocking her back.

"SHUT UP FREAK!" He screams at Ruby. That was a mistake. Griphyx moves and pins Malfoy to the far wall with a finger and glares deeply into the blonde boys eyes. Malfoy stares into Griphyx's eyes with fear and then looks to Snape with hope, said hope vanishes as Snape simply stares.

"It would seem that you are going to detention, Mr. Malfoy, and you Griphyx, are in need of an explanation of you...speed and strength." He comments calmly. Griphyx growl once more before tossing Malfoy in the air and seemingly appears back into his own seat to watch Malfoy flop onto his back. "No then, explain what he meant?" Snape says again.

"It was a term of when Harry and I were little. We dreamt of flying and I guess it just stuck to me, nothing more. As for my strength and speed? I have always been this way. Can we go now?" Griphyx states nonchalantly. Snape thinks this over.

'There is something more to him and his friends, I will need to take it up with Dumbledore to search their things.' He thinks to himself in his strange strange mind.

"Very well, but do not attack another student, understood?" He orders. Griphyx nods his head as he and his friends, as well as the princesses leave the office and head back to their room. Griphyx sighs as he sits on their massive couch and thinks over everything that has happened. He looks up at Nightmare who is giving him a sad smile.

"It'll all be okay, Griphyx. You'll see." She tells him. He nods his head sadly and hugs her gently. It was odd for the others to see him and Nightmare having such acts towards each other, some might even see it as 'love' but seeing as to how much time he, Luna and Nightmare spend together, it would make sense. Luna nuzzles the two of them gently.

"All will be fine, you shall see our dear Griphyx." She tells him. Griphyx smiles at both of them before he grabs his necklace piece, ever since a few nights ago, he has been hearing the voices of those from his and Harry's past, more specifically, those 'gods and goddesses' that the two had met so long ago. Griphyx sighs and squeezes the moon pendant tighter before releasing his grasp and looking up everyone with a smirk.

"Hay yeah, everything will definitely be fine! Now then, lets go and have some diner, alright?" He states. It was strange for him to be the leader, generally it had been Harry, but lately Harry has been letting Griphyx take the lead, and it has been helping him out immensely, he actually talk now! Griphyx gets to his feet and walks through his group of friends and as he leaves, they follow.

They arrive at the mess hall where they are greeted by Dumbledore -the usual thing- and they greet him back. Once they arrive and sit down, something unexpected happens. A teacher with a bald head comes running in and screams his head off.

"TROLL!!! TROLL!!!! There's a troll in the dungeon..." He says before passing out. Griphyx gets to his feet with his wand in hand. He looks over at Dumbledore, McGonagall and Hagrid who also rise to their feet, however, Snape does the same.

"It would seem that we are needed....please, remain seated here until the Troll has been dealt with." Dumbledore orders before he, McGonagall, Hagrid, Snape and Griphyx with his group head on out. "It would seem that your magic will be needed on this night, Griphyx, as you are a much closer connection to the ones that control it. Please be careful." Dumbledore tells Griphyx who nods his head and an orange glint appears in his eyes for half a second before he runs out to find this Troll.

"Why are we letting HIM go ahead and deal with this beast?" Snape asks. Dumbledore looks at his companion with a small smile.

"He has immense magic that surpasses many of the teachers here. Surely, you have noticed his magical prowess?" He states. Snape nods his head and knows what Dumbledore was talking about.

Griphyx runs down the corridor and meets up with a tall grey humanoid being that has a rag around it's hips to cover it's extra bits. It wields a brown log or a club and it stares down at Griphyx, who stares back before smiling.

"Well you certainly look interesting enough!" He says with a grin before holding his wand like one would a knife. "Try not to disappoint!!" He laughs out as he charges the Troll. The troll (we'll name him Trolly, thank you Pinkie Pie!!) swings his club down and it crashes into the floor and breaks the tiles.

Griphyx sits on top of the Troll's club with a smirk on his lips.

"Gonna need to try harder than that!!" He roars out as his wand lights up and his right hand ignites into a shadow fire. He charges at the Troll before firing a bolt of magic in the form of a wave from his wand, as his hand catches the cub. The glass next to them shatters from Griphyx's speeds.

'Seems that I am stronger....that's not good, if I get too carried away I might destroy this part of the school!' He thinks to himself in a bit of hurry. The wave of magic collides with the Troll, but only makes it angrier.

"Oh crap..." He says before the Troll swings down at him again.

"We need to hurry! Something isn't right here..." Harry states as he runs down the hallways going to help his brother, the others and the princesses follow, but as they round the last corner, they see Griphyx sitting atop of the Trolls back with a bored expression on his face.

"I had to knock this bucker out, apparently magic makes them stronger, just bucking GREAT!!" He groans out in annoyance. He sends a mock glare at Harry. "Next time, you deal with the weirdo magical crap, and I'll stay behind and get there to help you out at last second, Kay?" He says sarcastically. Snape has a look of disbelief, how could such a young boy handle a large Toll, a Mountain Troll no less! He stays quiet and watches, the night only getting more normal, much to Griphyx's dismay.

Chapter 16

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Griphyx sits atop of a tree next to Hagrid's hut as the others are inside and talking about their days. It had been a week since Griphyx had dealt with that strange Troll, he had one question about it though.

'How did it get into the castle?' He thinks to himself as he looks up at the grey skies. He had told them about how he 'Used the club to knock him out', but, he remembers what truly happened. He looks down at his hand and for a split second, he sees a red and black large hand with white claws. He closes his hand and eyes as well. In his had is his Moon Emblem. The moon has been changing much like the actual moon does.

He looks at the moon an sees as it has some red in it, marking the 'hunters moon' will be coming soon. He sighs before a voice snaps him out of his thoughts.

"Griphyx?" A woman's voice says to him. He jumps slightly before looking up and seeing Nightmare -he stills calls her Nyx, though now it is out of respect to her and the human goddess of the night- looking down at him with a worried look. "What is troubling you?" She asks as she lands before him. He sighs before looking at his hand again.

"Do you ever get the feeling that...that there's something else inside of you? Something....mean?" He asks with a sad tone. Nightmare sighs softly before lifting his head with a wing.

"I was once that 'bad' thing inside of Luna, before I was set free. So in a way, I do. Why? Do you think something 'mean' is inside you?" She asks softly. Over the course of his life, Luna and Nightmare have been more and more protective and caring towards him, could it be because of his strangeness? Could it be because of his 'abilities' that no other human has? He will never truly know.

Griphyx sighs and nods his had slightly, before looking up at Nightmare.

"Yeah, Nyx. I feel like there is, when I said that I used the trolls club to knock it out...I...I lied..." He said. Both unaware that the others and Hagrid were there, listening in. They -along with Nightmare- became surprised. He sighed as clenched his fist tighter. "I...I had control over something else...something...dark. scares me..." He sighs with a shaky tone as his eyes close to block...tears? Nightmare became surprised, she hadn't seen him shed a tear ever since he was but a little boy. She drapes a wing over his shoulder. "I...I saw my hand turn into a large claw for a brief moment as I punched at it's face. I...I...." He whimpers, shaking everyone to their core. When Griphyx would whimper or cry, it usually meant that it was something that was beyond him, meaning it would be something only the princesses could deal with, gods forbid Discord to deal with this.

"I see, what did you hear?" She asks gently, she is now aware of the others tuning in. He sniffs before answering.

"I heard...a...a roar, like a monster's, but, it echoed, like there was something more to sounded like me. I...I'm scared, Nyx. What do I do?" He begs her. Nightmare nuzzles him gently, smiling warmly down at him. She had made it clear that he was only HERS and LUNA's, not that he minded, he knew that they were only looking after him, or so one might think.

"I think, that if you ever meet it in your dreams, then to call all of us to help you. I'll have a talk to Dumbledore about this, to see if there were any of these...'monsters' around in ancient human times. We might have read up on human mythology, but sadly, they are all true. Our meeting with 'them' is sure fire way to make sure of that. If any of these humans were to look into our memories they would find MANY things that would make them rethink their world." She explains. Down below, everyone -save the princesses- look directly at Harry, expecting an explanation, all they get is a nervous shrug.

"Yeah...but, I have to wonder...what if...what if when know, entered 'that' I had been changed? I feel different at times, like I have something more within me." He says as he places a hand onto his chest. Nightmare places a hoof onto his hand and chest as well, causing him to blush.

"If they did, then it will be for the better, perhaps they have a plan for us? After all, they did give you and Harry the chance to come with us to Equestria, even if you were both there for a few hours, they might have a plan." She explains. He nods his head, remembering how awkward it was to be trapped in a room for a few hours.

"Yeah, that was kinda weird." He chuckles out, his spirits being lifted. Nightmare giggles and nods her head, remembering how they had to explain to everyone why the princesses were only back for a few hours before they were leaving again.

"But it was nice to have you two there, even if you were older then Harry by a few years. How did that feel anyway?" She asks. Griphyx blushes more before clearing his throat.

"Lets not talk about that...something's are meant to wait for, not experience in matter of seconds before needing to understand oneself for a few hours before going back to their...'normal' ages." He states. Truth be told, he had to deal with more puberty and had THOSE kinds of thoughts for those few hours, he is incredibly glad that he doesn't 'react' to certain situations as Harry does, yet another maturity thing he has over his older brother.

Nightmare giggles and rethinks back to having to explain as to why his body had been changing and reacting to 'things' that she or someone else would say or do, while Harry laughed his plot off.

"Yeah, that was bucking hilarious!" She laughs out. Griphyx sighs before he too, laughs along with her, the two were open with each other and Luna, as well as Twilight, Celestia and Harry, a few times Griphyx managed to get a few conversations with Discord, the weird creature kept hinting at something.

"I believe it is time for us to get inside, alright?" She says slightly louder than usual. Griphyx looks down at the window, where everyone had moved away just in time, before looking back at her.

"What?" He asks. She shrugs before nuzzling him again.

"I'm glad your safe though, if that troll harmed you in anyway, he would have been scattered into tiny pieces." She hisses at the end. Griphyx nuzzles her back, calming her down.

"I know." He chuckles out before he drops down to his feet from at least 13 feet as if it was nothing. He walks into the hut to hear.

"- and that is what we have been doing lately. How's the little dragon?" Harry asks. Griphyx grew curious now as well, he hasn't seen the little hatching dragon in months, what ever happened to him?

"Well, Dumbledore thought that it would be wise to make him like Fluffy, and turn him into a guard-dragon. We had to rename him though, I think he is now known as 'Ragnarock' or something. I am not quite sure." Hagrid explains. They all nod their heads before Harry leads the group out of Hagrid's home and into the castle into their lounge room.

Griphyx sits on his couch, their 'house' had been modified after Dumbledore found out about the 'incident' with Snape and had it changed, only those who were part of their specific house could enter and see into it as well, the princesses being the only exception. Griphyx sighs sadly as he holds his wand, it has been changing along with him. After talking with that old man who explained more of the wands backstory.

He had told Griphyx and the others that it had been changing though the years and that it would turn into weapons at times, but that hasn't happened as of yet, thank goodness. Griphyx looks out the window they had made, it was a large and long window that let them all look over the entire area, as their 'house' was at the top of a castle spire, as were most 'houses'. He sighs as he watches the moon rise, it too, has a tinged of red in it, just like his necklace.

He sighs once more before turning and going up to the room and into his bed. As he goes to close his eyes, something slams into their very front door, sending out ward alarms. Everyone jumps to their feet and rushes to their lounge only to see the door has a large crack in it. Griphyx gasps in pain as he reaches for his side, while Harry grabs his head in pain. Another *THUMP* hits the door, cracking it once more.

Griphyx growls at the door as he moves away, crouching close to the ground. He coughs as he claws the carpeted floor, leaving actual claw marks as his eyes flash dangerously. The door gains more cracks before a piece of the door flies and imbeds itself into the wall next to Griphyx, pinning his shirt. He coughs more, his side burning up, Harry screams in pain. The door breaks off of it's hinges but as soon as that happens, Griphyx throws the piece of door, smacking a figure in the head, and making it vanish back into the darkness.

"The...the" He slurs out from massive amounts of pain. Harry having already passed out after the figure left, and the burning stopped. Griphyx rips the rest of his shirt off to inspect his 'wound', but grows surprised when he sees blood trickling down his back and side. His vision flickers, and as he starts to collapse, he feels, no, he hears a growl come from the back of his mind.

'None shall harm us....or what we hold dear...' A voice speaks out in his mind. Was it his? Or something/someone else? But it had his voice? What is happening, he wonders before he blacks out, hearing the screams of Nightmare, Luna and his friends, including Dumbledore yelling spells and slight sounds of glass shattering and maniacal laughter. Something isn't right, and their journey begins now. 'He who should not be named', has attacked, and has proven some of his strength.

Cahpter 17

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Griphyx's eyes open, but all he sees is darkness. Is he blind? What happened? He wonders, until the events of last night play through his mind and his eyes widen and he spins around in the 'air'. He watches as he just floats, no movement, no sound, no light. He sighs soundlessly until a flash of light pierces the darkness.

He moves a hand in front of his eyes, and as the light dies down, he see's that he is in a bed in the medical ward. He looks around the room with his eyes and see's everyone there, staring down at him. He coughs as he goes to sit up, only to meet a wall of pain. He whimpers slightly in pain before he falls back onto the bed.

"Stay still, Griphyx." Nightmare says to him gently as she moves his hair out of his face. "You need rest, you'll need your strength." She says softly to him as she nuzzles him gently. He nods his head weakly as he coughs slightly. The nurse wizards question as to why there is an indent in the bed, as well as moving Griphyx slightly, as if someone or something was there.

I will...Nyx." He says audibly, everyone in the room looks at him, Luna and his group were in the house lounge at the time, and the nurses stare at the boy as the room gets darker and they watch the indent get right next to him, pushing the bed down slightly. He raises a hand weakly and places it on something, before they watch him run his fingers through invisible 'hair' of sorts. His eyes open to see the nurses staring at him.

He growls weakly like a cornered animal would ad the nurses back off and go about their work. Griphyx looks up at Nightmare and smiles. The nurses leave the room and Griphyx looks at Nightmare.

"Nyx, can you go get the others?" He asks. She nods her head with a smile before leaves in flash of light. He lay back into his bed ad closes his eyes. An hour passes and he has fallen asleep, only to awaken to the door to his room break open and h sits up too quickly and cries out in pain. The group freezes, seeing the startled Griphyx coughing and hacking as a patch of red shows itself on his lower back to his side.

"Are you okay, Griphyx?" Nightmare asks softy as she heals his wounds. He nods his head with a slightly weak look in his eyes.

"Y...Yeah, I'm fine. Just spooked me there for a moment." He says. He looks at the group and smiles slightly. "And how have all of you been? Better than I, I hope." He jokes. Harry and the princesses give him a dry look.

"Now is not the time to make jokes, Griphyx! We had thought we lost our Potters!" Celestia, Luna and Nightmare yell out. Griphyx nods, before he stops.

"Did you say, 'our Potters'?" He asks softly. Celestia smiles and nods her head as she drapes a wing over Harry's shoulders.

"We decided both of your guardians so very long ago, that was when you became ours." She says with a motherly tone. Harry hugs her tighter and she does the same with a foreleg, but gentler as to not break the child. Griphyx smiles up at Luna and Nightmare who give him happy grins and nuzzle him, when really, Celestia became the mother figure for the Potter brothers, Luna had became their protective guards, much like Celestia and Nightmare, but she was more of a guardian, while Nightmare made sure Griphyx and Harry were constantly safe when the other princesses weren't around.

Griphyx gets to his feet, but winces and hisses in pain as his wound is still raw. He growls and his eyes flash a few colors in a second before he calms down. The nurse next to him helps him back into the bed, and he sighs. Nightmare sits next to him, her legs underneath her form as she lays a hand on his shoulder gently.

He rubs her head gently, a storm outside rages, the winds howl as if there is a monster or something outside making them. Griphyx shivers and moves into Nightmare as she curls around him. He leans into her and she uses a wing to make a makeshift blanket, as he prefers hers and Luna's wings and forms over actual beds and blankets.

"Don't worry, Griphyx, Dumbledore and the other teachers are looking into the incident, though they haven't found much. But they will, I know it." She says to him calmly. Griphyx closes his eyes before opening them again.

"I'm not worried about that, I'm worrying about WHY they were attacking us. I felt the same being from the forest in that....'man'. He felt" Griphyx says under his breath. Nightmare nods her head softly. She had sensed the darkness in that being, it was much like her past self when she had wanted Eternal Night and waged a long and massive war against Celestia. Griphyx sighs again, snapping Nightmare out of her thoughts.

"I worry about Harry and the others. I could feel this THING want me and Harry, it wanted us dead, at first." He says. Catching everyone by surprise. He looks down at his emblem and his eyes widen as the moon is blood red, the hunters moon has arrived, and it was tonight.

"Then, what was IT after?" Hermione asks, the others also curious as to what else it wanted. Griphyx breathed out, calming his nerves, as he lifted his wards he himself placed, and showed his magical aura of sorts. The others stared as it had shifted forms from that massive draconic like figure into something else, before turning back into the draconic figure once more. Hiding his aura once more, he sighs sadly before looking up at them all.

"Me. It was looking directly at ME when it attacked...." He stops himself from going further, the others knowing what he had meant. He looks down at his hands and sighs once more, he notes that he has been sighing a lot lately. He looks up at everyone, and he has a sense of fear in his eyes, a childish fear. Nightmare nuzzles him gently before she looks him in the eyes.

"It will NEVER get you, understand? Your OURS, no one else can claim or take EITHER of YOU two." She states, emphasizing certain words. She smiles down at him before kissing the top of his head gently, causing him to blush slightly before smiling up at her. "No one shall take what is truly OURS, which you, Griphyx, are." She says softly before curling around him tighter and he closes his eyes, a smile on his lips.

Harry smiles at his younger brother, but then feels Celestia tighten her hold around his form. He knew what it meant to be claimed by them, Luna and Nightmare had claimed his brother, while Twilight -who is doing her duties as a princess- and Celestia had claimed him as theirs. It was a natural thing for ponies apparently, however, it sometimes got strange, but nothing to bad, it was just a few extra nuzzles here and there.

Griphyx closes his eyes, and falls asleep onto Nightmare's side, she too, falls to slumber as the group heads back to their 'house' lounge, where Dumbledore, Hagrid and McGonagall are waiting for them.

"How was, Griphyx?" Dumbledore asked. Celestia sighs sadly before telling the three teachers the news of what Griphyx had told them. The two teachers were surprised, while Dumbledore had expected this, apparently.

"I see, then we will need to up the wards more, if this thing is truly after Griphyx, then it will most likely use him as a plot device to kill both him and Harry. It is odd to know that something like that could be around." He explains as he paces back and forth.

"Indeed it is, but what should WE do to protect him? We have the powers of our celestial bodies even if they are being shared by others, but if we were to fight, then we would risk the school, even Griphyx would risk the school seeing as to how he might have some sort of...'monster' inside of him. Did Hagrid tell you what Griphyx told Nightmare?" Luna says. Dumbledore and McGonagall grow surprised, it had appeared that there was some sort of missing information that the weren't told about.

"No, he hasn't. Hagrid, what exactly did Griphyx say?" McGonagall asks. Hagrid tells the two of what was talked about and while McGonagall is surprised, Dumbledore seems worried.

"What's wrong Albas?" Celestia asks. Dumbledore looks up at the Goddess of the Sun, before speaking.

"It was talked about in legends were there were wizards or other humans that would hold a monster inside of them, however, they would be determined by their eyes, hair, teeth and power level of magic. Ruby here is something similar, but also different. Did you know that there are half-bloods roaming the halls?" He states. Brows are raised.

"Half-Bloods?" Harry asks. Dumbledore nods his head.

"Much like a muggle and a wizard, there are wizards and Vampires that have children, it's rare, but, it is documented to happen every once in a while" -he points a hand at Ruby- "Miss Ruby here, is part of such, but she isn't really part Vampire, most likely something else, as I have noticed fire bends to her will. This is called Pyromancy, a type of magic that consists of the control of fire." Dumbledore explains. They grow more confused.

"But what does she have to do with these 'Half-Bloods'?" Hermione asks, she was now interested in their strange female friend. Dumbledore smiles.

"Ah, but Half-Bloods can be anything BESIDES a Vampire. It would depend on her families history and, if she has one, clan, or commonly known as a 'Family Tree'." He explains.

"I see, that sounds similar to some of the ponies in Equestria and her neighboring countries. There were tails of ponies and Dragons mixing together, their race is called, Kirin. There was even talk about Were-ponies, Vam-ponies, an even the occasional, Mer-ponies. There are tons more of other creatures, however, if I remember correctly the humans were ones as well, far beyond my time, however." Celestia explains. Humans? Before Celestia's time? That was something that made the wizards and witches grow curious about, but decided not to ask.

"I see, then it is safe to say that anything is possible." Dumbledore says with a small smile gracing his lips. Celestia nods her head as well.

"Indeed it is, however, now we MUST know what lies inside Griphyx, if there really is a 'monster' in him, then we NEED to know what it could be, an where it came from." Celestia says aloud. Everyone's head nods, before they each head to bed, knowing that tomorrow was going to be a busy day.


Griphyx sits on the moon, watching the others train their magic, it was weird to not be training too, but since he was so weak, even in the dream realm, he needed to regain his energy. He smiled as he watched Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ruby practicing with magic, Twilight joining them, somehow, and helped the four improve their magic much faster and durable, something he hadn't been able to do as to how 'unstable' and 'pure' his magic had been, and still was.

Luna, Nightmare and Celestia sat around him, all smiling as the four are being taught by the once student turned teacher. Griphyx gets to his feet and walks off, his hands in his pockets as the bottom of his coat flows around in an ethereal wind, much like the princesses manes and tails do. He closes his eyes as he walk onto the dark side of the moon, where for some reason, it is warmer for him.

He opens his eyes to see nothing but darkness, when he turns around, he sees everyone still training, but then he hears a voice call to him.

'Griphyx....Griphyx....~' It calls, and as he starts to walk, something unlocks, an the sound reaches everyone else's ears, ad when they turn, they see Griphyx following something large, and they see to pitch black eyes stare out at them, but they vanish. They get up, and race towards Griphyx, to help him. All of them unaware of what lies ahead.

Chapter 18

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Griphyx walks along a white path leading towards a cave.

'A cave? On the moon? In this dreamscape?? How the hay does that work?' He questions in his mind. As he keeps walking, the others chase after him and hey to, see the cave. Griphyx stops in front of the cave, and sees two large black eyes stare down at him. He sees something glint in a faint light from the moon he stands on. The others arrive next to him, panting.

"What the bloody hell, Griphyx!" Ron yells at him. Griphyx feels a bit intimidated, Ron was the only one of the group that seemed to not think Griphyx as a REAL friend, or at least, that's how Griphyx felt at times. "Why did you just RUN OFF!?" He roars at Griphyx, making him cringe, Ron also managed to scare Griphyx when he got like this.

"S...Sorry, I just..." Griphyx started, but Ron cut him off.

"Just WHAT!?!?" He roars, his magic being tapped into by his rage and knocks Griphyx onto his back, hitting his head on rocks and scraping his arm, even though it didn't have an affect on his real body, I still hurt like hay. "Griphyx! I am so sorry mate! I didn't mean to do that!!" He yelped. Griphyx got to his feet before he looks at Ron with sad, hurt and forgiving eyes.

"It's alright, Ron. I deserved it..." Griphyx says sadly. Nightmare approaches Griphyx and drapes a wing over his shoulder.

"No, you didn't, but it was an accident." Nightmare said as she nuzzles him gently. He looks up at her and smiles, but then they freeze as a deep and loud growl-like-purr resounds from behind us. They turn and freeze once more, there behind them, is a massive creature that has a bone claws, and tail with a sickle like bone at the end, it's eyes are sockets with red eyes and black slits with purple outlining around them.

It's maw is crocodile like as it has black obsidian teeth, the hands are black and red, as it's body is covered in armor, on it's back is twelve coffin like spines, forming into two wings. It's tail coils around with white spines going down it, and it's back between the wings. A sword with Griphyx's wand as the hilt, is imbedded into the ground before it. They watch as the beast or whatever it is, changes forms every so often.

"What are you...?" Nightmare asks with a low tone. The creature looks at her, purring still. It goes to move, but is then sucked into the wand-sword-hybrid that shrinks into a wand, it now makes sense. The spirit of the wand, was that beast who's bones became it, the 'dragon' that the wizard tamed, was just before them and it seemed to approve of him and Nightmare.

Griphyx grabs his wand, and then a voice speaks to them all.

"Long have I waited to be held by a true Half-Blood. It has been so very, very, VERY long since I have been placed with a true wizard." The voice said. Griphyx was surprised. He was a Half-Blood? How? He looks around as everyone seems to be thinking the same thing. Didn't they have the same father? If not then, what happened?

"What does it mean? Don't we have the same father?" Harry asks. Griphyx sighs and shrugs, not sure as to how to explain, while he himself doesn't know HOW to explain.

"We will need to find out in a later date then. But for now, what was that thing?" Luna states, Celestia and Twilight nod their heads softly. Griphyx nods his head as Harry yawns -how?- and stretches his arms.

"Lets go back to training, I want to get stronger!" Harry states. Everyone nods their heads and leaves the cave. As they reach a field, Harry walks into the middle of it. He closes his eyes and focuses his energy, they watch as Harry's power rise and become visible, but then he yells, like when Griphyx did when he pushed past his barriers, and a tornado of energy spins out of control and rises into the air, before it becomes a Cyclone of energy, literal rain pours, winds kick up dust and then an explosion sounds, making a mushroom cloud of pure magic that rises into the air.

The others stare in awe -save for Griphyx- and watch as his magical energy form into what looks like an Alicorn, but something seems off, it has four wings that spread out much farther than the princesses do. It's tail is thin but then thick at the end, a strange horn that shines bright red shows itself. Forest green eyes shine in the dust, the outline of the body is sea green. It rises into the air and opens a mouth, but there is something strange about it, it has actual fangs, the eyes pupil's become slits and the sound of armor clanking against itself can be heard every time this Alicorn moves.

Griphyx smirks up at the massive Alicorn energy that lifts it's forelegs up, to reveal claws, the mane looks like tentacles, when it is really just stray strands flowing around in an ethereal and real wind. Griphyx closes his eyes, smirking. When he opens them, he watches the Alicorn's form compress on itself before being sucked into Harry's form and sends a large shockwave that travels through the ground, cracking and rising pieces up into jagged blocks or spires of sorts.

Griphyx, in a last ditch effort, throws up a barrier and a shield around them and protects them as well. After all is done, the moon reforms itself and standing before them is Harry, but he has a new feel to him, his hair seems darker, yet brighter in some places. His eyes are brighter and hold a sense of new life and flame in them, but then they return to normal and he collapses onto his knees. Griphyx catches the rest of him an smiles

"He is much like you, Griphyx. But, he is also like us." Celestia says calmly as she lifts Harry onto her back before looking at everyone else with a kind and motherly gaze. "He is awake, we should join him." She states before vanishing. The others nod their heads and vanish from the moon as well, unaware that the cave Griphyx had found his wand, grows before sucking in on itself in a spiral motion, and vanishes.


Griphyx awakens and sits up to find that he has been fully healed -oddly enough- and that his wand is in his hand, but it seems different. Memories of what had happened on the moon rush through his head, and he smiles. He was happy to meet the being inside of him, and is part of his wand, but what was it? He decides to push that to the back of his mind and gets dressed and heads out of the room, Nightmare following.

"What do you think will happen now?" Nightmare asks. Griphyx shrug his shoulder slightly before looking to her and smiling, truth be told that Griphyx and Nightmare have a music deeper connection than Harry and Celestia, Luna and Griphyx are the same as him and Nightmare, the three of them always holding a sense of love towards each other. Nightmare and Luna have even protected Griphyx against ANYTHING in order to keep what it THEIRS safe.

Griphyx walks side by side with Nightmare, but as they reach the mess hall, Malfoy hits Griphyx in the shoulder with a bolt of magic, sending him into a wall. Griphyx slides to the floor and coughs, when he looks up Malfoy and his goons walks towards him, all of them have their wands out and Malfoy smirks as he flicks his wand and hits Griphyx in the chest, knocking the wind out of his lungs. Griphyx grabs his chest and coughs. Nightmare gets ready to run Malfoy through with her horn, but stops and smirks, she goes to get the group and the thee teachers that can see her.

"How sad, and here I thought that the big bad Griphyx Potter was strong enough to take a few hits, guess you aren't." He smirks down at the winded Griphyx. Griphyx coughs once more, before he glares at the boys and his hand claws at the floor, making actual claw marks, the group of boys jump back, yelping right as Dumbledore and the others to arrive, but stay silent when Griphyx growls and gets to his feet.

"....." Griphyx opens his eyes and stares at the boys before he appears behind them and watches as they all fly into the air, bruises on heir arms or cheeks. He turns and sees only Malfoy is the only one standing, as the boys fall, Snape and the other teachers and a few students arrive, but Dumbledore makes a 'shh' motion, and they comply.

"You FREAK!!!" Malfoy roars out and fires multiple bolts of magic, hitting Griphyx in the chest, shoulders and legs, thus, sending him to the ground. Griphyx hisses in pain as Malfoy's goons get back to their feet, some leave, but those who stay smirk and points their wands at the downed Griphyx, who grabs his wand and whips it out and shoulder rolls past them and gets to his feet, but his body has taken a bit of punishment, causing him to kneel on a knee and pant.

"Haha! Look at you! Your being beaten!! Try to win against THIS duel!!" Malfoy roars in laugher as the other boys send magic bolts down at Griphyx, who snarls and swings his wand, but to everyone's surprise, from the end of the wand, the blade of a sword forms and as he swings from side to side, knocks the boys back from a large gust of wind. As Griphyx lowers his wand to his side, he pants harder before he starts seeing spots in his vision, and a growl from the back of his mind.

"How did you do that!?!?" Malfoy roars out once more, as he knocks Griphyx aside and through a window. Griphyx lays in the grass sprawled out, he looks up to see Malfoy land before him and points the tip of his wand at Griphyx's chin and sneers. "Looks like you lose- " He yelps in pain as Harry fires a magic bolt at Malfoy's back.

"Leave him alone!" Harry growls. Malfoy growl back in pain, before firing a bolt of magic, but this time, it's caught by Griphyx's hand. Malfoy gapes as Griphyx tosses the bolt back at it's owner, sending Malfoy onto his back. Griphyx smirks, before he passes out. Nightmare rushes to his side, as does Harry, is all he see's, before darkness.

Chapter 19

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Griphyx opens his eyes and groans, he looks around the room and sees that he is back in the medical ward again. He looks down and sees his wand being held tightly in his hand. He goes to sit up, but something coils around his arms and legs, his eyes widen as he hears a growl resonate from around him. The medical ward room shatters, revealing that he is in that cave again, but something seems off.

He looks up at a beast with a white skull, those sockets with the strange slit eyes that mimic his own, stare down at him. He watches as this thing holds him down and it's wings spread out, the coffin like spines widen, making the webbing between each one widen more as well. His eyes widen once more as it's wings look like his wings, except without the black flames, the tail looks the same. It throws it's head up and releases a howl-roar-wail type sound that kicks up dust and shakes the ground.

Griphyx closes his eyes from the dust, but soon opens them to see the beast staring down at him and watch as it's form spirals into his chest, and fuses with him. He silently cries out in pain as his mind gains memories of this things past. He watches as it served an old Wizard that served a king, and how the Wizard and this THING had stopped a fight between the dragon races.

When the memories stop, he beast forms before him, but it looks more like a human with the skeleton of the creature acting like armor connected to it's joints by magical tethers. It's eyes are white, until they show his eyes, an exact copy of himself stands there before him, holding that sword from before, while Griphyx holds the wand. He blinks as the creature seems to be roaring something out, until a ringing meets his ears and causes him to silent grunt in pain.

He watches as the thing walks closer to him, the bones shifting like armor, much as the joints of Harry's energy creature, or 'spirit animal' or his 'Soul' had. It reaches out as if asking for help. Griphyx goes to take it's hand, but then something pulls him back. He looks over his shoulder and sees that he is being pulled away from the creature, it closes it's eyes before chains circle around it and then it turns into the sword with his wand as the hilt.

But before he goes into the waking world, the creature speaks.

'We will protect what belongs to us, Griphyx' It says before he wakes up through a large dome of white light.


Griphyx sits up quickly, panting and sweating greatly as he grab his chest, he looks around and see's he really is awake now, but that he isn't holding his wand.

"That was an interesting duel, Griphyx." Snape says from next to Dumbledore. He looks up and sees the teachers and a few students there, as well as his group. He sighs in mock annoyance.

"Yeah well...if Malfoy hadn't attacked me, maybe I wouldn't need to be back in this medical ward once again. No offence." He says to the nurses at the end.

"No problem." A young nurse with chestnut colored hair, fair white skin nurse says. She has bright blue eyes, as she has red lipstick on her lips. "Just try to NOT get in here so often, okay?" She teases. Griphyx chuckles as he throws the covers off of his form and pushes himself off the bed. He looks around the room and see's that his wand is now that sword from before and that 'dream' of the creature.

"We can't seem to change it back into a wand, when we even got near it, it would shock us unless it was Nightmare, but even then she couldn't change it back, she said something about it needing your help?" Dumbledore said. Snape and a few of the teachers and students gave him questioning looks.

"I see." He states, looking at Nightmare who was next to the sword, smiling up at him. He walks over and grabs his wand hilt and it turns back into a wand. He puts the wand away and smiles. "Good, I suppose." He says before heading out. Nightmare and the group follows closely behind, although Snape chooses to follow as well. He walks through the hallway, out of the corner of his eye he sees that creature following him, it's wings ignite into those black flames in the sunlight.

'Well that explains a few things....' Griphyx thinks to himself. He watches the creature vanish in a flash of light, causing Griphyx to stop.

"Something the matter, Griphyx?" Dumbledore asks. Griphyx nods his head.

"Yeah, I just saw my...'monster' flying next to us before vanishing." He explains. This causes Snape to stop. A monster is inside Griphyx? That would explain quite a bit, or so he thinks. He looks at Griphyx questioningly, and he watches Griphyx freeze up. Was Snape there the whole time?

"And what exactly is this, 'monster', Mr. Potter?" Snape asks with his normal tone, when really there was curiosity in his eyes. Griphyx sighs, as if weighing his options.

"Tell him, Griphyx. Snape is one of the people I trust dearly. He has the right to know." Dumbledore says. Griphyx sighs once more before nodding his head. Griphyx turns and holds out his right palm and summons a sphere of shadow, making Snape's eyes widen. "How?" Snape asks. Griphyx looks Snape in the eye, before a mix of a growl and purr can be heard.

"You have....partially passed the test. Do you side will all things good and light? Do not lie, or I will know." Griphyx says. Snape looks Griphyx back in the eyes.

"Yes." He says. Griphyx purrs.

"You have passed the test, for now." Griphyx states, they watch Snape rub his eyes, and then stumble back as he looks at Nightmare draping a wing over Griphyx's shoulder.

"What is that thing?" He asks. Griphyx and Nightmare scowl.

"I am Nightmare Moon, Goddess of the Night, you lowly welp!" She growls. Snape freezes, a goddess of the night is draping a wing around one of his students, he deduces a few thins, 1). They are a couple. 2). They are friends. 3). They are student and teacher.

"I see, forgive me, but, what is your relation to Griphyx?" Snape asks. Nightmare smirks and nuzzles Griphyx affectionately.

"We are friends, my student, I am one of his guardians, and he is mine and Luna's." She explains. Snape looks and sees Luna and Celestia standing there, Celestia has a wing over Harry's shoulder, while Luna has a wing on Griphyx's other shoulder, both smiling. Griphyx turns back around and keeps walking, the group follows him as Snape talks with Celestia, and he asks about these 'Gods' that the five of them have met. All he gets is a 'We'll tell you all on a later date'.

Griphyx and princesses and their group heads to the mess hall, were Malfoy gets in his way. Malfoy sneers at Griphyx, who sighs before smirking and whips out his wan, the sword forms, this makes Malfoy recoil and flee. Griphyx smirks and cancels his sword form for the wand and sits in his spot and waits for the others to sit down as well.

Griphyx sits there with his eyes closed and waits. The others sits down with him as well, Dumbledore and the other teachers sit at the large tables, the morning passes and night rises. Griphyx walks around the castle and finds a strange door, he opens it and sees a mirror. He approaches it, confused as to why it is here. He looks into the mirror and sees himself, but then his form changes and he looks like an older version of himself with that skeleton tethered to himself, he has Luna and Nightmare on both sides of him, he watches as they smile up at him, then Harry and the others arrive, they are all in Equestria again, but it seems, different.

"That mirror holds ones inner desires." Dumbledore's voice says to him. He turns to see Luna and Nightmare there, smiling down at him, he smiles up at them, unknown to him, in the mirror, his form becomes a strange Draconequus and he shares a kiss with the two goddesses of the night, this causes the two to blush for real.

"What's wrong?" He asks. The two blush more before saying it's nothing. "Well, okay then." He says as he hugs them tightly around the bases of their necks. They blush more, but hug him back, just as tightly seeing as to how he is a Half-Blood of something.

"It would seem that you desire companionship of all standards, interesting." Snape says. When the others look up, Harry and Celestia freeze up, standing next to Griphyx are rather tall 'humans' that have his eyes and features, one most prominent is the man standing next to their mother and Harry's father.

The man has Griphyx's height, but his hair is white and spiky, his right eye is red and his left is blue. He wears a red coat and black pants where the bottoms fan out over strange thin shoes without shoe-laces. He smirks down at them.

Griphyx yawns and smiles at the two nocturnal Alicorn's.

"Lets get to bed." He says before he teleports away, leaving the group behind to see the same thing happens in the mirror, before it goes dark. Looks like the future, is going to be interesting.

Chapter 20

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Griphyx sits on stands in that cave entrance once more as he peers inside of it. He steps forward and walks inside, as he reaches the end of the cave, he fine a Japanese shrine, with the wand-sword-hybrid sticking out of it. He walks towards it and grabs the wand hilt and pulls the blade out. The actual blade is strait, yet, at the tip it does that katana turn upward. He watches as the moon outside shines it's light onto the white blade that flashes to an obsidian black for half a second.

He runs a finger around the tip and down the sharp part of the blood, he grows surprised as it doesn't cut him. But wasn't it STABBED into the rock? It would have needed to be excessively sharp, let alone when he ripped it out, the rock's upper part if cleaved from it being moved. So why didn't it cut him?

"No weapon, can cut it's master. Only when it is taken an used against them, may the master, be cut." The creature from before said, but it's mouth wasn't moving. Can it speak with it's mind? And why couldn't Griphyx speak, curiouser and curiouser. He looks towards the creature, who looks just as it once was, but, it was different, it was coming from the shrine. What was so important about it? The creature vanished, before the blade turned into liquid and then materialized into the creatures form.

Griphyx jumps back in surprise, but soon calms down. He walks towards the creature, or his 'doppelganger' as he calls it -name is still in development- and walks closer to him. He wonders why it is here.

"We are apart of you, Griphyx. What you love, we love. What you wish to protect, we protect. What you have claimed or have been claimed, so as we. It is that simple." 'He' says. Griphyx questions as to what to call 'him'. He can't call it monster, when it clearly looks like him, and he can't call him an IT. He nods his head as he looks at the sword blade that is now part of it's right palm.

He tilts his head, and the 'creature' looks at it's hand, before giving out an echoing chuckle.

"We see. This blade is part of us, but the wand is....part of something else. Not us. But IT." The being points a thumb at the skeleton currently attached to his body by magical tethers. Griphyx watches as the eye sockets ignite into life, it to, has Griphyx's eyes. The two of them watch as the flames die out, before reigniting, as if it were blinking.

Griphyx touches the skeletons head, and the tethers detach from the second him, but they do what the beast had down before, and was sucked into his chest. Griphyx screams silently in a hellish pain that makes his whole body feel like it is on fire. He grabs his chest, his very core, and grips it tightly. He drops to his knees as the pain dies, but he feels weaker, yet, more powerful. He watches as his magic forms into physical orbs that then grow and grow until they cover his forearms and then when the light dies, he has claws, his forearms are covered in scales and fur.

He claws at a stone wall, and finds that it makes those exact claw marks as he had done to the garnet hall floors and carpeted floors as well. He wills them the vanish, and they do. He grins widely before looking back at his double, giving it a questioning look.

"Not even I know what has happened. But you must leave, it is time for you to awake. But before you go, a warning. Use your abilities wisely, understand?" He says to Griphyx, who gets a serious look, and nods his head. His double smirks and the area shimmers and a tunnel of white forms before him. He gets the image of massive while scaled, furred and feathered wings into his mind, and he wills them to appear onto his back. The wings are large, they are covered in fur at their bases, the tops of them being covered in feathers while the rest is scales.

He flaps and he soars through the tunnel and reaches the end. He reaches out and as he touches it, his vision goes dark.


As Griphyx opens his eyes, he looks around the room, he is currently alone, much to his chagrin, until he looks down. He sees Nightmare laying there, dreaming happily as she smiles and he sees her wings twitch. He grins and rubs her neck gently, causing her to jolt awake and look up at him.

"Hey Griphyx. How did you sleep? We couldn't find you, so we thought you decided to dream about previous events." She says up at him after a yawn. Griphyx nods his head.

"Yeah, I slept well, though I didn't have a choice in not joining, I was pulled into that cave again, but I could see the moon and you all on it, oddly enough." He explains. Nightmare gives him an inquisitive look.

"Then where were you?" She asks. The others having walked in to listen to their conversation.

"I was talking to that other me, but when I touched the skeleton it...." He stops. He looks at his hands and remembers the claws and wings. He smirks. "You all wanna see something cool?" He asks. They nod their heads. He jumps off of the bed and brings out his newly acquired claws and wings. They gape at how he flaps and frost forms onto the plants and the glass of the window. He smirks at them. "This is what happened after I touched it." He explains.

"That's...AMAZING!!" Hermione screams out, the others in complete awe as he wills them away, but they are sucked into his body, causing some pain for him.

"That part hurts though...." Griphyx groans out. Harry helps Griphyx stands as he lean on Celestia for help standing.

"It looked painful, and the sounds they made were...very strange." Celestia says, shivering at the end. Griphyx nods his head slightly before he shivers and stretches. He walks over and gets a shirt on, today was a casual dress day, so he and Harry wore their normal pants, boots, shirts and jackets, making this the first time any of them have seen the two dress this way -save the princesses of course-.

"Yeah well, that was the first time I ever brought them in while feeling them still." Griphyx explains as he walks out of the room, his hands in his pockets. They follow, giving him a questioning look. "I just got these abilities a few hours ago, give me a slight break..." He grumbles slightly. He walks out of the house and goes down he hallway, Nightmare and Luna on both sides of him, while the others go towards the mess hall for breakfast.

Griphyx walks through the halls before he see's Malfoy and his group talking with a man with long blonde hair and a cane. He approaches, his hands never leaving his pockets and walks between them, only to be stopped by Malfoy.

"That's the one!" He yells to the man while pointing at Griphyx. The man looks at Griphyx with an arched brow.

"He did all that? But he looks so scrawny." He scoffs. Griphyx smirks, not that they could see it with his back turned to them, as he stabs a hand into the wall next to him, sending large cracks running through it. He looks over his shoulder at the man, smirking still.

"You obviously don't know who I am." He states before pulling his hand from the wall and spinning on his heels before stopping, he bows mockingly. "I am Griphyx Potter." Griphyx says. The man eyes him and smirks.

"I see, so your the infamous Potter brother who gives my boy and his friends a hard time." The man says. Griphyx scowls and growls barring his fangs.

"Hay no! They attack ME! I only defend myself from their stupidity, had I TRULY wanted to hurt them, I would have. With this." He states as his wand turns into a sword, before turning back into a wand. Griphyx sees the mans wide eyes and scowls. "But I have no need to harm them with a weapon, and I can't use my magic, or else I would be harming them FAR worse than with a sword." Griphyx explains.

"I see, so you have massive amounts of magical energy inside you, eh? Just as the rumors had said, but they claim that Harry Potter is the stronger one in magic." The man says. The group is taken aback as Griphyx bursts out laughing, Luna and Nightmare doing the same, though only Griphyx can hear or see them.

"Not true, I am stronger in magic than he is, he recently gained more magical power, I have had mine unlocked for a while, even though I am still gaining more and more by the second." Griphyx explains. The man nods his head with a stoic face.

"I see, would you care to demonstrate this, 'power' of yours?" The man asks. Griphyx shrugs his shoulders.

"Sure, not like we have classes on a Saturday." Griphyx says as he spins his wand with a few fingers. "Why don't you start?" He says. The man smirks.

"Gladly." He hisses out as he fires a bolt of magic at a surprised Griphyx, knocking him onto the ground and skidding into a wall. He coughs multiple times and wheezes. Since when did he get so weak? The memories of the fusion flashes in his eyes and he inwardly curses for not healing his strength by eating something. "Do you know who I am?" The man asks.

"Tall and hissy?" Griphyx jokes weakly, earning him another bolt of magic to the chest. "Okay....I....deserved....that...." He pants out in pain.

"No you fool! I am Lucius Malfoy!" He hisses out with slightly clenched teeth. Griphyx nods his head and mockingly says: "Yeah, I'll remember that one, Lucy." thus earning yet another bolt of magic, but it hits his leg, causing him to cry out in pain. Luna and Nightmare growl, but before they can act, Griphyx tells them to go get everyone that can see them ad bring them here through telepathy. The two goddesses nod their heads reluctantly before blinking away through teleporting.

"Jeez, and I thought your son was the hard hitter." Griphyx mocks, earning a kick to the ribs. Now THAT hurt, quite a lot actually. He coughs out in pain.

"Father, what are you- " Malfoy tries, but Lucius cuts him off.

"No one mocks the Malfoy Family name! NO ONE!" He roars at Draco and his friends, causing them to back off immediately. Griphyx coughs and laughs at the same time as he gets to his feet.

"That's funny, because I thought I already did, Lucy." He grins like a fool. Griphyx knows that if he were to use his sword or magic, he would kill Lucius, and he certainly doesn't need THAT, and it he goes to use his wings or claws, then he'll be chastised by the entire Wizarding world, but wait! Griphyx just remembers that he is a Half-Blood, and smirks. "You know what else is funny?" He smirks even more.

"What?" Lucius growls out through clenched teeth.

"I'm a Half-Blood." Griphyx says, making Lucius freeze. There was a law about harming such beings, that is, if their parents were still alive. Lucius cackles as he fires another bolt of magic at Griphyx, who takes the hit by cries out in pain loudly.

"Congratulations, not that I care. None of your parents are ALIVE to penalize me, so why should it matter?" He states with a smirk. Griphyx pants in pain, before he grins and looks up at Lucius.

"Because you don't know what kind of Half-Blood I am." Now that causes Lucius to freeze. For all he knew, Griphyx could be part vampire, troll, dragon, anything! Griphyx gets to his feet and as Lucius fires another bolt, Griphyx catches it, right as the others arrives. He watches as Lucius gets a surprised look on his face, but then gapes as Griphyx crushes the bolt, sending the magical energies into the air.

"The bloody hell just happened?" Ron asks. Making Lucius turn around quickly to see the group standing there with glares. Griphyx coughs and then vanishes before he reappears punching Lucius in the left cheek, knocking him into a wall.

"That's why you never let underestimate us!" Griphyx roared in anger. The glass shatters as if in fear. Griphyx points a wand at Lucius, before pointing it at a wall, said wall crumbles into rubble after he fires a magic bolt at it, making a small explosion. "That's another reason as to why you should never underestimate anyone. Because if I had used my magic on you, I would have KILLED you, you fool!" Griphyx roars out.

"Amazing..." Is all Lucius says before he vanishes via spell. After Malfoy and his group run away, Griphyx drops to a knee and pants, his wand gripped tightly in his hand. Harry places a hand onto his little brothers back, and heals him, surprisingly, Griphyx stays awake, for about three seconds before nothing but blackness.

Chapter 21

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Griphyx opens his eyes, to see that he is back in his 'house' on the couch. He coughs softly as he sits up and looks around, he sees Nightmare is next to him, sleeping with a worried look on her face. He looks at the small table and see's a pink card with a "Get Well Griphyx" on the front. He picks it up, an opens it. It reads:

"Dear Griphyx,

We know that you have been asleep for a while, but much has happened. Harry had won another Quidditch game, but he broke his arm(which is healed now! Don't worry little brother!) and had to rest, by the way, that was Harry. As you were sleeping, we had gotten our hands on a book about the Sorcerers Stone. Sounds pretty cool, huh? The stone creator was someone named a something Melville, or something along those lines. Malfoy has been acting meaner than usual, took all of my willpower to not ram my horn into his chest, but I managed (yeah, after we had to coax her into staying next to you!) Shut up! Sorry, that was Celestia, the trickster, she is currently laughing her plot off.

Anyways, we managed to do some extra training. Hermione's magic energy spirit is a Unicorn, funny huh? Ron's is a wolf, while Ruby's is a Dragon, also pretty interesting. We also found out about her Half-Blood side, it was actually VERY scary. See, we were in the 'Forbidden Forest' to look for something's with Hagrid, but then all these wolves attacked, and as they went to attack us, Ruby spews fire out of her mouth and cooks them! It was really scary when she kept breathing fire, so far, we believe she is part dragon, somehow.

Today is Sunday, it's been two weeks since you blacked out, we've...I've been scared that you might not wake up, yeah I know you were out for a month before, but that was from those nightmares, this was from physical pain, the nurses deduced that when Lucius kicked your side, he broke some ribs, I was scared stiff, but I know you'll be okay, your always okay. Well, when you read this, be sure to wake us up! Otherwise I'LL be the one to put you under for two weeks!

Love, Nightmare Moon/Nyx."

Griphyx chuckled softly, The date was today, Sunday. He looks back down at Nightmare, he can see tear streaks going down her face and cheeks, a few tears still slowly rolling down her cheeks. He kneels down next to her, and hugs her tightly.

"Harry...I don't want to be bothered right now." She says weakly, she must have been watching over Griphyx for these two weeks, pour mare. Griphyx leans in and nuzzles his face into her neck and mane gently, and softly speaks into her ear.

"I'm home, Nyx." He says softly. Nightmare's body freezes up, as she opens her eyes, she looks up at Griphyx, who smiles softly down at her. More tears form in her eyes and she presses her face into his chest, her wings wrap around him and bring him in a close 'hug'. He hugs her back tightly as her body trembles a few times, and he can feel his shirt getting more and more damp. He rubs the back of her head and neck gently, telling her everything is alright.

"Griphyx, how...when!?" She exclaims loudly, this causes the others to rush down the stairs and see Griphyx is up. He nuzzles Nightmare once more.

"Just now, when did you get to sleep?" He says. Nightmare blushes slightly.

"Um...a...a few hours ago..." She mumbles softly. Griphyx nods his head softly, as the others pounce the two and are overjoyed that Griphyx is awake, finally.

"Easy, easy! I just woke up! Give me a moment to adjust alright?!" He yelps out. The others -save for Nightmare and Luna- back and move or smile sheepishly. Griphyx holds the two goddesses of the night close to himself, after two weeks of nightmares of them being taken away from him, he has been feeling more and more attached to them, maybe it was fate, or maybe it was something else, he didn't know. He held the two tighter and tighter, making them blush, they all remembered what they saw in the mirror.

"Um...G...Griphyx?" Luna squeaks out. Griphyx snaps out of his trance and looks what is happening. He blushes before smiling down at the two and nuzzling them affectionately, making the two blush more.

"Sorry, I just...I missed you two so much. I don't mean to make anyone jealous or mad or anything but....after those nightmares...I..." He chokes up and closes his eyes tightly as he remembers them all, his arms tremble and he bites his lip so hard blood trickles down his chin.

"Griphyx! It's fine, we're safe, alright?" Nightmare says. "Just please, PLEASE! Calm down!!" She begs him. Griphyx nods his head as he cams down slightly. Nightmare nuzzles him gently and smiles. "Don't worry, we'll be by your side always, Griphyx. I promise." She tells him, as Luna nods and smiles up at him as well. Griphyx smiles and holds them closer and they nuzzle him gently back.

"Right, anyways...I woke up a few hours after Nyx headed to sleep, apparently. This card was made today, so that means we have to find this Stone thingy before Voldemort does." He says.

"How...when did you learn about him?" Harry asks. Griphyx sighs sadly.

"I saw many things in my nightmares...I had talks with my monsters and they tend to help me from what's on the outside world. So far, you have this Nicolas Flamel and his kin in a book right?" He asks. The others give Griphyx a dumbstruck look, before all their heads nod. "Good, because I think I know where the stone is." He says.

"Under Fluffy, right?" Hermione asks. Griphyx nods his head as he gets to his feet and gets his cloths on -apparently he has been in his boxers for two weeks, he starts to wonder how that went unnoticed- and looks at the group. He smirks.

"We're going after it, because whatever it was that came after me, might need more power, and if this Philosopher's Stone is as great as it claims to be, then we're gonna need it." He explains and turns around, walking to the door, until Nightmare stops him.

"You can't! You lost too much magic and physical strength, even endurance, how can you even- " She is cut off, when Griphyx's claws, wings ad newly accustomed tail forms, his eyes hold a fire that can't be extinguished, and his body radiates strength and confidence.

"If that man tries to hurt us, I can go all out if I want, no, need to. And who will believe him? He's a murderer! So there is nothing to worry about!" He exclaims with a confident smirk. Nightmare sighs and smiles down at him.

"Fine but if you get hurt, I swear I will give you nightmares for a month." She teases, but when she see's Griphyx wince away, her ears fall to the back of her head. "Sorry...." She mumbles sadly. He hugs her tightly.

"It's fine, just...don't do that, okay?" He asks. Nightmare nods her head and the group heads out of the 'house' and into the halls. They walk past the moving portraits and doors, under Griphyx's shadow cloak, they pass by Filch and his cat and get into the room with Fluffy, they are expecting to see three snarling heads directed at them, but are greeted by Fluffy being asleep, which is rather odd.

"Oh no, he must have charmed the lyre over there! This is not good." Hermione says softly. The hear a "THUMP" from next to her and they see Griphyx is passed out, then a second "THUMP" and they see that Ruby is also passed out. "Oh my....It looks like whoever did this also made the lyre force Half-Bloods to sleep as well, but how can that even be possible!?" Hermione hisses out.

The others nod their heads, not sure as to how that could be possible, but then as the lyre stops playing, they freeze up but then see that Fluffy and the two Half-Blood's are all still passed out. But freeze up when they see Griphyx awaken and walk over to Fluffy, growling rather loudly.

He lifts Fluffy's paw and kicks the trapdoor in, waking up the Cerberus. Fluffy looks around the room, until he spots the others trying to hide, but then see's Griphyx holding his paw in the air. He goes to bark, but seems to stop as Griphyx growls at him, making Fluffy whimper and move back slightly and lower his heads submissively.

"Pays to have me, doesn't it?" Griphyx teases as he pets Fluffy's left had gently, causing him to lick Griphyx three times. "Ew...." Is all he says before he ad the group jumps down the now missing door of the trap door. They land in plant like floor, and they struggle.

"STAY CALM!!" Hermione yells.

"STAY CALM!? HOW THE BLOODY HELL DO WE DO THAT WHILE THIS PLANT SQUEEZES US TO DEATH!?!?" Ron screams out like a baby. This cases Hermione to kick him in the right shin, making him yelp in pain and glare at her. Hermione has a rather large grin, before she gets a serious look

"If you stay calm, you'll be able to get through faster, alright? See you on the other side." She says as she sinks down. Griphyx watches as everyone -save the princesses, who simply fly through it- sink down. Griphyx sighs and calms himself, but the vines get tighter and tighter before he cries out in pain.

"Griphyx! What's wrong!?!?" Harry yells out.

"IT'S GETTNG TOO TIGHT! ANDI AM COMPLETELY CALM!!" Griphyx yells back calmly, but pain evident in his tone of voice.

"HOLD ON!!" Hermione yells up. "BELLBLUE FIRE!!" She yells as the Devil's Snare ignites into blue flames, Griphyx summons a shield around himself to block out the flames, before he falls onto his back, and coughs.

"That was bucking intense..." Griphyx coughs out. "Thanks Hermione." He says to the brunet headed witch as she helps him to his feet.

"No problem, but it was a good think I studied Herbology, huh?" Hermione says. They all nod their heads as they continue walking down a hallway, where they reach a chess room and freeze. Harry, Griphyx and the Princesses look at their friends, who tell the brothers to go and get to the stone.

"Right, we'll see you all soon then." Harry states. Hermione, Ruby and Ron nod their heads and smile. The three of them run out onto the chessboard where they play against large stone pieces. The five run down a staircase, looking for the stone.


The five of them are greeted by two large doors with torches set before them. Griphyx walks over to the right, while Harry to the left. The two brothers push with all their might and push/bash the doors open. As they look around the room, they see it's as large as the mess hall is, which all on it's own is the size of a football field. The walls are lined with columns that bare torches with blue and red flames, as the torch's wooden stake is coal black.

They see that the ceiling is maybe around 20 to maybe 30 feet tall, making them 'awe' at the sight. They walk down this red-ish carpet that leads to an altar made of marble, it looks like a large rectangle table, of sorts. The five of them get ready to move towards it, but stops as the room shakes and dust and dirt fall from the ceiling as an explosion of sorts sounds off, making the two brothers to kneel down on their hands and knee's.

Griphyx steadies himself, feeling Hermione's, Ruby's magical energy is still active, while Ron's is weaker than usual, did something happen? He goes to turn, be see's Luna teleport back before him and smile sadly.

"He is fine, just took a hit from a knight's rubble, he's just fine, but will need to b bedridden for a few days." She tells the group. They nod their heads and turn back to the altar. "Where is the stone?" She asks. Griphyx appears on the altar and looks at the wall behind it, and then roars in what appears to be anger as he appears at a far wall and cracks it with a fist.

"Oh what the BUCK!!" Griphyx roars out. Griphyx kicks the wall as hard as he can and causes it to shatter, making the rest of the multiple walls to shutter and crack slightly. "We came all this way to find this dang mirror!?!? BUCK!!!" Griphyx keeps roaring out. Harry and the Princesses look at the wall and see that it IS that mirror, but why was it taken down here? And more importantly WHO or WHAT brought it down here? Those were the questions the four friends were thinking at the moment.

" IS the stone?" Harry says in a hopeful manner. This earns him a snort of ignorance from his younger brother, who sits on the broken wall.

"Buck no, that mirror is just one that shows our deepest desires, whatever THAT means." Griphyx growls out. He then appears before the group with his wand out held in a dagger like motion. The four of them give him confused looks, until the sound of clapping is heard, and Harry whips his wand out as well.

"Very well done. Now then." A raspy voice says as a man with a turban says as he walks out from behind the mirror with a strange smirk and then scowls at Griphyx. "I have you both, where I want you." He says as he walks towards the brothers, he smiles once more. "And it seems that this...Half-Blood is maturing quicker than many have in the past." He says as he grabs Griphyx's chin with a hand, his fingers are longer than most for some strange reason.

"What the hay do you want from me?" Griphyx hisses out with clenched teeth. The man chuckles as he rubs his fingers over Griphyx's chin ad lips, Harry and the Princesses see a ward around Griphyx's form, keeping him from moving, the Princesses see that the same thing has happened to Harry. The three of them move and start to take off Harry's ward, but listens as to what this freak job wants from their Potters.

"Why my dear young man, I want your lives, and your power." He hisses out with a thin and menacing smile at the end. The man grins as Griphyx tries to struggle, but then watches as Griphyx's eyes widen when he takes his wand away. "This will be a problem. I can tell that I can't break it, yet." He says sinisterly and tosses the wand away. "However, I an break you." He states with a grin as he grab Griphyx by the throat and starts to strangle him.

Out of nowhere, Harry punches the man in the side, making him let go of Griphyx and cough in pain. The princesses work on freeing Griphyx from the wards now. The man staggers and growls as he reaches for Harry, only to be stopped by Harry firing a magic bolt at his chest. The man makes a raspy chuckle and smiles at Harry venomously.

"That won't save you now, not by a long shot." He hisses out. Harry smirks as he puts his wand in a dagger like motion and opens a hand to where his palm is facing the man, who laughs raspy. "What exactly with that do?" He laughs out, but soon stops as he watches Harry's hand ignite into white flames. As Harry swings his arm back, the flames form and spin into a spinning white flaming sphere and points it at him. "How are you..." The man starts, but moves to the side, dodging a white beam that cuts deeply into the wall behind him and next to the mirror.

"Don't underestimate us, or you'll regret it!" Harry yells out as he swings his wand upwards and fires a bolt of magic that hits the man in the leg, or should have. Harry blinks, until the man grabs the side of his head and throws him into a pillar, making him cry out in pain, and drop his wand. His scar starts to burn and he looks up to see in the reflection of the mirror, is another face on the back of the man's bald head.

"Don't underestimate US you say....?" A lighter, more raspier voice says. Harry is frozen in fear, as the man grabs him and forces him to look into the mirror.

"What do you see?" The man asks, the second face staying quiet, for some reason. When Harry doesn't answer, the man growls an yells into Harry's ear. "WHAT DO YOU SEE!?" He roars, making Harry wince.

"I see myself, holding the Quidditch Cup, and next to the girl of my dreams." When really he see's something similar to what Griphyx had seen. He reaches into his pocket to feel the stone, before moving his hand out discretely.

"He's lying!" The second face says. The man growls but then howls in pain as Griphyx stabs his claws into the man's shoulder. The man pushes Harry down and kicks Griphyx away. The man grabs Griphyx by the throat and slams him into a wall as hard as he can, which surprisingly made Griphyx cry out in immense pain, as the wall cracked around his form.

"You STUPID BOY!!" He roars. He keeps slamming Griphyx against the wall, cracking it more and more, making Griphyx cough, before he summons his tail and whips the man into the far wall. Griphyx drops to his knees as he coughs and grabs his throat gently, his wings show and his right eye changes as his fangs grow longer.

"My, that is certainly interesting. It would seem you are still metamorphosing, boy." The second voice breaths out. Harry rushes to his bothers side, as Luna and Nightmare make repairs on the walls as Celestia heals Griphyx. "KILL THEM!!" The face hisses out. The man rushes at the two with his hands out, and grabs their throats, but the both Harry and Griphyx grab the man's face, causing him to scream in pain.

They all watch as the man staggers back, going to grab his face as his form looks like dirt. He looks back at them and goes to reach out at them, before he collapses and becomes brown colored ash. The two sigh in relief, before the ash turns into a face that lunges at the two, only to be stopped by the Princesses, who all stomp onto it, making the whole ground crack an shatter, the walls groan, as if in pain.

"NO ONE HURTS WHAT'S OURS!!!" The three of them roar out as they beat the ever living crap out of this spirit. Griphyx's vision wavers for a moment, before he leans against his brother, his side and lower back burning like hay and forcing him to pant, while Harry's scar burns, it doesn't hurt him too badly.

"Remind me to NEVER make them mad at us, eh, Griphyx?" Harry jokes with a tired smile. Griphyx nods his head as he pants heavily.

"Y....Yeah." He stutters out. The spirit somehow dodges the Princesses and vanishes with a scream and a puff of dust. The doors open up to reveal Ron, Ruby and Hermione, who gape at the destruction. Behind them, Snape, Hagrid, McGonagall gape at Griphyx's form, as Dumbledore gives a sad, but knowing, smile at the five.

"I see, it would seem a fight has happened here." Dumbledore says. The brothers nod their heads. "Let's get you two out of here and you in the infirmary, along with Ron as well.


The three boys sit in the infirmary, each weak, however, Griphyx forgot to hide his claws, wings, tail and eye, making everyone flock to him in awe. Malfoy sneers.

"See? Look at this FREAK!" He says as his goons and most of the students laugh, making Griphyx sigh sadly. Why did he have to be so bucking weird? That was what is going through his mind, until a voice speaks up.

"So what? He's a Half-Blood, and so am I." Ruby says defiantly.

"Yeah, but he's a MAJOR freak!" A boy howls out in laughter. This causes Ruby to growl at the boy and red flames form into fangs pointing upwards coming from the corners of her mouth.

"So what? He's going through a metamorphosis phase and will be more dignified!" She roars out. This causes the boys to laugh harder.

"Oh look, the other freak has a crush on Griphyx! Isn't that sweet!?" A tall Slitherine boy laughs out. This causes Griphyx to blush and Ruby to growl out more flames.

"No I don't! I'm just protecting him!!" She roars out, the red flames become blue and have black swirls flowing around them. This makes the group of idiots back away in fear. Griphyx chuckles out weakly as they run away and the rest of the students back away slowly, before booking it.

"Sorry for causing you problems..." Griphyx states sadly. Ruby smiles at him and pats his back gently.

"It's fine, besides, I've had to deal with this sort of crap before, so just don't worry about it." She says with a slight wink. Griphyx smiles thankfully, as he lays back into his bed.

"School is almost over, this bloody sucks!" Ron yells out squeakily.

"Why?" Harry asks.

"Because I won't get to see any of you guys till next year!" Ron cries out sadly. Ruby seems to get a sad look as well.

"Yeah..." Hermione sighs out. Griphyx, Harry and the Princesses look down sadly, until Dumbledore makes himself known.

"Then why not teleport to each other?" He says with a small smile, before leaving the room. His smile grows when he hears 'Why didn't we think of that?' come from Luna.

Griphyx smirks at his friends and brother.

"But think about it! We could visit whenever we wanted! Granted, Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia aren't going to like it, and I'LL have to hide my....well...this." He says while motioning to himself.

"Yeah, but remember, we can teleport and do whatever we want, and we can see each other in the dreamscape! We still need to train, unless it's halted for the summer?" Harry asks.

"No, we will halt it for now, might as well give you all a break, right?" Celestia jokes. The children nod their heads, before Hermione and Ruby head back to the 'house' to get some sleep with Celestia. Luna lays next to Harry, as Nightmare lays next to Griphyx. Ron smiles before he holds his pet rat and falls asleep with him. All unaware of their adventures beginning and that they will be much more dangerous.

Chapter 22

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The two Potter brothers sit on their beds at their Aunt's and Uncle's house in the attic as they practice their safe spells, before Luna hugs the two and smiles.

"It's done!!" She chirps out happily. The brothers give her a strange look.

"What's done?" Harry asks. Luna giggles behind a hoof as the other two burst out of the brothers closet.

"Damn it little princess" -Nightmare starts with a grin- "why the hay did you have to spoil the mood?" She asks playfully, as Luna snickers. Celestia giggles before nuzzling Harry gently, who hugs her back.

"Why, aren't you the huggy one today?" Celestia jokes. Harry had essentially adopted Celestia as his 'mother' on accounts that they seem to have that kind of relationship, and Celestia would call him HER foal whenever Ron would pick on him playfully. Griphyx smiles at the two, Celestia even adopted himself as her second foal, which has been very helpful, however, something inside him tells him to NOT treat Luna and Nightmare as aunts, but to keep them closer, which he does everyday.

"What are you three up to?" Griphyx asks. Luna giggles and wraps her forelegs and wings around his form and hug him tightly and smile down at the Half-Blood.

"We managed to create a doorway to Hogwarts and even a training room as well!" She chirps out as Nightmare talks to the closet door.

"Um, how?" Griphyx asks.

"You say either name when your inside the closet, and when you open the door, you'll walk out of the 'house' closet in Hogwarts, or you'll walk into a secondary 'world' to train in." Nightmare states with a grin. Nightmare has been closer to Griphyx than anyone else has. Harry or Celestia or Luna will even catch Nightmare humming him a tune before kissing his forehead when he sleeps, not that he'll know.

Griphyx walks over to the closet and opens it. He goes to step into it only for Harry to fly in via magical wings. Griphyx chuckles and walks in after the princesses and he closes the door.

"Hogwarts." He states. The room glows with a dim green light before they feel a sucking motion. As they open the door after the sucking feeling goes away, the two brothers smile as they look at their 'house's' comfy room, or 'living room' one could say. Griphyx walks over and sits on the couch, smirking at the others.

"Bucking awesome." He says with a grin.

"Griphyx! Harry!" The voice of their friend Hermione calls out to them. The brothers look at the second, third and fourth open closet doors and see their friends.

"Hey Hermione! Ron! Ruby!" Harry yells back as he hugs each of them. Griphyx stays on the couch, still smirking.

"Hey guys, how's it going?" He asks. It has been a year-ish since they had known the three. Harry and Griphyx are 12 now and are taller. Evidently, Griphyx's looks have been changing as well as Harry's, but at a much faster level.

Griphyx's eyes seem darker and changing color. His aura is black and red and he wears a strange dragon like symbol on the back of his new coat. His old one had been torn up, and he had received a package -both of them had- that held their parent's old coats, but what was confusing was to why Griphyx's was darker than his old one, an held that symbol, while Harry's was more like four feathered wings and two pistols with an intricate design.

Harry's was blue-ish with a hint of what looked like red. And he would at time summon two magical blue pistols that would serve as a way to fire off what he called 'magic bullets' just in case he needed to protect himself or the others. Harry's green eyes have been brier than ever, but they have a slight slit in the pupil, but nothing noticeable.

"How have you five been?" Hermione asks. Harry smirks and shows them his new coat, pants -which are black-, boots -which are bright brown- and shirt -which holds the same emblem as his coat does-. Griphyx does the same before walking around towards the front door and opening it.

"I don't think we are aloud to enter the halls yet, Griphyx." Ruby says to the Half-Blood, who sighs and looks back at them.

"It has been FAR too long, I just want to go out for a flight!" He complains. Ruby and the others groan before they nod their heads.

"Fine, but we're getting Ron's father's Flying Car and joining you, alright?" Ruby states. Griphyx nods his head and walks out, shutting the door. He walks through the halls looking around out of the windows, but stops as he see's a strange tree and h decides to open the window next to him and fly out.

Flying towards this strange tree, he see's his friends in this blue car flying around, however, he can see the train his not far off behind them, as he can see the smoke rising from a few miles away. He flies over to his friends, who also note Griphyx's new wings of sorts. They see that they seem larger, but for the 'fingers' they have turned into elongated coffin like shapes.

"What are you all doing!?" Griphyx yells out over the sound of the engine.

"We're joining you for the flight!" Hermione screams back. Griphyx face palms before pointing at the incoming train. The others look and seem to catch on.

"Cast an invisibility spell dang it!" He yells back, before he follows his own advise. He flaps his wings and goes back towards the castle, until he hears metal being crushed. He spins and see's the car is no longer invisible and is being attacked by that strange tree. He growls as he appears next to the car and blocks a branch, he see's the car door's open as his friends fall out onto the ground and the car flies off.

He lands next to his friends and rubs his sore forearms before he drops his invisibility and sends them a cold glare.

"What was that?" He asks. Harry smiles sheepishly.

"Hermione wanted to see if..." Griphyx looks at Hermione, cutting Harry off. He knew to not piss him off unless it WAS necessary. Hermione squirms nervously.

"Why did you want to see THIS tree?" He says calmly, but his cold glare never changing. Hermione sighs and gives him sad eyes.

"I wanted to know what kin it was, and I it was a "Weeping Willow" then to avoid it." She tells him. Griphyx's demeanor and eyes become soft. He hugs the group tightly and speaks softly.

"Never do that bucking crap again, got it?" He whispers, his hair blocking his eyes. He smiles as he hears 'Yes.' and he lets them go. "Good! Now lets go make it look like we just got off the train." He explains. He teleports away along with the others, but when they arrive at the train station, they are met by Hagrid, who give them a knowing smile and raised brow.

"Couldn't stay away, could'ya?" He teases.

"That's actually true...." Griphyx sighs out.

"Really?" Hagrid asks, somewhat surprised by the boy's answer.

"Yeah, we missed this place!" Harry yells out with a smile. Griphyx and the others nod their heads. Hagrid chuckles, until he see's his wings claws and tail are out.

"Griphyx, you should really hide those." Hagrid says. Griphyx gives him a curious look.

"Why?" He asks. This time, Ruby pipes up.

"It's like taking your cloths off Griphyx! It's looked down upon, especially since there are so little Half-Bloods, and so many normal...." She says sadly. Griphyx sighs and wills his wings claws and tail to return, but keep's his eye out. He looks around and sighs.

"So I can't keep my eye out eh?" He asks. He sighs when Ruby shakes her head, and he wills it back to normal. "Fine...stupid laws...." He grumbles out. Ruby smiles sadly and places a hand onto his shoulder.

"Don't worry, you can bring those out when we AREN'T in front of many humans..." She reassures him. True to her word, when Griphyx looks up he see Malfoy, his group -which had grown- and more students staring, save for Malfoy who is sneering a scoff of sorts. Griphyx nods his head and sighs, until a boy lands before them with wings of feather's and fire. Griphyx uses his own wings to shield the others from the fire, and stares at the boy.

"Hey!" He says with an...American accent? "How are ya?" He asks while holding out his hand. Griphyx gives the boy a confused glance. "Oh. Right! Silly me! The names Nick. What's yours?" Nick asks.

"Um...Griphyx Potter. And this my older brother, Harry Potter" Griphyx answers pointing to Harry.

"Hello." Harry says.

"My name's Hermione Granger." Hermione says with a small smile.

"Mine's Ronald Weasley, but you can call me Ron." Ron says.

"M-My name is R-Ruby..." Ruby says shyly. This makes Griphyx look at her with confusion, but see's some fear in Ruby's eyes, but that goes unnoticed by everyone else.

"Nice to meet all of you!" Nick chirps out. The fames on his wings die out to reveal large bat-like wings with pitch black feathers on the top of them. His wings rest against his back as he smirks. "Cool wings!" He compliments Griphyx, who nods his head softly.

"Same to you." Griphyx says, smiling back softly. Nick smirks and looks the group up and down.

"You certainly are a strange bunch, that's for sure." He states. This causes Griphyx to rub the back of his head sheepishly as he looks at the ground.

"Y...Yeah." Griphyx says. He freezes up as Malfoy and his group walk over, he notices Malfoy has his want out, and this makes him growl.

"Easy there! I didn't mean any har- " Nick stops as a magic bolt slams into Griphyx's shoulder, making him stagger back, growling. "What the hell?" He says. He turns and see's Malfoy holding his wand out, sneering.

"Hey freak!" He hisses out. Griphyx growls louder and hi claws, tail an eye show.

"What did you do THAT for!?" Nick growls out, making Malfoy recoil. "Don't you know it's against the LAW to attack Half-Bloods!?" He roars. Malfoy sneers once more and points a wand at Nick.

"So?" He says. Nick growls as he takes a staff from his back. It's a long steel pole with a black pointed gem at the tip. He slams it into the ground and causes it t crack.

"'So?' So that means you risk getting your ass sent to the magic prison!" Nick roars. Griphyx blinks. Magic Prison? Does he mean Azkiban? He doesn't have much time to ask, before another bolt of magic hits him in the chest, making him cough. Where was Hagrid in a time like this? He looks around, to see Hagrid and the rest of the students had gone into the castle, fan-bucking-tastic.

"Who cares? He's a major FREAK and who would even care about him?" Malfoy says. This makes Nightmare grit her teeth and as she goes to teach the kid a lesson, Nick holds a hand out, as he looks directly at her. She freezes as he winks discretely before pointing his staff at Malfoy.

"Then how about a magical duel?" He states. "You against my new pal Griphyx here?" He states with a smirk. Malfoy sneers and chuckles.

"Fine!" Malfoy hisses out. "I accept the challenge!" He sneers once more. Griphyx smirks as he pulls out his wand and holds it like a dagger.

"Fine by me." Griphyx says as he gets low to the ground. Nick watches with interest before looking at the others.

"Um, any reason as to why there are winged unicorn forms near you all?" He asks.

"How can you see them?" Ruby asks.

"I can't, just their outlining, they seem pretty big, so who are they?" He asks.

"Oh, well, there's Princess Celestia, the Goddess of the sun, Griphyx and mine adopted mother, Princess Luna, the Goddess of the Moon. And Nightmare Moon, the Goddess of the Night." Harry answers. Nick stumbles a bit, and gives him an incredulous look.

"G-Goddesses!? Like the Greek mythology!? But those aren't real!" Nick shouts. Harry chuckles.

"Oh, the are VERY real. Trust me. When Griphyx and I had gone into a temple of sorts, we met them all, it was...odd." Harry states nervously. His friends are finally learning about this? Apparently so.

"You both, sorry, you five met more gods and goddesses?" Nick states. Harry nods his head with a smirk. "Pft, yeah right. These three are probably just spirits." Nick scoffs.

"You'll have to wait till Griphyx finishes with Malfoy and if you pass the 'test', then you'll be able to fully see and hear the princesses." Harry states.

"Fine, whatever." Nick states.

Griphyx swats a bolt of magic with a claw before swinging his wand upwards and sends out a magical chain to wrap around Malfoy's form. He smirks as Malfoy squirms, but freezes as the chains tighten.

"Do you yield!?" Griphyx roars out. Malfoy nods his head quickly. Griphyx yawns in boredom and snaps his fingers, and the chain vanishes. Griphyx turns and steps forward, before vanishing and appearing next to the group, his wins, tail and claws are gone, while his eye remains the same.

"How did you do that?" Nick asks. Griphyx smirks before vanishing and appearing behind him.

"Magic." Is all Griphyx says. Nick spins and jumps back, holding his chest.

"the hell man!" He growls. "Don't do that!" He yells. Griphyx chuckles, before approaching Nick and staring into his eyes. A few moment later Griphyx purrs and nods to the others, before appearing next to Harry. Nick rubs his eyes, but then falls onto his butt when he see's the princesses.

"Hello, Sir Nick." Luna says. "And I am Princess Luna, Goddess of the Moon." She says with a bow of her elegant head. Nick stares before he kneels at the three Goddesses.

"Please forgive me!!" He screams out. Nightmare giggles.

"Perhaps we will, if you do a little something for us- " She starts, before Griphyx gives her a look, and makes her laugh. "I am only teasing, my Griphyx. Besides, if anything, Luna and I have what we want." She tells him as she nuzzles him gently. This makes Griphyx blush and Nick to gape.

"Your DATING a GODDESS!?!?" He yells. This makes the three of them blush and rapidly shake their heads from side to side.

"NO!" Griphyx, Luna and Nightmare yell out, making the others giggle.

"No, Nick. My sister's aren't dating him, we are merely their guardians, while I claimed them as my sons. We have been training them in OUR kind of magic for YEARS, ever since they were small. The group here has managed to awaken their Magical Abilities and are gaining more magic. However, Griphyx seems to be....stronger, in all aspects." Celestia explains.

"Oh- WAIT WHAT!?" Nick yells. "You ADOPTED THEM!?!?" He screeches, making Celestia giggle and nod her head.

"Indeed I did." Celestia says with a smile, as she nuzzles the two brothers lovingly. "And I couldn't be happier." She says with a larger loving smile.

"Cool. I get to practice with you all now?" He asks.

"You don't really et a choice, your kinda...forced to." Harry explains sheepishly.

"Why?" Nick asks.

"Because I had made it a rule, of sorts, that whoever can see the Princesses, must be trained by them." Says and old man's voice. Nick turns and see's Dumbledore standing there with a small smile. "It was, a pact I had made with the three of them." He explains.

"And who are you?" Nick asks.

"I am Headmaster Albas Dumbledore." Dumbledore says. Nick's jaw drops before he gains a smirk and looks back at the group.

"Looks like I'll be learning some awesome magic!" Nick says giddily. Harry and Griphyx nod their heads, smirking before Griphyx looks up at the castle, but freezes up when he see's two massive yellow eyes reseed back into the darkness, and he swears he could hear a faint hissing sound. This year will certainly be interesting.

Chapter 23

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Griphyx sits in the mess hall with his brother and friends. He sighs in boredom as Dumbledore goes out making some sort of speech, until he hears what sounds like hissing and speaking at the same time. Griphyx looks around the room, and see's Malfoy sneering at him. What was wrong with this kid?

He sighs in annoyance as the whispering and hissing stops. He looks up to realize that Dumbledore had finished his speech. He rises and follows Harry as he leads the group back to the 'house'. Griphyx sits on the couch and yawns before brining his wand out and changes it into a sword. He smirks as he runs his fingers along the flat of the blade. He spins it a few times and listens as the air screams wherever he swings.

He twirls around and swings it to the right before jumping back and swinging up an down in a quick, swift motion. Griphyx twirls the blade around before tossing it into the air, by this time the others enter the room to see Griphyx with his hand stretched out and the sword's hilt to land into his hand and turn back into a wand.

"Looks like we missed the show." Nightmare teases. Griphyx laughs and nods his head before yawning and sits back on the couch and closes his eyes like nothing happened. Nick stares at him with wide eyes.

"Anyone else gonna explain what the HELL we just saw?" He yells. Harry laughs.

"Nothing really, just the norm around here, right?" He says. The others, save for Nick, nod their heads. "See?" Harry says with a grin. Nick blinks before he chuckles and holds his staff out.

"I wanna spar!" He laughs out. Griphyx and the others raise a brow at Nick's quick reaction's, could he have a disorder of some sort? Griphyx smirks and brings his wand out like a dagger and crouches low to the ground. Nick spins his staf at his side, making the air scream as his wings fan out. Griphyx summons his wings and tail and his left arm becomes claws.

"Sure, why not?" Griphyx states. "It'll give us time to see how strong you American's are." He states before swinging up and sending a magic bolt, but it swatted aside by Nick's wing. As Nick looks back at Griphyx, he realizes that he had lost sight of his temporary opponent.

"Damn..." Nick curses. Out of nowhere, he is sent into the closet and in a flash of light, he is pushed out and is standing on a seaside view next to a falling apart castle.

"This is amazing!" Harry states.

"We spent three months on it, it better be." Nightmare states, giving them all a shiver.

"Now where did Griphyx go?" Ruby asks. Nick sins his staff around his form and scans the area. Griphyx claps his hands.

"Good job in getting rid of the simple spell on your vision. But can you stop the earth from swallowing you up?" He says with a wide grin. Nick flaps and flies into the air, and looks around.

'Damn it! I don't know what kind of Half-Blood Griphyx is. He could be ANYTHING. This is probably my biggest mistake ever.' Nick thinks to himself. Griphyx appears before him and grabs the staff an smirks.

"To slow!" He laughs as he swings the wand down and sends a green wave of magic that hits Nick on the chest, and knocks him back, forcing him to cough.

"Damn it!!" Nick roars as he stabilizes and the staff materializes in his hand. Griphyx smirks and the blade forms on the wand.

"Guess I might as well try this out, eh?" Griphyx asks. His coat turns into a torn up red cape with a hood and with thin, but thick, black skeletal armor and gauntlet on his right hand along with spikes on the shoulders. "This is...different." Griphyx states. The others stare at Griphyx's cloths.

"When did he gain that power?" Celestia asks Luna and Nightmare, this causes everyone to look at the two princesses of the night, who shake their heads.

"We never got to..." Nightmare says with a grin. "But he looks good with it!" She chirps out happily. Luna nods her head as Ruby blushes slightly. Griphyx holds his sword and watches as the blade curves and becomes a strange sickle like shape.

"Now this is definitely new." Griphyx states and swipes at the air and sends out rain of bolts of magic into the sky making thunder claps as they explode. "Now THAT is new." He grins.

"Yes, yes it is." Nick says as he fires a black bolt of magic, hitting Griphyx in the chest, causing him to cough slightly. "Never take your eyes off of your opponent, Griphyx." Nick says with a smirk. "I thought you were better than this-" He starts before magic bolts rain down at him. "OH SH-" He starts before he dodges around the bolts. "Crap! Crap! Crap! CRAP!! CCRRAAAPPP!!!!" Nick screams out like a little girl.

"Do you think that Griphyx is going a bit to hard on Nick?" Hermione asks. The others nod their heads as Griphyx laughs as he fires magical lighting from his wand that turns into strange skeletal reptilian heads that charge out at Nick. They watch Nick send out magical bolts back to block Griphyx's attacks.

"I think that Nick will need a LOT of training to take anyone on for a spar..." Nightmare deadpans. Celestia sighs and nods, as Luna cheers Griphyx on and nods as well.

"Damn, Griphyx! You really are powerful in magic!!" Nick yells out as Griphyx grins. His tail swishes about before he appears before Nick, holding the blade tip at Nick's neck.

"Do you yield?" Griphyx asks, completely calm. Nick sighs and nods his head slightly.

"I yield." Nick states and Griphyx appears down on the ground.

"Then get the buck down here!!" He yells up. Nick sighs and shakes his head with a smirk on his face.

'Well that was certainly interesting, I wonder if I can do the same thing?' Nick wonders as he touches down onto the ground. Griphyx yawns as his extra parts vanish, as do Nick's wings. 'Perhaps it would be best to NOT piss off Griphyx, yet.' He thinks to himself as they all go back through the door and walk back out into the 'houses' living room.

"How did you do that?" Griphyx asks Nick.

"Huh?" Nick asks, confused as to what the stronger Half-Blood means.

"Summoning your staff, how?" Griphyx asks.

"It's tied to me, kind of like a curse mark..." Nick starts. "It was the final thing I had of my grandfather before I was sent here to live with my grandmother." He says.

"I see." Griphyx says before turning and going to leave.

"Why were you adopted by the Sun Goddess?" Nick asks. This makes Griphyx and Harry freeze up.

"We..." Harry goes to answer, but Griphyx stops him with the raise of a hand. He looks at Nick from the corner of his eye and Nick gets chills, as Griphyx's eye holds a sense of dread.

"Our mother and Harry's father were murdered by Voldemort, who we fought with last year. We lived with our Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia for years until the Princesses came. They became out protectors, teachers and best friends. When all hope was lost, they became our light. When we were sucked into an ethereal plain, they were our guardians, when we needed affection, they gave it to us. When the year was up, Celestia became our mother of sorts. We have known them all ever since we were small children, 5 for me, 6 for Harry, at the time." Griphyx explains. Nick had heard of this 'Voldemort' from across the sea's, but couldn't believe that HE was REAL.

"Did you guys kill him?" Nick asks, thinking that he PROBABLY shouldn't bring the parent thing up again.

"Not...exactly." Harry states. Nick raises a questioning brow. "We fought against him, but he managed to become a spirit and escape." Harry explains.

"Yeah, after we kicked his ASS!" Nightmare roars in laughter.

"True, we did kick some major plot!" Luna said next, while Celestia giggled and nodded her head.

"No one harms these two, or the others." Celestia says with a motherly smile. Harry and Griphyx hug Celestia tightly as she hugs them both back just as tightly.

"I see, makes sense I guess." Nick says with a shrug. He walks over to the door and walks out. Griphyx looks around the room, before staring at Ruby. This causes her to blush slightly.

"What's wrong Griphyx?" Ruby asks, blushing like crazy.

"I just realized that we haven't seen what makes you a Half-Blood except those strange flame fangs." He explains. Ruby blushes more as she pushes the tips of her pointer fingers together.

"Well...I um...can't exactly show you..." She states. Griphyx tilts his head to the side, a brow raised.

"Why not?" He asks.

"Well's just not something I can show you, alright?" She asks pleadingly.

"Show us." Nick says much like an order. Ruby jumps into Griphyx's arms as blue cat ears form atop her head -her human ears gone-, two blue flaming cat tail with he black swirls going around them, her fangs are much the same and she looks, older. "Hot damn! You look hot!" Nick says, sporting a grin. Ruby blushes even more as her eyes are no longer ruby red, but are now bright gold, much like a cat's are.

"Not fair!! This is why I NEVER show anyone!!!" Ruby screams out, tears lining the edges of her eyes. "Everyone just...makes fun of me..." She whimpers out. Griphyx hugs her tightly, even though he is shorter than her.

"I think it suites you." Griphyx states making Ruby blush more.

" think so?" She asks, looking down at him. She is greeted by a slightly blushing Griphyx, smiling up at her.

"Hay yeah!" Griphyx exclaims. This causes Ruby to blush more, but smile happily.

"Thanks! I Um...thank you." Ruby says softly with a smile as she hugs Griphyx back gently, the two close their eyes as they both hold each other. Griphyx see's a flame and then he speaks.

"May I see...your Half-Blood heritage?" He asks softly. Ruby blushes, keeping her eyes closed she nods her head.

"Yes, but only if I can see yours." She states softly. She feels Griphyx nod and she lets him in. Griphyx looks deeper into the flame as he peers into Ruby's Half-Blood line. He see's a massive two tailed blue flaming cat that then turns into a human woman -except having the same features as Ruby does- and watches as the woman lives to THIS very day, must be an immortal.

"So interesting." Griphyx says before looking up at her. Ruby smiles down at him.

"Thanks. Now may I see yours?" She asks softly. Griphyx nods his head and closes his eyes. Ruby closes her eyes and kneels down onto her knees, and places her forehead against his chest. She gasps audibly when she see's his flame, no, FLAMES and gapes as she watches them all turn into Dragon's, Hydra's, Griffin's, even a Leviathan. But then they all get sucked into the giant flame, and two eyes peer out at her.

As she stares, a mouth form before the figure of a man stands before her. The man has a sword imbedded in his hand before he turns, and looks directly at Ruby. The man, looks like an older version, of Griphyx. She goes to pull away, but then notices that dragons land behind him, a knight with a lion's helm and wielding a spear that has lightning tracing it. A large black dragon lands on the other side of the man.

As Rub stares, she then see's multiple kingdom's rise, only to fall by HIS hands. All the enemies he faces, join with him, making him stronger. Ruby watches as the smirks and summons a skeletal dragon like being. It has the form of a man, but has a draconic skull, tail, claws and feet. But it has 8 coffins making wings, four on each side. She watches as this thing serves the man. As she pulls away, she watches the man WAVE directly at her, winking.

Ruby pulls away and stands up. Griphyx tilts his head at her.

"What's wrong?" He asks.

"I just saw your Blood was....I....I think he made that wand...I watched him make that creature you described in it's infancy." Ruby says, making everyone give a surprised look. "I also saw that he looked much like you, but older, but also, far more powerful." She explains.

"I see, that would explain a bit...." He mumbles.

"What?" She asks.

"Oh, nothing. Just explains why I have a second me in here." He says as he taps his head.

"I see." She giggles. Griphyx blushes and rubs his arm sheepishly.

"Y...Yeah." He says softly, looking down at his feet. Ruby lifts his chin with a finger and when he looks up at her, he blushes more to see her smiling down at him.

"I think it's nice. Now we should all head to bed. Okay?" She asks him. He nods his head and smiles back. She reverts back to normal and keeps smiling at him.

"Indeed, we must get rest for tomorrow will be a big day." Nightmare says with a wink. They all get into their beds, but for some reason, Ruby opts to stay close to Griphyx, this makes Luna sleep with her, while Nightmare sleeps with Griphyx, as usual. All of them unaware that something dark and twisted has awoken, and is on the hunt for two specific children.

Chapter 24

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Griphyx sits on a rock outside as he stares off into the dark grey cloudy sky. Next to him, is Nightmare to his right, while on his left is Luna. Ruby sits at he feet, she has her tails, ears, eyes and fangs out. She looks up at him and smiles.

"Nice day, huh?" She asks. Griphyx nods his head softly

"Yeah, real nice day. Been back a week and it feels nice to just sit here." He says with a smile. They all sit on the cliff edge as they look out at the sea. Ruby leans back against Griphyx's legs and sighs with a content smile gracing her red lips.

"Yeah." She agrees. The four of them watch the sea move, before Ruby jumps up and sits in Griphyx's lap. Her being taller, causes him to blush, as he looks away from her chest. "Nice to see you aren't like Nick, if I did this to him, he'd say something about me...." She grumbles as she lay in his lap.

"Y...Yeah, I um...managed to hear your last conversation with him. Is he really that...I don't know, strange?" Griphyx asks. After hearing their conversation, he had become curious about why American's were so...perverse.

"Yes, apparently in America, or at least their Witches and Half-Blood women, that are similar to me tend to...sell themselves" She says with a slight blush.

"Does he ask you to do those kinds of things?" Nightmare asks. The four of them have been bonding more and more. Mot students say that Griphyx and Ruby are dating each other, but the truth is that they look out for each other.

"No, not really. But he asks me if I ever have, or if any of my family members have as well." She explains, blushing more. Nightmare smirks playfully.

"Have you~?" She asks. This makes Ruby freeze up and squeak. "Oh HAVE!?" She yells.

"N...No! I haven't!! I've done things, but nothing like those!! I haven't even gotten my first kiss yet!" She squeaks out in embarrassment. Nightmare howls in laughter.

"Oh, you should see the look on your face! Ha!" She doubles over laughing. Luna giggles lightly.

"That was kind of funny..." She says.

"I...I guess it was..." Ruby says with a small smile, when she see's Griphyx not even looking at them, but towards the castle, she grows worried.

"I don't understand...." He mumbles out before he sighs and runs a hand through his hair.

"Don't understand what?" Ruby asks. Griphyx looks over his shoulder at her.

"The hissing, the whispering, the large yellow eyes in the windows. I just don't understand!" He exclaims in annoyance. Ruby smiles sadly before hugging him gently around the abdomen and holds him close, causing him to blush.

"It's okay, Griphyx. If you want, the three of us can help you find out more about together with you, alright?" She says, smiling down at him. He smiles up at her and nods.

"Sure!" He exclaims happily. But then gets a puzzled look. "Can I ask you a question, Ruby?"

"Sure." She chirps out.

"How old are you?" He asks. Ruby blushes before smiling down at him.

"Well, for human years I'm 12, but for my Half-Blood years, about 16." She answers. Griphyx blinks before blushing more.

"How?" He asks,

"Well, my family line is...older than most would think. My family comes from Japan, but during the late 1800's we came over here, and started a new family branch. It's kind of confusing." She explains with a sheepish smile.

"So, your part Japanese?" He asks.

"Yes, why?" She asks.

"Well, it's just that when Harry, Tia, Artemis, Nyx and I were sucked into that strange temple, we met some deities FROM the Japanese folklore. They seemed REALLY nice!" He exclaims with a smile. Ruby looks down at Griphyx.

"You met more gods?" She asks.

"Well, briefly, but yeah. Everything just sort of flows together though, like I can remember bits and pieces, but not EVERYTHING that had happened, so, maybe." He says with a slight shrug. Ruby smirks and rubs his chin softly, making him shiver a bit.

"Cute." Is all she says before her tails coil around them both as she hisses at Malfoy.

"Told you they was here!" Says another new student of SLitherin, he too, is a American, and from the sound of it, from that New York City place that Griphyx, Harry and the Princesses saw in the movies.

"Right you are, and his little girl friend to. Hold on, she looks older, hey! Who are you!?" Malfoy order's out. Ruby and Griphyx both deadpan.

"It's Ruby, you snake." Ruby hisses out.

"His girlfriend? Ha! Yeah right! As if HE could land such a babe. C'mon sweetcheeks, why don't ch'ya come over here's and uh, y'know, make yourself useful?" The New Yorker boy says with a grin. Ruby clenches her jaw shut, but then blinks when the boy his holding his stomach. "Awe crap!" He yells in pain.

"That's for picking on my friends." Nick says from out of nowhere, his wings shimmering as his feathers rustle slightly.

"Gah! You stupid little ANGEL!!" The boy roars as he whips out a strange black and green wand shaped like a snake. He flicks his wrist and fires out an overly large magic bolt at Nick, hitting him in the chest. Snake-like-chains coil themselves around Nick's form and force him to hit the ground, he cries out in pain as he lands onto his wings. "I ain't finished with ya yet!" He snarls as he fires another over large bolt of magic, hitting him in the chest, but giving him a burn.

"Aah!" He yells out in pain.

"That little..." Nightmare and Luna start, but then when a gust of wind forms, they watch the new kid fly into the air, a bruise on his left cheek and his eyes wide. When the boy falls onto his back, he blinks.

"The hell just...?" He stops and freezes. Standing there before him is a mostly changed Griphyx. His coffin like wings fanned out, his bone and flesh tail coiling and uncoiling. Most of his face is covered in a strange skeletal skull, while his left eye looks somewhat normal, his right resembles a socket with that flame eye staring back at them all.

"What the bloody hell!?" Ron yells in fear as he see's his friend looking more and more like a monster. "What's happening to Griphyx!?!?" He yells.

"I don't know, but...he looks pretty pissed." Nick coughs out in pain. Griphyx glares at the group who harmed his friend.

"You FREAK!!" The boys yell out, firing magical bolts at Griphyx. Griphyx steps back in very slight pain before he growls and holds his wand to the side. The sickle like black forms, before straitening into a familiar sword. Dumbledore, McGonagall, Hagrid and Snape appear at the seen, only to wonder what is going on.

Griphyx steps towards the group, but this makes them all but the new kid run away.

"Think you can take me on!? You freaking demonic dragon thing! I'll show you!!" He roars in fury as his legs become one and his hands are claws. His hair become snakes and he gains poison dripping fangs and two bight glowing yellow eyes. A snake mask forms around his head and jaw-lining. "Bring it!" He roars. His wand forms into a double sided axe.

'Can all Half-Bloods make their wands or any other tools into a weapon?' Griphyx thinks.

"Yes, we can." The boy say, making Griphyx's eye widen. "All Half-Bloods have a best inside them, and that beast can become an unbreakable weapon." He states before appearing before Griphyx, axe raised in the air above his had. "NOW YOU PAY!!" The boy screams out in anger. Griphyx blocks with the flat of his sword and grunts.

' could I not have known this bucking stuff!?' Griphyx roars in his mind.

"We will help you. Just relax, and let us work with you, Griphyx." The other Griphyx says. Griphyx agrees and then he feels his body go numb, before he feels his limbs move faster than he could have thought.

'WHAT!?' The boy roars in his mind. 'HOW COULD HE BE SO QUICK!?' He thinks as he feels his shirt be cut. 'At least he can't get through my scales and skin, otherwise I would have freaking died! Damn it, how could this little crap stain be so strong!?' He roars mentally, dodging swipes.

Griphyx watches as his body pushes the boy back and send him into a rock, before he regains control. Griphyx grabs the boy by the throat and growls.

"Do you yield?" He growls out. The boy nods and when Griphyx releases him, the boy reverts back to normal and flees from the area, back towards Malfoy's group. Griphyx smirks, before he too reverts back to normal, and then his world goes dark once more. This was going to be a LONG year.

Chapter 25

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Griphyx's eyes flutter open, and he looks around the room. He notes the strange red curtains with even stranger willow-whips lining the edges. The bed he is currently in is large and rather comfy. He looks around more, but his eyes stop at the sleeping form of Ruby. She wears a red laced bra -due to seeing the strap- under a blue shirt, black jeans, while on her feet are some yellow socks.

Griphyx sits up slowly, and notices she hasn't reverted back at all yet. He see's that her tails are coiled around his hips, legs and even chest, the blue flame like fur is warm to the touch, but never burns. He pets her tails gently, causing her to purr softly. This makes him blush, but smile, he is more than happy to know a friend is in good health.

He looks around more, to see Luna and Nightmare are also laying with him. He smiles more before he feels something strange. He lifts his hand, and see's that his nails are now claws, his skin seems, lighter, paler in a way. He looks up his arm and notes how odd it has become. Could this be the side affect of letting his wand and 'other half' take control?

He hears a slight gasp for breath, when he looks down, he see's that he has kissed Ruby's tails without thinking.

"I didn't know you love my t-tails this much, Griphyx." She says with a large blush. Griphyx blushes as well and lets go, only to have the tails brush passed his lips and move back over to Ruby's form. "Had I known, I might have been more willing to let you play with them." She says with a playful wink, making Griphyx stutter for words." He stutters.

"I'm just teasing you, Griphyx!" She laughs out. Griphyx sighs out in slight aggravation.

"You need to stop taking those lessons from Nyx..." Griphyx grumbles softly.

"Oh please, you know you like it!" She teases. Griphyx groans before teleporting to his feet by the door.

"Come on, we'll be late." Griphyx states. It had been a week ever since his transformation had been shown, now every time he sleeps and dreams when he isn't on the moon playing or training, he is remembering those exact events of the fight, trying to figure out how his wand and other self could take over.

"Alright." Ruby says with a playful smirk, as she nudges Luna and Nightmare awake. "Wake up you two, we need to get going!" She yells. Luna and Nightmare jolt awake before both grumble out a series of swears under their breathes.

"We're coming, we're coming!" Nightmare yells back.

"Good." Griphyx starts. "Now lets get going." He says before he walks out of the door and walks down the stairs into the 'house' living room, where he see's Harry and the others sitting on the couches or chairs. He notes that Nick is holding a double sided scythe, the blades are the same color as the crystals for his staff.

"Hey Griphyx, how's it going?" Nick asks with a bored tone. "Because we have been waiting for forever for you to get your ass down here- " He stops when he see's Ruby yawn from behind Griphyx. "No freaking way! You know!?" He asks, sporting a grin. Griphyx and Ruby blush before scowling at him.

"No, we didn't Nick. We simply slept in the same bed. Doesn't seem all that strange." Ruby says as she brushes her tails gently.

"Then why do you have your hotness out, babe?" Nick asks with a smirk. This makes Ruby freeze up and blush, before throwing the brush at him. Nick yelps when the brush slams into his face.

"I'll have you know that THIS is my actual look, thank you very much!" She hisses out at Nick, who moves his hands up in defense.

"Alright! Alright! Jeez! I'm just teasing..." Nick grumbles. Ruby huffs as she holds Griphyx close to her form unconsciously and glares at Nick, who is smirking.

"What?" Ruby growls out.

"Your holding Griphyx~ Ruby and Griphyx, sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-"WHAP" OW!" Nick yells in pain as yet, another brush collides with his face. Ruby keeps blushing, but lets go of Griphyx quickly and looks away, as if ashamed. Griphyx hugs her gently.

"It's fine Ruby, I don't mind." Griphyx says.

"Of course not! She's a freaking hottie!!" Nick howls out teasingly. Griphyx sighs as he kicks Nick's shin, making him yell in more pain. "DAMN IT!!! YOU LITTLE!!" Nick starts, but stops when he see's Griphyx is clutching his chest in pain. His eyes are wide and shaking slightly. Griphyx drops to his knees with a loud 'THUMP' and coughs.

"GRIPHYX!!" Harry and Celestia yell out. As the two get to his side, Luna and Nightmare just get down the stairs, confused. Griphyx's hand trembles and then feels something nearby start to leave, making his body calm down. As Griphyx pants, he hears that whispering and hissing once more. Something is definitely not right.

Griphyx closes his eyes for a moment and calms his heart rate down, before rising to his feet and leans against a wall. Ruby wraps her tails around his waist and bring him to her.

"Are you okay?" She asks softly. Griphyx blushes and nods his head softly. Ruby smiles. "Good." She giggles out.

"Griphyx, what..." Nightmare starts, but then a small sphere of light forms behind Griphyx.

"Hello, our fair champion...." The woman voices say to the boy.

"H...Hello...." Griphyx says softly and weakly.

"Oh my, is our fair hero in pain? Hm hm hm hm...." They chuckle out.

"What have you done to Griphyx!?!?" Celestia roars in anger. The windows melt, the spire shakes and the clouds blocking the sun evaporate as the sun heats up immensely.

"Calm down!! Calm down!!" The voice scream at the enraged Goddess of the Sun.

"Not until you answer my question!! What have. You. Done. To. My. SON!?" Celestia booms out. The thunder booms through the air as the sun grows brighter and hotter.

"Nothing! Nothing!! Now please calm down!!!" They scream. Celestia calms down, but glares at the sphere of light. "We mean no harm, Goddess of the Sun. You might not be from 'this world', but, you certainly make the rest of us worry and freak out..." They say.

"Then it would be wise for you three to explain what has happened, or I WILL be bringing Discord here." She threatens. The sphere of light freezes.

"NO!! ANYTHING BUT THAT!!!" They scream.

"The get talking. NOW!" She roars.

"Okay! We came here to give the boy aid. It would seem his father...has given us something to give him." They say mysteriously.

"And that would be?" Celestia asks. The sphere giggles slightly.

"Why, a present! Since he can't exactly come here, the entire area would be nothing but a zone of death." They say with a slight hiss at the end.

"I see, and just who or what, is his father?" Celestia asks. The sphere seems to shake from side to side.

"We cannot say, it is not aloud for higher beings of higher plans of existents to be known by....humans." They hiss the last part out again. Hermione and Ron tilt their heads.

"Why the bloody hell not?" Ron asks. The sphere sins and stops, seemingly looking at the boy.

"Because, boy, your kind is not meant to see higher beings!!" They yell.

"But why can Harry?" Hermione asks. The sphere cackles before looking at her oddly.

"He is the adopted son of the Sun Goddess, and has already been soaking up the three goddesses energies, the...'Twilight Sparkle's' energies and his brothers energies. He is seemingly more like a demi-being, than a fully-fledged human. Hermione Granger." They speak.

" do you know my name?" Hermione asks, frazzled slightly.

"We know more than just THAT, our dear girl. We know that you desire to learn so much more than you should. You lust over the males that are around you and in those...movies. You are certainly and interesting human maiden. But we cannot allow you to see us, or the higher beings, yet." They hiss out.

"Yet?" Ron asks.

"Yes, Ronald Weasley, you and many more will be joining this group, sooner than either of you will realize, that is...the exception of our dear Griphyx here. Now will you two humans close your eyes, or you will face a terrible death." They cackle out. Hermione and Ron are quick to cover their eyes, and as a safety precaution, Celestia blinds them with a spell if they try to peak.

"Now what is this 'gift' that his father wants to give him?" Celestia growls out. The sphere trembles.

"A ring." They say.

"Just a ring? After him not being around EVER!?!? WHY!?!?" Celestia booms.

"Not just ANY ring. This ring is very powerful, and acts as a protector for all of you, as well as being an item he WILL need." They say.

"Where did this ring come from?" Nick asks.

"Oh our dear Nickolas, this ring is imbued with many beings that were slain to protect those he cared about. All of these beings, however, will act like guardians, and make sure you are all safe." The sphere says as a ring appears, but it looks....strange. The ring itself is old, VERY old as rust just starts to vanish, revealing an obsidian ring, with gems lining it all the way around. They gems are of different shapes and colors, but seems to represent a type of diamond, of sorts. In each gem, however, is small flame.

"What are these flames?" Griphyx asks, taking the ring.

"They are the beings." The sphere giggles out. "They can leave at anytime they wish, but choose to stay. They are NOT toys and are NOT servants. They MUST be treated like anyone else!" The sphere stress.

"Alright." Griphyx says as he places the ring on his right middle finger. The sphere giggles one last time, before vanishing. Griphyx looks at the ring, and smiles. "I think...I think if I ever meet my old man, I'll thank him, after I pummel him into the dirt, that is." He says with a smirk.

"Only after we kick his ass!!" Nightmare growls.

"Indeed." Luna states.

"Agreed." Celestia says.

"R...Right." Griphyx says nervously. The rest of the day was spent by practicing magic and even testing each other's strengths and weaknesses. All unaware of a book forming, a monster slithering around, and a certain group moving towards the Potter Brother's 'house', with devious intentions.

Chapter 26

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Griphyx sits in class as he right down the magical equations for as he now dubbed them, 'human spells' as he would either need to speak their names and flick, or flick and mumble nothing to make it look like he would say it. That New Yorker kid finally gave a name. His name is, Drew. Drew has been a hay of a pain compared to Malfoy.

Malfoy has been trying to harm Griphyx once more, but this time, he would have Drew go after his friends. Those attempts would end up with Harry pointing his magical pistols in his face and glare. He would generally scare them, but he did have to use them on this strange black dog that would follow him and Griphyx around.

It had been a month and ever since the ring came into their lives, they have all been feeling stronger. Whenever they train on the moon, they would gain a super boost when they awaken. Griphyx however, has been speaking with the beings in the ring's stones. He has met a black dragon that helps him with his strength, while a man helps with certain spells, such as controlling his inner flames. His other self and wand spirit have been appearing on the moon for the others to meet, they have been helping him with magic along with Nightmare and Luna.

Griphyx sighs in slight boredom as he rubs the bridge of his noes before the teacher closes her book and he gets up and leaves. As he walks through the door, Nightmare floats next to him, at least she manages to keep him company whenever the others are in different classes.

Griphyx yawns as he walks over to the entrance to the Forbidden Forest and stares into it.

"What are you doing, Griphyx?" Nightmare asks as she nuzzles him gently.

"I thought I saw something over here." He explains.

"Like what?" She asks.

"A giant spider..." Griphyx whimpers out.

"That's not funny Griphyx..." Nightmare says.

"No seriously!" He yells. He grabs her head ad points it at a webbed cave. "Giant bucking spider!!" He squeaks in fear. Nightmare's ears press back against her head. They watch as two large legs stab out of the cave. They quickly back the hell away as they see six more legs stab out as well.

"Aaah~ Such a lovely day~" A woman's voice says from the cave. They freeze. There is someone IN there!?

"Miss!!" Griphyx yells out.

"Yes?" She yells back.

"Get out of there!!"Griphyx yells.

"Why?" She asks as the eight legs jolt back into the cave.

"Because there's a giant bucking spider coming after you!!" He yells. When everything is quiet, he whimpers but then summons a ball of fire and making a shield around his form. "I'm coming in to save you!" He yells as he runs into the cave.

"Why are you coming in here? What about that giant, icky, disgusting spider?" She asks, her voice echoes from all over the cave.

"Then I'll fight it to save you!!" He yells. He hears giggling.

"Oh? But who's going to save you?" She teases.

"Me? Need saving? I am capable of powerful magic." He explains.

"Human wizard magic." She counters.

"Nope!" He exclaims with a smile.

"What? But that's the ONLY magic in this world!" She yells, fear edges into her tone slightly.

"I am being trained by my adopted mother, Celestia, the goddess of the sun and the two goddesses of the night." He explains.

"But how? No human can meet these new gods!!" She yells.

"I'm not....exactly human. My name is Griphyx Potter, and I'm an unknown Half-Blood." He explains.

"Show me!" She counters.

"Are....Are you sure?" He asks.

"Yes!" She exclaims.

"Fine...." He sighs out sadly. Griphyx groans in pain as he drops to his hands and knees, his ring infuses itself into his right hand, as his wand fuses into his left. He cries out in pain as large wings forms with those coffin-like-shapes. A skeletal mask-like-helm forms around his face, head and neck and down his body. A skeleton tail whips out and about as his body is covered in black, white and blue skeleton armor as his legs and arms become covered in skeletal limbs and claws harder than obsidian. Tears go down his mask that make blood red streaks as his eyes become empty sockets, before those flame eyes form.

The jaw part of the strange helm opens, as he releases a deafening wail of pain. A sword appears in his right hand, while in his left is a shield that is part of his gauntlet-like-claws. Nightmare stares at this new development, and sends a mentail picture to the others.

"M-Monster!!" The woman screams in pure fear. "Death!! NO!!!" She sobs out in fear.

"I won't hurt you...I promise." Griphyx says with a deeper voice, his height is twice the size of Luna, so a bit taller than Celestia.

"But I AM the giant spider! I'm a Half-Blood!!" She sobs in fear.

"Then I will not hurt you." He states once more. "Please, come to my light. He asks. He watches as a young woman with silver hair walks out, except she has no cloths covering her upper half, while her lower-half looks like a strange scorpion like spider -without the fangs, eyes, head, just the claws-. Her hair covers her chest's.

"This is me...." she says sadly. Griphyx walks over to her, but every step he takes, the ground cracks and the cave creaks. The woman flinches and uses her claws as shields, but when she feels a large hand placed atop of her head, she opens her eyes, and looks up at Griphyx.

"I promised not to hurt you." He says, his jaw makes a strange smile, making her smile back, before he winces and reverts back to normal, coughing.

"What's wrong!?" She asks.

"The webbing is poisonous to him." Nightmare states.

"What the hell are you?" She asks.

"Ah, so you CAN see me. I am Nightmare Moon, Goddess of the Night, friend and partial guardian to Griphyx. He is my pride and joy, he means a lot to us." She explains as she lifts him into the air.

"'re nothing like the gods or goddesses!" She exclaims. Nightmare smirks evilly.

"That's because I'm not from this world, girly. Besides, I am the TRUE master of DARKNESS. If I had wished to, I could have came here myself and took over in a manner of days." She explains.

"Was that YOU who made that sun heat up and made those earthquakes!?" She exclaims.

"No, that was our sister, Celestia, Goddess of the Sun. Griphyx's and Harry's adoptive mother." Nightmare says with a grin. "This world's gods and goddesses are powerful, but not as strong as us, until you get to those 'Titans'." She explains.

" met the Titans!?" The woman exclaims in surprise.

"Indeed, in fact, Griphyx here is known as the 'Champion of the Heaven's' or something similar to that." Nightmare explains. "We even met his father, luckily he passed out in exhaustion just in time to arrive. He is...powerful. But, he respects us and even asked Celestia to adopt his son and his half-brother when the time was right, which she did. Now they are prince's to our realm, and in a way, Griphyx is a Half-Blood Prince, as those beings say." Nightmare explains as she heals Griphyx and smiles softly when the poison leaves the area and his form.

"Whoa...that's amazing! But wait! Who is his father!?" She asks. Nightmare smirks at the girl.

"A VERY dangerous and powerful man, a being that definitely shouldn't be crossed with." She says mysteriously. The lady smiles when Griphyx groans and sits up slowly.

"Thank goodness your okay!!" She exclaim holding him close to her upper half, making him blush.

"Um...your welcome...miss um?" He starts. She giggles and pats his head gently.

"My name is the Fair Lady. But you can call me Elena." She states. Griphyx smiles up at her.

"Okay, Elena." He says with a smile. "It's great to meet you! But um...why do you live in this cave?" He asks. Elena sighs.

"When you are like me, you are generally hated. I am like a Gorgon, except my Half-Blood Line doesn't turn people into stone, we um...." She goes quiet.

"You what?" He asks gently. When a tear hits his cheek, he is quick to move her silver silky hair away from her face, revealing teary eyes.

"They kill us...." She whimpers out a slight sob. He gives her a sad look, and wraps his arms around her hips, making her freeze up slightly, as he nuzzles the nape of her neck.

"I won't kill you, I'll make sure your safe." He tells her softly. She hugs him like a teddy bear and sobs into his shoulder. Her strokes a hand over the back of her hair, cooing to her. "It's fine, nothing will hurt you, your okay." Are a few things. Nightmare approaches Elena and nuzzles her side gently.

"If Griphyx trusts you, then so shall I." She states with a smirk.

"Thank you...thank you both." Elena sniffs out.

"GRIPHYX!!" Harry's voice is heard as is a group of foot steps coming from behind the three. "GRIPHYX!! ARE YOU OKAY!?" Harry yells out. Griphyx looks and see's his brother, adoptive mother Luna and his friends.

"GET AWAY FROM HIM!!" Hermione screams in anger. She whips out her wand and fires a magic bolt, making Elena whimper, but before it can reach her, Griphyx shields her with his form and wings.

"ARGH!!" He screams in pain as the bolt burns through his shirt and burns his back and the backs of his wings as well.

"Griphyx!!" Elena screams as she uses her webs to make a cot of sorts for her to put him in. "Please be okay!!" She sniffs out.

"...." Griphyx responds with nothing, as his breathing is ragged and weak.

"Please....please be okay...." Elena cries out. Nightmare growls and steps between the group, and Griphyx and Elena. Her horns lights up brightly, making Hermione recoil.

"I didn't mean to!" She cries out.

"It's okay. The Fair Lady is okay. She is a friend." Nightmare explains. Griphyx cries out in pain more and everyone winces. Elena takes some of her red webbing and wraps it around his form after taking off the rest of his cloths, his wings had already vanished.

"You'll be okay, Griphyx. Let me take care of you." She asks him. He nods his head weakly, his eyes are glazed. He knew that Hermione's magic was FAR too unstable and could kill, even him. His vision flickers before looking at Elena once more, to see Ruby, Nightmare and Luna sitting all around him. There are a few spaces between them, and he can tell that there will be more he will meet in the future.

Griphyx smiles up at them before he winces and cries out in pain. His body feels like it is being dipped in lava. He scream in pain until Elena moves down to him and her face is right up in front of his. He blushes when she pushes her lips to his and he feels his eyes close and then his pain starts to vanish.

He opens his eyes to see Elena smiling down at him. He notices how blue colored lips, her bright green slit eyes that sparkle. Her skin is white and smooth and her....chest is large, luckily some strands of her bright silver silky smooth hair covers the center of her chest's. He blushes slightly.

"Something wrong?" She asks sweetly.

" have um....n-no shirt or bra on...." He says softly, his face burning brightly. Elena giggles.

"It's fine, I really don't mind." She explains and holds him close to her form, the pincers making a bed of sorts. "Now rest, I'll take you to the Hagrid!" She chirps out. And as she goes passed the others, he stops when Malfoy and his gang show up.

"Ugh! Look at this BUG!" Malfoy exclaims as he pulls out his wand. "It needs to CRUSHED." He says, sneering at Griphyx. Elena brings two scorpion tails with green stingers. Drew appears and hisses. Elena staggers back.

"Gorgon Half-Blood..." She states.

"Hell yeah I am! Now hand over the boy, or else I'll beat the hell out of you..." He states, before eying her up and down. "After I have some fun, yah heres me's, bitch?" He states. Elena moves back more, but her tails remain up, the green tips of her stingers drips green poison that lands on the ground, before melting that patch.

"Only if you want to be killed." She threatens. Drew chuckles and holds out his axe, pointing it at her.

"I'll cut them off first." He growls out. Elena glares, before something happens. A gem on Griphyx's ring lights up and then before his is a flash of light. When the light dies down, however, she see's a Gargoyle wielding a halberd, the tail of this beast looks like a double bladed axe.

"What is this thing!?" A boy cries out. The gargoyle roars and it swings down, knocking Drew to the side.

"Damn it!" Drew curses as he leaves the cave. The gargoyle roars once more as two large hole riddled wings spread and it turns around and looks at Elena. It sniffs her before it places a hand onto Griphyx's head and it then turns into energy and spirals back into the ring, but the energy flows through his body, making his form warmer than it was before.

Griphyx coughs slightly as he takes in large breaths of air and coughs more and he moves against Elena's flat belly and sits up against her.

"Are you okay?" She asks softly. Griphyx looks up at her, but she gasps as his eyes seem brighter and filled with new life and he smiles up at her before he hugs her tightly around her neck.

"I am fine, thank you for protecting me for long enough to summon Garle." He states.

"Garle?" She asks.

"I named him that, he was apparently a guardian of bell, or something." Griphyx explains. Elena nods her head, enraptured by the boy's warmth. It warms her heart and soul up and she hugs him tightly back around his waist. Nightmare, Ruby and Luna sit on Elena's lower half and smile.

"It suites him." She giggles out. Griphyx nods his head before letting go and hopping down onto the ground and summons his wings. They are still burnt, but everyone gapes when the wounds heal quicker than usual and they grow larger and he folds them against his back, his tail is now covered in a strange skin like material, but when touched, it feels like stone.

"It does. He um, Elena, why don't you join our group and...join the school?" Griphyx asks. Elena smiles at this and reverts to her human-ish form. She wears NOTHING. Griphyx blushes and covers his eyes.

"What's wrong?" She asks.

"Your. Freaking. HOT!!" Nick exclaims as he gets onto his knees and stares up at Elena's form. "Please stay like this- OW!!" He yells in pain as Ruby and Hermione both kick him in the head.

"PERVERT!!" They both yell out. Elena giggles and looks down at Griphyx.

"Is there a problem, Griphyx?" She asks.

"I just...don't want to seem rude and stare..." He says, blushing like mad. Elena smiles softly.

"It's fine, besides, I did already kiss you, what's the harm in staring at me?" She giggles out.

"It would be rude of us to stare or even look upon you like this. It's how we were brought-up." Harry explains, covering his eyes as well.

"Well aren't you two sweet, but really, it's fine, you both may look if you so desire, besides, I do KNOW what goes through the minds of boys, so I guess I am helping you both out~" She teases. Nightmare and Luna howl in laughter as Harry and Griphyx's jaw's drop, while still covering their eyes, and they blush so much, they could make tomato's run for their money.

"Um...." Harry says innocently, while Griphyx bites his lower lip, as he has already been through these situations before, and digs his nails into his eyes.

"I can' would be terribly disrespectful! I'm sorry, Elena, but I can't do that to you, or any woman." Griphyx says, pain in his voice as some blood trickles down his cheeks and hands. Elena smiles both happily and sadly at the boy. She grabs his hand and moves them away from his eyes.

"Griphyx Potter, Harry Potter. You two are good young men, and I can guarantee that any woman or mare" -she winks at Luna and Nightmare slightly, making them blush- "or even herd, will be damn lucky to have either of you two. Do you both understand? She says. The brothers nod, however, Griphyx's eyes heal and he smiles up at Elena gently, but then receives another kiss from her, healing the rest of his body as well.

"" Griphyx stutters.

"It's okay, your cute." Elena teases before they all head towards Hagrid's. This school year just got a bit more interesting.

Chapter 27

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Griphyx stands before Dumbledore, Snape, McGonagall and Hagrid at midnight. He sighs in annoyance. It had been a week since Elena had joined Hogwarts, and ever since then Malfoy and Drew have made their groups larger and even sent images of his monstrous form. Right now he is currently standing before the four teachers along with a strange woman who is currently a ghost, wishes to see Griphyx's form, as she has been known to help Half-Blood's find their family line, even if they aren't in the world at all, or anymore.

"Now then Griphyx, please show us your form." Dumbledore asks. Griphyx nods and sighs as he closes his eyes. His face becomes covered in flames as his hair grows. His eyes open to only become sockets. His hands become claws as his cloths become skeletal armor, his tail forms, but it is longer, the tip is blood red.

His wings form but now look like large doors, then the eight coffin shaped 'fingers' form and he cries out in pain. His entire form is covered by a black sphere as a pillar of light shoots itself into the air. His wand and ring fuse with his form and everyone gets a glimpse of his blood line.

They see Primordial Beings form from chaos and then a man from before appears next to his siblings. Harry, and everyone that can see the princesses can see this from the sky and gape as they watch the earth and universe form as the man has a smirk and sits on an obsidian throne behind chained gates, behind the man is a massive pit. As a three headed dragon-like-dog sits before two massive gates.

Griphyx punches his claws into the ground and screams in pain as his magical energy forms to create a hologram version of those very gates. He screams more as his body starts to change. His hair become bone white, the whites of his eyes become pitch black, as his eyes become bright yellow with bright white slits with all colors outlining them. His fangs become true, his tail becomes longer as it becomes thinner. The doors gain the creatures from his ring and in his wand on them as they become part of it.

He groans in pain as his body temperature fluctuate and two horns form on both sides of his head pointing upward. He looks up and pulls his hands and feet from the cracked floor, to reveal bright silver fur cuffs around his wrists and ankle's, as well as a brighter silver collar of sorts around his shoulders and back of his neck. His hair sways around from the massive winds being created by his wings being opened. His lower half is covered in silver fur while his long-whip-like-tail is pitch black.

He opens his eyes again, as black tear-like-streaks go down his cheeks and between his wings is pitch black fur and snow white feathers. His skin is ash white, while his hair becomes jet black and his feet are not talons. His hands are claws, while his forearm up to his shoulder is covered in silver fur with black markings going up them, his horns become ash white and curve back slightly and are much sharper than before.

He stares at the group of adults as he is now taller than either of them. He turns and sighs, a black spot forms in the center of his chest.

"This is me...." Griphyx states. Elena, Ruby, Harry, Nightmare, Luna, Celestia, Hermione, Ron and Nick burst through the door, only to stop and gape at Griphyx. "I am still only in a metamorphosis state, as I have not completely grown up yet." He states as the 'gates' vanish and the strange woman, is also gone. He blinks. "Where did the woman go?" He asks. The teachers blinks before looking around. It was as if she vanished.

"I'm not sure Griphyx, but this don't seem right at all." Hagrid says softly. Griphyx turns and his wings spread out as he crouches low to the ground.

"Then I shall find out what has happened." He states before being stopped by Nick.

"Stop right there!! When were you going to explain that you were a demon?" He says with a scowl.

"Demon? No, I am no demon, but something bigger." Griphyx states.

"Then what are you?" He asks, calming down.

"I am not sure, but this form is...strange." Griphyx states.

"Strange? How strange?" Nick asks. Griphyx looks him dead in the eye.

"Emptiness..." He says with an even tone, making everyone shiver. "It feels, empty, in a way I do not understand." He expresses. He looks at the others. "Do you all fear me?" He asks right as the moonlight shines on him, making his shadow rise and look more demonic on the wall behind him.

"No." Elena states with a smile.

"It suites you." Ruby says.

"We like it." Nightmare and Luna say at the same time. He nods his head curtly as he turns and stabs his claws into the wall, before pushing forward gently and they all watch as the wall cracks and crumbles away revealing the ghost woman, now turned into a girl with pig-tails and glasses.

"Please don't hurt me..." She pleads. Griphyx looks down at the girl before nodding.

"Alright, but please, what is your name?" He asks.

"Moaning Murtle." She answers sadly. "I died in the girls bathroom." She states. Griphyx turns and walks away from her. She watches as he walks over to the four women and stares down at them. He wraps his wings and arms around them, before his form reverts back to normal and he collapses onto them and pants weakly.

"What was my family line?" He asks softly. Murtle sighs and shakes her head.

"I couldn't tell, it was too....dark for me to see through. It was as if whoever he or it is, is strong enough in in strange magic to hide himself away, but that wand and ring IS now apart of you, and those family lines are...old." She says.

"How old?" Celestia asks. Moaning Murtle looks up at the Sun Goddess and sighs.

"Older than we thought our world was." She states before vanishing. Griphyx grunts as he gets to his feet and looks down at his wand in his right hand, while the ring is on his right middle finger, the two seem brighter. He smiles slightly.

'So my old man gave these to me for a reason, eh? Do they affect my Blood-Line though?' He questions, before putting his wand away and yawns.

"I'm tired, can I go to bed now?" He asks.

"Yes, you will need your strength, tomorrow is the big game, remember?" Hagrid says, making Griphyx and Harry nod their heads and head off with the group to bed.

"We must keep a close eye on him, otherwise, whoever might try to use Griphyx for their dastardly plans for evil, might actually succeed." McGonagall states. Dumbledore closes his eyes, and sighs as he nods his had.

"Indeed we do. But we also have three goddesses on our side to protect him." Albas says softly.

"Yeah, and those monsters in that ring o his too." Hagrid points out.

"It would be wise, to keep the two potters close to the group as much as possible. I will make sure of it." Snape says calmly. But on the inside, he is questioning what he saw. Why would Griphyx be related to that man? Those were questions that needed to be answered.


Griphyx sits on the couch and sighs in sadness. It is a Friday, but for some reason he is getting a dreadful feeling.

"Griphyx, what's wrong?" Elena asks as she sits next to him.

"Nothing, Elena. I'm just, I dunno. I'm nervous, waiting for something to happen, ya'know?" He says. Elena nods her head and sighs.

"I have been feeling this way as well. Something is DEFINITELY going to happen." She states. Griphyx nods, before rising to his feet and walks out of the door and down the hall, Elena crawling on the ceiling above him. "But it COULD be something good?" She says hopefully.

"Possibly. But something just" Griphyx states.

"Off?" Elena asks.

"Yeah. Like something different is going down, but I don't know what it is." He grumbles. Elena drops before him and hugs him tightly. She is more attached to him than the others -save for Nightmare- and is older, but due to her being part of their little 'group', she has to take the same courses, not that she minds.

"Then don't think about it! Think about something else, like...your Half-Blood Line?" She asks at the end. Griphyx smiles up at her.

"Sure." Griphyx smiles up at her. It has been rumored that the two are dating with Ruby, but that isn't true. What is true though, is that Harry and Hermione are closer to each other, and are into each other, not that the other would know, so they just act awkwardly towards each other.

"Now lets get going!" Elena whoops out as she vanishes into the webs lining the walls. Griphyx smirks and vanishes into the shadows and moves past everything in a blink of an eye, before appearing next to Harry from the corner of the room, startling everyone BUT Harry.

"Hey bro, you're late." Harry chuckles out.

"Oh shut the buck up dude." Griphyx jokes back and chuckles as well.

"Stop doing that." Chad says. It was recently shown to the brothers that Chad is a Half-Blood, but his Blood Line is strange and mixed so much that he is part of the 'Legion' Half-Blood race, on account of how many Lines they have, and is known to transform every once in a while.

"Fine." Griphyx groans out before he appears before everyone and grabs his broom from the wall. He had gotten it as a gift from someone, no one knows who though, and it is custom made to resemble his early release stage. He looks at everyone and smirks.

"Let's do this, Griphyx is already smirking!!" A boy whoops out. The team had found out that whenever Griphyx smirks, that they would win. He nods his head.

"Buck yeah!" Griphyx yells out as he jumps out of this strange hanger and flies out first. While Chad was the team leader, Griphyx quickly became a mascot of sorts. Griphyx spins upwards in the air as his new wings form and leave jet-line-like-streaks through the air and the wind screams around his form.

The crowd cheers as the rest of his team flies out and spirals around him, making a shape like a spinning cone around him, until they split apart and he bursts high into the sky, a black streak forming behind him from his speed, his wings fan out and he stops, making a thunder-clap sound through the sky and he grins. He waits for his team to arrive, however, Malfoy and Drew fly out and fly directly at him.

He barrel-rolls to the left then the right before spinning around and see's the Slitherine team floating there. He smirks and as Harry appears next to him, they spin around and fly to their side of the field. They sit there, as the rest of their team makes a drill-like-shape around the two brothers. It was decided that Griphyx and Harry would become seekers while others would be the protectors.

The horn sounds and they all take off. Harry banks left and goes after the Golden Snitch, with Griphyx next to him, his wings are gone by now. He barrel-rolls to the left to dodge Drew, who along with Malfoy, circle Griphyx. Griphyx sighs in annoyance before he flies downwards and spins away from the two, but they chase after him.

Griphyx smirks and quickly banks right and U-turns and goes past the two boys who slide to a halt before turning around and chasing the boy.

'Buck me...why can't they just leave me alone?' Griphyx thinks as he see's a large sphere chasing after Harry, breaking the tall bleachers. He banks hard right and booms over to help his brother and right as the sphere goes to connect with Harry's broom and his body, Griphyx grabs the sphere and throws it high above the clouds, only to then be tackled by Drew, while Malfoy slips up and slams against the ground and passes out from pain.

Griphyx coughs as Drew grabs his throat and pushes him off of his broom, making him skid across the ground.

'Damn it!' Griphyx swears in his mind. He pushes himself off of the ground with his hands and lands back onto his broom and soars into the air. He watches Drew go after Harry, even though Gryffindor had already won the game. Griphyx summons his wings and flaps them and he appears next to Drew.

He notices Drew has his arm and fist cocked back ready to punch Harry, that is until it collides with Griphyx's face, knocking him off of his broom. He coughs slightly before Drew grabs his throat once more and throws him down farther and he looks over his shoulder and notices that the ground is coming up quicker and quicker.

He spins and flaps his wings and flies into the air. He rears his fist back and punches Drew in the chest, making him cough and fly off of his broom and fall down towards the ground. Griphyx holds Drew's broom like a javelin and throws it down at him, which he catches, but as soon as he gets on it, he flops onto the ground.

Griphyx lands next to Drew's unconscious form, and see's that he is just fine. Griphyx groans as his world goes dark and he collapses, passing out. This was the bad part. Unaware to him, there is a boy sneering, before vanishing.

Chapter 28

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Griphyx runs across a rooftop as he dodges Nick's spells. He jumps upward and summon his wings and flies into the air as he dodges Nick's attacks with his sword. Griphyx spins going downwards before he vanishes an reappears in a bell tower, panting.

"Man, this American style training killer..." Griphyx pants, before Nick breaks though the wall and grabs Griphyx's head and throws him out of a window. "Buck..." Griphyx growls out. He spins in the air and lands onto the side of a spire, cracking it, until Nick appears before Griphyx, a mask on his face and his staff turned into a black sword. Nick swings down only to miss Griphyx, who shoulder rolls away.

As he stumbles to his feet, Nick walks on the air towards Griphyx, completely silent white his piercing purple and white eyes bore holes into Griphyx's own eyes. He appears before Griphyx and has his blade upward as a sash goes across Griphyx's chest and left shoulder, making him cough up blood.

'BUCK!!' Griphyx roars in his mind. Griphyx flies into the air from a large gust of wind and sends him far into the sky, before stopping and blocking Nick's sword with his own. Griphyx growls and pushes Nick back forcefully before flying upward, only to get his foot grabbed and to be flung down into a church, making the building crumble.

Nick's sword turns into that double ended scythe before splitting it into two and then swings both down, sending waves of magical energy down onto the crumbled church. Griphyx pushes the rubble off of himself, panting harder. He gets to his feet and flies past Nick and when he reaches the sky, he parts it and flies higher, where there is a full moon with a black crescent moon in the middle.

He stands atop of a pillar and then waits for Nick to arrive, who does right in front of him.

"Sorry, Nick. But you have forced my hand..." Griphyx states before entering his strange demonic form. His tail whips down and splits the pillar in half, making Nick's eyes widen. "It's over." Griphyx states before he points a claw at Nick and fires a black beam with dark green outlining. Nick stares as the beam comes closer, and grows larger and larger. He closes his eyes, and when the magic gets closer, his mask shatters and he is shot off of the breaking apart pillar, and falls onto the ground.


The others watch from a screen and Nick walks into the room.

"The hell are you all watching?" Nick asks.

"We decided to make a magical training room roof, and it would seem that the training area was tampered with, so we had Griphyx fight you from all of the training you have done under us and even your fighting styles." Twilight begins. "And it seems that you pose a bit of a problem for Griphyx, when he isn't fighting at full strength, and you are." She says.

"So what? Did I managed to hurt him?" Nick asks.

"Yes, for a while, until Griphyx got to the room, and fired a magical beam, and took you out." Luna says.

"Just ONE beam of magic took ME out? HOW!?!?" Nick yells.

"He is stronger than you all, save for Harry here, and his....Half-Blood-Line is also VERY powerful. It would make sense." Celestia says.

"So, who IS his father?" Nick asks.

"We can't say, but we know that he is capable of doing as he pleases." Nightmare growl out. Nick nods his head before sitting in a chair, watching Griphyx's slash heals like nothing happens, and then dodges a spell from a magical-copy of Ruby.

"Why am I fighting him?" Ruby asks from next to Harry.

"Because Nick is powerful, but you are stronger yet. So it would make sense to start from different variations of the power charts." Twilight answers.

"Oh..." Ruby states.


Griphyx spins in the air and stares at Ruby. She wields a chainsaw-whip and her flaming claws are out. Griphyx dodges her whip as it cracks against the ground before fire roots coil around his limbs, and his eyes widen in realization.

"Damn..." Griphyx mutters as Ruby whips her destructive whip across his chest, giving him a gash and making him cry out in pain. Ruby licks the blades clean seductively, before giggling as she keeps whipping Griphyx repeated across his chest. Griphyx's tail lashes out and runs up her form, only cutting her cloths.

'So it seems they got her skin right...oh buck me...' Griphyx thinks to himself. He knows that he would need a stronger attack to hurt her, let alone get through her skin. Griphyx spreads his wings and cuts the fire roots and charges at Ruby. She giggles more, before he stabs his blade through her chest, making her eyes widen and as he pulls the sword out, she falls onto her back, and turns to stone.

He sighs out before Elena approaches him, and smiles seductively.

"Come to my den~" She slurs.

"Said the sider to the FLY!!" Griphyx roars out as he spins and his tail whips at her middle-half, splitting her in two, before both parts turn to stone.

"That was easy, but I can already tell who will be the next three..." He groans out.

"So you beat them, hm?" Malfoy sneers out.

"Buck you Malfoy!" Griphyx roars as he punches him in the stomach, turning him into stone. "Weakling." He states. Out of nowhere, a axe cuts into his shoulder, making his eyes widen.

"Such a disappointment, and here I thought you could fight." Drew hisses out. His tail raddles as he smirks. Griphyx vanishes and reappears across from Drew, scowling as his shoulder heals completely ad growls.

"You..." Griphyx growls out. Drew smirks at Griphyx, showing his fangs.

"Me..." He states before impaling the axe into Griphyx's abdomen, making him cough up blood, before he chuckles and stabs his clawed hand into Drew's chest halfway, before firing off a magical beam and makes Drew's form fall back, but instead of turning into stone, he falls onto his back, and turns into dust riding on the wind.

" I have to face 'Him'." Griphyx mutters before vanishing.


"Who's him?" Harry asks innocently. Elena giggles.

"You, silly." She says to Harry.

"Me!? But why!?" Harry exclaims.

"Because my child, you are at his ranking, and due to your....'Half-Blood' forms appearing, we decided to add you to the list. Ron and Hermione lasted but a second." Celestia explains, nuzzling Harry.

"Oh..." Harry states.

"Half-Blood forms? Since when?" Nick, Ruby and Elena ask.

"During the summer, he looked like an mix between an Alicorn and a Dragon Lord." Luna says.

"Indeed he did and does, however, ever since that time, his form has been...changing." Celestia states. It had been a few months since the Game Fight between Drew and Griphyx. During the downtime though, Harry has been gaining Half-Blood magical energy and life energy and has been changing.

"It was rather odd to wake up and find out that Harry had a tail..." Luna commented.

"Yeah..." Harry said next.


Griphyx appears before a temple of sorts and sighs as he pushes the gates open and he finds Harry standing there. But something is different, he wears a mask with red markings, and his eyes are black and gold with black slits.

"Hello, Griphyx." Harry says.

"Hello...Harry." Griphyx states.

"It would seem you manage to make it past the others, for shame, I thought you promised to protect our friends?" He says as he appears before Griphyx, a black sword in hand trickling blood and pointed downward. Griphyx's eyes widen as his right shoulder all the way down to his left hip is slashed into.


" the first move Harry can do THAT?" Nick states.

"Harry can do more than that. He is actually JUST as strong as Griphyx is now. You'd be surprised how many times they ended up in a stalemate." Nightmare giggles out. They watch as Griphyx's wound sprays blood and he appears away from Harry, panting.

"But his attacks are hard to counter and do generally leave marks on Griphyx's form..." Luna states.

"True..." Celestia says next.


Griphyx's wound heals up and he brings his sword forward, before his turns into a double-sided-blade that ignites into green magical flames. He crouches down to the ground and looks up at Harry, his eyes firm and cold. He appears behind Harry, and watches as Harry flies into the air, but his shirt is cut.

'I see...' Griphyx thinks to himself before twirling his weapon and throwing it at him, however, Griphyx dodges while in the air and appears before him and slashes upwards only to miss Griphyx. Griphyx appears below him, except he is now holding a strange sword. He has a cold calculating gaze as his sword turns back into the twinblade and he spins it around before stabbing at Harry, who rolls to the side and cuts downwards, slicing a horn off and cutting Griphyx's shoulder.

'Buck...' Griphyx thinks. 'I better end this now...' He thinks again before firing a magical beam into Harry's chest, only for it to be caught by his hand an thrown back at him. The beam connects with Griphyx's chest, knocking him back into a wall.

"How...." Griphyx asks.

"I always could..." Harry states before his hair grows longer and a tail forms, two large draconic wings form, the two feathered wings form below them. A horn forms on his forehead, his skin is covered by scales and fur as his eyes become bright forest green with white slits.

"That'" Griphyx states before he is impaled in the wall by Harry's lance and Griphyx's eyes widen.

'WHAT!?' He thinks to himself before appearing behind him, panting as his body heals. 'That is very new....' Griphyx thinks to himself before stabbing the twinblade into Harry's back, coming out of his chest.


"Whoa, that's awesome!!" Nick yells out. "Who knew Harry could kick ass, you know, before he got owned by Griphyx?" Nick states.

"We did." Everyone says.


Griphyx turns and goes to walk away, until Harry's lance pierces his chest, making his eyes widen and drop to his knees. He feels the lance get pulled out via his back before he looks over his shoulder and see's Harry standing there, his wound healing quicker than his own.

"How...?" Griphyx asks with an even tone. Harry just stares at Griphyx, before kicking Griphyx through the roof and into the air, the moon is brighter than usual. He spins and flies upwards towards the higher spires.

'It would seem that I can't win with pure strength and speed alone, but also magic. This will be interesting...' Griphyx thinks as he stands atop of the spire. Harry appears at the bottom and looks up at Griphyx.

"You have forced my hand, Harry. Now, I will show you your demise. Look upon me, and feel true despair." Griphyx says with his twinblade at his side. Black fire forms around Griphyx's feet as he grows taller once more, but he has an extra set of smaller wings, his tail at the furred tip is sharper.

His claws are longer and his horn regrows as well. He fans a wing out, dissipating the flames as he now holds two strange twinblade's both are ignited by bright green flame. He spins both of them around before crouching and staring at his brother.

"This is the end..." Griphyx states emotionlessly and mercilessly. His tail whips down, shattering the spire and using it for cover. He flies down and when he appears before Harry, his wings ignite into green magical flames and when he impales Harry to the ground, he flaps his wings and causes a magical explosive wave, making Harry turn to stone.

Farewell, brother..." Griphyx states before turning towards a magic doorway and walks through it and enters the monitoring room, still in his new form looking down at the others.

"Dude...." Nick gapes.

"What is it that you want, Nick." Griphyx says and stares at Nick with his cold eyes, making him simmer.

"That. Was. AWESOME!!" He yells out with a grin.

"I suppose so." Griphyx says evenly before reverting back to normal and walking towards Luna, Nightmare, Ruby and Elena. He wraps his arms around them and holds them close and tight.

"Um...Griphyx?" Ruby says with a blush.

"I had regretted killing you, Ruby, Ron, Hermione and Harry." Griphyx says.

"What about me!?" Nick exclaims in shock.

"I regretted that too, but you and I had fought for three hours strait, you are fine, even if you are pathetically weak, for now." Griphyx says with a smirk.

"Why you....!" Nick starts, before Griphyx passes out onto Elena's tails. "What?" Is all Nick says.

"He just went through nine hour training session, I'm sure you'd be tired too, correct?" Celestia states as Twilight and Harry rest on her back.

"I guess..." Nick sighs out. The day had been long and boring for pour Nick, but, unaware to him, someone is about to arrive, to surprise him and the others.

Chapter 29

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Griphyx and his group walk down a hallway and he turns only to stop and see a line of siders crawling up out of a window. It had been a week since Hermione and Ron became incapacitated by something. He grew furious but when Malfoy had been found the same way as well, he grew curious. He jumps out of the window and finds Fang walking over to him with Hagrid by his side.

They walk into the forest following the spiders. Elena is crawling behind the group making poisonous webbing to keep away unwanted visitors.

"This part of the forest is VERY dangerous, as there is a certain race of critters that most wouldn't like." Hagrid explains. The group looks at him before large spiders slam onto the ground before them, making Nick shriek like a little girl and hide behind Griphyx who holds a sea shell, making memories flood into Harry's mind. Griphyx brings the shell to his lips and blows. It makes a loud sound and after a few moments the sky cracks and a woman lands before Griphyx, the spiders turn to ash.

The woman has a large chest, skinny waist and hips. She wears rags and has brown hair with black streaks and her eyes are tan colored. She smiles at Griphyx and hugs him tightly around his waist. She smirks down at him.

"Been awhile, eh tiger?" She teases with a wink. Griphyx nods. He walks forward and she holds onto his arm tightly and giggles at the others reactions.

"Dude!! When did you get this babe?" Nick asks, mouth agape. Griphyx's eyes turn murderous, making the new members of the group to freeze. None of them have seen Griphyx so easily ready to kill. He chuckles, as does the woman, making Harry and the princesses laugh.

"Those pranks you did with Loki really did pay off!!" She laughs. Holding Griphyx close. She wipes away a tear. "Aaah, that's what I needed." She tells him.

"I did too, Phoebe." Griphyx states. Nick stares.

" in...daughter of Atlas? And Loki...Norse God...?" He states. Phoebe giggles and rubs Griphyx's chin with a finger.

"Yep~ This fella right here became the champion, along with Harry. He managed to befriend Thor, Loki, Perseus and yours truly." She says with a grin.

"I did, and I am still happy that I met you all, just not in the way I was forced to." He says. Phoebe giggles.

"That's true, but then are still VERY handsome, my little Griphyx." She teases him. Griphyx chuckles and blushes slightly.

"Um...thank you." He says softly. This makes Ruby, Elena to hiss or growl in anger, Nightmare and Luna to nuzzle the two and Celestia to giggle.

"No how is 'he' doing, Phoebe?" Celestia asks. Phoebe giggles.

"He misses you~" She teases, making Celestia smile widely and blush slightly.

"Then I'll be sure to give him a 'special visit' sometime~" She says happily. Phoebe giggles.

"Maybe you and him will marry~?" She teases. Celestia giggles more, an shrugs.

"Maybe." She states, making Phoebe stutter, not prepared for that reaction or answer.

"WHAT!?!?" She shrieks.

"Well he IS Griphyx's father, and he IS a wonderful man, when he isn't ready to kill something." She explains teasingly. Phoebe stares, before giggles and holds Griphyx closer to her form.

"Then I'll make a harem with Griphyx~" She teases and half tells the truth. She winks at Nightmare, Luna, Elena and Ruby, making them blush.

"I don't see a problem with that. In Equestria, harems or 'herds' as we call them, are actually encouraged." She explains.

"Why?" Hagrid asks out of curiosity.

"Because there are little to no stallions, so we made a law to encourage them to take herds. But they used to be seen as a second class citizen before we changed that too. Many things are different than the time of Discord's Reign." She explains. Nick smirks.

"So can you ponies become human?" He asks. His jaw drops when Celestia nods her head.

"Of course! We won't look exactly human, but we are as humans call Anthro Ponies." She explains. Nick stares at her, drooling slightly. She giggles and closes his mouth with a hoof. "Stop that." She says.

"I guess we should get going on our mission?" Hagrid states. Griphyx nods his head before more giant spiders rush out and charge at the group. Hagrid holds his hand out, and the giant spiders stop. "I am here to see the big guy!" He yells. The spiders make a strange nod and crawl away. "Lets go." He says as he follows the bugs.

"Right." Griphyx states as he walks next to Hagrid, the pink cherry pedals appear around everyone as a shield. They follow Hagrid until they reach a giant web covered cave. Griphyx throws his hand out to the side and a bone whip appears in his hand and coils around his forearm, making Phoebe and Harry move back slightly, fear goes through their eyes slightly. He spins the bone whip and the mask forms on his face and he stands next to Hagrid.

An enormous spider crawls out slowly and looks down at the group.

"Hello....Hagrid..." It says with an old-man's voice. Hagrid smiles up at the bug.

"Hello, Aragog." Hagrid says with a smile. The giant spider walks out, before looking at Griphyx and it's fangs twitch slightly.

"Fresh meat...?" He asks Hagrid, who shakes his head.

"No, these are my friends, hopefully they might become yours as well." He explains. Aragog looks back at Griphyx, who bows to the Spider King.

"I see...." Aragog says softly. Elena crawls before him and this makes Aragog quickly move back into his nest. "A mix has entered my domain, is she your friend as well...?" He asks Hagrid.

"Yes, and she is also someone that none of us should harm..." Hagrid states.

"Why?" A woman's voice asks from behind Aragog. "What's so special about her?" It asks again.

"Because if any of my friends or family are harmed..." Griphyx walks closer to the cave, his face completely serious. "I will be sure to end your existences." He tells them. The woman's voice giggles.

"And how would you be able to do that?" It asks. A second giant spider crawls out next to Aragog. Griphyx's energy rises and he look like a demon once again, making the two spiders move closer, intrigued. "Your an interesting one..." She says to Griphyx as she crawls before him. Her legs move to wrap around him, but then she freezes as Nightmare appears before her. She notices death is ridden in the Alicorn's eyes and moves back by a few feet.

"I see, so you have higher beings with you..." Aragog states. "Magog, come here please." He says. Magog goes to her husband and he looks at the group. "You certainly have interesting friends, Hagrid." Aragog states. Hagrid laughs at that before he sits on a tree stump.

"I need to know what exactly is in the chamber of secrets, Aragog." Hagrid states. Aragog sighs.

"We have been over this before, we shall not speak it's na- " He stops as Griphyx's tail whips against the ground making a few tree's shake and the ground around him shatter like glass.

"Please, tell us. My friends have already been placed into the infirmary. They are like my family. I am sure you two know what it is like to want to protect your family, correct?" Griphyx states. His horns glint in the moonlight, as his eyes peer out from the darkness. Aragog and Magog making a nodding motion.

"We can't tell you it's name, but we can tell you that we spiders fear it, as it slithers around." Magog states. Griphyx's eyes widen.

"A Basilisk!" He exclaims. Aragog and Magog hiss loudly and go into their hollow. Griphyx smiles sheepishly. "Sorry, it's just that I had a run-in with a few back in the wasn't easy..." He states. Magog's legs jet out and wrap around Griphyx's form as he brings him to her 'face'.

"Never speak it's name again! Or risk being eaten!!" She yells. This causes Griphyx's eyes to waver slightly, before he is dropped and Phoebe gets in front of him, she looks PISSED.

"Touch him and I'll be sure to crush your colony to damned insect!!" She roars. Aragog gets between the two females.

"There seems to be a problem. Mayhaps it should have been a warning, Magog. And you miss, are one we will not dare go against. Your father is legendary, even to us spiders." Aragog states.

"Who is she?" Magog asks.

"I am Phoebe, daughter of Atlas." She explains. Magog backs off into the hollow and hides. Griphyx turns around and walks away.

"Yes, now we must go..." Griphyx states turn and walking away, his cloths are Japanese in style and nature. His hair is long and black with two what seems to be hair-clips made from his mask pieces. His jacket is pure white with strange symbols on the back. He looks over his shoulder at Aragog and Magog. "I will come back on a later date and chat with you both again. For now, enjoy the peace and quiet." He states before vanishing and reappearing in front of the moon and everything down below that is a wolf, or any kind of creature loud enough makes a chorus of barks, howls, roars, bellows, whinnies, etc.

Phoebe notices that if she and the others stare long enough, they see a giant dragon, a strange mixed and unmatched creature, a skeletal being. Griphyx spreads his wings and vanishes once more in a booming flash of lightning and thunder that sparks a massive downpour of rain and some energy. The princesses teleport everyone ,save for the giant spiders, back to the castle, right in front of Dumbledore.

Dumbledore goes to speak, before Griphyx booms into the room and is back to normal. He walks over with his hands in his pockets and looks around the room. There are Half-Bloods everywhere and are holding weapons. He snaps his fingers and the pedals circle around himself before forming into a sword that turns into energy and is sucked into his chest. He looks at Phoebe and hugs her tightly around her neck, as he is shorter than her, and she around his hips.

The two separate and look back at Dumbledore.

"This is my friend, Phoebe. She is new to Hogwarts and needs to be placed somewhere, may she stay with us?" He says to the old wizard. He smiles and nods his head.

"Yes, she may." Albas says.

HOLD IT!!" Phoebe exclaims. "I HAVE to do something before bed!!" She yells out.

"Oh? What might that be?" Snape asks. Phoebe grabs Griphyx's chin and kisses him gently, making him freeze up and his claws form and twitch before vanishing. He kisses her back gently, before she deepens it more, before parting from him.

"That~!" She says happily. "Was a thanks for helping me with Thor and Loki. Never would have lived if they kept beating on us..." She says solemnly.

"Nonsense, you had it under control!" A man's voice says. Griphyx, Harry and Phoebe smile as a familiar man jumps through the window "Miss me?" He teases.

"PERSEUS!!" The three yell out as they hug the man. Everyone else stops, and gapes. The new Half-Bloods start to question who these two are.

"Hey! Hey!! Easy there!! I still have to make sure my Girlfriend doesn't kill me, alright?" He teases once more.

"Please, Amy might be the daughter of the goddess of love, but she DEFINITELY knows that you only love HER. Lover boy." Phoebe giggles out.

"Yeah well, it's hard to date a goddesses daughter you know?" He says to Griphyx, making him blush slightly.

"I wouldn't really know..." He states. Perseus burst out in laughter.

"Sure, sure! And I bet that kiss was meant for more than saving our asses in that damned tournament." He states smugly. Griphyx looks at Phoebe.

"Is that true?" He asks. She blushes more than usual and nods her head slightly.

"Yeah...." She says.

"Okay." Griphyx says with a smile before walking over to a new Half-Blood, leaving the others to blink in confusion.

"Dude! Are you dating HER!?" A male Half-Blood Minotaur exclaims.

"Not that I know of...but if that was the case then apparently I am part of a big harem...oh boy..." He states as he face-palms.

"The hell's a harem?" The boy asks.

"Hm? Oh nothing, nothing. Just some special friends." He explains. The boy nods his head, before holding out a hand.

"Names, Alex. You can call me Firewing." He states.

Chapter 30

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Griphyx walks along the halls of Hogwarts castle in search of his brother and friends, as they had not been around when he had awoken and were nowhere to be seen. He looks around the long curving hallways as he keeps gaining their scent's, yet, he can't pinpoint them for some strange reason.

He turns down a strange hallway with black stone walls and those moving paintings of knights he had seen from the corridors for the stairs as he and the others have spoken to loads of times whenever they were alone. He sighs in aggravation as the knights remain quiet as he passes them by, however, he stops next to a strange portrait of a black knight saluting him?

He pauses and looks at the knight as it salutes him as if he were a king or something.

"Um..." He starts.

"Do you need anything, sir!" The knight exclaims.

"No, not really. Unless you could help me find my friends and brother?" Griphyx asks. The knight nods, to Griphyx's surprise, and waves a hand.

"Follow me sir! I can show you the way!" He exclaims. He rides on a large black mustang stallion armored with, ironically, white armor plates.

"R-Right!" Griphyx says as he chases after the painting as it rides through the other portraits, making them VERY annoyed with both of them, and vanishes around the corner. Griphyx groans and sprints after the painting but as he turns the corner, he claws the wall in hopes to not run into the wall before him. He succeeds, but only for a moment as he then spins the corner and flings himself down the hallways and slams face first into the side of the wall.

The painting watches with what Griphyx could think of; confusion or aggravation. He rises to his feet and shakes his head quickly to clear it before he chases after the riding away painting. He growls as he feels a sort of rush from chasing something and decides to try something new.

He jumps but his legs keep pumping and he lands on the wall. He kicks up a few stones as he runs along above the panting as it goes from portrait to portrait making leaps to get to the other. He looks ahead and see's a stairwell and he gets a stupid yet clever idea he has been meaning to try.

He jumps and lands onto the railing and tries to slide down, but instead what happens is a series of tumbling down the long strange steps as the painting of the black knight and his horse waits at the bottom of the stairs in the portrait of a woman holding a baby as they converse and the baby giggles and laughs at Griphyx's pain to his expense.

He slides along the floor in a circle yet keeps going strait and he can feel his eyes spinning around in close to the same fashion of Luna's whenever she becomes confused and passes out for some unknown reason. His groans as he face hits a wall and then his side slams into someone's shoe.

He opens an eye and looks up at the shoes owner. He groans again as he sees Malfoy standing there with a smirk and his wand held out and pointed down at Griphyx's neck.

"Hello, Potter. What a coincidence of us meeting here, alone." He sneers out. Griphyx rolls his eyes and rises to his feet slowly and pops his back.

"Not now, Malfoy. I'm looking for my brother and friends." He says dryly. Malfoy sneers once more as he places to tip of his wand against Griphyx's neck and he gains a glare.

"That's too bad then, isn't it? Filthy Half-Blood." He spits out with a hiss of what Griphyx can hear is anger. He rolls his eyes once more before he goes to grab the boys wand, but something rams into him and it is small. He looks behind him and sees an...elf?

"What the hay?" Griphyx states in confusion as this elf tries to pin him down.

"No one shall hurt the Malfoy house." The elf states with a strange squeaky but serious tone, but his eyes hold a sense of sadness.

"I have met MANY strange things in my life, but you my friend, are the strangest thing to take me by surprise." Griphyx states before vanishing and reappears next to the elf while leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. "What's your name?" He asks.

"He doesn't have one, Potter. And I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't speak to my House Elf!" Malfoy exclaims. The elf gains a somber expression and Griphyx remembers of when he and Harry were treated like trash by their own family.

"I was asking HIM not YOU Malfoy." Griphyx growls out. The elf looks up at the young Potter with a confused look.

"Why do you care about a simple elf?" Malfoy growls out.

"Because your treating him like trash! He is a living, breathing thing, not. Trash!" Griphyx exclaims.

"He's just an elf, you filthy Half-Blood!" Malfoy exclaims as he flicks his wand and shoots a bolt into Griphyx's shoulder, making the Potter clutch it and hiss in pain. Malfoy fires another bolt but it is accidentally shot out at the elf. The elf's eyes widen slightly and he raises his arms, ready to block the accidental attack, but it is stopped by something sharp and metal as it falls down into the floor before him and the bolt ricochets into Griphyx's leg.

The elf looks up and gasps to see Griphyx holding a strange wide katana-like-blade from what looks to be a skeletal wand. Griphyx pants as his shirt has a whole that looks burned through and the spot on his chest where the bolt his is black and has a burn mark to it as his cloak flutters down slowly over the elf's body as Griphyx uses his own body as a shield.

Malfoy sneers.

"Protecting a simple House Elf, hm?" He hisses out. Griphyx pants in pain as his lungs try to gain air, but the pain is too great. Malfoy readies his wand once again, but it is sent out of his hand by Nick who sprints down the hall and slugs Malfoy in the face with all of his might and sends the blonde boy down onto the floor and bounce/slides over to the other wall where he hits his head against it.

"Griphyx!" Harry exclaims as he moves to his little brothers side and starts to heal him quickly. Griphyx coughs softly before looking at the House Elf who wears his cloak like a cape and stares wide eyed at the younger Potter brother.

"You alright?" He asks.

"Dobby." The elf states.

"What?" Griphyx asks.

"My name, is Dobby." He tells Griphyx again. Griphyx smirks and nods his head as he holds a hand out.

"Griphyx Potter." He states. Dobby grabs Griphyx's hand and shakes it as he gives the cloak back to the boy, or, at least he tries to. "Nah, keep it Dobby. You need- actually, hold on." He says and takes the cloak. He looks around for anyone else to be looking, which no one is except for Harry, and he uses his magic to shrink the cloak down to Dobby's size and hands it back to the elf.

"What are you doing?" Dobby asks.

"I'm giving this to you, seeing as to how you'll need it more than me." Griphyx says with a grin. Dobby stares for a few moments before taking the cloak and putting it on. it goes down his body and hides his form even if he were to walk around.

"Thank you, sir Mr. Potter- " Dobby starts but is cut off by Griphyx.

"Just, Griphyx is fine with me, Dobby." Griphyx states with a sheepish grin as he rubs the back of his head lightly. Malfoy rises back to his feet and growls.

"Get over here now, Dobby!" An older man's voice exclaims. Griphyx growls and spins around and pulls the sword from the ground and changes it back into it's wand-mode and points it as Lucius Malfoy.

"Hello, Lucy." Griphyx growls out. Lucius glares.


"Me. Now what are here for, Lucy?" Griphyx growls out as he and Lucius circle each other as they glare intently at each other.

"My son and that ungrateful House Elf over there." Lucius hisses out.

"I can tell he isn't "useless" as he managed to protect your precious little son from my wrath." Griphyx hisses back at the tall pale man. Lucius hisses in anger and fires a bolt of magic at Griphyx, but it is blocked by another bolt from behind the boy. He looks over his shoulder and sees Dobby standing there with a small wand and scowl on his face.

"None shall harm the Potters." He states.

"Dobby, get over here, now!" Lucius growls out.

"I don't serve the Malfoy house anymore! Dobby is free!" The small elf exclaims. Lucius takes this time to look at his ex-House Elf and he notices the cloak. He looks back at Griphyx and growls as he pulls the snake head part of the cane back and reveals a sword and he rushes as Griphyx who is taken by surprise by the reveal of Lucius's cane-sword.

Dobby stands before Griphyx and flicks his wand and sends a bolt into Lucius' chest knocking the man away by a few feet onto his back and slide against a wall. Draco growls and gets ready to fire a bolt at Dobby, but he is punched in the face by Harry and stumbles back into Griphyx who fires a weak magical bolt and sends the young Malfoy into his father.

Griphyx slowly, but evenly, walks towards the two downed Malfoy's who for the life of him holds no sense of hatred for. Instead he feels only emptiness instead of fury or even anger. He looks down at the two pale blonde haired males standing before him. He turns to his right as his eyes close and he lets out a soft sigh of...sadness? But why?

Why would he feel sadness and emptiness for these two Malfoy? These two who have been giving him hell every-bloody-time they would meet. He opens his eyes as he turns back to stare at the two males standing before him as they seem to be ready for a fight even though neither of them could hope to win.

"This fight is over. I'll let you two be as you are without having need to take what is left of your 'honor' or worse. I honestly do not care anymore." Griphyx states coolly. Draco does the smart thing and back off from the young Potter while Sirius simply sneers and flicks his strange sword/wand. However, his movements are halted by Griphyx grabbing his wrist, tightly, and managing to cancel his patronus.

"You have chosen wisely, Draco. I feel deep sorrow for your father, however, as he did NOT heed my warning." Griphyx states as the two grow wide eyed as they see a flicker of stranger energy go through the Potter's eyes. "And he has lost." He states before letting go of Sirius's wrist and vanishes right as his wand/sword snaps before exploding into two parts as Sirius stumbles back and falls against the wall yet again being outdone by Griphyx Potter.

Draco feels nothing as he watches his father grumble and hiss out curses from under his breathe, no, his mind is on what he had just witnessed. He witnessed his father and himself being beaten by Griphyx and his friends. He watched his fathers wand pretty much explode on itself and had seen what looked to be gates behind Griphyx's strange hideous eyes.

He felt nothing but hatred for Griphyx for disgracing him but not his ignoramus of a father. He silently swears to regain revenge on the one who disgraced him once again. An oath of sorts. Draco turns and leaves his anger father as he mourns over the loss of his wand/sword.

Chapter 31

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It had been a week since that fateful ay of Griphyx defeating Lucius in such a cruel- yet hilarious, way as well as having Malfoy pledge himself into becoming stronger than his rivals. Hogwarts has been in a state of shock when Mrs. Norris was found hanging from a lamp petrified.

McGonagall had helped Filch bring his cat to the Nurse's Office in the Hospital Wing of the castle. Harry and Hermione were deducing where this "Chamber of Secrets" was and what could be inside it. Elena scurries around while most of the Half-Blood's seemed to have vanished.

Griphyx found out why, when a new message had appeared in the Great Hall's doors.

"Half-Blood's and Mudblood's beware! The heir to Slytherin has returned."

Is what it had said. Griphyx notes that even Nick is acting a bit spookish than most. Ruby has been terrified since the message had been spoken all around the school by Malfoy and his idiotic goons. Harry has been on watch, however, as there had also been word of a NEW monster that has made Hogwarts it's home.

They had figured out that a Basilisk was the Slytherin monster, but when said 'Serpent King' was found by Griphyx himself in an injured state- the serpent now resides as Griphyx's own monster and has been called "Gryffindor's second monster as Griphyx is supposedly the first, and decided to keep it as a pet seeing as to how Griphyx and Harry both spoke to it while hissing- some strange form of hissing and growling for Griphyx, and had it remain somewhere close by to protect the students instead of eat.

The Princesses have become worried for Griphyx's safety, as he is one of the strongest Half-Blood's in Hogwarts while Phoebe and Percy had already left to visit family of some sort. Hermione had been a bit on edge as she had been called "Mudblood" by Malfoy multiple times, but never raised his wand towards her as he knew first hand how protective Harry was over the Granger girl.

Griphyx had been visiting the Basilisk more and more as it was a "Safe Haven" to him, or, as he would say. The Basilisk didn't seem to mind either, as it would at times become a marking on the inside of Griphyx's right forearm and could even become his limb, as per their agreement.

It was also later found out that Nick and Elena had decided to go out on "dates" as they had a mutual ground of understanding for each other. Ruby and Ron would even hang out more than usual and they both seemed to enjoy each others company quite a bit.

Phoebe and Percy had decided to express their feelings for each other as they had been long, long life friends and possibly partners when it came to love. Griphyx had also came into possession of a Kusanagi that looked like a long thin rectangle that he would keep on his lower back at all times in case he needed it for whatever reason.

Dumbledore had become aware of all this from Griphyx himself. Snape had also been becoming more and more distant, he somehow lost his memory of the Princesses as well as not being able to see, hear, or feel them, thus, he was back to being a total prick once more.

Drew has been kept safe by Draco and Snape- not that surprising, as well as holding him as a 'weapon' on the off chance this new 'monster' shows itself. There has even been a 'weapon' for each house. Slytherin has Drew who is the Half-Blood of what many believe is the son of Medusa.

Ravenclaw has a female Half-Blood named Sam Rose. She is similar to Ruby, but she has a kitsune and oddly enough, Ruby's cousin. She has amazing looks from what Fred and George keep saying- let alone the gawking Nick does before being beaten by Ruby towards Ms. Rose, as they say she has wide hips, a flat belly, large chest- as she is a third year student no less. Her eyes are a soft baby blue with somewhat slit pupils. Her ears are positioned atop of her head as well as having around nine-tails- all bright orange, and fangs. Her hair is apparently luscious brown locks that lay flat against her back, she is apparently 5' 12" in height and the strongest of the Ravenclaw's.

Hufflepuff has a female Half-Blood as well. Her name is Patty Thompson. She has a similar build to Sam, however, she is a Half-Blood of the Asian-Lung Dragon that comes from middle Asia. She is called 'Hufflepuff's Dragoness' as she has the antler horns as those whips as well but they are certain strands of her hair that moves around like tentacles or whips. A long gold tail with that soft silver fur as well as those talon fingernails- though they are not as long or sharp to cause damage unless she wills it, with bright hazel eyes with holy-white slit pupils. She is about 4' 11" and is a second year like Griphyx as well. She is the strongest Half-Blood's amongst the Hufflepuff's.

Griphyx is Gryffindor's own mascot Half-Blood, however, he is not only the strongest Half-Blood for his house, but he is tied with Sam and Patty as they hold first and second seat in power while Drew holds forth in power. Griphyx, Patty and Sam have actually became quite good friends over this strange week, so much so that they had been seen around the castle alone and having a blast.

Nightmare, Celestia and Luna have split up as well though. Nightmare remains with Griphyx, Celestia with Harry and Luna stays in the 'house' as well as with Dumbledore to make sure everyone is safe. Dumbledore and McGonagall as well as Hagrid have grown rather attached to the youngest of the three Princesses and Goddesses so much so that they have slipped up a few times in laughing at her jokes in the middle of meals, classes, etc.

Right now, however, Griphyx is rolling to the side as Malfoy fires a bolt of magic at him. Patty and Sam are with him as well. The two females remain out of their duel as it is between Griphyx and Malfoy.

"Stand still!" Malfoy hisses out. Griphyx spins around in his hands as he lets his legs slide apart and prepares to kick the blonde into the wall until an axe blocks the kick. Drew smiles down at Griphyx who's eyes widen before he pushes himself off of the axe just as it is swung upwards missing his chin by less than an inch.

Patty and Sam prepare themselves before Drew holds up a clawed hand.

"I'm here to stop the duel." He states.

"Why?" Patty asks.

"There has been another attack. A ghost has been taken out as well as some students have been sent into the infirmary." He says with a serious expression. Griphyx rises to his feet before walking up to the boy who gives him a smirk and a fist bump. While the two don't see eye to eye, they do enjoy good spar with one another as well as made a alliance to help the other out if they had need of it as well as joining Patty and Sam to help protect Hogwarts.

"How serious?" Griphyx asks.

"Serious enough for Dumbledore and Snape to send me out to find you three. Dumbledore wants us in his office now." Drew explains. Griphyx nods his head before grabbing Drew's hand in a strange arm-wrestling contest in the air while Patty and Sam wrap their arms around Griphyx's waist and shoulders. "Dude!" Drew states. "Nice." He says with a thumbs up. The two girls roll their eyes as Griphyx chuckles sheepishly.

"Maybe when all this shit is done and over with, we'll look into him." Sam giggles out. Drew gives Griphyx yet another thumbs up making him blush and cough uneasily.

"Right..." He states before they spiral around and appear before the headmaster and the other teaches. He notes that Harry is next to McGonagall and Dumbledore with Nick there as well.

"I have called you four here today because it is time that we get rid of whatever this 'monster' in the 'Chamber of Secrets' is." Dumbledore states. "And as such, I am having Harry Potter and Griphyx Potter to lead this investigation. Harry shall be in charge of the Wizards and Witches, while Griphyx will lead the Half-Blood's." He orders.

"But...why me?" Griphyx asks.

"Hm...?" Dumbledore asks.

"Why me? Why not Patty and Sam?" He asks. The two in question blush and smile slightly before regaining their firm looks once more.

"Ah, yes, well the reason as to why is simple." He states.

"It is?" Drew asks.

"He holds the Basilisk which WAS the original 'monster'." He explains. Everyone seems to stop and stare.

"How?" Snape asks.

"It's part of my body." Griphyx states as he points his right arm out and just below his shoulder. He sweats slightly as his right arm from his elbow down melts from his body before forming into a large snake the size of Harry himself. Snape pulls out and points his wand at the snake, which curls around Griphyx protectively.

"This is my Basilisk. She is known as Manda. While she might not look it, she IS more than a Basilisk now." Griphyx explains. Snape looks to preparing to send out a spell, but he is stopped as Manda bites Griphyx's arm and reforms as part of his body and he gains her fangs and even parts of her scales on the back of his hands that have small spikes on them as well.

"I would appreciate it if you wouldn't point your wand at Griphyx." Albus states.

"But sir..."

"It is not up for discussion Serverus. We are in need of Manda's help if we ever wish to find out what holds her place in the chamber.

"She says that it was too dark before her old master had disowned her." Griphyx states.

"Who was her old master?" Hagrid asks.

Griphyx becomes silent for a good while as his eyes close. He makes a series of faces as if having an internal debate with himself. When his eyes open, he has a sad look in them. "She doesn't know." Griphyx sighs out sadly.

"It's okay Griph! We can find out another way." Hermione states as she walks up from the back to stand next to Harry. Ruby appears next to Nick and the two hold hands. Dumbledore gains a strange twinkle in his eyes as he nods his head lightly.

"That sounds exceptional, as long as none of you have to go into that place." He states firmly yet that twinkle in his eye only becomes brighter. Griphyx chuckles lightly before he shivers and a thin blush forms across her face.

"What's the matter?" Patty asks. He looks towards her and Lily before his blush thickens.

"Um...Manda decided to give me a mental image that should NEVER be mentioned!" He exclaims loudly as his voice cracks slightly making the two giggle.

"Cute." Lily teases. Griphyx blushes more before he shivers once more, but this time the scales on the back of his hands spreads up his arms before they meet at the napes of his neck before conjoining and going down his back where a scaly tail forms. Two long horns sprout from his head as they curve backwards and miniature ones form on his cheeks like whiskers. His skin tone has darkened slightly as if he were tanning slowly.

His fangs grow longer and his height is just a bit changed so he is taller. He groans from the new growing pains before they stop and he is rendered into a panting state. Patty and Lily helped him stay standing even though they were blushing heavily from how they had to grab him to hold the pour boy up.

"Th-Thanks." He mutters out. Lily smiles up at him.

"No problem! Our oh so fearless..."

"And handsome..."

"Leader!" The two of them state. Griphyx blushes more.

"Me? Handsome? N-No way." He stutters out in disbelief. Lily gives him a flat look.

"You are indeed very handsome, Griphyx Potter." She states firmly. He blushes slightly more before sighing in defeat. He then slumps slightly before Patty places a hand onto his shoulder gently.

"I think you are handsome like how Lily does, just not to the....extent as she does." Patty says with a sheepish grin and eye smiling. He nods his head slightly before he feels a pair of hands incredibly close to his groin. Oh look, his intense blush is back.

"U-Um..." He stutters out as he tries to figure out why they are grabbing his crotch! The two of them look confused until it dawns on them. They move their hands away quickly as furious blushes take their faces with a vengeance.

"Sorry!" They both exclaim in shock.

"It's...It's fine." He says softly. Nightmare watches this and has a half smirk and half glare pointed at the two female Half-Blood's. She then gains a soft look as she looks towards Griphyx as she can see his magic becoming whole- which was odd but she chose to not bring it up at this time until it was private, and even starting to grow up to Luna's rank when she was a few hundred years younger.

Celestia notes that Harry's own magic is becoming the same way but without a stranger force deeper inside him like Griphyx has. She looks back towards her younger son before she gains a vision flicker of the two of them battling a man without a nose along with not having hair. When her vision returns back to normal she has a smile on her lips gracefully.

Harry looks at his younger brother before the door is busted open as Filch runs into the room with his lamp held high above his head.

"Students out of class!" He exclaims. "Students out of class!!" He bellows out as Draco is being tugged along by him.

"What seems to be the problem?" Dumbledore asks. Filch glares at the old headmaster.

"I found this one looking around the castle and claimed that he knows where the "Chamber of Secrets" is." Filch explains. Griphyx's eyes widen and he grabs Filches shoulders.

"Where is it!?" He exclaims. Filch gains a nasty look in his eye before pushing the young Potter into a nearby wall with a loud *thump*.

"Don't you touch me, Half-Blood..." Filch hisses out. Draco gains a sneer as the man lets him. "More importantly, why are you up not in class? Hm?" filch asks.

"I am newly appointed leader of the Half-Blood's to keep the normal student body safe." Griphyx states before giving a sheepish smile to Harry. "No offense. Of course."

"None taken, Griph." Harry states. Ron on the other hand seems to find it offensive, but keeps his git mouth shut. Draco does not.

"What is that supposed to mean!?" He roars. Griphyx looks at him with a glare.

"What does what mean?" He asks. Draco growls.

"You think your better than US just because your filthy Half-Blood's?" He hisses out. Patty gets ready to tell him off, but Draco beats her to it. "Quiet you little Half-Blood wench!" He orders out with a hiss. Filch and Snape seem to both have delighted sneers on their faces, that is, until they remember who is keeping them safe.

"Fine then." Griphyx growls out. He looks to Dumbledore. "I am sorry to tell you that there will be NO help from us. We will protect when NEEDED, not when WANTED. Please, forgive me, Headmaster." Griphyx says with a low bow. Albus' twinkle has dulled slightly, but still remains bright as ever.

"You are fine, Griphyx. I still hold you as the leader for the school's Half-Blood's though. And I must ask you, Drew, to keep a lookout in Slytherin." He sighs out.

"Why?" Drew asks.

"Because when the school learns that it's protectors leader has limited the protection to a VERY thin minemum, they will most likely come after Mr. Malfoy here." Dumbledore says sadly. Drew nods his head before sending a blood chilling glare at Draco, who is whimpering and looks to Griphyx with pleading eyes, but all he gets is cold emotionless eyes that stare back at him.

"What are you waiting for?! Protect us!" He wails/orders in fear.

"Hm....N- "

"Fine." Patty states.

"What?" Griphyx asks.

"We protect each others houses, but make sure that certain few students," -She says as she sends a bone chilling glare towards the Malfoy- " Don't have OUR protection." She states. Griphyx nods his head.

"Acceptable." McGonagall states happily.

"Unacceptable!" Snape roars.

"Too bad." Patty hisses out. "Malfoy dug many students into this pit, now he- and the others, must deal with said pit." She states matter-of-factly. Griphyx nods before turning and preparing to leave, but is stopped by Dumbledore's voice.

"Griphyx." He says softly.

"Yeah?" Griphyx asks unsurly.

"There will be new "Defense Against the Dark-Arts" teacher coming tomorrow." Albus explains.

"Is he a threat?"

"Not that I am aware. In fact, he is well known in the Wizarding world." Dumbledore chuckles out, making the others in the room give him a confused look.

"What's his name?" Griphyx asks as he places a hand onto the kusanagi calmly.

"Gilderoy Lockhart."