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Friendship is Chaos - Vladimir

In a word where some humans are in the world of Equstria. A boy with a destiny to ave the world, or, drive it into chaos. Disorder must now choose a side, to be good, or evil. Oc's are my own, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by the

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Luna Eclipsed, Fights and A Party....

A/N: ***DISCLAIMER!!!************** I own none of the music, all rights go to their respected owners.

I moved through the house, yawning loudly. Today was "Nightmare Night", a strange holiday where ponies dress up as ghouls and goblins. On the upside my herd, my mother, my brother and father are staying here with me -save for Luna, she stays the castle-. I go into the kitchen and prepare breakfast.

"Discord!!" I hear Chrysie scream. "Get back here!!" She screams as Discord runs down the stares, eyes wide and a grin on his face.

"You certainly chose well for your herd!" Is all he says before he hides in his and mothers room. I shake my head and turn back to the stove, I hear hooves clack against the wooden floor. I turn round and see a naked Chrysie, she blushes and covers herself.

"Chrysie, I have sex with you every morning and night, I'm pretty sure you don't need to hide yourself from me." I state. Chrysie nods her head, but keeps covering herself, I conjure up a robe, which she is quick to put on. "Better?" I ask.

"Yeah, thanks." She says with a smile, kissing her softly I give her and the girls some love, I chuckle as she gets weak kneed. N-No fair! You know how we get..." She mumbles while blushing. I hug her gently before helping her sit in a chair. The girls stumble downstairs, their knees also weak.

"Thanks for the breakfast and wake up call, but please wait until you are actually having sex with us before doing stuff like that, alright?" Kyubi purrs out to me. I smirk and nod my head.

"No problem my little fox, I'll be sure to make you all happy tonight then." I state. They all get dreamy looks in their eyes, drool forms before snapping out of their stupor.

"You better!" Ruby says to me. I nod my head, still smirking. I sit down and eat my breakfast, the girls talk amongst each other when Order comes down, he has Twi next to him, the two share a long kiss.

"Sup Twi, you enjoying my brother eh?" I ask. She jumps and blushes at me, before nodding her head softly, Order gapes at me, I nod my head once. "Good, keep it up and you'll reach me and Chrysies record for the first few days, how many times was it?" I ask her. Chrysie gains a dreamy look on her face as she drools.

"Thirty times...mmmn~" She purrs and shivers from the memory. Order and Twi stare at us.

"Then there's Luna, that was ten times, then the rest of the girls was twenty times each, now together it's....er...fifteen times?" I ask, they nod their heads. Twi and Order keep gaping at us. "What? sex sometimes feeds them, and it brings us closer together." I explain. Order nods before sitting down and eats with me, Twi sits next to Order, ever since her and AJ have been dating Order, they have been worried that I would flip at them, which I never did.

After breakfast I headed outside and headed towards a field, where I summoned my energy cloak, mother and father stood there before me.

"I won't be going easy on you, just because your my son doesn't mean I won't whip your butt." Mother says as she summons a sword that looks like my own. "Bankai." She states as her energy rises, when the dust settles, I stair at her as she wields a thin black blade, she summons a black mask and appears in front of me, she swings down, I bloc with my arms, I can feel her smirk, as she places a hand behind the blade. "Getsuga Tenshou." She says as a large black and red flash forms before my eyes, and I am in the center of a large dome. I fly high above the dome, my wings spread out, my cloak destroyed, my left arm is injured as I flap my wings, but I am soon sent into the ground by mother.

She stands there, her black and red flames on her sword as she appears in front of me, she points the tip at me, my eyes widen when she says the attack again and I am forced to side step away, but she catches me by my shoulder and throws me into the ground. I cough when I slam into a boulder. She appears before me once again, her eyes show pity.

"You aren't strong enough to take my weakest of attacks, nor can you flash step or sonido, only side step. Looks like we need to train you more." She states, before her 'bankai' and mask vanish in black flames. She helps me up as she chants something and I am healed instantly. "You need to gain your speed and gain your true sword, something that comes directly from yourself." She states as multiple swords form and circle round her. "You have the ability to copy other beings attacks and abilities, thanks to me, thanks to your father you go farther than that, and fuse those to yourself forever. You will also need to find your release states and bankai's for each blade you collect. But I know you will." She says as she smiles down to me. I smile back as I summon my own sword, it looks like the one she just had, but instead of black and white, it's white and black with black cloth coming from the hilt. She eyes my sword and nods.

"This is the sword I have so far, my scythe and axe can turn into sword as well, but I prefer to keep- " I am cut off.

"Show me them." She asks. I nod and my axe and scythe appear into he air, the scythe turns into a tin blade with green hilt and scabbard. The axe turns into a strait katana, the hilt is blue as is the scabbard. "I see, so you have those ones, while you have the opposite of mine, yet you have the ability of the ninja's as well. Very interesting." She says. I nod my head as she brings back her sword, she calls forth her bankai and summons her mask. She charges at me as I hold my sword in front of me, the black cloth coils around my right arm, a form pops into my mind.

"Bankai!!" I yell out as I am encased in a blue and red dome. As the dust settles, my sword is thin and white, my cloths are bleach white, my body remains the same, but a black and white mask is on my face. I swing my sword down and a crater forms next to me, I swing the blade upwards and block mothers, who's eyes have a sense of glee in them. White flames form on my blade as I push her back, she flash steps back a few more meters away, I am unaware of audience that has grouped up and started watching our fight. I raise my sword on my head. "GETSUGA TENSHOU!!!!" I yell out as I swing down, a white wall of flame goes towards mother, her eyes narrow as she swipes at the attack, breaking it into two pieces, I smirk behind my mask as the two halves become arrows and fly at her. Her eyes widen as she flash steps away, I flash step behind her.

'When did I learn these techniques? Did I absorb them from mother? Or have I always known about these?' I ask myself before I swing down, she grabs my sword with her barehanded and pins me down, her blade at my throat.

"You did well there, perhaps you can be taught the stronger moves. But right now, you need to rest." I was about to ask, but she slams the butt of the sword into my face, knocking me out.

I wake up, hours later in my bed, looking around I see that it is close to noon, I get to my feet, and as I head outside only to find that every pony is shaking in fear. I walk between them and see Luna standing there, a sad look in her eye.

"Very well, be that way! We won't even give the royal farewell!" She states as she walks away. I follow after her and find her in tears, I place a hand on her shoulder she jumps, but when she see's that it's me, she relaxes. "Why do they fear us?" She asks sadly. I rub her cheek gently.

"Because they do not understand you, Luna. They see you as Nightmare, and let me tell you, I have seen her and she was...well, she is a part of you, but yeah, she was hot. But she didn't hold any anger towards them, just towards Celestia. Which I guess I can understand, then again, I am older than most of Equestria is, so there is that..." I say softly. She nods and giggles at the last part. "Your super old! Discord and Beth got together right after Sombra's defeat, which was around thee thousand years ago. Your old, so old." She laughs. I blush before looking away.

"Why well...I...You...Ugh! Why do you have to be so damn cute! I can't even argue back." I grumble.

"Princess Luna!" Twi yells out. We turn and see her being followed by Order. "Princess Luna! I think I know of a way to help!" She says.

"And how exactly?" She states. Luna goes slack jaw when Luna doesn't yell in her face.

"Your not yelling! But, but I thought of a way to lower your volume." Twi sais dejectedly. Luna and I laugh loudly, the ground shakes from the force.

"Twi, we found a way to do that a while ago, you got beaten to it when she and I hung out so much." I stated. "Nice try though, that 'yelling' is actually the way they used to speak to commoners back in the day, I remember when I was younger that mother would do the same." I explain. Ever since mother and father have retuned, my memories have been becoming whole again. I then jumped into the air as father crashed down, his mask is red and black, his eyes are orange black, he swings a sword at me. I summon my cloak and main sword, I block his attack, his blade cuts into my on and I am knocked back into the air.

I flash step back on the ground, red and blue energy forms around me, my third sword in hand, I grind my nails in the flat o the blade. "GRIND!! PANTERA!!!" I roar out as I rake the blade, the sword glows bright blue and my body changes my cloak forms into my skin, the blade vanishes, my body is covered head to toe in my mask, my tails whip about, my claws glowing, my legs formed into two, my wings also now two, my arms stay the same as I growl.

"Now that's a new one. Haven't seen that form before, then again, you did fuse your cloak and sword together just now. So I am not surprised." Mother says before walking from out of the forest, already in her bankai state, her mask is down over her face. "Now then, lets test this new form." She says as she flash steps to me, but I sonido above her, her eyes widen as I rake my claws through the air and send out pillars of blue and red energy into the sky. She flash steps next to father, her body not harmed, but her clothes are burnt. "He is indeed stronger with those technique's fused together...watch out...." She states before heading back to the house.

"This will be fun..." Father groans as I fly at him from the smoke, a cero in my hand. "Awe shit...this is gonna hurt!" He yells as I sonido in front of him, the cero goes off in his face before he has time to react. His mask is gone, his clothes are torn, and his sword has cracks in it. "Yep, your our son alright...." He says before collapsing, I catch him and sonido back to the house, where I lay him next to mother on their bed. I sonido back to the others, as I gaze at my form from the river in the moonlight, I look badass!

My mask has become a have black rods coming out from between my wings, my spines are larger, my height is at least eight feet, while my horns form a type of guard, forming a white mask -which my mask now is-. My tails are longer and have skeletal spines going from the body and the tips of my tails, my cloths have become white armor, a hole going through my mid-section. My four arms are white while my claws are pitch black, my eyes are the same, they resemble my energy beast's form's eye, but instead of one, I now have two. I nod my head slightly.

"I like this form, very much so." I say. Luna and the rest of my herd along with our friends approach me.

"is that you Disorder?" Order asks me. I nod my head and turn to look at the others.

"What do you all think?" I ask. They jump from my far deeper voice.

"Your voice is so...sexy~" The girls purr as they nuzzle me, I nuzzle them back gently, Luna hug me, I hug her back. We walk back into Ponyville, the ponies take on look at me, and they treat me like Luna. I simply walk past them, not batting an eye at them. Luna watches me not give a damn on how the ponies reacted at me. I lift my mask.

"It's just me, Disorder." I state, my voice normal but also somewhat deeper, my body goes back to normal, except for my eyes, they remain like the release state form. I blink and look at them as hey all stair at me, my hair is now long and black, I shrug and walk back to my house, the girls following me as Luna, Twi and Order go to gain the towns affection. I sit on the couch and start to play some music. I put on "Phenomenon" by "Thousand Foot Krutch". The song booms through the house as we bob our heads to the beat of the music. Father and mother walk down the stairs and mother looks at me with a smile.

"You take after me in the music department, that is for sure." She states before putting on a different music. "But have you ever heard of Gangnan Style?" She asks. She puts the song on and the windows are opened by father, the music travels outside as the Korean music plays. The girls and I are dancing with each other, smiles on out faces. I twirl them in at once as we keep dancing, we start to like the song more and more, as well as the style. "It's funny, because this was our wedding song." Mother says with a laugh, while father is shuffling on the ceiling with mother, the two have their eyes closed while defying gravity and physics. The girls, Order and Luna arrive with the town as the music draws them in.

"That's an amazing song!" Pinkie sings out as she nibbles on Order's ear gently. Order shivers and nips at her neck. I nod my head as mother puts on another Korean song.

"This one is called "Nillili Mambo" by "Block B", it's a pretty good song." She says as the song plays. We all begin dancing and drink the punch that father conjured up. I nod my head and smile as we keep going, the party going on all night, before Luna and the others must go. I look at the girls, who give me those dreamy eyed looks.

"Remember you promise~" They all purr out at me. I smirk and nod, we head upstairs and have a VERY fun weekend.

Author's Note:

And as always! I will see you! In the next chapter! Bye bye!!

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