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Friendship is Chaos - Vladimir

In a word where some humans are in the world of Equstria. A boy with a destiny to ave the world, or, drive it into chaos. Disorder must now choose a side, to be good, or evil. Oc's are my own, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by the

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Birthday and Sonic Rainboom....

I am walking on a hill, enjoying the quiet when all of a sudden I hear...

"LOURDER!!!!" From over the hill to my left. I look down and see Rainbow yelling at Shy to cheer louder, which was a feat all on it's own. I make my way over to them with a glare.

"What are you doing Rainbow?" I ask. She and Shy jump before spinning around to meet me. After the attack and seeing me kill the Dogs those four months ago, Rainbow and Shy have been avoiding me, either from fear, or hate. I have my hands on my pockets and stare at her, she narrows her eyes.

"Why? So you can kill me too?" She asks. I ground and shake my head.

"Rainbow, we've been over this, if I wanted you would have been killed in the attack. No, I'm just curious about what my friends are doing in an abandoned field, I mean those dogs are still out there, and I don't want any pony to get taken again, we're still trying to fin those who were taken..." I say to her somberly at the end. She relaxes, she gives me a friendly look.

'Wow she is too loyal to friends, but she does have a massive power in her. Perhaps she will become useful to us in the future.' I hear Slaying Moon whisper from the back of my mind.

'Yeah, but she is our friend, let alone our fellow "Element of Harmony".' I say to him. I can feel him nod his head before going back to sleep.

"The best fliers competition is coming up in Clouds dale and I am trying to get Shy here to cheer louder for me." She explains. I nod my head before looking at Shy. She jumps slightly before calming down.

"Don't push yourself too hard Shy, I know you can and will do it when the time calls for it." I turn and walk back towards town, my tail swaying around before I side step in front of my house and enter it. I am greeted by Chrysie who kisses me tenderly and lovingly. Trixie and Zecora had left to do their own things, Zecora back to her tribe and Trixie who went back out on the road. They had explained they would return and when they did, they'd throw a large party. The princesses don't come around much anymore, they have been distant after the attack and I flipped out. Chrysie still remains by my side however, and I love her even more for it. We decided to put the rest of he herd on hold, it still going, we all love each other, but with Trixie, Zecora, Luna and Celestia rarely coming around, or have left to go do something more worth themselves, I can feel the herd starting to collapse.

"Welcome home Disorder! I made you something special!" She says to me with a cheerful tone. I cock my head to the side.

"Did you now? May I ask what it is?" I ask. She shakes her head 'no' with a grin.

"It's on the kitchen table!" She chirps. I nuzzle her gently, the two of has have gone 'all the way' as they say. We are even closer now than ever before. She pulls on my hand. "Come on! It's something you'll love!" She chirps again. I chuckle and follow her, as we enter the kitchen, I see that on the table is a present, I stopped and stare at it, and then her with my eyes wide. "Happy Birthday!" She says with a smile. I smile back, tears sting my eyes, I hold her close and kiss her deeply and passionately, she moans softly as she gets closer to me, we hold the kiss for what seems like centuries before we separate.

"Thank you love. No one ever gets me anything." I say to her softly. She purrs at me and rubs my waistline.

"Well, that's not all of your birthday present, you still have some other presents, but those are for later~" She purrs softly into my ear. I purr back and nuzzle her gently.

"I think I want them now~." I slur. She purrs louder and bops me on the nose playfully with a finger.

"Nope, you have to wait for later!" She chirps, before handing me the present. "Now please, open it, it took me forever to craft." She says with a smile. I smile back and tear the green rapping paper, I then hold a small black box. I stare at her with my yes wide and mouth agape. "No, it's not a wedding right, it's something better!" She says as she kisses my cheek gently. I open the box and see a neon green bracelet, and on the bracelet looks to be a silver cross, with a smaller pointier cross in the middle, a silver ring is going around just above the blue cross, in the center of the blue cross is a blood red ruby, my birthstone. I put it on my right wrist, I close my hand, to have the cross glow sky neon blue and turns into two pistols, blue energy forms into the barrels, before I cancel them out.

"This...amazing! But, I thought only changelings could use these?" I say. Chrysie giggles and taps on the ruby gently when the pistols vanish.

"This ruby has your blood on in, and since you are a Draconequus, you have Changeling Blood inside you as well. We know of your race and I can tell you more, if you want to know that is." She says, blushing at the end. I smile and nuzzle her gently.

"Sure, the would give us another excuse to bond some more, right?" I say softly to her. She blushes more and nods, I kiss her deeply and with fever. We part after a minute and we head outside and head to Sugar Cube Corner. As we walk down the street, I study her, looking for her own cross. "Where is your cross at Chrysie?" I ask. She giggles and reaches into her pants pocket. She pulls out a star with a ring in the middle is brought blue and in the center of that is bright emerald, the rest is shining silver.

"Right here, I don't use it much anymore, but when I do, best watch out and get out of the way. But you have nothing to worry about, you're the only one I would never attack with this." She says to me. I smile down at her and nod,

"I'd never attack you or the girls with mine either." I tell her. She smiles and nuzzles me gently. I nuzzle back just as we went into the sweets shop. We sit at a table just as Pinkie Pie arrives.

"Hi! What can I get you two today?" She asks. I look towards Chrysie, who smiles and whispers something into Pinkies ear. Her eyes go wide. "IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!?" She yells, drawing all the attention onto us. I notice that Twi and her friends are there and looking at me with wide eyes. "Why didn't you tell me!?" She asks. I blink before shrugging.

"No one except for Chrysie remembered after I told them. So, I just didn't remind any of you." I look down at the menu and look across the table at Chrysie. "What would you like, love?" I ask her. She blushes and looks down.

"I can't eat sweets remember..?" She said. They all gasped until I nodded.

"I know, I was talking about which amount of love you would like." I say to her, placing a hand on hers. She blushes more, smiling at me,

"I don't mind, but you should get something to eat as well, I know just how generous you tend to get with me." She winks at the end. We both burst out laughing as the others blush.

"Right, I'll take a chocolate doughnut and a strawberry milk shake please." I say to Pinkie, who keeps gaping at me as I send love over to Chrysie, who trembles slightly before she side steps next to me, she lays her head on my shoulder as I keep feeding her. I snap my fingers in Pinkie's face, creating a cotton candy cloud that's filled with chocolate milk that she loves, it flies around her head as she tries to eat it. "Is that okay Pinkie?" I ask.

"Yep! One chocolate doughnut and a strawberry milkshake coming up!" She chirps before vanishing to the back of the shop. She comes back and hands me my food and as I hand her a few bits, she places down a large chocolate cake with pink frosting on the top. It has nineteen candles on the top. "Happy Birthday!" She and the others yell out to me. I stare at it with wide eyes, before closing them and smirk slightly.

"Thanks." Is all I say as I bite my doughnut as the others take pieces from the cake. As I finish my food and milkshake, I stand up and walk to the door with Chrysie holding onto my right arm, our crosses clanking against each other. Twi and the others see the crosses and stop us.

"What are those?" Twi asks. I look at her before glancing a chrysie, we both get a grin before sidestepping back into our house, leaving the group, stunned before they follow us on hoof back to my place. As we appear in the living room we sit on our couch just as the front door swings open, Twi and her friends enter without my permission. I glare at them.

"Why did you break into my home?" I ask. They get sheepish smiles before Twi asks the question again.

"What are those crosses? They hold tones of magical power in them!" She says, almost drooling. I sigh and the cross forms into the pistols, I gain a fur caller around the neck of my jacket.

"They are changeling bows, they form into whatever their master is like, sometimes they go through changes much like their owner does." Chrysie explains as my pistols turn back into the cross. The group 'Oohs' in unison. They stay to talk, which lasted for hours. After they left we went to bed, we had been invited to join the group to the competition, I had asked if I could join, they agreed, but Rainbow seemed apprehensive. We had smiles after the extra 'presents'.

-----------------Next Day----------------------------------------------------------------

We were walking to Twi's place, when we saw that hot air balloon from the running of the leaves, we had made it in the first two places. We approached the balloon with everyone inside.

"Sorry, we ran out of room, you'll need to fly." Rainbow said. I nodded as I picked Chrysie up bridal style, she squeaked and blushed before smiling and nuzzling me. I nodded to the others signaling the to take off. As they rose, I had to flap my wings once to catch up as we were going strait up, I saw that Rarity had butterfly wings, Chrysie scoffed at her.

"You trying to mimic me now huh?" She stated. Rarity blushed at that.

"Oh no! Never! This is just how they turned out." She said. We nodded before I took off, holding Chrysie closer, I was spiraling upward, a cone forming in front of me, but I stopped just before breaking it, I saw Rainbow was next to me.

"Think you can beat me huh!?" She said, a confident smirk on our faces. Chrysie and I nodded as I sped up as she did the same. We were neck and neck, until I side stepped ahead of her, she growled and pushed herself farther, she had a cone form around her, I nodded and kept pushing her past her limits, until. "CCCRRRRAAAACCCCKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!" She zoomed past me going past the sound barrier, I followed after her, doing the same.

We did barrel roles around each other, Chrysie had side stepped into the basket next to Twi and the two began to talk. Behind Rainbow was a long rainbow streak, while behind me was a dark version of the rainbow, we sped over Clouds dale and then dove down, I grabbed her shoulder, and pulled back, we slowed down instantly, facing away from anything, a large burst of air flew forward from behind us, I kept Rainbow still until it passed.

"That.Was.So.AWESOME!" She yelled to me. I nodded.

"Hell yeah it was!" I then grab her shoulder and side step next to the group, startling her and the group -save for Chrysie-. She looks around and gapes.

"That was faster than sound! How did you do that!?" She cried out. I tapped my nose, mocking her even more, Chrysie and I made the zipping out mouths shut motion. We walk towards the stadium, all the while Rarity and Chrysie are being ogled at. Rarity bathes in the attention, while Chrysie shies and gets closer to me, I wrap a wing around her, showing t everyone that she is mine. Rarity, Rainbow and I signed up to the competition, me and Rainbow having confident smirks on our faces. Rainbow was number 3, Rarity number 2 and I am number 4. The three of us zoom out of the entrance, as dub step plays, Rainbow and I are moving with the beat while Rarity is hovering in front of the sun like an idiot.

I hear a scream pass me and I see the wonder bolts go after Rarity who's wings got destroyed, I flew down next to Rainbow, both of us still in beat, but when the bass drops we break the sound barrier and catch the now unconscious wonder bolts -thanks idiot Rarity! You beat the crap out of celebrities and didn't even take a picture!-. Anyways, we get them just in time before they become pancakes, I side step us all back to the stage right as the song ends. The crowd cheers as I yawn and sit on the air, not a cloud, but the air -defying logic for the win!-. Celestia approaches us and gives us gold metals, I smile up at her, as she had become taller than me now. The wonder bolts approach me.

"Hey, looks like you and Rainbow Dash won. Looks like you two get to spend the day with us." Says a orange mare. I shake my head, catching them off guard.

"Nah, Rainbow needs to spend the day with you though, she's a great flier, and the faster Pegasus in Equestria. The mare nods and the wonder bolts head to Rainbow while Chrysie and I say our goodbyes to Celestia, who says that she and Luna will be visiting soon. We were looking towards it. We side stepped back in our house, before Chrysie drags me upstairs, saying that I am about to get my real 'reward' for winning. I love this mare!

Author's Note:

Here's the new chapter! Whoop! Getting closer to the main focus now!
And as always, I will see you! In the next chapter! Bye-bye!

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