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Friendship is Chaos - Vladimir

In a word where some humans are in the world of Equstria. A boy with a destiny to ave the world, or, drive it into chaos. Disorder must now choose a side, to be good, or evil. Oc's are my own, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by the

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Dragon Quest....

It was the day of the Dragon Migration, so much has been going on that has been rather...odd. Chrysie, Sapphire, Ruby and Kyubi have been more and more antsy with the wedding getting closer, my training has been getting more and more serious as well as the fact that I have been hearing strange voices. One of these voices is named Pantera, funny how I use 'her' as my main weapon now, I even use the other abilities of different swords for her 'her'.

I have been dealing with my own inner monster though, something that scares me because those dreams of a Xenilla are constantly there and I feel him getting closer. He has gained more of these giant monsters on his side, even gaining a mother Nightmare look alike as his mate. It scares me to know that he has powers beyond my own as well. I have witnessed him fight a giant red monster and a 'Sombra' that took out most of their world in a colossal battle of TRUE good versus evil. I tell my friends, mates and family about these dreams but am laughed at. I guess it is just my imagination.

Today however, I a currently in a pit with the girls and my mates watching the dragons fly over us. I 'awe' at them as they fly over and even fight against one another. Rainbow -bless her stupid heart- was dumb enough to comment on how 'non tuff' they were, that is, until one of the dragons swooped down and breathed fire, which I had blocked with my magic.

"What do ya'll think o that? Sugar cube?" AJ asks Rainbow - swear, it's like Rainbow doesn't even know when to hold her tongue, unless Order is pleasuring her or even making out with her, ewe-. I sigh in annoyance as the girls laugh. Then Spike makes a strange comment.

"Yeah, we dragons are pretty fierce creatures." He states calmly while wearing a....pink apron? The fuck? I sigh out in aggravation from how naïve he is.

"Oh come on! You aren't even fierce! Look at you, you might have a hot body, but you are anything BUT fierce." Rainbow states. Order snorts back a laugh. I groan right as Spike does.

"So what? I am a dragon after all and- " He is cut off by Rainbow laughing her smug ass off. I roll my eyes before looking at Spike up and down.

"You are indeed a dragon, but a true dragon doesn't wear an apron like a little filly or colt would. He wears a mainly apron that is to fit his or her personality." I state calmly with my eyes closed. I hear the girls -save for my wonderful mates!- laugh at me. I look at Spike once more. "And it helps you get laid if you do all the cooking~" I told him. Everyone grew quiet as Chrysie, Sapphire, Ruby and Kyubi all nodded their heads in affirmation, a small blush on their cheeks as they look at their hooves.

"Seriously?" Spike asks me. I nod my head and nuzzle my girls as they nuzzle me back lovingly. I purr at them and kiss them all passionately giving them massive amounts of love. Spike watches in awe as I m being covered in kisses, and he looks to Rarity who is currently blushing like mad and then shakes her head at him with a strait face. I chuckle as I see him sigh.

"Nice try Spike, but it only works with these four, as well as Ditzy and Lulu. But give it a try with another race and see what happens, that is, if you and Rarity make a herd." I state to him and her. I feel something off is bout to happen and I see a few dragons dive down, both of them female and they snatch me and Spike up and take us with them.

"DISORDER!!" My herd screams after me. I feel something stab into my chest and when I look up I see a blood red dragon with orange spines glaring at me. The dragoness that is holding me kicks the male away and flies faster to catch up with her friend only to be caught by that red dragons goons. I watch as a large brown dragon whips his tail into her face, knocking out a few of her fangs. I see the purple one charge at her, but I flash step before him and kick him in the chest, knocking him away.

Appears underneath the dragoness I catch her right as the three dragons charge at me again with their claws ignited with purple, brown and red flames. I breath in before letting out a battle cry like roar before I summon Pantera and charge at them, my tail coiled around the dragoness's waist taking her along for the ride. I grab the brown one's neck and knee him in the chest before throwing him at the purple one, I flash step next to the dragoness holding spike and grab both of them before flash stepping before my group of friends and my herd.

I set the three of them down before spinning around and jumping into the air, my pistols drawn out and I flap my wings and meet the three dragons halfway, something isn't right though, their eyes have this green mist to them, could they be under some sort of spell? I don't have time to think about it as the red dragon breathes a torrent of fire at me and I barrel roll to the right before the purple one tackles me into a tree and pins me there as his tail imbeds itself into my side and I cry out in pain.

The two other dragons land on either sides of my and breath fire down at me. I close my eyes before flash stepping away, my side being torn open. I flop around but side to a stop before the groups. I cough up blood as I look up at these three dragons.

"S-Something I-isn't right about them...." I state between pants of pain and agony. The two dragonesses nod their heads sadly.

"They were taken away by these changeling things, not these four, but they were drones of sorts. They took them into a carve and then...they came out like this..." The first dragoness says to me as she sobs. Once my side closes itself I groan and get to my feet.

"Were they your mates?" I ask. The two dragonesses shake their heads.

"They were our brothers..." The second dragoness states sadly. I nod my head and sigh, before the red dragon lands before us and lets out a feral roar. "There's nothing left of them....they are no more than mindless beasts...I...I...oh gods..." She sobs out. I place a hand on both of their shoulders.

"Just stay calm, I'll...I'll take care of them, don't worry. But, why did you two take me and Spike?" I ask. The second one -who took Spike- looks at the young dragon before blushing, her white scales do not hide her blush what so ever.

"We um....we were looking for someone to...m-mate with and when we saw you and 'Spike'...we just..." -she sighs sadly before looking up at me- "we're so sorry...." She says to me, the first one does the same. I nod my head before looking back at the three too far gone dragons with a sad look.

"I'll take care of hem....PANTERA!!" Pantera forms in my right hand as I swing it down a small crater forms next to me and bright sky blue flames ignite on my blade and body, my left hand crows glowing blue claws and I crouch down before I swing upward. "GETSUGA!! TENSHOU!!!" I roar out as a large crescent like flame jets out and hits the brown dragon, cleaving him in half. The purple and red dragons are knocked back before they stabilize and charge at me. I cut my left palm before a red sphere forms. "Cero..." I state as a large red beam that impacts he two dragons, but they both swat it aside like it's nothing,

"RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" The red one roars out as it fire a large stream of fire at me. I use my right wing to block the attack before I fan it out and send the stream into nothingness. I watch the purple one's claws are and inch from my face and I side step before punching a hole through his abdomen and watch him collapse to the ground and the green mist leaves as he dies.

I flash step over to the red dragon only to be pinned to the ground by his clawed hand and he starts to crush my throat. I note his strength is close to my own, and this worries me. Out of nowhere, Spike tackles the red dragon and the two claw at each other and fight all over the ground. I cough a few times before I go to join in the fight, but am stopped by the first dragoness, she looks at me with worry as my left wing is somehow torn, my arms burnt and my right eye scarred. I sigh an sit back down. My herd and the dragoness stays by my side.

'Why does this dragoness stay with me? Do dragons have a custom to...stick with who ever they abducted? Hm...odd.' I think to myself. My herd must be thinking the same thing, as they have noticed her staying close to me. I look her over and see that she has the same build as Kyuby, save for the larger breasts and slightly wider hips, but other than that, she looks amazing with her purple scales, golden spines and crooked horns, her wings are large gold and orange and her eyes are an amazing purple that sucks me in.

"Do you have a name?" She asks me. I nod my head trying to hide my light blush.

"My name is, Disorder." I tell her. Smiles and giggles softly.

"Cute name, mines Elena." She tells me. I chuckle softly.

"Also acute name." I tell her. I see a faint blush on her cheeks as she smiles up at me. "Mind if I ask you a question?" I ask. She shakes her head no so I continue. "Did you claim me as your mate?" I ask. She looks to the ground and nods softly.

"It's a dragon tradition to...well for us females, to claim a male that we deem as strong...sorry..." She sighs sadly. I pat her back gently.

"It's fine, besides, if it's a tradition, might as well keep it going, so, wanna join my herd?" I tell her. She nods up at me and I smirk. "Awesome." I state as the girls giggle before Spike barrels into me and knocks me away. I look up and see the red dragon unscathed and roaring his dominance. I growl and flash step before him and stab a hand into his chest, piercing his heart. I watch the mist leave his eyes and he gives me a grateful smile.

"Tha..nk..y...ou...." He says before the life in his body passes on. I pull my hand from his chest and let his body crash into the earth before I myself pass out from exhaustion.

---------1 week later----------------------------------

It has been a week since Elena had joined our group. She doesn't hate me for killing her brothers, as much as I didn't really want to. Her sister and Rarity have both claimed spike, her name is, Snow. After an hour of me passing out, Elena, Snow and Spike wanted to joint he migration to experience it for the fist time. I followed them and learned that dragons aren't as violent as they were once thought to be.

The dragon race has an amazing culture and they even know about the humans home world and much more about the universe! Apparently dragons and Draconequi were once great beings in the past, they still are but once their allied creatures had vanished from this world, they soon became dependent and distant to the other races. Well after we were going to set home, I met Elena's and Snow's parents, they were part of a noble dragon clan called 'Dracul' and apparently are 'vampires' in the human legends, funny huh?.

Well needless to say that the Dracul's hold the most power over the other houses and they are now allies with Equestria! More specifically, me and Spike. A week really has tones of things go down and I a proud of it! Right now I a sitting atop my new renovated mansion that now holds more people. That Xenilla boy is stuck in my mind though, as well as the dragons -I found out the red one was named 'Garble'- and I worry that something like that will happen again.

"Disorder?" Elena says to me. "Is something bothering you?" She asks me. I nod my head and sigh sadly.

"I just wish that I didn't have to kill them...that I could have saved them..." I tell her with a sad tone. Elena nods her head before kissing me gently.

"I do as well, but there is nothing we can do about it. Now come to bed, and remember, I'm on top tonight~" She purrs the last bit into my ear. I grin and we head into the house into our room for a night of, well, sex! We are unaware of a changeling king opening a portal, or trying to at least, to bring something on our side. Looks like my dreams, were right.

Author's Note:

New chapter!
And as always! I will see you! In the next chapter! Bye bye!!

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