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Friendship is Chaos - Vladimir

In a word where some humans are in the world of Equstria. A boy with a destiny to ave the world, or, drive it into chaos. Disorder must now choose a side, to be good, or evil. Oc's are my own, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by the

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Canterlot Wedding Part 1: N-no....He's h-here....

I sit in a chair looking up above Canterlot, a massive storm has been raging and Alana has been acting weirdly all week. She has been mumbling about someone coming to OUR world, something that worries me. I keep seeing flashes of Xenilla and his herd just appearing here during mine and Order's confrontation with this Changeling King. But I digress. Out of the months before this strange wedding, I have been in a train mystery, and been through a hurricane by accident.

Yeah, Shy was a pretty bug help ad Rainbow managed to get the Wonder bolts' attention thank to here "great" leadership, when it was really me helping out, but or the train thing, well, I was...'busy' with my overly active mates the whole ride, sound proofing spells for the WIN!!

Anyways, I stare up at the storm with a worried expression on my features. Evidently, father has noticed this.

"Disorder, why do you keep staring up at that storm?" He asks. When I don't answer, he sighs sadly. "It's about that dream person, isn't it?" He asks me softly, I nod my head gently as I keep staring at the storm. I hear him sigh once more. "I understand, I am not looking forward to this 'Xenilla' character if he is real, but, if he is good, then he makes a pretty interesting sounding ally." He says to me.

"But...his power outclasses us...." I mumble. I feel him freeze up.

"What was that? I thought you just said that he outclasses out powers...hehehe..." He says a bit nervously. When I nod my head, I feel a slight shiver go through him, before he starts laughing. "Nothing can outclass us! We can control whatever we want and make whatever e want!" He says haughtily. I look at him sadly.

"And he has the power to destroy an entire world as well as create these....'Serpents' if he wanted to, he'll even have mates with him that have powers beyond ours, the only one that could stand a chance, is mother and she is out on a vacation in the human countries." I sigh the last part out. I feel father pat my shoulder gently.

"Yes, that is true, while she does have immense power, she also has 'items' that sets her off, those items being everyone in this house. So cheer up! And lets get going, the girls, Scootaloo, Dinky and your herd are already at the castle." He tells me gently and I sigh but do as he asks.

I jump off of my roof and spread my wings, with single flap I burst the sound barrier and glide towards Canterlot Castle. Behind me is father, but when I turn around, I see Xenilla as a large, black dragon with red lines going through his scales and his eyes being red wit orange and black slits. I shake my head and look again, to see father there giving me a worried expression.

"You okay there?" He asks me gently. I nod my head and sigh.

"Yeah...I'm fine, just something popped into my head for a moment there..." I say. He goes to ask but we land on the balcony next to the birds that Shy is using for the music. I walk over and sit between my herd as we look up the aisle towards Shining Armor and Prince Cadence as Celestia tells them their vows. I then notice something, Armor's eyes flash green like a changelings does and I rush forward and tackle him to the ground past Celestia.

"What are you doing!?" Cadence yells out in shock. I punch Armor in the face before he kicks me away and draws his sword. He then gets a grin.

"So...you seem to know what I am thanks to my daughters...HA! HA HA!!" He bellows in laughter with more than one voice. The storm above us in the eye of it cracks as a zipper like tear forms and a portal opens. I shake my head before glaring at 'Shining Armor', my fears become true when he turns into THAT changeling king.

His mane is black as is his tail which whips about and has what looks to be a set of claws at the end. His wings re twice the size of Chrysies' (as she has the biggest wings of her sisters) that buzz loudly. His chitin/fur is albino white and his eyes are blood ruby red. His fangs are pitch black and in his hand is a crystalline sword.

"You, Disorder, are in the presence of those four changelings father. I. Am. King. LOCUST!!" He roars out right as the real Shining Armor and Twi enter the room. I summon Pantera and side step his thrust attack, getting a better look at his sword, it looks like a blue and white crystal, and my eyes widen before I feel a rush of pain course through my side. I look down to see his tail is imbedded the claws into my left side.

"Damn..." I mutter before he whips his tail and sends me into wall. I watch as he holds his sword into the air and a beam of all colors shoots into the portal and I hear a haunting roar and the portal starts to open more, only to be stopped as Order tackles Locust from the side. I watch the two dodge an parry each others attacks until Locust gets a lucky hit, and cleaves into my brothers shoulder. I see Locust pull his sword from my brothers shoulder as blood spray into the air. I go to get up, but he stabs the sword into my chest making my eyes widen.

'No....No....NO!!!!!' I roar in my mind as he retracts the blade from my chest quickly making my blood erupt into the air and splatter all over the ground. I feel my wounds healing, but not fast enough, but I know I'll live. I watch as he and a few other changelings place my herd, Scootaloo and Dinky up against a wall by this green sticky webbing of sorts, I then notice Luna is also pinned against the wall while Celestia dangles from the ceiling. I cough up some blood.

"Such foolishness. Now then, lets- " He is cut off by another haunting roar that literally shakes the whole castle. Sires collapse and the ground beneath us cracks and trembles and I see a sense of fear in Locust's eyes before he gains an evil sneer. "Looks like my plan WILL work after all." He looks at Discord, who is being pinned down by some sort of chains that are sapping his energy. Locust points his sword into the air and the beam goes into the portal, and it opens completely. He starts to laugh maniacally, until music is heard.

Multiple objects fall from the portal and crash into the castle and I feel my breath get taken away as I see that Nightmare Moon rip off stand t her feet, another Princess Cadence, a human with fin-like wings, another human with moth-like wings, a dragoness that looks amazing, and the...I see Xenilla rise to his feet, but he looks like a dragon now.

"What the hell? Where are we!?" I see the dragoness roar out in shock. The second Cadence looks at the first and the two blink in confusing, but when the second one sees Shining, tears form in her eyes before she forces herself to look away.

"We must be in a different version of our world..." I see the Nightmare Moon look alike say, but she has a much sweeter voice than the real one. I see Xenilla look around the room, literal darkness ripples around his ankles before he looks at Luna, and then snarls.

"It would seem my plan has worked, now then! Fight for me, and I shall give you-!" Xenilla punches Locust in the muzzle that throws him into a wall, cracking it. I watch Xenilla turn into his human form, but his eyes look like mine, only in the middle of all the rings, comma's he has a slit. He stomps his foot and a piece of the floor flies into the air which he kicks and sends it rocketing into Locust.

"I am KING XENILLA!! I need nothing from you! I have what I want, my herd and that is ALL!" He roars out at the changeling king, who cuts the floor piece into nothingness.

"You insolent cur! I have summoned you here to SERVE ME!!!" He roars as he charges Xenilla. I watch Xenilla crouch low to the floor as the crystal stone shines and his form changes into a monster much like Spike, but instead of normal spines, he has crystal ones, while having two large crystal spikes on his shoulders, in his right hand, a sword forms that looks like a white and black cleaver with a black cloth hanging at the bottom.

"Did you not hear me!? I am King Xenilla! Ruler of the Crystal Empire, Lord of the Dragul's, KING OF THE KAIJU'S!!!" He roars out the last part before he flash steps before the changeling king and swings down, shattering his crystal sword.

"I-Impossible! Nothing should be able to break this sword!!" He roars in fear. I watch Xenilla make a second sword that is exactly like the crystal one.

"Yes, but that is because it came from ME!!!" He roars as he grabs the kings face an throws him out of a window. Xenilla's form changes and he looks like that dragon again, except his sword looks like a double sided long sword with blue and white mist coming off of it. "This is Abyss Sword...." He say before the king changeling charges at Xenilla. "And it will be your DEATH!!" He roars as he cuts off Locust's arm and causes him to cry out in pain.

"ATTACK!! ATTACK!!!!!" Locust screams in pain. I see Xenilla get a smirk on his long muzzle before he charges forward at the massive wave of changelings. I see the Nightmare Moon rip-off squat next to me, and start to heal me.

"Who are you...?" I ask. She smiles down at me before answering as soon as I am healed.

"My name, is Queen Nyx. Now you should go help Xenilla, I already know that changeling isn't normal..." She states before leaving me and starts to heal Order, I see his 'herd' freeing everyone before the summon their own weapons and charge at the wall of changelings, Order, Father and I smirk before we do the same. This was going to be a LONG day.

Author's Note:

The first part be here~! WHOOP WHOOP!!
And as always! I will see you! In the next chapter! Bye bye!!

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