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Friendship is Chaos - Vladimir

In a word where some humans are in the world of Equstria. A boy with a destiny to ave the world, or, drive it into chaos. Disorder must now choose a side, to be good, or evil. Oc's are my own, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by the

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Winter Wrap-Up and an Un-Expected Guest....

Author's Note:

Here is the new chapter!
******DISCLAIMER!***** I own none of the music. All rights go to heir respective owners.
Enjoy the chapter, and as always! See you, in the next chapter! Bye bye!

It was a strange and cold morning. It has been a few months ever since Trixie came, let along Zecora. We never had that date, but, that was fine, we had another one a few nights ago. It was amazing! I sit up from my bed, I have Zecora on my right while Trixie is on my left. I smile down at them as I snap my fingers and appear in my bathroom and start the shower. Hoping into the shower, I began to clean myself. Once I stopped my shower, I had a towel around my waist until I left the bathroom. When I re-entered the room I saw that Zecora and Trixie were watching me. I blushed and tightened my grip on my towel.

"Um...why are you two looking at me like that?" I ask. They shrug and keep watching me. Sighing I grab my clothes and go back into the bathroom. When I come back out -fully clothed- the two of them had already gone downstairs. I walk down the stairs and turn to he kitchen, only to see Trixie and Zecora in their pajamas still, but they were cooking breakfast -for once since they came here, usually they would be asleep-. I smell the smell of actual bacon being made, and the one making it is Zecora. I wrap my arms around her waist as I kissed her neck gently.

"Didn't know you like to taste zebra's." She said to me seductively. I blushed before biting her neck gently, causing her to moan softly, a blush on her muzzle, her eyes closed and she shivered. "Don't do that in the kitchen Disorder. You know how I get whenever you do that..." She mumbled. Trixie giggled and kissed Zecora gently.

"But that is why we do things like that Zecora, because it makes you happy." She says softly and with a smirk. I nuzzled the two of hem until a fierce chill goes through my spine as something slams into my front door. My eyes flash red for a brief moment. I summon my scythe and move towards the door slowly. I open the door just a crack and see a mare with black...fur? She has a long black and cricked horn and bug like wings on her back, her forearms and hooves have holes in them. Her mane is blue, along with her tail. She is wearing a torn up white dress, on her ankles and wrists are broken chains, she looks like she was beaten, from the green blood coming from her side, her cheek as well.

I pick her up gently, she looks up at me with glossy green slit eyes.

"P-please...help me..." She whispers out. I bring her close to myself, and bring her inside.

"Who was at the door-" Trixie stopped when she saw the mare in my arms. "What happened to her?" She asks. I sigh and shake my head.

"I don't know, but, she will be taken care of here. She looks like a slave, pour girl." I say as I take her to my room and lay her in my bed. Looking at her body, I can see she has a perfect hourglass figure, she looks up at me with those glossy eyes of hers. "Hey. My name is Disorder, and I'm a Draconequus. Who are you, and may I ask what you are?" I say to her. She looks at me, a mix of fear and wonder in her eyes.

"M-my name is Chrysalis, and I am princess of the changelings, that is...before I was foal-napped by those nasty Diamond Dogs...they..." -she stops to sniff back a few tears- "They killed the guards and took me prisoner...they.."- she breaks down and cries. I hold her close and gently, she barriers her face in my chest, sobbing and her body quaking. I rub her back gently and keep her close, Zecora and Trixie at the door, looking at Chrysalis with sad eyes. "They treated me like I was n-nothing...then they beat me and forced me to w-work for days...then they...they..." I stopped her from talking, understanding to what happened. She sobbed into my chest, I could feel her pain, as if it was my own.

"You don't have to worry about them anymore. Because you are safe here, and if they come looking for you" -I summon my scythe to my hand- "I'll kill them for hurting a hair on your beautiful head, go it?" I said to her. She looked at me with wide eyes.

"Y-you think I'm beautiful?" She asks, a bit of hope in her tone. I nod my head, smiling down at her.

"Indeed I do, your entire body is exotic, even the way you speak! It sounds amazing with your multiple voices talking in unison. So chin up, and smile." I say to her. She blushes before smiling up at me.

"T-thank you. No pony has ever said such things to me...they generally just ask me to...'please' them." She sighs sadly, looking down. I place a hand on her chin, and move her head so she is looking up at me.

"Well, I mean it. Nobody who talks to you like that, has the right to even get spared a single look!" I say to her softly. She smiles happily at me, as I smile caringly at her. Zecora and Trixie giggle, as they noticed Chrysalis's look as he gazes at me, it's the same look they had given me, he same look they got when they became infatuated by me for an odd reason, not that I am complaining.

"It seems that some-changeling has a crush on you Disorder, shall we grow the herd~?" Trixie purrs playfully, causing Chrysalis and I to blush. When we don't say anything, the two of them giggle as Trixie sends a letter tot he princesses, in a flash of light, the two of them appear, at first with happy looks but then frown the state Chrysalis is in.

"Oh my! What hast happened to thou?" Luna asks softly. Chrysalis shy's away from the princesses and hides her face in my chest, where I rub her back gently.

"She is Princess Chrysalis, and she was foal-napped by 'Diamond Dogs'. Those rotten pieces of filth, how dare they harm a mare!? Only trash does that! If I ever see them I am going to rip them to shreds!" I growl out, a red aura surrounding me, the glass cracks, startling all of us. "What just happened?" I asked.

"It seems that we have found your trigger to make you angry, and it has to do with us mares being hurt." Celestia states. She then looks back at me. "Did you say Princess? Princess of what exactly?" She asks me.

"Princess of the changelings." I answer. Celestia's eyes widen some.

"Then we must hurry! Otherwise, war might happen if she isn't taken back to her kingdom!" She says quickly. Chrysalis clings to me tighter, she trembles after hearing Celestia's words, causing all of us to look at her.

"P-please...don't send me back...my father is the reason why I was foal-napped on the fist place..." She states. I growl after hearing that, I was ready to rip this king apart, piece by piece.

"Why would he do that?" Luna asks before I lose my temper.

"Because he wished I were a boy...we changelings might be able to mimic others, or genders, but, only for a very short amount of time for the genders part, while we can last weeks mimicking some pony else...." She explained sadly. I let a snarl out as my grip round her tightened, the air around the room became so think you could cut it with a knife.

"That...that...BASTARD!!" I roar out, causing everyone to recoil slightly. I could see Celestia and Luna have a sort of flashback about something, because after they blinked, they look around the room, as if they needed to know where they were. I keep growling, my eyes start going back to how they were originally, but I also felt something inside me stir, I heard laughter in the back of my head. Chrysalis pressed her lips to mine gently, grabbing my wrists and I felt myself being drained of these dark emotions, I slowly calm down and wrap my arms around her waist, and deepened he kiss, causing her eyes to open quickly, before closing again, and moaned softly.

We kissed for what felt like hours before we parted lips and panted. The two of us blushing hard before I felt a new bond, one that Chrysalis and I shared. I kept her close to myself and stared deeply into her eyes, she did the same to me. We jumped when we heard throats clearing.

"Any reason as to why we aren't being kissed that way, hm?" I head Celestia say. As I look at the girls, I see them all having sly grin on their muzzles.

"S-sorry..." I muttered out. They playfully batted the air.

"oh it's fine! Just promise us that if you try something with her, you let the rest of us in on it, eh?" Trixie says to me with a wink. We blush even deeper, until Chrysalis looks at the group.

"Aren't you mad that I kissed your stallion?" She asks. The girls shake their heads.

"Not at all, we just find it funny on how that is somewhat the same way we ended up with him as well. Welcome to the herd." Zecora states. Chrysalis blinks before blushing.

"B-but I didn't ask about that!" She squeaks out.

"Thou joined when the two of thou kissed, and made a connection. We all saw it happen, and we all felt it as well." Luna explained. Chrysalis then shivered, her wounds closed, her bruises vanished and she looked full of energy. She placed a hand on her chest and smiled.

"I see...thank you all for accepting me, and feeding me." She says. We look at her strangely. She blushes before explaining. "Changelings feed off of emotions, it's sort of like our cakes and such, while we can eat normal foods, we just can't eat sugar, cause you know..." She says softly. I kiss her deeply again, catching her off guard, before she closes her eyes, and kisses me back, just as deeply. When we parted, she was panting hard and had a goofy smile on her face. "So much love...oooooohhh~" She moaned as she slid to the floor, her body twitching slightly, as some drool came from the corner of her mouth.

"Oh my!" Trixie says, covering her mouth, her face crimson red from how Chrysalis is acting. "She must have had an...orgasm." She whispered the last part out. Her suspicions were proven as Chrysalis nodded her head softly, a dreamy look in her eyes. I pick her up and place her on the bed.

"Thanks for the food~!" She slurs out before passing out. I chuckled as she snored softly and cuddled up to me. The princesses said they needed to head back, and so they did. Trixie and Zecora cuddled up with us. I nuzzled the three of them. I held them close as we took a nap.

I woke up, when looking outside I could tell that it was night time, and then I heard the front door close, when I looked down feeling a pressure on my chest, I saw that Chrysalis was looking up at me, her eyes filled with innocence, but they held a great pain as well. I smiled down at her and used my tail to rub her cheek gently, she giggled and playfully nipped at it. We got up from bed, but looking around I noticed it was just the two of us. I went downstairs and found a note on the table.

It read : "Dear Disorder,

Zecora and I decided to head into town and pick up something's for Chrysies 'Welcome to the herd' party. Don't worry, we asked Pinkie to be gentle and to NOT make is a surprise party, we even told her you'd beat the tartarus out of her if she made Chrysie cry. She said that she and the girls would be coming with us to help set things up.

Love, Trixie and Zecora."

I smiled as I put the letter down before walking over to my new stereo and putting on "Toxic" I sing along with it, I even do air guitar movements like a dork.

When the song ends, I hear hands clapping. I turn and see Chrysalis standing there, a smile on her muzzle. I smile back blushing, but then see the chains. I walk over to her and snap the chains off and I toss them over my shoulder.

"Never seen a stallion do that before. Nor have I heard that kind of music either, what was it?" She asks me. I kiss her gently before answering.

"It's called "Toxic, and it's by a human band called "Static Lullaby". They are one of my favorite bands to date!" I state happily, glad to find some pony who enjoys my choice of music, not that many know anyways. "Do you, like it?" I ask, hope in my tone. She nods her head at me smiling.

"Of course I do! It's amazing! It makes me feel a few emotions, and it is kind of how you are to me, mister~!" She says, playfully poking my chest at the end. I smiled as I went back to the stereo.

"Wanna hear another one of my favorite bands?" I asked.

"Sure!" She chirps out. I turn on "Undead" by a banc called "Hollywood undead". We bob our heads to the beat, I mouth the lyrics while she makes drumming motion's. We look at each other, smirks on our faces. As the song ends, we have been sitting next to each other, holding each others hands. "That was awesome! What was it called?" She asked.

""Undead" by "Hollywood Undead", another human band. I'm glad you like their music too, I was afraid you'd hate it..." I said to her.

"No way! I love this new music! It's so emotional and fantastic! Humans must be really talented in music if they can create such pieces of art!" She says.

"They are, but they are also talented in other things, like technology, they don't have magic, so they have machines! But they are a race that is known to war, which is where a lot of the music originates from, at least, from their world. The humans here were brought here for some strange reason, about oh, I'd say a few thousand years ago, they look like me, but, without my horns, wings and tail." I explained to her. She nodded her head, understanding what I said.

"Changelings are used to war too, we had a war with the griffins a few hundred years back, they were winning, until a Draconequus intervened and helped us out. Said he was wanting to create a better world for his family, but after the war, he vanished." She said. She looks up at me, her eyes seemed to widen. "Maybe that was someone from your family!" She said. I nodded my head.

"Could be, though there aren't any other Draconequi in the world, or, at least not that I know of." I said sadly. "Oh well, I like being what I am, even if I am the last of my kind! It makes me feel special!" I said to her with a smile.

"You are special Disorder, to all of us." Chrysie said to me softly, as we shared a kiss. We listened to more human music, which was awesome to know that we had the same likes. We watched some anime, she even found that to be amazing! I am loving her more and more. The girls had came back right as we were finishing "Black Butler, Season 1". They watched us whoop at how awesome it was. They giggled as they saw that we had empty bowls of popcorn laying in front of us.

"looks like we missed out, huh Zecora?" Trixie asked. Zecora nodded her head as they put their groceries away, and as they entered the living room, they were greeted by our smiling faces.

"You two need to listen to the humans music! It's amazing!" Chrysie chirped out as she rushed to he stereo, tripping slightly before steadying herself. "I'm okay!" She stated before turning on "Evacuate the Dancefloor" by "Cascada". As the music started, all our heads were bobbing slightly, just as Twi, and her friends and the princesses entered my house. They stopped and listened to he music. They had smiles on their faces and were all dancing. We were all dancing, but then when the rapping started, I decided to break dance. I did pretty well, spinning, doing the worm thing, even stopping on my side like humans down in movies. The party went on all night long, even a few random ponies joined, one of them being the Vinyl Scratch, or Pon-3 as her DJ name is, and that famous cello player, Octavia.

"Dude, those are sick beats!" Vinyl said to me.

"I agree, they are rather interesting." Octavia said next. rubbed the back of my head.

"Thanks, but they aren't really mine, they belong to the human's, they made this awesome music!" I said to the two of them.

"Humans made this? But they don't have magic, how could they?" I heard Twi ask. I 'Tsked' as her.

"No they don't, but they had advanced technology, farther ahead than ours is. Well, on their planet it I, here they are maybe a few hundred years ahead of us." I explained. Twi seemed to go slack jawed, apparently this was knowledge she did not have.

"How do you know of this?" She asked. I point a thumb at my three large book shelves.

"I have three book shelves of nothing but human books, the left is about their world and this one, along with their technology, the right is about fiction books, while the middle is...manga." I whisper the last part out.

"It's what?" She asks me. Chrysie sees the look on my face, so she steps in.

"It's manga, they are a type of book, nothing you'd be interested in, but Spike might, unless he doesn't like comic books..." She said to everyone as she wrapped an arm around my waist, causing me to blush like mad.

"Comic Books? What are those?" Spike asks. The two of us stare incredulously at him.

"They are a type of picture book, but are more mature. They can show gore to being all about romance. How do you not know about them? They are popular back where I cam from, and are apparently popular here as well." Chrysie said. Was it just me, or am I loving her more and more? No? Just me? Good!

"They sound so cool!" He rushes to the manga shelf along with Rainbow. Chrysie giggles as I give her goo-goo eyes.

"Don't look at me like that, it's too cute." She laughs when I make my eyes comically bigger, before retuning to normal. I put on "Comatose" by "Skillet". We listened to the amazing music as the violins played and drums, soon the guitars joined in. When the song ended, a few ponies were in tears.

"That was lovely." Stated Octavia. She must have loved the violin and keyboard parts of the song, but I think the lyrics were what got her the most.

"Yeah, it's pretty good song. I like it because now that whenever I wake up, I will always have some pony by my side, I'll never be alone again..." I say softly.

"Well you are one lucky stallion, you have three princesses all to yourself, a zebra and a unicorn show pony! Something must be wrong with you, because you have got to be the luckiest male have ever seen!" Chrysie says to me, giving me a peck on the check. I blush and smile to her.

"Thanks." I say nuzzling her and the girls. My herd has grown rather well, and so far, I don't think it's don growing yet, for some strange reason.

"Anytime~!" She says in a sing song voice. I watch at the girls ask Chrysie questions, but when they ask her about her family, or what happened to her when she was a slave, Celestia, Luna, Trixie, Zecora and I were there to stop them in a heart beat. Cool thing about being in a herd, we can sense ach others emotions and tell when something starts to upset us. Some sort of magic or something, I'm not sure.

"We don't talk about that. So please, don't ask until she is ready. understand...." I say, but at the end, my voice seemed to have an echoing tone to it, much like Chrysies but it sounded more like two of my speaking at the same time, the second voice having a higher pitch than my own. They nodded their heads, dropping the question. Twi tells us about Winter Wrap-Up, as it as today and how she had a hard time fitting in, that is, until she was appointed 'Task Manager' or something.

As every pony left, we cleaned up the house from the party, the princesses had to return to the castle for the night. Trixie went into her room, Zecora into hers, but Chrysie refused to leave my side, not that I minded, she is a pretty good cuddle-buddy. We fell asleep in each others arms, smiles on our faces, unaware of those Diamond Dogs, moving closer to my house. But aside from that, today was pretty great!

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