Dragon's Reign

by Vladimir

Parties and futures planned....

I rose up from the bed and looking around noticing that Luna was missing. Quickly I looked around the room, my heart rate was skyrocketing. Soon I decided to check the halls, but when I reached the door, I realized that I was in nothing but my boxers. After a light groan, I had gotten dressed in black jeans, a blue undershirt, white vest with Luna's cutie mark on the right breast of it. The sword appeared on my back, it was now a mix between an katana, as well as a broadsword as well. Moving out I headed out of the room, the two night guards saluted me.
"Do you two know where Luna is?" I queried. They nodded their heads, eyes focused on me.
"She had said she would be back in a few hours, but that was a few hours ago. We were questioning to awake you, in fear of you acting rashly. Sir." The first guard -who was named Night Shield- had explained to me. Night Shield and I had become good friends, let alone the fact that he had my back when we were on missions, one of the Breeder class serpent had been changed into a humanoid dragon -more humanoid that is, it was odd after a week seeing all of the dragons changing similar to the ponies and Spike, said breeder was named Sapphire, on account of her sapphire eyes and deep sapphire scales (not very creative)-.
"Thanks Night. Is Saph okay? I haven't really seen her lately." I asked calmly. He nodded his head, though his eyes showed nervousness in them. "I'm not going to hurt you if you two are an item you know?" I stated. He breathed out a long sigh.
"Thank you sir, and yes, I was wondering if I could be with her, though she had stated that well, I needed to ask you, so I was waiting for the right time to ask you. Sir." He stated with a hint of nervousness in his voice. I inclined my head to him, looking him strait in the eyes.
"I say it's fine, however, since I see what she see's and feel what she's feels, if you hurt her. I. Will. Know." I growled out. He nodded his head. I smiled after a few minutes and patted his shoulder. "Just treat her right, alright? But remember that she is still a Breeder. Alright?" I said, to which he nodded his head. Understanding what hat had meant.
"I will, don't worry. You have nothing to fear from me my friend. She will be safe, and I will make sure she is safe when not in the 'Dragon's Den'." He said with a small smile on his muzzle. I nodded my head at him in understanding. "Anyways, Princess Luna should be in the throne room, if not, then she must be away to Pony-ville for Nightmare Night."
"Nightmare Night?" I queried, "What's that if you don't mind me asking?"
"Well it's where ponies play games, wear costumes, get candy and enjoy the scary side of the world. It is also about Nightmare Moon, and how she came to be, for it was on this night a thousand years ago." He explained to me. I nodded my head.
"It sounds like that 'Halloween' back in the 2000's before the first event." I claimed.
"Well, that's where she should be, have a nice night sir." Night said to me. I nodded my head to him as I went towards the throne room. When I reached said room, I saw Celestia and Discord dressed in strange devil and angel outfits, however, Discord was the angel and Celestia was the devil.
"If you are looking for Lulu, she is in Pony-ville. Have fun!" Discord stated before snapping his talons and in a flash of light, I was next to Fluttershy, who shrieked loudly. The group of friends and Luna quickly turned o her a saw me standing there with a confused look on my face.
"There you are! Wait, how did you get here?" Luna asked.
"Discord." I stated again, Luna nodded her head in understanding. She then hugged me tightly making the others gasp. Apparently no pony had told them about us yet. Weird. Luna looked at the others and blinked before blushing. "Right, I had forgotten to mention that...well, Nova is mine, and I am his, though he is mostly mine!" She exclaimed the last part squeezing my arm tightly again, but after I made a whimper, she loosened quickly and sent me an apologetic look my way.
"Oh, wait a minute! Why are you two together? And when did this happen!?" Rainbow exclaimed. She was dressed up as 'Daring Doo' who was her favorite character from a book series.
"Um, about a few months? It's October now right?" Rainbow nodded her head. "Then we had been together after my third week here, so since August." The others looked to Luna, who nodded her head in affirmation.
"Well, alright. But I'm still watching you! Got that!?" Rainbow bellowed at me. I merely shrugged and stayed by Luna's side.
"Yes Rainbow, I understand and sorry for not being a normal creature like you." I rolled my eyes at her. She seemed to be like Aj, both of them did not like me for what I was and from where I came from, I can't blame them either.
"Alright. Come on girls, lets get going to that party!" The girls all cheered as they hoofed it towards a large building which looked like the town hall. Luna looked at me and smiled as her horn began to light up.
"Wait Luna don't-" We appeared in the throne room startling Discord and Celestia. "-do that yet." I then looked around. "Never mind. Looks like we're here. Hey Tia do you think that the six of us could have a small party here?" I asked looking at Celestia.
"Six? Who are the other two?" She asked.
"Night Shield and Sapphire, I gave him the right to date her, seeing as to how I'm the Bull/Leviathan class off my hive." I stated. The others looked at me and then nodded.
"Very well, I hall have them fetched her." Celestia stated with a smile. Night Shield and Sapphire entered the room after a few moments, and I could see that Sapphire's cloths were disheveled, where as Night Shields had claw marks on his back and arms.
I smirked and patted Sapphire's back gently. "He treating you right?" She nodded her head.
"Very right~" She purred out, a slight blush on her muzzle as she nuzzled Night affectionately. Night nuzzled her back an smiled up at her. "He's very affectionate to me~. Is Luna treating you right~?" She purred to me softly. I blushed slightly before shaking my head side to side. I knew if I lied to my hive, it would cause problems. Luna seemed to be annoyed at me until Sapphire explained. "I see, so you two have not mated yet~. Shame, such a young Bull would have been mated with very soon~." She purred out again.
"Yes well, I don't really feel...right with it yet." She nodded in understanding. I remember when she was still apprehensive around male ponies and their apparently, 'delectable' scent. "But just know, if you need anything from me, I'll always be there for you, and the rest of my hive." I stated calmly with a hand clasped on her shoulder. She smiled slightly and nuzzled me gently. The younger serpents(dragons) saw me as a father, while the older generations saw me as a brother.
"We all know this Nova~. Please take your time, but remember that we will always be here for you as well, you are our Bull, you are the one who names us, houses us, and even loves us. We will remain by your side, King Nova." She said normally and full of passion. It was when she talked like this, was when I could tell she was serious.
"Thank you Sapphire, my child." I said as I held her close. To be honest Sapphire is so attached to me, much like a child would with their parent(s). She buried her muzzle into my chest as she held onto me tighter.
"Thank you...father" She whispered softly, everyone heard her though. All eyes were on us, and if they had seen mine, they would had seen passion in them. She looked up at me with teary eyes and smiled softly. "Love you father".
"Love you too my little hatchling." I said softly, my eyes burning with tears. The others 'awed' but it did not bother me nor Sapphire. She broke the hug and wiped her eyes sniffling softly, Night hugged her gently with an arm around her shoulders. "Alright, now that that's over, lets have a happy time everyone!" I exclaimed loudly. They all nodded and soon the party started. However, Discord decided to bring ALL of my hive, as well as the main six. This was going to be a looooong night.

It was around 5 in the morning when the mane six had left, and my hive -save for Sapphire and a few others- had gone back to the Dragon's Den. I was sitting in my throne with my eyes closed leaning back. Luna was next to me in her throne gently rubbing my left arm. I opened my left eye and looked at her, she looked up at me smiling softly.
"You really are beautiful Luna. I am so lucky to be yours. I hope I'm worth the time though..." I said softly, after the first few hours of the party I had tripped Rarity by accident and Rainbow had punched me in the throat, didn't do much damage but it hurt like hell. She nodded softly and kissed me gently on the lips.
"You are worth it Nova, let alone the fact that you are with me, mine, and I am yours. I hope I am worth the trouble as well." She stated,
"You are, my Luna." I kissed her passionately, cupping her cheeks in my hands gently. When we parted we smiled at each other. "I love you Luna."
"I love you too, Nova." She said back. We kissed again, softer, but still full of a fiery passion that was not going away anytime soon. We parted lips and looked into each others eyes, as we smiled lovingly. Soon Sapphire had approached us, however she had taken Luna aback when she hugged her tightly.
"Thank you for watching out for him, hopefully I will be able to call you mom~" She purred softly to us, though it was mostly directed towards her. Which I knew, she had been asking me if she could call Luna mom now, but I had no idea how she'd feel about it, so I told her to wait a bit until things got better.
"I see, why not call me that now? I do not mind it, though I do not deserve that title, at least, not yet." Luna answered, a blush on her muzzle as she smiled.
"Then may us younglings call you mom? Or would you prefer 'mommy'?" Sapphire asked, tilting her head to the right. Luna blushed more.
"I am fine with either one, I suppose." She answered. Sapphire grinned widely and hugged Luna tighter. Night smiled at the heartwarming scene before him. Celestia and Discord smiled at the three, as Discord held Celestia held her close to himself, his tail curled tightly around her waist and his arms around her shoulders. Celestia smiled up at him, then they kissed lovingly.
"Yay! Oh I hope you become the queen!" Sapphire chirped happily. Luna and I flushed deeply, we were both thinking about marriage if and when we were ready.
"I hope so as well, if that is fine Nova?" Luna asked me, a smile on her muzzle. I smiled back, my blush deepening.
"Maybe Luna, but lets think about that at a later date alright Lu?" I asked. She nodded happily, kissing me deeply. We held the kiss for a few minutes before we parted. Sapphire had a large grin on her muzzle.
"You two look like your ready though~" She purred out. We both blushed, but smiled at her. Suddenly the thought of being married to Luna seemed, good. It was for a brief moment, but, it felt right. However I knew that we needed to not rush things, take things slow.
"Maybe soon my little hatchling, maybe soon." I cooed to her. She smiled and nodded, before looking at Night. The two left the room to go to another. I knew what hey were going to do, as much as I did not really like it, she was old enough to know what to do, let alone the fact that it is part of her race to do these kinds of things, however she is better off. Most Breeders were used, however lately they seem to be looking for mates, same with the others, but Sapphire has been the only one, well, except for me, that has been accepted by a pony.
Luna and I decided to head back to our room to rest up for the rest of the night. When we go into the room, instead of the normal way we would change, something seemed o change in us. I was fine with changing in front of Luna, and I believe she with me. So I had gotten off my cloths -except for my bowers-, while Luna had replaced hers with a nice cyan nightgown, as well as a bright blue short shorts. I could not help but stare at her form. She had an hourglass figure, and she looked amazing! She placed a hand on her hip and looked at me with a slight smirk.
"See something you like~?" She questioned me. I nodded my head, slightly drooling as she sashed her hips slightly as she made her way over to me. As she wrapped her arms around my neck, she whispered into my ear. "I am all yours, no pony else can have me~" She purred. I shivered slightly and purred.
"You are such a minx." I stated as I kissed her lovingly. "But I love that about you." She giggled and nodded her head gently.
"I'm glad~." She purred out once again.
"We should get to bed, tomorrow will be a long day of dealing with ponies, alright?" I asked. She nodded and went to the bed and lay in it. Soon I joined her, ad we cuddled with each other, both of us drifting off to sleep. Today was a pretty good day, hopefully tomorrow will be just as good.


I woke up by the sound of Luna yawning, I smiled up at her as I placed my hands on her hips. She squeaked from the sudden contact, before playfully slapping my chest.
"You startled me! But it's good to see you up." She stated. I nodded my head before yawning. We both had gotten out of bed and gotten dressed as well. When we had gotten to the throne room, I noticed that the guards were grinding their teeth in annoyance. 'What could they be so annoyed about?' I asked myself in my head. As we entered the room, I was greeted by a sight that flared my temper. There in front of Celestia and Discord, as a white stallion with a blond mane and tail, holding a leash to one of my daughters, a breeder, her name was; Flame. When Discord and Celestia saw me, they paled.
"WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING HERE!?!?" I bellowed in rage, the stallion glared at me.
"My name is Prince Blueblood! And I found this whore-ish drake walking around the castle! I am asking Aunty Celestia to get rid of it!" He said with a snobbish tone. When I looked at Flame, she had tears in her eyes, she was one of the youngest breeders, around sixteen years of age, let alone she was also one of the few that were deemed, my 'children'. She and Sapphire were sisters, ad my two little girls. I snarled loudly, summoning my Lunar Fang, slicing the leash in half, and pointing he tip at Blueblood, my eyes completely slit, and my body slowly becoming scaly.
"THAT IS MY OTHER DAUGHTER YOU LITTLE SHIT!!!" I raged at Blueblood. He looked at me in fear.
"Guards! Help me!" He shrieked like a little child, but all the guards knew to NEVER get in my way when I was mad, and I was PISSED.
I stepped forward, swinging my sword to the side, cutting his shirt, and drawing very little blood. Blueblood growled at me and than smirked. He looked at Celestia.
"Aunty, please get rid of this filth!" He ordered. One look at Celestia was all it took to make her sake her head rapidly. Even she knew that when something of mine was taken or harmed, not even she could stop me.
"He is King Nova of Equestria, and the mate of Princess Luna. You will show him respect!" She bellowed. Blueblood looked at me, his eyes wide finally understanding how badly he fucked up.
"Please forgive me!" He wailed like a winey little bitch. Luna stared at the scene, until Flame had hugged her tightly and cried into her dress. Luna's motherly instincts kicked in and held her. Flame clung to Luna crying hard, Luna rubbed her back gently trying to calm her down.
"It's okay, your safe now little one." Luna cooed to Flame softly. After a few minutes, she was calmed down -not all the way, but mostly calm anyways- as he still sniffed.
I glared at Celestia and Discord with pure anger, they cowered in slight fear. "Why did you two not stop this shit!?" I growled in furry.
"We were going to, but the second we were going to tell Blueblood into letting her go, you came in and well, you know the rest." Celestia explained. I nodded my head, before sending a death glare at Blueblood.
"I wish I could gut this little bitch, but unfortunately, I can't." I stated. But I growled out for everyone in the room to hear. "If anyone ever hurts my family, I will not ask questions. Understand?"
"And just who is part of your f-family?" Blueblood asked, his vice trembling in fear.
"Luna, my whole hive, Celestia, and Discord. They are my family, understand you little runt!?" I snarled at him. Night Shield had entered the room, after hearing my roaring he had become worried.
"What is the matter?" He asked. I snarled loudly and more like a dragon, my teeth were overly sharp.
"This little shit harmed Sapphire's little sister, let alone the fact she is another of my 'daughters'." My body was slowly reverting to normal, and I was growing calmer.
"I see, shall I send him to he dungeons?" He asked, a scowl on his face and a growl in his voice. Night was just as protective over my hive as I was. I basically saw him as part of it -as did he rest of the dragons, they had liked him after they got to know him-.
"I think he should, but, it is Tia's call, after all, this is her kingdom." I said, before placing my sword on my back and moving to Luna's and Flame's side.
"Yes, he needs to be taught a lesson. I think he should be sent there Celestia, no pony ever harms the hive, nor our friends." Discord growled. It was funny, Discord had become part of the hive after my first week here in Equestria, so he was protective as ell, however he was still new to it. Celestia nodded her head and ordered for Blueblood to be sent to the dungeons and he had to stay there for a month, as punishment. I let myself calm down, before I held Luna and Flame close to myself. Strange thing was that Flame might have been sixteen, but in breeder's meant she was no older than six for other races. She wailed loudly into my chest, soaking my shirt.
"There, there Flame, I'm right here, the bad pony won't hurt you anymore, alright?" I cooed to her softly. She calmed down and kept her muzzled in my chest, sniffing every once in a while. She held onto me tighter, trembling slightly. I rubbed her back gently, placing a hand on her chin, making her look up at me. Getting a better look at her face, I could see she had a few scrapes and cuts, signaling she must have ran when Blueblood went after her and fell. I growled softly inspecting her further, only to find a few more scrapes. Blueblood was lucky that I didn't decide hi fate, otherwise he would be dead, or worse, Sapphire would have gotten her claws on him, then he would have wished he was dead.
"Father...why did he chase me...w-why was he so mean?" She asked with her innocent voice. I sighed and shook my head, eyes closed and sadness crept into me.
"I am not sure, but he will not do that again. Ever. I can assure you that much. So please, smile and go play, I'll have a few guards near you if some other fool decides you are not meant to be here. Alright?" I said to her gently. She nodded her head softly before looking at Luna, a smile on her muzzle formed ever so slightly.
"You're a good mother, mommy." She said before running off to play. Luna stood there blushing while I smiled at her.
"She's right you know, you do make a good mother, Luna." I stated softly before kissing her cheek gently. She smiled back at me blushing.
"Thank you love, I hope at some point in the future, I will be a good mother." I smiled at that. Sometime soon she will be, but there are still so many things that need to happen at the moment. Like not rushing our relationship. The day past with guards on edge incase one of my hive members was wandering throughout the castle. As night soon fell Luna and I took over so that Celestia and Discord could sleep. As the night went on, I noticed that Night and Sapphire were closer than usual, perhaps it was Night being possessive over Sapphire, though she seemed to enjoy it, as she was constantly purring at him.
When the sun started to rise, Luna and I headed off to bed, the day before long and tiring, we cuddle together, until Flam snuck in.
"C-could I sleep with you two tonight?" She asked softly. Luna and I agreed, and she crawled between us and fell asleep. The two of us smiling at each other before cuddling up with her between us, all three of us smiling as we slumbered. The rest of the day was filled with our soft snores, as we were together in dreamland.