Dragon's Reign

by Vladimir

The invasion and Secret's Revealed...

Thunder boomed waking me up along with Luna and Chrysie. Lightning flashed passed the windows as the thunder boomed, the wind roared fiercely. Luna and Chrysie clung to me, probably not that scared, but startled. I wrapped y wings round them, keeping them close to myself as they shivered slightly. I watched as the rain down poured, a strange sense of happiness swelled in my heart.
"Lovely weather we're having huh?" I asked he two before looking down at their wide eyes and gaping mouths. "What? I like this kind of weather." I said to them. They shook their heads before nuzzling my chest lovingly.
"You're sooooo lucky that your hot and marrying us, otherwise we would have decked you. Hard." I stared at Chrysie for a few moments before nuzzling her lovingly back, then I nuzzled Luna lovingly back as well. Chrysie and Luna both smiled up at me. I smiled down at them, before a crash resounded from outside the door. I summoned three floating neon blue swords that circled us. The door moved slightly before Spike fell though the door, literally.
"Nova! Nova we-!" He froze when he saw Luna and Chrysie naked in all their splendor, before shaking his head trying to get rid of his surprised look. "Anyways, we need to hurry out! Griffins have been spotted riding his storm and they have brought dragons!" He said to me. I nodded my head. He saluted me -yeah, he's a soldier, became part of my Elite Guard, which is why he isn't with Twilight and her friends, oh they were furious with me, though it was hilarious t see Pinkie Pie bouncing on the ceiling talking about some sort of story, crazy right?- before turning, but I stopped him.
"Spike, have you chosen a weapon and a reason to fight yet? I don't want you to used your claws and fire up, you're going to need those things later than sooner, understand?" I asked him. He got a toothy grin exposing his now sharpened fangs he grabbed the hilt of a sword off his back, when he pointed e hilt down, a large blade formed out, similar to Boulder's release weapon. He then looked me in the eye.
"My reason's to fight are my friends and the girls. I know you understand what I am talking about Nova. You fight for the same." Spike said to me. That cocky little...no, that's the wrong emotion. I was proud of this SOB.
"I am now proud of you, you crazy SOB." I said to him. He smirked before wrapping his sword with the long cloth attached to the bottom of the hilt of the sword. He nodded his head before turning to leave.
"Thanks sir- Nova. I'll be sure to protect them, even if they are stronger than me. I'll bet on it." And with that, he vanished side stepping to what I am assuming is the battle front. I sighed an got out of bed, getting dressed I could see that Luna and Chrysie were doing the same. I smiled at them, they smiled back. It always warmed my heart whenever they'd want to join me in the fights, made me even happier to know that I was going to marry them.
"I want you two to stay back, don't be in the front, I won't because I am the...'secret weapon' of sorts, or so Discord calls Ovan and I." I explained to them. They nodded their heads with smiled, we then headed out to the front line just outside Canterlot with Pony Elite Guards, Changeling Elite Guards, Discord's Elite Guards, Ovan's Elite Guards and my own Elite Guards. I even saw Cadance and Shinning with their Crystal Pony Elite Guards. We the leaders stood in front of our guards, Luna to my left, Chrysie to my right. Ovan was next to Luna, Discord and Celestia stood together, Cadance and Shinning stood together, Spike and the rest of my Elite Guard were taking the lead of the others on account of all the fights they had -or sometimes hadn't- seen. I stared at the Griffins and Dragons flying through the clouds wearing silvery armor that absorbed the lightning, some of the dragons and griffins were on the ground.
Then I saw Aero and that woman leading the two massive invasion armies, Aero brought the griffins, while the woman brought the dragons. I growled at the two, but stayed put. When the two leaders stood before us by a few meters, Aero stared at me with hate, while the woman looked at me as if she didn't want to fight, but that she wanted to stop and avoid it. I looked into her eyes and saw that she was tired of fighting, that she wanted to live in peace, but do to Richard, she was forced to do so. I offered my hand to her.
"I know you don't want to fight, leave Richard and come with us, live in peace." She seemed to contemplate my offer, until Aero cut her off by speaking up.
"Negative, she will not leave us, not while she knows that Richard will kill her, isn't that correct; Elisabeth?" Aero hissed out her name. She was far stronger than Aero was, I could feel it, but yet, she was afraid of him. I looked Elisabeth in the eye, as she did the same, I could see she was pleading to be free from Richard. I saw what looked to be whip marks on her shoulders, presumably going down her back, on her legs were the same whip marks. I held my hand out to her more. She nodded her head to me and when she took my hand, I pulled her to me just as Aero slashed his sword in the spot she was in. "Pity, she was one of the strongest of us. Looks like I will need to kill her." He stated as he appeared back with his now two armies. He pointed a finger at us. "Kill them all, spare no one, take no prisoners, just kill them." He said in a calm yet cold tone. The armies let out a massive battle cry before rushing at us. The flying army dived at us, wile the army on the ground charged, their weapons held up high. Ovan and I raised our hands, when we snapped them, they fell back to our sides.
Our Elite Guards rushed out passed our sides, weapons drawn, and beams charging. They stopped in front of us in a strait line making a front, they raised their hands, fingers, or opened their mouths and shot forth large beams of different colors. Hundred of dragons perished for being too slow, the griffins however were fast and small. As more came closer to them, they switched to their swords and charged. The other Elite Guards soon followed suite when ordered. Aero flew right at Elisabeth, until Ovan punched him in the side of the head sending him into the ground. I spread my wings out as I took to the skies, Elisabeth following me. I summoned my sword and swung in a downward arch motion, sending a golden wave at the flying griffins. A few dragons got caught in my attack before they barraged me and Elisabeth with fireballs. I knocked the fireballs aside with my wings like they were nothing. Elisabeth knocked them aside with her hands.
She fired off a black beam killing dragons and griffins alike. I was starting to like this one. She nodded to me before drawing a short katana-esk blade that she spun around her finger. A tornado like wave formed on her blade, but when se swung the back the side, she sent out a large black tornado that ripped apart the clouds and dragons and griffins, as well as part of the massive storm clouds. I whistled, it was bad ass. Elisabeth blushed from my whistle, as she turned to me, she blushed more seeing my smile and thumbs up gesture, she returned the gesture and smile, but her blush never faded. I then noticed Aero in his released state appeared behind her, his javelin raised above his head. I side stepped in front of him, blocking his attack with my sword, Elisabeth's eyes grew wide as I protected her from Aero.
Aero silently glared at us, pointing a finger at my chest, he charged a neon green sphere, but never got to fire it. Ova had appeared behind him and swung his sword down, sending a silver wave at us. I grabbed Elisabeth and side stepped down to Luna and Chrysie with her still in my arms. Looking up I saw Aero and Ovan clashing once again. I looked down at Elisabeth who was blushing deep red. I set her down gently, before turning around however, Luna and Chrysie shared a look before taking Elisabeth to talk with her I'm assuming.
Flying over the battle field I could see that Petal had returned and was fighting with Spike, I then noticed that Nightmare, Aqua and Felicia were injured pretty badly. I went to help, but then I saw Spike do something I had no idea he could. He released and he became a true dragon. Spike bellowed in rage as he gripped Petal by his smug face and slammed him into the ground before kicking him away. Petal bounced on and off the ground twenty times before rolling. Spike roared and charged a large purple sphere in his mouth, by the time Petal began to rise, Spike had already released the devastating beam, it took out hundreds of griffins and when it reached Petal, it met it's target. I could see Petal has severely injured.
I nodded my head until Petal gained a smirk, he pulled what looked to be a whistle. He blew it, and it echoed all over the place. A few more beings appeared, all resembling Petal, but they were glowing neon pink. They were cones. I growled. Spike stood above the girls who were healing quickly. I flew down and landed beside the young drake who looked at me before grinning.
"I'm keeping my promise Nova, I will always protect them." He said to me, still grinning. I smirked back to him before scowling at Petal and his clones.
"I noticed, you did a good job, but this time, lets kill this piece of shit!" Spike nodded his head, as the two of us roared and charged. Petal and his clones let loose their own battle cry as they charged us. Spike ripped a clone in half, while I sidestep slashed a few at a time. In the sky I could see Aero had gone into a second form, while Ovan looked just like me, only silver instead of gold. I reached the real Petal, who recoiled at how fast I became. I knocked him into he ground with a wing before I jump heel-kicked him further into the ground, cracking it. He coughed up blood.
Spike had impaled Petal's clones with his tail, his wings fanned out sending a gust of winded knocking the clones to the ground. The real Petal got out of the ground, he glared at me before slashing at me with a pink sword. I whipped him back with my spiked tail, it swayed back and forth, as I waited for the fool to attack me once again. He snarled and did. He lunged at me, as I raised a brow I whipped my tail onto his back, the force made him crash into the dirt. I grabbed his head, as he tried to cut me I cut the pink sword in half, the blade soon disappeared. I threw him onto the ground causing him to bounce into the air.
As he fell back down, I kicked him towards Spike, who grabbed Petal by his legs with his right hand, while his left grabbed Petal's upper half. In a swift pulling motion, Petal was ripped in half and tossed in two different directions.
"That was for hurting my mates, and this" -He raised a foot above Petal's head- "Is for pissing me off!" Spike snarled at he crushed Petal's head into the ground. The girls healed up and rushed to Spike, hugging him tightly, telling him how happy they were that he was okay. "I'm fine girls, really, I am!" He said with a smile. I fanned my wings ad took off into the sky, looking around I saw that there weren't any casualties -except for Petal and every single dragon and griffin we had killed-. Looking around more, I could see tat we were winning, but what really made me think were winning, was when I saw Ovan cut off Aero's arm like I was nothing and threw him at the ground, where he hit. Hard.
I side stepped next to Ovan. "So, how is he doing against you?" I asked with a completely chill tone. Ovan laughed loudly before clapping me on the shoulder roughly.
"He's nothing but piss and vinegar! seriously though, he is a pain in the ass, wanna trade?" He asked me. I nodded my head as I dove down at Aero. He rose to his feet and summoned a flaming neon green javelin, which he spins t black my side slashing move with my sword. My attack bounces off sending off sparks. I jump back, my wings tucked into my back, Aero jumps into the air and fires a black and dark green beam at me. I counter it with my own golden beam. The attacks clash and explode into each other. I un-holster my pistol and pull the trigger, a bright blue beam fires out, but Aero moves to he side, dodging it. I re-holster my gun as he is side stepping my attack, I grab his shoulder, he stares at me with eyes wide, as I slash downwards, cutting him from his left shoulder down to his right hip. He falls slowly to the ground. I stomp on his head, in my mouth a golden beam begins to form.
"Do it..." He says to me calmly. I kindly fire the beam at him, creating a massive golden dome that destroys any enemies near me as well. Everyone gapes at the dome, it was large enough to be seen from the Misty Mountains, even from Pony-ville.

=====Twiligt's PoV====================

I was sitting on my balcony with my friends, when we felt a massive tremor. We looked up and I could see a massive golden dome rising into the air. Large gusts of wind came barreling through our little town, a few buildings were destroyed, ponies were thrown into the air. I slammed my hands onto the table.
"What the buck was that!?" Rainbow says before me. We then here a soft giggle resonate from Flame, who has a large smile on her little face, she points to the dome, still smiling.
"Daddy took out an enemy just now. That's his new aura." She said as a smaller purple sphere formed a few meters from Nova's. "And that's Spike's, he's protecting my big sisters, his mates!" She chirps out. We stare at her before I growl.
"HIS WHAT!?" As I turn to look at her, she was beginning to vanish with a giggle. I grabbed her hand and the two of us appeared at the battle field. I gasped, covering my mouth from the blood and bodies. I then saw Spike and three females sharing a kiss. My blood boiled, but when a griffin attacked one of the girls, Spike literally bit into it, and ripped it apart. My blood froze. I heard more gasps. I looked behind me and saw my friends staring at Spike and the griffin he just killed. The three females jumped him and nuzzled him, he nuzzled them back. I stomped over to him, a scowl on my face, but fear in my eyes. When Spike saw me however, h growled at me, making me freeze. Did he not want see me?
"I'm not going back to that stupid library Twilight, you can't make me." My heart seemed to break. My little brother, who I took care of, was ordering me what was best for him. The females then glared at me, death in their eyes.
"So you're the one who repressed him. The one who treated him like a slave. I should kill you right here and now!" Nightmare growled at me. Shiny came between us, he looked at Nightmare's glare and visibly shivered.
"Is there a problem; General Nightmare?" He asked. Nightmare pointed from Spike to me. Shiny looked at me, an sighed sadly. "Sorry Twily but, I can't do anything to help you. Nova would kill me and then you for taking Spike from Nightmare, Felicia and Aqua." He said to me.
"But I was only going to ask why he killed that griffin, and when he had gotten mates. I just miss him; you Spike! We never see each other, you're my little brother...." I sobbed out. I saw Spike's and the girls glares soften. Felicia placed a comforting hand on my shoulder.
"Then why not stay in Canterlot, where you can see him daily. Just not at night, he has duties he must do for us." She winked at Spike who grinned like the idiot I know and loved. I nodded my head before my friends entered the conversation. We had decided on dates when an where we would meet with Spike, Nightmare, Felicia and Aqua at. There were no griffins around and Shiny had already left back to Cadance.
The four of hem explained how they were and what they had been doing -evidently, the girls deiced to tell us what they did at night, much to Spike's dismay-, none of us could blush any harder. We had returned to where everyone else was. I saw Nova, holding Chrysalis and Luna close, while Ovan was busy sharpening his claws. I then saw a new girl hug Nova by his waist, the four shared a long hug. When Nova saw me and my friends, he looked annoyed.

=======Nova's PoV===========================

I looked up from the hug between my three mates -apparently Luna and Chrysalis proposed that Elisabeth become my third mate, she accepted gladly- and spotted Spike and the girls, but soon grew annoyed when I saw Twilight Sparkle and her friends. I groaned softly, the three of them turned and did the same -except for Elisabeth, she was just confused-. The group had approached us right as Ovan returned to my body. We decided to chat. We moved up back to the castle, leaving behind bodies and smoldering craters behind us.
Once back at the castle, my mates and I headed to my room, while Spike was being dragged away by Nightmare, Felicia and Aqua to theirs. The rest of the night was fun, but the morning was even better. The date passed and nothing bad happened. We were getting closer to the date of he marriage, which was in a few more months. It was October 25th now, so that meant that on December 25th, we will be wedded. The day was sent with games and talking. So far, nothing could ruin my mood what-so-ever. Little did I know that Richard was rallying his troops, and was setting his sites on Zebrica.