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The two Potters and the Three Princesses - Vladimir

A story that retains to the Harry Potter Universe, as well as MLP, an my own Imagination. MLP is owned by Hasbro, Harry Potter is owned by J.K. Rowling, OC's are my own. Inspired by "The Wizard and the Lonely Princess" - Harry Leferts

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Chapter 18

Griphyx walks along a white path leading towards a cave.

'A cave? On the moon? In this dreamscape?? How the hay does that work?' He questions in his mind. As he keeps walking, the others chase after him and hey to, see the cave. Griphyx stops in front of the cave, and sees two large black eyes stare down at him. He sees something glint in a faint light from the moon he stands on. The others arrive next to him, panting.

"What the bloody hell, Griphyx!" Ron yells at him. Griphyx feels a bit intimidated, Ron was the only one of the group that seemed to not think Griphyx as a REAL friend, or at least, that's how Griphyx felt at times. "Why did you just RUN OFF!?" He roars at Griphyx, making him cringe, Ron also managed to scare Griphyx when he got like this.

"S...Sorry, I just..." Griphyx started, but Ron cut him off.

"Just WHAT!?!?" He roars, his magic being tapped into by his rage and knocks Griphyx onto his back, hitting his head on rocks and scraping his arm, even though it didn't have an affect on his real body, I still hurt like hay. "Griphyx! I am so sorry mate! I didn't mean to do that!!" He yelped. Griphyx got to his feet before he looks at Ron with sad, hurt and forgiving eyes.

"It's alright, Ron. I deserved it..." Griphyx says sadly. Nightmare approaches Griphyx and drapes a wing over his shoulder.

"No, you didn't, but it was an accident." Nightmare said as she nuzzles him gently. He looks up at her and smiles, but then they freeze as a deep and loud growl-like-purr resounds from behind us. They turn and freeze once more, there behind them, is a massive creature that has a bone claws, and tail with a sickle like bone at the end, it's eyes are sockets with red eyes and black slits with purple outlining around them.

It's maw is crocodile like as it has black obsidian teeth, the hands are black and red, as it's body is covered in armor, on it's back is twelve coffin like spines, forming into two wings. It's tail coils around with white spines going down it, and it's back between the wings. A sword with Griphyx's wand as the hilt, is imbedded into the ground before it. They watch as the beast or whatever it is, changes forms every so often.

"What are you...?" Nightmare asks with a low tone. The creature looks at her, purring still. It goes to move, but is then sucked into the wand-sword-hybrid that shrinks into a wand, it now makes sense. The spirit of the wand, was that beast who's bones became it, the 'dragon' that the wizard tamed, was just before them and it seemed to approve of him and Nightmare.

Griphyx grabs his wand, and then a voice speaks to them all.

"Long have I waited to be held by a true Half-Blood. It has been so very, very, VERY long since I have been placed with a true wizard." The voice said. Griphyx was surprised. He was a Half-Blood? How? He looks around as everyone seems to be thinking the same thing. Didn't they have the same father? If not then, what happened?

"What does it mean? Don't we have the same father?" Harry asks. Griphyx sighs and shrugs, not sure as to how to explain, while he himself doesn't know HOW to explain.

"We will need to find out in a later date then. But for now, what was that thing?" Luna states, Celestia and Twilight nod their heads softly. Griphyx nods his head as Harry yawns -how?- and stretches his arms.

"Lets go back to training, I want to get stronger!" Harry states. Everyone nods their heads and leaves the cave. As they reach a field, Harry walks into the middle of it. He closes his eyes and focuses his energy, they watch as Harry's power rise and become visible, but then he yells, like when Griphyx did when he pushed past his barriers, and a tornado of energy spins out of control and rises into the air, before it becomes a Cyclone of energy, literal rain pours, winds kick up dust and then an explosion sounds, making a mushroom cloud of pure magic that rises into the air.

The others stare in awe -save for Griphyx- and watch as his magical energy form into what looks like an Alicorn, but something seems off, it has four wings that spread out much farther than the princesses do. It's tail is thin but then thick at the end, a strange horn that shines bright red shows itself. Forest green eyes shine in the dust, the outline of the body is sea green. It rises into the air and opens a mouth, but there is something strange about it, it has actual fangs, the eyes pupil's become slits and the sound of armor clanking against itself can be heard every time this Alicorn moves.

Griphyx smirks up at the massive Alicorn energy that lifts it's forelegs up, to reveal claws, the mane looks like tentacles, when it is really just stray strands flowing around in an ethereal and real wind. Griphyx closes his eyes, smirking. When he opens them, he watches the Alicorn's form compress on itself before being sucked into Harry's form and sends a large shockwave that travels through the ground, cracking and rising pieces up into jagged blocks or spires of sorts.

Griphyx, in a last ditch effort, throws up a barrier and a shield around them and protects them as well. After all is done, the moon reforms itself and standing before them is Harry, but he has a new feel to him, his hair seems darker, yet brighter in some places. His eyes are brighter and hold a sense of new life and flame in them, but then they return to normal and he collapses onto his knees. Griphyx catches the rest of him an smiles

"He is much like you, Griphyx. But, he is also like us." Celestia says calmly as she lifts Harry onto her back before looking at everyone else with a kind and motherly gaze. "He is awake, we should join him." She states before vanishing. The others nod their heads and vanish from the moon as well, unaware that the cave Griphyx had found his wand, grows before sucking in on itself in a spiral motion, and vanishes.


Griphyx awakens and sits up to find that he has been fully healed -oddly enough- and that his wand is in his hand, but it seems different. Memories of what had happened on the moon rush through his head, and he smiles. He was happy to meet the being inside of him, and is part of his wand, but what was it? He decides to push that to the back of his mind and gets dressed and heads out of the room, Nightmare following.

"What do you think will happen now?" Nightmare asks. Griphyx shrug his shoulder slightly before looking to her and smiling, truth be told that Griphyx and Nightmare have a music deeper connection than Harry and Celestia, Luna and Griphyx are the same as him and Nightmare, the three of them always holding a sense of love towards each other. Nightmare and Luna have even protected Griphyx against ANYTHING in order to keep what it THEIRS safe.

Griphyx walks side by side with Nightmare, but as they reach the mess hall, Malfoy hits Griphyx in the shoulder with a bolt of magic, sending him into a wall. Griphyx slides to the floor and coughs, when he looks up Malfoy and his goons walks towards him, all of them have their wands out and Malfoy smirks as he flicks his wand and hits Griphyx in the chest, knocking the wind out of his lungs. Griphyx grabs his chest and coughs. Nightmare gets ready to run Malfoy through with her horn, but stops and smirks, she goes to get the group and the thee teachers that can see her.

"How sad, and here I thought that the big bad Griphyx Potter was strong enough to take a few hits, guess you aren't." He smirks down at the winded Griphyx. Griphyx coughs once more, before he glares at the boys and his hand claws at the floor, making actual claw marks, the group of boys jump back, yelping right as Dumbledore and the others to arrive, but stay silent when Griphyx growls and gets to his feet.

"....." Griphyx opens his eyes and stares at the boys before he appears behind them and watches as they all fly into the air, bruises on heir arms or cheeks. He turns and sees only Malfoy is the only one standing, as the boys fall, Snape and the other teachers and a few students arrive, but Dumbledore makes a 'shh' motion, and they comply.

"You FREAK!!!" Malfoy roars out and fires multiple bolts of magic, hitting Griphyx in the chest, shoulders and legs, thus, sending him to the ground. Griphyx hisses in pain as Malfoy's goons get back to their feet, some leave, but those who stay smirk and points their wands at the downed Griphyx, who grabs his wand and whips it out and shoulder rolls past them and gets to his feet, but his body has taken a bit of punishment, causing him to kneel on a knee and pant.

"Haha! Look at you! Your being beaten!! Try to win against THIS duel!!" Malfoy roars in laugher as the other boys send magic bolts down at Griphyx, who snarls and swings his wand, but to everyone's surprise, from the end of the wand, the blade of a sword forms and as he swings from side to side, knocks the boys back from a large gust of wind. As Griphyx lowers his wand to his side, he pants harder before he starts seeing spots in his vision, and a growl from the back of his mind.

"How did you do that!?!?" Malfoy roars out once more, as he knocks Griphyx aside and through a window. Griphyx lays in the grass sprawled out, he looks up to see Malfoy land before him and points the tip of his wand at Griphyx's chin and sneers. "Looks like you lose- " He yelps in pain as Harry fires a magic bolt at Malfoy's back.

"Leave him alone!" Harry growls. Malfoy growl back in pain, before firing a bolt of magic, but this time, it's caught by Griphyx's hand. Malfoy gapes as Griphyx tosses the bolt back at it's owner, sending Malfoy onto his back. Griphyx smirks, before he passes out. Nightmare rushes to his side, as does Harry, is all he see's, before darkness.

Author's Note:

And as always! I will see you! In the next chapter! Bye bye!!

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