Friendship is Chaos

by Vladimir

Griffon the Brush-Off and Growing Up....

I was waking up from a strange dream chat with Luna, as we were having our weekly chat, it has been happening a week after the break in. She, Aj and Twi have become very possessive, while Celestia -who decided to give it a hot and joined the heard, somewhat- has become overly protective over me which is honestly kind of weird, not that I'm complaining. I rose to my feet from my bed and got dressed. I put on my normal cloths, as well as made my scythe -which was enchanted to appear and disappear whenever I wanted, sort of like my sword- on my back before it vanished in a flash of light, on my chain next to my emblem, is a pitch black scythe. I went downstairs and t my front door. As I reached it, my door flew open, revealing Pinkie Pie. She looked around my home before leaving, Calling out RD's name as she did so.
I shrugged before heading out. Walking down the path with my hands on my pockets, I saw RD and Pinkie moving a storm cloud. RD kicked the cloud causing it to thunder and flash lightning, just was Spike walked out of 'Quills and Sofa's'. he began to hick-up as the two of them laughed. He groaned as he went to pick up the scrolls, before I stopped him.
"Here Spike, let me help you out, alright?" I said to him. He nodded his head as I began to pick up the scrolls, however, as soon as I stood back up, Spike burped out a green torrent of flame. I shoulder rolled to he side, dropping the scrolls, which got caught in the flames as they were all sent to Celestia. I paled at I realized what had happened. I face palmed so hard from how the three of them laughed like idiots. "Oh we're so dead...." I muttered.
"How so big guy?" RD asked. I gave her a deadpan stare.
"You pulled a prank on Celestia, now she's going to kill us!" I groaned out. The others seemed to pale slightly, until multiple scrolls fell directly on top of me. "OH SHI- !" Was all I could get out, as the scrolls crushed me. As I sat up, I heard the others laughing at me. "It's not funny....jerks.." I muttered under my breath before sighing and leaving to go see Twi, while Spike went to Rarity's and RD and Pinkie went to go prank others. As I moved closer towards the library to meet Twi, I saw Aj chasing after RD and Pinkie, yelling at them about some sort of poke dotted apples or something. I sighed before walking on, letting the two get chewed out by Aj.
As I walked through the door, I saw a very pissed off Twi.
"What's wrong Twi? Did some pony hide your quills again?" I asked her. She looked up at me, before smiling and pinning me to the wall rather roughly. "Whoa, whoa! Easy there! I know you're happy to see me, but c'mon? Isn't this a bit much?" I asked her, a blush on my face, and then one on hers.
"Sorry, it's just that well, Pinkie and Rainbow replaced my ink with disappearing ink, so I was going to ask you to make me some real ink. If that's okay?" She asked me. I smiled and nodded my head, with a snap of my fingers, thee pens appeared in the air before her. "What are these?" She asked me. I blinked before staring at her.
"They are pens..." I said. She simply stared at me. I groaned softly. "I forgot that you haven't gotten pens yet. So here they are, they are like pencil's but use ink instead." I explained to her. Her eyes widened as she immediately went back to writing down whatever she as writing down. I sat on her sofa while reading a 'Daring Doo' book, not quite sure which one it is, but I am too lazy to look at the side or cover to find out.
Hours passed, and by the time I finished the book, I stood up and walked through town. There I was Shy walking backwards talking to the ducks and ducklings, just as she bumped into a Griffon. She wears a grey hoodie, black sweats and brown shoes, her feathers are mud brown, while her head and neck feathers are white and a lovely shade of purple. I go to say hello, until the two collide, the Griffon looked pissed. She began to yell at Shy while Shy was trying to apologize. I growled and got between them in a flash of light -teleportation for the win!-.
"Who the heck are you?" The griffon asked. I stared at her silently. She growled at me. "Get out of my way, freak." She told me. My left eyebrow twitched in annoyance.
"Leave here, now. Before I am forced to hurt you." I said to her. She scoffed at me.
"oh yeah? And what if I don't, what then?" She asked me. I then got a grin.
"Then I'll make you." Was all I said. The griffon seemed to only get more pissed off. She sucked in air as she then roared at me.
"RRRRRROOOOOOOOAAAARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!" She roared. Her roar managed to blow my hair back slightly. I scoffed before looking her dead in the eye, a sadistic grin broke onto my face.
"My turn~" I said to her. I took a large breath in. "RRRRRRRRAAAAAWWWWWWWWOOOOOAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRREEERRRRRRRNNNNN SSSSKKKKRRRRREEEEEEEEOOOOONNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!!!" I roared right back at her with all the air I had in my lungs with my wings fanned out, my tail whipped about as I floated in the air. I managed to knock her off of her feet and onto her ass. "That's true roar. But you got a good set of lungs on you. Now beat it!" I told her. She gave me a weird look before she grumbled about freaks and took off into the sky. I look back to see Shy cowering in fear from me. "Shy, are you alright? The Griffon is gone." As I moved closer t her, I saw tat she wasn't cowering from the griffon, but from me. My eyes widened slightly, before they gained saddened look to them. "I'll leave you alone, sorry for scaring you.." I walked passed her as she got up. I saw she was going to say something to me, but I teleported to a hill outside of town where I sat and sighed. I heard a small sniffle from above me. I looked up and saw the griffon from before, she looked to be crying. As I went to talk to her, I heard her saying something.
"I just wanted to see Dash's been so long, but that pink pony just won't leave us alone..." I heard her croak out. I placed a claw on her shoulder gently. She looked up at me, her eyes went wide.
"Don't worry, I'm not here to-" I was cut off when RD kicked me in the chest, knocking me to the ground. I coughed as she knee dropped onto my stomach.
"How dare you treat Gilda like that! She's my best friend, besides, you shouldn't be threatening her life with your scythe! Not cool bucker!" She growled down at me. I wanted to tell her what happened, but she kicked me in the jaw before she and Gilda flew off. I could see Gilda sneer at me as the two left towards pony Ville. I groaned as I went to stand up, but soon fell back into my back. looking down, I saw that my left leg was hurt. Sighing, I got up to my feet, favoring my right leg, I hobbled back into town.
As I got into town, I was immediately dragged to Sugar Cube Corner by Pinkie Pie. When we entered, she had a large grin on her face, however, it soon vanished when she saw he state I was in.
"Dissy! What happened to you!?" She yelled. I sighed softly.
"Nothing too bad, just got the crap beaten outa me by RD." I said. Pinkie apparently heard me say something else.
"You fell down stairs? Oh no! you should really watch where you step!" She said to me with her bubbly tone as usual. I groaned before muttering something.
"Yeah, I'll try..." I saw a banner that said, "Welcome to Ponyville Gilda!". My eye twitched before I sighed once more. "Pinkie, do you really think we should be throwing that griffon a part-" I was cut off once again by RD, but this time, it was by one of her knees being driven into my back. Hard. I hit the wall and groaned. As I got up, I saw RD spin-kick me back down.
"What the hay are you doing here? Leave!" She ordered me. I growled at her before standing up.
"Gilda didn't tell you what happened, she-"
"She was attacked by you! I don't want you here. And I don't want to see your face ever again!!" She yelled at me in rage. I looked at her, before stomping a foot, all the balloons popped, the glass shattered. I growled deeply at her.
"Fine. Goodbye, Rainbow Dash..." I hissed her name out, she visibly winced from the way it was spoken. Every pony stared at me as I left. I sent Gilda a death glare, as I passed her. She scoffed before tripping me with her tail.
"Oops." Was all she said. I got back up, my hand on my scythe, but stopped when I saw fear in everyone's eyes. My eyes grew sad, and I sighed sadly.
"Goodbye everyone...if you have need of me, I'll be in Canterlot." I looked at Rainbow, she glared at me menacingly. I snapped my fingers and appeared before the princesses, who looked at me in surprise.
"Disorder, to what do we owe the pleasure of your arrival?" Celestia asked. I sighed once again, before sitting on the steps leading up to the thrones.
"Just lost my friends and my town. Is it okay if I stay here?" I asked. The two of them gave me an apologetic look, before nodding their heads. I went to stand up, but yelped in pain from my still injured leg and back. I hissed in pain as I fell on my face. Luna helped me up to my feet, worry in her eyes,
"Who has done this to thou?" She asked, worry in her tone. I looked at the floor, and sighing sadly, told the princesses about what had happened. "We see. We are sorry that thou had to go through that." Luna said, comforting me. I nodded my head sadly as I was being slowly healed by Celestia.
"Yeah, same here. But I guess it was for the best. Better to be hated than to be shown fake love, right?" I asked. The princesses nodded their heads sadly. No one deserved to be put under fake love. The looks of Aj and Twi still haunted me as I felt tears sting my eyes. I wrapped my wings around myself while my tail lay limply on the steps. I look up at the princesses. "you two fear me too, huh?" I asked with a sad tone, my hair covering my eyes from their view.
"No, we do not fear you Disorder. We care for thee too much for know fear towards thou." Luna said. I sent her a thankful smile, as Celestia agreed. I hugged them tightly, sniffling softly.
"Thanks you two...that...that means a lot." I said quietly, much like a whisper. The princesses smiled and hugged me back.
"Anytime Disorder, anytime." They said at the same time. I smiled up at them more, letting them see my eyes, which I found out that they liked quite a bit. We stayed there for a few minutes until the doors to the throne room burst open, revealing a posh, white furred, blonde mane and tail with blue eyes looking stallion wearing fancy garments.
"Aunty Celestia, I-" He froze as he saw the three of us hugging. He then shrieked. "Guards! Seize that...that...thing!" He cried out like a filly. The guards stayed put, until my scythe formed and was imbedded into the wall, the blade right next to the stallions head. The guards rushed me, while I was pulling back my arm, fury and pan in my eyes.
"STOOOP!" Luna yelled out. The guards froze and watched. "Return to your posts!" She growled at them, her wings were wrapped around me like a protective barrier. She looked at the stallion. "Nephew! What business does thou have. Speak now, or leave!" She growled at him.
"I was just attacked by this thing! And you two are defending it!? What is the matter with you both!? It should be executed for attacking royalty!" He yelled. I let out a small growl before calming down. I held my hand out as my scythe flew back into my hand, before returning back to my chain in a flash of light.
"Because HE is ours! We would sooner have you sent to the dungeons, stripped of your status and riches than have him killed, even if we could." Luna snarled at her nephew. I felt a chill run down my spine. A pissed off Luna was never a good thing.
"So? He should still be locked up for what he did!" He countered the nephew. I let my eyes roll, to which he pointed at me, and as if he were a child, whined to Celestia. "See Aunty Celestia? He doesn't even respect a prince when he see's one!" He whined out, which was giving me a headache. I head Celestia groan softy before answering.
"He's not showing respect, because you aren't showing him any of your respect." She stated calmly. The 'prince' scoffed.
"I am Prince Blueblood. How do you do, freak." He said to me while holding a handout. I growled before taking his hand firmly, I then smirked and decided to play around with this idiot.
"Well hey there blue balls! Nice meeting yah!" I said to him loudly. Blueblood growled at me as his hand tightened.
"It's Blue.blood." He stated wit grit teeth."
"Alright Blue Balls, nice meeting you again. Now could you please leave so that I can talk to my mare-friends in peace. Yes? Thank you! Come again!" I said to him. His face was priceless. He had wide eyes with his mouth agape. I snapped my fingers and he vanished to someplace else in the castle with a flash of light. "Fucking prick.." I muttered. I then heard laugher from throughout the room. I looked around and saw the guards and princesses howling with laughter, I joined in too until a letter formed in front of Celestia. She opened the letter and read it.
"Disorder, could you summon the girls and Spike here please?" She asked me. I scowled before shaking my head.
"No fucking way! They treated me like I was a monster. Let them get here on their own. I don't feel like seeing them anyways." I growled. The two looked at each other in worry, before nodding sadly and understanding. Celestia wrote a letter and sent it off. I sat in the air upside down as I watched the two stare up at me. I could see the guards staring up at me as well. I turned to the guards. "So how has your guys day been? Mines been...eventful." I stated. The guards resounded with a 'good' or 'fine' or even a 'the hay is going on?'.
Hours passed by as the princesses, the guards and I were playing a game of monopoly. So far, Celestia was winning.
"Damn! How are you so good at this?" I asked her. She giggled.
"Years of practice." She said to me, still giggling slightly. This was nice, I could even tell the guards were having some fun as well, must not get to do much like this very often. Lets change that. The doors busted open, the draft of wind blowing away the board, the box, the pieces as well as the money. We groaned loudly as out only source of entertainment had literally, left the building.
"Well that sucks, what are we going to do now?" I asked, looking at the group as they were looking at my 'friends'. I heard a whimper and something pop that managed to gain my attention. "Oh. Hey, what's up this time?" I asked with an icy cold tone that literally made everyone shiver. I blinked before shrugging.
"Why aren't you back in Ponyville?" Asked Rainbow. I growled at her, giving her a deadpan glare.
"Why should I stay there? You aren't my friend, and the rest of you are afraid of me. I can see it in your eyes, all that love dissolved when you all seemed to treat me like a mindless beast." I stated to them. My tone serious and cold, just like my eyes. I turned away from them as I continued to scowl, even at the wall, which wasn't doing anything wrong, I just kept scowling.
"Take that back!" Rainbow growled at me after both Pinkie an Shy began to cry. She had gotten in my face about it. I snarled at her, showing my new fang coming from the top left corner of my mouth. She recoiled.
"No. It's true, little miss beat the shit out of me for trying to tell you the truth! Go away. You're just going to harm me again." I stated. She looked down sadly before nodding and sighing.
"I deserved that one. It was my fault for bringing Gilda to Ponyville. I thought it would be nice to have her meet you guys, but when she lied to me, I thought it was true. I'm sorry, Disorder." She said to me. I look up at her with still pained eyes.
"I would have accepted if you hadn't beaten the shit out of me and then making me look like the monster. But...ugh, I can't really believe that. I forgive you, but, things are going to be different now." I said sadly to everyone. The girls and Spike nodded their heads, seemingly expecting that. I look towards the others, seeing Pinkie and shy softly smiling, I saw Rarity in Spikes arms, while Aj and Twi had sad looks in their eyes. "You two have lost that spark towards me. It's fine, perhaps we should try again at some other point, eh?" I said to them. It broke my heart slightly as they nodded their heads slightly, as the they were all soon led towards their own rooms to head in for the night. I closed my eyes and sighed. "alright, well, I'm going to head off to bed, but um...where will I be sleeping?" I asked the princesses.
The two of them shared a look with each other before high fiving. "Three pony slumber party!" They yelled at the same time. I smiled as they hugged me tightly from both sides and dragged me to Celestia's room. When we entered the room, I could see that everything was light pink -which I honestly liked for some reason-. Her bed was large and capable of holding at least five people, or ponies in this case. Her drapes had her cutie mark on them. The princesses headed into the bathroom, taking pajama's in with them. When they came out, my jaw dropped.
Celestia in all her glory, is wearing tight hot pink pajama bottoms and top, while Luna is wearing tight bright blue pajama's top and bottoms. I had the feeling that I was drooling, causing Celestia giggled before closing my mouth.
"So I take it you like how we look then?" She asked. I nodded my head silently. The two of them giggled and hugged me tightly. We spent the rest of the night talking, doing make overs -don't ask, I just went along with it, luckily they did that to each other after giving me loving kisses-, and then went to bed. Today was a pretty good day.