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The Two Potters and the Three Princesses: Temple Side Story - Vladimir

Side story explaining when Harry, Griphyx and the Princesses were sucked into the Temple of Gods.

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Chapter 3

Griphyx walks next to his brother with Phoebe on his left while Percy is on Harry's right. The four of them walk down a path in a large lush green forest. He thinks about the temple/shrine where he witnessed so much gore. He closes his eyes tightly and trembles, this time there was no Nightmare to hold him.

The two new companions look at him with confusion.

"Why is he acting that way?" Percy asks Harry softly. Harry sighs and tells them the story before meeting Chaos. Percy shrugs it off, having killed many beings over centuries has made him numb, while Phoebe gently wraps her arms around Griphyx's shoulders, and holds him gently. Griphyx goes completely still, and purrs against the nape of her neck and she blinks, before she notices something different about him, he looks better.

She notes how his body seems more built than a child's should. She looks over his form and see's that his wings, tail and claws are out, but the flames only draw her in closer and closer. She moves his head up so she can see his eyes. She notices that his eyes resemble Chaos, Tartarus, Thanatos, Nyx, Erebus, Cronos, and the other Titans, including her father, Atlas.

She smiles down at the young boy, a smile on her face. She kisses his forehead gently, making the two other boys' eyes to widen and Griphyx smile slightly. His eyes become grey but stay slit, the cherry pedals from the tree's fly off and spin around the group and slice and dice the brush away from them before they form into a sword at Griphyx's side.

'How could a kiss do that?' Percy questions, before looking at the boy. 'What is that kid?' He is snapped from his thoughts as a pack of frost wolves rush out from the outer brush and bite at Griphyx and Phoebe, only to be cut to bits by Griphyx with the sword. Griphyx steps away from Phoebe with death in his eyes. His glare makes Percy freeze up, those are the same eyes that Tartarus has.

"You will all die..." He states with an even tone, his eyes lifeless as his movements seem to no be his own as the Frost Wolves rush again, only to be cleaved in half by Griphyx's blade and he grabs the spine of a dead wolf and the others watch in awe, fear and respect as it becomes a bone whip and he spins it above his head, before cracking it and cleaving a wolf in half. The two halves fall apart with a sickening squelch.

He steps to the side as another wolf lunges over his shoulder, only for the whip to coil around it's center and then slice it in two making blood spray all over the place. He gains a blood-chilling smile as he stomps on the dying wolves head, sending gore into the air. His eyes become darker and darker. When the rest of the wolves start to back off and whimper, Griphyx looks at them with a manic smile.

They go to run, but those petals circle them and him. He cracks the bone-whip repeatedly, making blood splatter off of it. He whips it forward and cuts the head off of a wolf before he spins it around above his head, and jumps, and the petals finish the rest of the wolves off making a bloody explosion.

Some of the blood splatters onto his face, and he chuckles as he starts to wreck the forest, his eyes dead and not his own, as a mask forms over his right eye, making it look like an empty socket. He starts to laugh manically before Phoebe and Percy pin him down and Harry covers his eyes.

"Griphyx! Come back!! This isn't you!!" Phoebe screams while Percy nods his head. Griphyx however only throws them off of his form as he swings the whip around randomly.

"STOP!! I CAN WIN!! STOP THIS BOY!!!" Griphyx speaks with a high-pitched echo-y voice as his hand grabs the mask piece. He gives out a shrill scream of pain as he tears the piece off and collapses onto his back. He pants hard as his body grows weak. He looks up at the sky in pain, until his body grows hot and heals and he sits up, confused as to how he could stand.

"Griphyx!!" Phoebe screams out before rushing to his side and gasps. His body is bigger, taller even, nearly two feet taller than Harry is. His hair is longer and black, his eyes are rainbow-colored while the slits are shorter and wider slighter. She can feel his power radiating off of his form and that sword is now pitch black with a strange guard and chain at the end of the hilt. His energy is black with red outlining for his right side, while on his left is black with dark green outlining. She then notices that his blood has changed, and she focuses on it, and her eyes widen.

She see's a resemblance with that man, but then see's that his mother was a human woman, the same mother Harry has, and she was an saint. She smiles before seeing multiple figures being part of his soul and three lost kingdoms of demons, knights and dragons appear as part of him and then the Gates of Tartarus are apart of him as well. She gapes as his power will reach past the heavens themselves.

She then smiles once more and helps him to his feet when she see's him stay the same kind and caring person he is now. She dusts him off gently before Harry hugs the strange boy tightly.

"Griphyx!! You scared me for a moment there!" Harry exclaims while Griphyx gives a apologetic look to everyone.

"I'm sorry...I just...I don't know what happened to me..." He sighs out sadly.

"Don't be, all of us have those problems." Percy explains.

"Huh?" Griphyx asks.

"I'm Perseus, Son of Poseidon, Phoebe here is the daughter of Atlas, the Titan that holds the sky away from the earth." Percy explains. "And you my friend, are someone VERY special." He teases as he points to Phoebe, making her blush. He blushes as well before smiling softly, this makes Phoebe smile as well.

"I guess I'm lucky then." He chuckles out before hugging Phoebe tightly, making her blush even harder. "Thanks for being my friend, all of you." He says softly before letting go and walking on, until an Egyptian man runs out of the tree's and slashes Griphyx's chest, making everyone's eyes widen. As Griphyx falls to he ground onto his back, his blood sprays out and turns black as the air touches it.

He looks up at the man who swings downwards, before Harry impales him onto his lance, making him yell in pain before dying slowly and is kicked off of the lance. Griphyx feels himself slip away slowly.

'I...lost...I...I failed...' Griphyx thinks to himself. But then a voice speaks out to him from his mind.

'Not yet.' It says as a fire starts to burn in his chest and body, his wounds heal and he feels that thing growing more and more inside of his chest before it seemingly goes back to sleep.

"Griphyx!!" Phoebe screams his name out to him. He responds by getting up as the energies around him swirl around and flow into him to heal any extra damage to his form. He opens his eyes and notices that his body seems to be MUCH stronger. He watches as the man vanishes. He looks around and see's that everyone is staring at him.

"That should have killed you. Just what exactly are you, Griphyx?" Percy asks.


The princesses are staring at this screen along with everyone else, mouths agape. The man in his throne smiles proudly, that man is Tartarus. He is Griphyx's father, as they had found out, not that Griphyx would ever know, not for a few more years before they would HAVE to tell him.

"Well, that is certainly interesting." The man with the hammer says. "I think it is time to fight against him, don't you think, Loki?" The man asks. Loki smirks and nods his head.

"Indeed I do believe so brother. Look, they managed to get past the stone Golems. This will certainly be fun." Loki says giddily before him and the man vanish in a green puff of smoke and lightning.

"Will they be okay?" Luna asks. Chaos nods her head, while Tartarus scoffs.

"Of course they will! They have Phoebe, Perseus, Griphyx as well as Harry. They will be fine." Tartarus states, his smile never leaving his face, as if he has planned this whole event. Celestia nods her head and watches the large screen.


Griphyx and his group reach a strange wall, where the two strange men sit before them.

"Well Loki, it looks like they managed to get past those Frost Giants of yours, brother." The blonde haired man says. Loki chuckles and holds a strange staff.

"Oh don't worry, they'll fall by my blade." He sneers out before kicking at Perseus, who jumps back and raises his shield to block Loki's blade. He sneers once more, but this time with a frown. "Damned Half-Blood!!" He roars out as he punches Perseus in the stomach, making him cough up blood. Loki then spin kicks Perseus into the wall, making it crack. He flips his long black hair and smirks at the three remaining members of the group.

"This isn't good..." Phoebe states.

"Why? Who is he?" Harry asks.

"He is the Norse God of Mischief, Loki." Phoebe says. "And one of the two opponents we must face, Perseus will be out for a little bit, so it's up to us to...." She is then kneed in the abdomen by the blonde man holding the hammer and smirks as she flies into the air and then slams into a tree. He spins and the hammer shatters Harry's shield and causes him to scream in pain before the man grabs his face and slams him into the ground.

"Name's Thor. God of Thunder for the Norse." He says as Harry has his arm stomped on and broken like a twig, making him scream louder in pain as the ground around him shatters and rises. Griphyx's vision darkens.


The princesses get up to their hooves immediately and spread their wings, sending gusts of wind through the air destroying most of the stands. They are PISSED. Chaos stares as they let their powerful energies seep out for once and the stadium starts to turn into energy and disappears into nothingness. Tartarus stares with a small smile.

'The white one NEEDS to be the mother of them. She is already treating them like they are hers, might as well let her take them.' He thinks to himself as Celestia radiates fierce amounts of power that rival his own, and that is only their base states. 'She is indeed an interesting one....' He chuckles inwardly, before the entire area resets itself and the princesses are calmed down slightly.

"Don't worry, while Harry is injured right now, he'll heal quickly." Tartarus tells them.

"HOW!?" Celestia roars in his face, only making him like her more and more.

"Because he isn't exactly 'human' anymore, thanks to you three and, Griphyx." He continues. "Your energies and part of mine and even Chaos's energies are now flowing through his own, while he isn't exactly like Griphyx, he is similar, as he is known as a 'Half-Breed'." Tartarus explains.

"I see..." Celestia says calmly, which actually manages to scare him slightly. "Then I guess there isn't much to worry about." She says confidently.

"Indeed, now I must ask you a favor." He says to Celestia seriously.

"What do you ask of me?" She asks. Tartarus walks over to her and places a hand onto her shoulder.

"Adopt them, please. Become their mother when the time comes and is right. Why they may age and look older, Half-Bloods are still seen as teenagers till they are at least a few hundred years old, and Half-Breed's are seen as adults after a couple hundred years." He explains. "So please, watch over them." He begs. Celestia looks into his eyes, and nods with a smile.

"I was going to anyways, after all this was said and done." She explained. Tartarus smiles at this and hugs her gently.

"Thank you." He says before appearing in his throne.

"Welcome." Celestia states before looking back at the screen, only to find Loki beating on Griphyx while Thor beats on Harry. Her blood boils, but tries to calm down more.


Griphyx watches as his brother is stomped into the ground and wall as Loki knocks himself around. His vision darkens more before his power explodes and he grabs Loki's fist and flips Loki onto his back. He then appears behind Thor and kicks him away from Harry, knocking him into the air.

Griphyx stands his ground as Loki kicks him in the side, not moving an inch, taking the two brothers by surprise before he grabs Loki's leg and slams him into the ground repeatedly from side to side making multiple large craters in the ground before stomping onto hi chest. As he walks away, Perseus gets to Harry's side while Phoebe walks alongside Griphyx, eyes wide and mouth agape as the mask piece is complete.

"Puny god...." He shrugs off before looking up at Thor who has a smirk on his lips.

"You certainly will be fun!" Thor exclaims before he spins the cloth on the hammers hilt and throws it at Griphyx, who raises a hand and catches the large hammer. Phoebe falls over from the massive gust of wind that the throw created and the ground cracks around Griphyx's feet, as he now looks like an adult.

Phoebe stares at Griphyx literally is an adult and his body is covered in bleach white skin, his hair is long and black with orange rings and marking going through it. Red fur cuffs are around his wrists and ankles as well as a fur collar that is part of his skin. He has a long whip-like tail, the mask is now more like a dragons skull as two horns point forward and two point upwards. His height is three times Thor's height as he holds a long and thing black katana in his right hand, while in his left is a bright green twinblade of sorts.

He wears torn black strange Japanese style clothing, while on his chest is a black skeleton armor protecting him as in the center of his chest is a large black spot that also shows in the center of his back as well. His fingers are now claws as his feet are now talons as well. His tail swishes in annoyance.

"What are you?" Thor asks.

"I am Griphyx. Your doom." He states as his twinblade vanishes and he throws the hammer back at Thor hitting him in the stomach. Before he can recover, Griphyx knee's Thor in the chin and kicking him in the chest, knocking him father into the air. Griphyx's wings fan out and he flaps his large black draconic wings and two smaller bat-like-wings and he vanishes and reappears behind Thor as he tail-whips him into the ground, literally.

Griphyx then appears next to the large crater and watches as Thor burst from the ground and punches him in the stomach, not that it mattered. Thor does this repeatedly while Griphyx gives him an annoyed stare, before his tail wraps itself around his neck, and raises him into the air. Loki gets to his feet, and stares at the demon looking Griphyx, whose form has changed once more.

He looks like that energy form and stares at Loki with cold and uncaring eyes.

"Watch...as your last hope in winning, loses, Loki." Griphyx says with a cold and even tone, shaking him to the core. Griphyx raises a clawed finger to Thor's chest, and a black sphere of magic forms before a large beams consumes Thor's form. His tail uncoils around Thor's throat as he coughs in slight pain.

"We NEED to spar again, Griphyx." Thor says with a smirk. "I enjoyed it." He says. Griphyx smirks back at Thor.

"Sure." He tells Thor, shaking his hand, before crushing his hand firmly with a deep scowl. "But harm my friends, or family, and I WILL kill you..." He says coldly. Thor nods his head with a large smirk.

"Definitely will not do that." He states.

"Good." Griphyx says with a smile. "Now let me return Griphyx back to normal." He states, making everyone freeze up, before Griphyx taps a claw-tip against Harry's forehead, making him pass out. "Can't let him remember any of this fight." He states as he starts to shrink.

"Who are you?" Thor asks.

"I am the other half of Griphyx, his Blood Line..." He explains before he becomes a child once more and stumbles around, grabbing his head.

"Ugh...w...what happened?" Griphyx asks.

"You passed out after Phoebe and Perseus managed to beat us." Thor states, covering for the battle. Griphyx looks around and looks at the two with a smile, before looking at Thor with the same smile.

"At least no one was killed or to badly hurt..." He sighs out happily. Thor smiles and pats his head gently.

"Indeed." He explains.

"Hey!" Griphyx exclaims. "Wanna be my friends too?!" He yells with a smile. Loki, Thor and Perseus smirk and nod their heads.

"Sure, just be sure to do pranks, alright?" Loki states with a grin.

"Sure!" Griphyx exclaims with a smile.

"Take these then, to call us to aid you." Perseus states, as he gives Griphyx a coral piece, a chunk of stone and a gold slab.

"Okay!" Griphyx says with a smile as he, Harry, and Phoebe walk through large gates that lead to the arena once more, where confetti flies through the air. A banner says "Congratulations for winning" in bright red. He looks at Harry who smirks and they walk onto a stage with Chaos standing there with a smile.

"Congratulations on winning. You two served us well in dealing with the beasts, castles and even showing your strengths against Loki and Thor in more ways than one." She says, before continuing. "And so, I now make you both, our champions!" She says with a booming voice. Harry and Griphyx smile up at her, before she hands them to medallions. Griphyx is a silver chain with a moon and then a crescent moon in the middle and unknown to him, there is a depiction of a Dragon and Draconequus. Harry's is a golden chain with a sun attached and in the center is what looks to be a Alicorn.

Griphyx smiles, before his world starts to go dark, and collapses. He see's Chaos give him a sad smile as she summons a portal that sucks them in slowly. The princesses talk with her before exchanging hugs and follow, then, darkness.

Author's Note:

And as always! I will see you! In the next chapter! Bye bye!!

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