The two Potters and the Three Princesses

by Vladimir

Chapter 7

The group walked through the overly long hallway behind Albas Dumbledore. Everyone was quiet, however the princesses noted that some of this 'Wizard's' and 'Witch's' held a rather large magical power, but not enough to cause worry for them, but for Harry and Griphyx. The two Potters were still learning and their magic was very potent and unstable. More so in Griphyx's case than Harry's. Dumbledore had opened a rather large door and stepped inside. There the group soon followed, but were greeted by self portraits of himself some portraits of students and passed teachers. On a stand stood a phoenix that reminded Celestia of Philomena. Everyone was still quiet as Dumbledore stood by what looked like a bowl full of sweets.
"Would any of you care for a jelly bean?" He asked while holding out a box towards the group. Griphyx grabbed the back, nodding his head thanking Dumbledore. Harry soon took a box as well. "But be wary, they have some odd flavors. One such flavor I come across is vomit and then other times it wax." He explained with a calm demeanor, however he had a small smile on his face, his eyes showed a childlike glee whenever he looked upon the three goddesses. "You three are the guardians of Harry and Griphyx, correct?" He asked. The three of them nodded their heads in affirmation. "That's good. however, I must ask, when did you three teach the two boys magic? It certainly is like ours, however, it is also different." Dumbledore asked.
"We have been teaching them magic for years, however, when we had gotten the letters for tis school, we thought it would be a good idea to continue their lessons, while learning human magic as well as ours, let alone gain some more discipline." Celestia explained. Albas nodded his head, his face stoic, eve though his eyes betrayed him. They held a sense of...honor? Yes, honor for these three for thinking in such a way.
"I understand. Do you two plan on taking on more students?" He asked the million bit question there.
"Only if they pass the test. Which very seldom do." Luna stated, placing a hoof on Griphyx's shoulder, rubbing it gently. Dumbledore nodded, before looking at Griphyx.
"So far, only two others have been permitted to be taught, while another two have been allowed to see them, correct?" Griphyx nodded as he chewed a jelly bean with the flavor of dirt. "Very well, I will allow this, as long as it does not become too much of a problem." Albas told them. The group nodded their heads before a knock sounded at the door. "Come in." Hagrid walked into the room, however he bowed slightly to the princesses. The three inclined heir heads slightly to him out of mutual respect.
"So I take it they have the clear to continue their...studies?" He asked, pausing on the last word. Dumbledore nodded his head before sitting at his desk.
"Yes, they are just fine to continue doing so. However I ask that you contain your new magic from other students as well as possible." He explained to everyone. The group nodded until Hagrid deiced to take his leave. After an hour of talking and interviewing each other, the princesses and the Potter brothers were placed in a 'fifth' house -it was really a secret part of Gryffindor- along with Hermione and Ron. The group had gotten their own beds, however, while Ron and Hermione lay in their own beds, Harry and Celestia shared his, while Griphyx, Nightmare and Luna shared the other. The group drifted off to sleep.
When Griphyx opened his eyes, he was on the moon again, however, Hermione and Ron were there too. Both of them confused as to how they had gotten there. After a half an hour of explaining to them it was a dreamscape, they had finally calmed down. The princesses were flying around, firing beams at boulders, while Harry tried to copy them, but failed. Griphyx jumped upward and landed just beside his older brother. Hermione and Ron followed suite, though neither of them were used to the dreamscape.
"Focus your magic into the palm of your hand or tip of your fingers or wand Harry. Concentrate on forming the magical energies into a solid mass before releasing." Celestia explained to Harry gently. Luna and Nightmare were sending their own beams at boulders, while Griphyx studied their techniques. Hermione and Ron sat and watched, not sure of what to do. Griphyx pointed his right index ringer forward, concentrating he drew in the magical energies around him, however it was so potent, it looked like white flames were forming into a small sphere before said sphere began to lengthen and curl around his finger, before a beam shot out hitting a boulder, the beam passed right through it, making a clean hole cut strait through it.
"Good. Griphyx is getting better at this than we thought. Harry also seems to be getting it. But what of the other two?" Luna stated to Nightmare and Celestia. The three thought and thought and thought. Until Griphyx had asked them to teach the two the basic's, such as levitation, shields, aura's, even wings if they so needed to teach -though those were abilities that might be to tough for them, it was hard for Harry and Griphyx to even do, let alone actually fly. So far only Griphyx can fly, while Harry seems to glide.-.The princesses nodded before beginning Hermione's and Ron's teachings. As the night went on, the two learned how o levitate an barely make a shield. While Griphyx had been flying around with his wings holding his strange wand like one would a sword, and Harry was sending off beams to practice. As the night soon came to an end, the group awoke, feeling stronger an more connected.
"It seems that you two are fast learners where it counts, however you will have a long way to go until you reach Harry's level, let alone how quickly Griphyx can manage his magic so well." Celestia told them. The two smiled and whooped. Harry grinned happily as he yawned and leaned against Celestia, who nuzzled him softly. Griphyx however, had his arms around Luna's and Nightmare's shoulders, keeping them close to him, to which, they did not leave his side.
The group departed from their room, and headed to the mess hall, ready for their classes as well as hungry. When they arrived however, there was a strange sight before them. There was a 'battle' going on between Mlafoy and another student, they had black as night hair, red eyes the color of blood, they were slit like Griphyx's. She was holding a bright blood red wand, on her shoulder was the Gryffindor symbol. Griphyx purred softly, before pointing at the girl.
"She passes the test..." However, he also found his girl fascinating. Her eyes were just like his, but not in color, but the way they were slit, it made him, happy. The girl glanced at the group, however was surprised to see the princesses. Malfoy sneered as his send some sort of attack at the girl, nocking her over. Once she hit the ground, Malfoy was going to give her the finishing blow, however, as he went to flick his hand, he was knocked aside by an invisible shield -well, to everyone who could not see the princesses that is- knocking him away. Griphyx stood between them, his eyes sit and narrowed, "You attack someone while they are down and defenseless. Only cowards do that. No, worse than a coward, trash. Trash does that." He scolded Malfoy. Unknown to him however, the girl was blushing be bore a slight scowl.
"Freak! I am obviously better than you will ever be!" He rose up, ready to blast Griphyx with unstable magic, until Griphyx whipped his hand to the side, only the girl could see this motion however, and Malfoy's wand flew out of his hand and onto the floor.
"You aren't better than me. No one is better than another. That is fact." With that said, Griphyx turned an held a hand out to the girl, who noticed hi eyes, she gasped softy.
"Your eyes...their like mine!" She said. Griphyx nodded his head as he took her hand gently, lifting her up to her feet. The girl blushed more as she looked away, as if embarrassed from this odd situation. Malfoy had already ran with his tail between his legs.
"My name is; Griphyx Potter. What's yours?" He asked. Holding her hand still, though neither seemed to mind.
"My name is; Ruby Star." Ruby answered. Griphyx nodded his head before looking back at his group. The princesses all had playful grins, though Nightmare was slightly raging inside, she was glad he made a new friend, as well as protecting someone else.
"Mr. Potter! What is the meaning of this!?" Bellowed McGonagall. Malfoy right behind her sneering. He had apparently lied to her. McGonagall scowled at the pour potter boy, until Ruby got in the way, her eyes taking the teacher off guard, not expecting to see another set like Griphyx's.
"Ma'am, whatever this...snake has told you, is a lie. He attacked me for being different and called me a freak. Once he had knocked me to the ground, he was going to attack me again until Griphyx here" -she motioned to the bot- "Stepped in and saved me. When Malfoy went to attack him, his hand had 'fallen' from his hand." Ruby explained. McGonagall looked aghast that Malfoy lied to her, before giving Griphyx an approving look and nod.
"Five points from Slitherin. Ten points to Gryffindor." She said to everyone, until she was cut off by Griphyx.
"Professor. Thank you for the points, but what will you do about Malfoy?" Harry asked. McGonagall seemed to be in thought until she looked at the group.
"I will find something for him to do." She stated, before leaving, Malfoy following here, scowling at the group, grumbling under his breath. Ruby and Griphyx looked at each other, both blushed slightly before separating, looking away from each other. The princesses giggled slightly, until Ruby stared at them. Ruby walked over to Nightmare, and placed a hand on her back gently, a shiver went through Nightmare and Griphyx like a bolt o electricity,
"You are so pretty..." Ruby complimented Nightmare.
"She is very beautiful indeed." Griphyx said next, causing Nightmare to gain a faint blush on her cheeks.
"Why thank you two, not very many po- people compliment me on my looks." She stated. Ruby smiled more and hugged her gently. "It seems you are similar to Griphyx, would you like to be out new student?" Nightmare asked Ruby after returning the hug. Ruby cocked her head to the side.
"Student? For what?" Griphyx chuckled softly before leaning against Nightmare gently, Lune lays her head on his shoulder.
"Magic of course. We have been given permission to teach certain people who pass Griphyx's test, which you did." Nightmare explained.
"Test? What test?" Ruby asked. Her answer came from Griphyx when he purred softly, startling her at first, before blushing, and then smiling. "Oh, does that mean I pass if you...purr?" Griphyx nodded slightly before smiling softly at her. Ruby smiled softly back, before she noticed that more students were filing in. The group went to their table, staying together talking amongst each other waiting for everyone to arrive. And wait they did.