The two Potters and the Three Princesses

by Vladimir

Chapter 19

Griphyx opens his eyes and groans, he looks around the room and sees that he is back in the medical ward again. He looks down and sees his wand being held tightly in his hand. He goes to sit up, but something coils around his arms and legs, his eyes widen as he hears a growl resonate from around him. The medical ward room shatters, revealing that he is in that cave again, but something seems off.
He looks up at a beast with a white skull, those sockets with the strange slit eyes that mimic his own, stare down at him. He watches as this thing holds him down and it's wings spread out, the coffin like spines widen, making the webbing between each one widen more as well. His eyes widen once more as it's wings look like his wings, except without the black flames, the tail looks the same. It throws it's head up and releases a howl-roar-wail type sound that kicks up dust and shakes the ground.
Griphyx closes his eyes from the dust, but soon opens them to see the beast staring down at him and watch as it's form spirals into his chest, and fuses with him. He silently cries out in pain as his mind gains memories of this things past. He watches as it served an old Wizard that served a king, and how the Wizard and this THING had stopped a fight between the dragon races.
When the memories stop, he beast forms before him, but it looks more like a human with the skeleton of the creature acting like armor connected to it's joints by magical tethers. It's eyes are white, until they show his eyes, an exact copy of himself stands there before him, holding that sword from before, while Griphyx holds the wand. He blinks as the creature seems to be roaring something out, until a ringing meets his ears and causes him to silent grunt in pain.
He watches as the thing walks closer to him, the bones shifting like armor, much as the joints of Harry's energy creature, or 'spirit animal' or his 'Soul' had. It reaches out as if asking for help. Griphyx goes to take it's hand, but then something pulls him back. He looks over his shoulder and sees that he is being pulled away from the creature, it closes it's eyes before chains circle around it and then it turns into the sword with his wand as the hilt.
But before he goes into the waking world, the creature speaks.
'We will protect what belongs to us, Griphyx' It says before he wakes up through a large dome of white light.


Griphyx sits up quickly, panting and sweating greatly as he grab his chest, he looks around and see's he really is awake now, but that he isn't holding his wand.
"That was an interesting duel, Griphyx." Snape says from next to Dumbledore. He looks up and sees the teachers and a few students there, as well as his group. He sighs in mock annoyance.
"Yeah well...if Malfoy hadn't attacked me, maybe I wouldn't need to be back in this medical ward once again. No offence." He says to the nurses at the end.
"No problem." A young nurse with chestnut colored hair, fair white skin nurse says. She has bright blue eyes, as she has red lipstick on her lips. "Just try to NOT get in here so often, okay?" She teases. Griphyx chuckles as he throws the covers off of his form and pushes himself off the bed. He looks around the room and see's that his wand is now that sword from before and that 'dream' of the creature.
"We can't seem to change it back into a wand, when we even got near it, it would shock us unless it was Nightmare, but even then she couldn't change it back, she said something about it needing your help?" Dumbledore said. Snape and a few of the teachers and students gave him questioning looks.
"I see." He states, looking at Nightmare who was next to the sword, smiling up at him. He walks over and grabs his wand hilt and it turns back into a wand. He puts the wand away and smiles. "Good, I suppose." He says before heading out. Nightmare and the group follows closely behind, although Snape chooses to follow as well. He walks through the hallway, out of the corner of his eye he sees that creature following him, it's wings ignite into those black flames in the sunlight.
'Well that explains a few things....' Griphyx thinks to himself. He watches the creature vanish in a flash of light, causing Griphyx to stop.
"Something the matter, Griphyx?" Dumbledore asks. Griphyx nods his head.
"Yeah, I just saw my...'monster' flying next to us before vanishing." He explains. This causes Snape to stop. A monster is inside Griphyx? That would explain quite a bit, or so he thinks. He looks at Griphyx questioningly, and he watches Griphyx freeze up. Was Snape there the whole time?
"And what exactly is this, 'monster', Mr. Potter?" Snape asks with his normal tone, when really there was curiosity in his eyes. Griphyx sighs, as if weighing his options.
"Tell him, Griphyx. Snape is one of the people I trust dearly. He has the right to know." Dumbledore says. Griphyx sighs once more before nodding his head. Griphyx turns and holds out his right palm and summons a sphere of shadow, making Snape's eyes widen. "How?" Snape asks. Griphyx looks Snape in the eye, before a mix of a growl and purr can be heard.
"You have....partially passed the test. Do you side will all things good and light? Do not lie, or I will know." Griphyx says. Snape looks Griphyx back in the eyes.
"Yes." He says. Griphyx purrs.
"You have passed the test, for now." Griphyx states, they watch Snape rub his eyes, and then stumble back as he looks at Nightmare draping a wing over Griphyx's shoulder.
"What is that thing?" He asks. Griphyx and Nightmare scowl.
"I am Nightmare Moon, Goddess of the Night, you lowly welp!" She growls. Snape freezes, a goddess of the night is draping a wing around one of his students, he deduces a few thins, 1). They are a couple. 2). They are friends. 3). They are student and teacher.
"I see, forgive me, but, what is your relation to Griphyx?" Snape asks. Nightmare smirks and nuzzles Griphyx affectionately.
"We are friends, my student, I am one of his guardians, and he is mine and Luna's." She explains. Snape looks and sees Luna and Celestia standing there, Celestia has a wing over Harry's shoulder, while Luna has a wing on Griphyx's other shoulder, both smiling. Griphyx turns back around and keeps walking, the group follows him as Snape talks with Celestia, and he asks about these 'Gods' that the five of them have met. All he gets is a 'We'll tell you all on a later date'.
Griphyx and princesses and their group heads to the mess hall, were Malfoy gets in his way. Malfoy sneers at Griphyx, who sighs before smirking and whips out his wan, the sword forms, this makes Malfoy recoil and flee. Griphyx smirks and cancels his sword form for the wand and sits in his spot and waits for the others to sit down as well.
Griphyx sits there with his eyes closed and waits. The others sits down with him as well, Dumbledore and the other teachers sit at the large tables, the morning passes and night rises. Griphyx walks around the castle and finds a strange door, he opens it and sees a mirror. He approaches it, confused as to why it is here. He looks into the mirror and sees himself, but then his form changes and he looks like an older version of himself with that skeleton tethered to himself, he has Luna and Nightmare on both sides of him, he watches as they smile up at him, then Harry and the others arrive, they are all in Equestria again, but it seems, different.
"That mirror holds ones inner desires." Dumbledore's voice says to him. He turns to see Luna and Nightmare there, smiling down at him, he smiles up at them, unknown to him, in the mirror, his form becomes a strange Draconequus and he shares a kiss with the two goddesses of the night, this causes the two to blush for real.
"What's wrong?" He asks. The two blush more before saying it's nothing. "Well, okay then." He says as he hugs them tightly around the bases of their necks. They blush more, but hug him back, just as tightly seeing as to how he is a Half-Blood of something.
"It would seem that you desire companionship of all standards, interesting." Snape says. When the others look up, Harry and Celestia freeze up, standing next to Griphyx are rather tall 'humans' that have his eyes and features, one most prominent is the man standing next to their mother and Harry's father.
The man has Griphyx's height, but his hair is white and spiky, his right eye is red and his left is blue. He wears a red coat and black pants where the bottoms fan out over strange thin shoes without shoe-laces. He smirks down at them.
Griphyx yawns and smiles at the two nocturnal Alicorn's.
"Lets get to bed." He says before he teleports away, leaving the group behind to see the same thing happens in the mirror, before it goes dark. Looks like the future, is going to be interesting.