Dragon's Reign

by Vladimir

Final Fight Part 2 and The End....

I stare up at this massive beast, my body ignites into massive blue fire pillar that can bee seen from the dragon mountains all the wall back to Canterlot. I let loose a massive roar and my pillar of flame grows till it is twice the size Zeus is.

======Hyperion PoV===========================

I stand with everyone, Flame by my side. We see a massive pillar of light rise into the sky, a roar is heard upon the winds. Nova's fight with Zeus has truly began. Ovan stands next to us, he had arrived an hour before and carved a mope into the earth, the lava is still moving towards the sea.
I watch as Mars holds Cadence tightly, his tail flicks about, as if he is anticipating something. What does he know that we do not? Hm...strange. I look back at the pillar and watch it dissipated. I feel a massive surge of pure power get sucked towards where a figure stands.
=======Nova's PoV==============================

I float there, my form slightly different, my scales are mid purple, my underbelly is bright yellow, my chest has a white pearl in it. My shoulders have large bone yellow spikes coming up, my spines are the same color, my eyes are blue white my tail tip is like an extra set of immobile claws, where a blue sphere floats between them. I roar and that alone destroys all the clouds above us, the smoke and ash in he air are pushed away.
I stare at Zeus, he moves away slowly, seeming to have second thoughts about our fight. My claws ignite into flames and I slash at the air twice, bone yellow streaks go through the air. Zeus roars and fires three beams, the beams clash against th streaks, however are not strong enough to stop them. I watch as Zeus gets hit by all of them and the explosion causes a crater at where the Volcano was, now it is a lava pit the size of Canterlot in a whole. I watch as Zeus flies into the air and fires more beams at me, I whip my tail and the blue sphere fires out a thin beam that cuts the beams in half, making them explode in his face.
He roars once again, but in frustration, he then appears behind me, his monstrous form about as tall as me now, I claw at him, but his tails coil around my arm and fling me at Canterlot, I rocket into the ground just in front of the castle, Canterlot trembles and the castle's spires collapse -again-.
"You thought you could take me on!? I am Zeus! I AM A GOD!!!!" He roars in three voices, but then his outer heads turn into arms, and he stares down at me, his eyes are cold. His hands -which were heads- have lightning flash in them, they look like pistols and he points them at me. "DIE!!!" He roars as he fires lightning bolts down at me. I raise a hand and magical energy forms into a barrier around me, the bolts bounce off and go right back to him.
I look up at him as the bolts fuse with his body as they cause him to grow larger and fiercer. My tail whips about like a cats does. I narrow my eyes when he appears before me, he claws at me, but I grab his wrists and in a swift movement I shatter them, he bellows in pain before kneeing me in the stomach, knocking me back away from him. I growl and open my mouth, particles and buildings around us disintegrate, their particles form with my beam that is growing. His eyes widen as I keep charging it, but he then shoots me with a bolt, the sphere collapses and implodes onto itself, I stumble back, the recoil damage causes my body to freeze up.
Zeus appears before me and puts the barrel to my forehead, a manic grin on his face.
"You will die- " Mars punches him in the head away from me, his crystals sparking with energy, I see Shinning appear next to him, his form has changed however, he is see through. I watch as Shining salutes me before going back into Mars's sword. Mars snarls and he breaths in, his eyes glow, as do his shoulder crystal's. When Zeus gets back up, he is hit by red beam with red and yellow lightning circling around it, his arm is missing when Mars finishes his attack.
"Zeus! You will fall this day!" He roars out. Zeus reforms his arm and fires another bolt, but it gets sucked into Mars's crystals, his eyes flash again, as red lighting that slams into Zeus's shoulder. He is sent flying back into the ground. Mars jumps and spins, his tail whips and crystals fly and imbed themselves into Zeus's arms and legs. He cries out in pain, beams of lightning firing from his mouth. Mars lads beside me, he helps me to my feet, we turn back to Zeus. "Lets end this fucker, once and for al! Alright father?" He says to me.
I smirk and nod my head, we both breath in, spheres forming, flames forming on out claws, my tail sphere glowing while his tail crystals glow in a deep black. We side step to him, picking him up, we fly to the lava pit, crystals forming onto his body, keeping his legs and arms locked in place.
"DAMN YOU TWO!!! DAMN IT!! DAMN IT!! DAMN IT!!!!!" Zeus roars in anger, we drop him above the pit, he yells as he falls, however, his tails coil around my leg and brings me down with him, I look up at him and smile before nodding my head, I look back down at him and as we get about a few feet, I fire he beam, his eyes widen as the beam collides with him, I look up and watch Mars, with tears going down his muzzle, fires his beam down, it hits Zeus, but the crystals spread to me, I then realize that they will keep us in them for a while, but I will return. I always do. I look up at Mars who is hovering above the closing lava pit, the crystals covering it.
"I'm proud of you Mars, I always will." I tell him.
"But, your going to leave us, and you won't come back..." He whimpers to me. I smile and shake my head.
"Your wrong, these crystals will hold me for a while, but not forever. I will return, I always will and do. Tell your mothers and sister that I love...them...." I say before the crystals cover both me and the lava pit. I watch was Mars's form grows fainter and fainter, my smile still on my face, and then, I close my eyes for a long slumber, happy that I could have stopped this war, hopefully that when I wake up, it'll be a world of peace....

=======Mars's PoV=====================================

I watch as the beam flies into the air, I feel fathers power rise and then just stop. I can't feel his power anymore. I watch as shockwaves form high in the sky, as attacks are traded, until father and Zeus crash in front of us. I put up a crystal barrier around the others, Ovan is staying with my mothers. I see father and Zeus trade blows, until I notice that father is being recoiled by a bolt of lightning.
I see Zeus put the barrel of his left gun to fathers head. I teleport next to Zeus, I punch him in the side of the head and know him away. I charge a sphere and fire a red beam with orange lightning circling the beam. As Zeus gets up, the back collides with him and takes off his right arm. "You will fall this day, Zeus!!" I roar out. Zeus's arm reforms and fires another bolt, but it comes at me, I smirk as the bolt gets absorbed into my shoulder crystals, a red bolt of lighting hits him in the left shoulder, knocking him into the ground. I jump and spin, crystals from my tail and imbed themselves into his arms and legs. I help my father to his feet. "Lets end this fucker, once and for all! Alright father?" I ask.
He smirks and nods his head, we both turn and breath in particles, a blue sphere forms in fathers muzzle, while a red and red and orange sphere forms in mine. He grab him and pick him up, my crystals spread all over his legs and arms. We side step above the Volcano, we drop him after his temper tantrum, however, Zeus's tails coil around fathers leg and pulls him down as well.
"NNOOOOOO!!!!!!!! FATHER!!" I scream as I go to dive down to him, but he looks up at me, and smiles and then nods his head. Tears go roll down my cheeks, as the two of them keep falling, I nod my head back, he smiles more, before he fires his beam at Zeus, the explosion sends Zeus into the lava, as crystals spread all over fathers, he lands in the lava pit, I fire my beam, it turns an icy blue with white lightning circling it, it hits the side of the pit, and crystal start to cover it.
I hover above father, he smiles up at me.
"I'm so proud of you, Mars, I always will." He states, I see tears brimming in his eyes, but he doesn't seem to notice.
"But, your going to leave us, and you won't come back...." I whimper out. I see him shake his head with a smile.
"Your wrong." He says to me. "These crystals will only hold me for a while, I'll return at some point, I always will, and do. Tell your mothers and sister that I will always love...them...." He says to me before the crystals cover his body and the pit. I see his form start to sink down deeper and deeper. I pound on the crystals and cry out. I wail up at the sky, lightning flashes and thunder booms.
I sob as I slump over, I feel everyone appear behind me. Cadence walks over and hugs me gently, I hug her tightly and keep sobbing. Luna, Chrysalis, Nightmare and mother sob, Ruby starts to wail as Discord bows his head, his eyes closed as a single tear roll down his face. Hyperion/Moon is holding a sobbing Flame. Sapphire cries as Scorpious and Night Shield hug her comfortingly. Celestia cries softly, Discord wraps his arms around her, his face in her mane.
"I'm sorry for what has happened...Mars." Cadence says softly. Ovan takes a step forward, his form still here.
"How are you still here, Ovan?" Mother Luna asks. Ovan smirks, tears in his eyes as he looks down at the pit.
"He isn't dead, and he isn't gone forever. He is just slumbering away down there. His power being restored. He will return at some point in the future, no doubt in my mind during a time of crisis. But" -he looks at all of us, smiling- " he will always be here, as I am him and he is me. While he lives, so do I. So be happy knowing that we are alive and mostly well, be happy that he will come back again." Ovan states. That's right...Ovan is my father as well. It makes sense.
"Then we are married to you as well, Ovan. Our husband. And when the time comes, Nova will come back t us, even if it is during a time of crisis, he will come back. But, we must move on as well, mourn now, than do so later." Mother Chrysalis says softly. We nod our heads and we head back to Canterlot, our home.
As we return, we see that the war has been won. The enemy sides have either fled or have been destroyed. Now is the time to rebuild, now is the time to live. And we will do so, and when the time comes, father will return, but for now, we must smile and welcome he future, and accept the past. Because that is what my father taught me.


It has been six months since our fight with Zeus, the war, and the sealing of my father. Ovan has been doing well, Ruby just turned two a few weeks ago. She seems happier, my mothers still cry every once in a while, but Ovan cheers them back up again. Canterlot has been rebuilt and so has the castle. We have a massive memorial for all those who died in the war. I sit next to Cadence, we have been together for these six months, Celestia's babies had arrive, they were twin girls.
Life has been hard, but also better. Cadence and I are getting ready to head back to the Crystal Empire, I heard that it was being rebuilt with my crystals, I have the Crystal Heart here next to me, next to it, is a family portrait, I smile down at it, tears form as I smile down, my tears hit the picture as I cover my muzzle with a claw.
"He'll be back Mars, don't worry. Now, come to bed please, it's 1:00 a.m." She says to me as she kisses my snout gently and lovingly. I nod my head, and the two of us head to our room, away from my study, unaware that my fathers picture self, winks before returning to normal. Maybe next time.