The two Potters and the Three Princesses

by Vladimir

Chapter: Prologue

Normal speak
Magical speak

The air is cool and the wind is soft as it rasps against the houses on Privet Drive in London, England. At the head of the street stands a tall figure that wears what looks to be strange robes and even a pointy hat. The figure is an old man with a long white beard that goes down the front of his chest before stopping near his stomach. His half moon glasses glint slightly in the light as his eyes hold a sense of wonder for one so old in their age.
The man reaches into his sleeve and pulls out what looks like a lighter and clicks it. The streetlamps begin to flicker off as orb after orb of light flies into the "lighter". As the last lamp dies out, the man clicks the device once more and conceals it into his sleeve once more. He takes a step forward down the now darkened rode slowly as if taking his time as if waiting for someone to arrive with a package, or two.
The old man walks up towards a white painted house with a Cheshire cat sitting perched on a brick wall as it mewls towards him. The man gains a soft smile.
"It is good to see you, Minerva." The man states. The cat looks to be pouting before walking along the house however, from the light of the moon the cat's shadow is shown to be turning into what looks to be a woman. Said woman looks old and slightly decrepit, but still holds a sense of still being "young" than many would think was possible. She wears a strange dress that looks befitting of a Professor of some sort with a hat with a silvery feather in it. The old woman looks towards the man with a pouting look.
"How did it was me, Albus?" Minerva asks. The man chuckles lightly.
"I have never seen a cat sit so stiffly before in my life." He says calmly as well as merrily. Minerva huffs lightly.
"You try not being stiff when sitting on a brick wall all day long." She states. Albus looks at the woman in surprise. His eyes seem to hold a curious twinkle in them.
"All day?" He asks. Minerva nods her head slightly. "Were you waiting for me to arrive during the day? Or were you anxious to see the two?" He asks.
"I was hoping that it would have been done earlier, but, seeing as to how these muggles(Non-Magical's) kept walking about." She says calmly before gaining a thoughtful look and a sheepish smiles (as sheepish as the woman could get from how strict she looks). "Though, I do believe I was a bit anxious." She states. Albus nods his head.
"I completely understand." He says. Minerva looks around before raising a brow.
"Where are they?" She asks. Albus' eye-twinkle becomes brighter.
"I am having Hagrid bring them here." He says softly. Minerva gains an aghast look.
"Him?" She asks incredulously. Albus nods his head.
"Indeed. It seems that he had become attached to Harry and was having problems with letting go." Albus says lightly.
"What of his brother? Did he even get a name?" Minerva asks. Albus sighs.
"He has no name as Lilly and James had been attacked before he could even be named." He informs the old woman.
"Then what are we to call him? And is Hagrid not attached to him like he is to Harry?" She asks. Albus holds a confused look in his eye.
"To that, I am unsure of, but, perhaps it has something to do with his eye." He says.
"His eyes?" Minerva asks in confusion.
"He has those kind of eyes. Meaning he isn't James', yet, he is Lilly's." Albus informs.
"She has a Half-Blood child? Then who is the father?" She asks. Albus sighs and shakes his head.
"I wish I new, but, I do not know. Perhaps, in time, we will learn of him." He says calmly. The sound of a motor revving is hear and the two turn to see a large man riding a motorcycle with a side-car attached to it lands before them. The large man has long thick black hair and beard. He wears a brown leather trench coat and pants along with large brown boots that sits against the pedals.
He rises off of the machine and stands to 8' 12" with rounded black goggles over his eyes which are fogged up for some reason. As the man takes the goggles off up onto his forehead they now see why they had been fogged up. The man's eyes were teary and puffy as well as red. His nose and cheeks are rosy red as if he had ran out of oxygen every so often(possibly true). Albus smiles at the man.
"Hello, Hagrid. I trust the two are safe?" He asks. Hagrid nods before he seems to pale slightly. Minerva and Albus notice this immediately.
"Is something wrong?" Minerva asks. Hagrid nods his head as he picks up and hands a boy to her.
"This one has a horn as well as what looks like a marking on his little back." He states. Minerva undoes the strange orange and purple colored blanket to reveal as small baby boy. His skin is far too pale to be normal and true to Hagrid's word, there is indeed a horn coming from the left side of his head. When she turn the boy over slightly to reveal his back(which she notes is even more pale) does have a strange symbol that looks to be like a seal of some sort, yet, non of it shows any human magic towards it.
She rolls the blanket back up around the baby only to stop and stare in his eyes which lay open. She notes that his eyes are stranger than the Half-Blood's of the past she has had the pleasure of meeting. While he has the slit pupils, his iris' are two different colors though. His right eye is bright red with a tint of orange and purple, while his left is bright forest green and resembles a cat's eye. He looks at her as if studying her before his eyes close and his snores are hard to be known at he is resting once again.
She places the boy back into the basket next to his brother. Harry Potter. Hagrid picks the basket up and places it before the door of a house with the number "4" on it. He sniffs slightly before walking back to his bike and after a few words being exchanged between Albus and himself(Minerva being pre-occupied on staring at the boy she was just hold) before they are stopped by a voice.
"Griphyx. We'll name him Griphyx."
"Hm?" Albus asks. Minerva looks at the old man.
"We are naming him Griphyx. Any problems with it?" She asks. Hagrid shakes his head and Abus gains a small smile.
"It's a good sounding name. Griphyx. Yes." He states before vanishing with a *pop* and Hagrid leaves with a soft *vroom*. Minerva looks towards the two boy's and pulls out a stick and waves it above the basket. A name plate forms saying "Harry and Griphyx Potter". She nods her head before knocking on the door, returning to her cat form and running away before she to leaves with a *pop*.
The door opens to reveal what looks to be a dying horse with a perm. She gasps and brings the basket into her home and slams the door shut and locking it.


5 years later. . .

A large whale of a man holds two boys by their arms as their faces are covered in bruises and even a few cuts and scrapes. The man's face is bright white with anger and is panting from his pure rage. Behind him is a pig of a boy who is nursing his broken nose and a few broken fingers while the dying horse of a woman wails in fear unsure of what to do.
"I have had it up to here with your freakishness! No dinner, breakfast or lunch for a week! And I expect you both to have your chores done before any of us wake up! Understand!?" The man bellows in rage as he throws two boys into a small cupboard just large enough for them to share. The whale slams the door shut and locks it in place with a heavy duty lock and chain before storming(or was it stomping from the sound of it) off towards what the two believed to be the crying child.
The oldest boy(only by a few hours) wearing rounded glasses is quick to move to the younger boys side(his younger brother and holds him gently. The boy in question is pale beyond belief if you were to tell anyone. He looks like skin and bones yet he has obvious muscle as he had shattered the pig-boy's nose and snapped his fingers on his left hand like twigs. A cut is in the side of his right cheek which is slowly healing as quick as it can.
On the left side of his head is a horn that has what looks to be part of a shell of some sort that protects part of the left side of his head. He has strange mascara markings(even though they have no makeup) that makes faint tear-line like markings that start below his eyes before stopping above his cheeks(even though said markings are incredibly thin but still noticeable), his hair is just as strange as the rest of himself, as it is darker than the blackest of nights yet the tips are bleach white. His breathing is shallow and few. His chest barely rises and he sounds to be wheezing.
The boy with the glasses has tear eyes as the warm salty water moves down his cheeks an drips onto the younger boys face making his closed eyes twitch slightly. He peers down at his younger brother who managed to save him from their uncle Vernon's wrath and took most of the damage. While his younger brother has amazing healing capabilities, he also knows that right now, said ability isn't going to do much.
"Come on Griphyx...come on!" He whimpers out. "Don't die on me! Please!" He begs his younger brother. Said boy twitches slightly and the older boy feels a cold hand press up against his cheek lightly.
"Don't worry...Harry...I won't" Says the weak voice of a child. Harry looks down and see's Griphyx looking up at him with his green eye open and a gentle(yet pained) smile on his lips.
"Oh Griphyx..." Harry whimpers out as he holds his little brother closer to himself. Griphyx stares up at Harry and even though a smile is gracing his lips his eye holds no emotion whatsoever as it seems to belong to something not completely human. Harry whimpers as he holds Griphyx closer to himself.
"I wish we had some friends...I wish we could be treated right by others..." Harry whimpers out. Griphyx's eye narrows slightly in slight sadness before it closes and he drifts off to sleep. Minutes later Harry falls to his slumber as well. However, the power of a child wishes are so powerful that they can come true. Harry's wish is about to be fulfilled whether or not he realizes I yet.



The world of Equestria sits in darkness as Celestia and Luna run around in trying to figure out where their older sister Nightmare Moon had gone. The moon that sits high in the sky but it seems to be dull compared than usual. The night itself is overwhelmingly hot when Nightmare refuses to actually control her abilities as the Goddess of the Night. Celestia and Luna reach up with a lavender colored Alicorn mare with a purple mane and tail with a single red stripe going through each.
Twilight Sparkle.
The protégé of Celestia; Goddess of the Sun and Day.
Twilight Sparkle had just been made into an Alicorn Goddess not even a few hundred years ago as she is now in charge of the stars while helping with the night.
"Twilight!" Celestia exclaims. "Have you found our sister!?" She begs.
"No, but I can help with this!" Twilight says with determination.
"How?" Asks Luna.
"Remember when Nightmare had asked me to help a few decades back?" Twilight asks. The two nod their heads lightly. "Well she had given me some of her power to control the night if, for whatever reason, she wasn't around." Twilight informs them. Celestia nods her head slightly.
"I see. But that doesn't help in finding her!" She exclaims. Twilight gains a sheepish look.
"Um...actually...I think she had said she would be looking into the dream scape..." Twilight informs them. Luna's left eye twitches.
"And you forgot to tell us this, why!?" She bellows.
"It uh...slipped my mind? He he?" She says. Luna sighs in aggravation before face-hoofing repeatedly chanting the word 'stupid!'. Celestia sighs with relief.
"Oh good. But, why was she headed there?" She asks. Twilight shrugs.
"She said she had wanted to look at those "hoo-man" dreams again. Something about them kept her interest for quite some time apparently." Twilight informs them. Celestia nods.
"That is true. I wonder how they are doing, anyways?" She asks no one in particular. The thought is stopped as the entire castle starts to shake and tremble by someone's most impressive furry as a portal opens and the three Alicorn's rush towards Nightmare Moon's room. As they reach the ajar door, however, they are greeted by the sight of two small human males both injured(though they note the younger one is in a near death like state while the older is simply cut up slightly around his cheeks).
"I wish we had some friends...I wish we could be treated right by others..." Says the older child as the portal seems to grow larger and begins to suck the air around it in. However, what shocks them is who is creating the portal.
It is their older sister; Nightmare Moon.
Nightmare sits before the portal as her horn glows brighter and brighter as the portal keeps growing larger and larger. Celestia notes the tears rushing down her cheeks and feels a bit of sympathy towards her older sister. Celestia moves closer to her sister before she hears Nightmare mumbling something.
"I'll be your friend..." She states.
Celestia stands stock still. Did her older sister just say she would be these human's friends? How curious. She sits next to Nightmare and her own horn glows brightly as the portal grows and becomes more stable.
"I'll be their friend as well." She says with a soft motherly smile. Nightmare sends her a happy yet annoyed glare in acceptance. Luna sits on the other side of Nightmare being the youngest of the three and ignites her own horn to life. The portal becomes stock still and completely stable. Nightmare rises to her hooves and looks towards Twilight who is now being accompanied by Cadence and Discord.
"Make sure the would isn't destroyed before we return." She says. Discord smirks.
"Don't think we won't visit you every so often, Moony." He teases. Nightmare giggles darkly.
"I know. But be sure to not be noticed by these humans unless told to. Understand?" Nightmare orders. Discord nods and bows mockingly.
"Of course, Queen Nightmare Moon." He states before looking at the sky. "I'll be in charge while you three are gone. I'll handle raising the sun and Twilight can raises the moon in stars as well as the night. Cadence can do the paper work." The Draconequus states before looking back at the three Alicorn's. "We'll miss you three. But, you all need a vacation." He laughs out before a comical boot the size of a tree kicks the three through the portal.
"DAMN YOU DISCOOOOOOO- *POP*" Was the last sound they had heard. Twilight gives Discord a flat look.
"You do realize Queen Nightmare is going to kill you...right?" She asks.
"Totally worth it." He grins.



Harry and Griphyx had just fallen to sleep into a swirling vortex of energy formed above their heads and three horses with horns and wings landed atop of them. Harry gives out a startled cry while Griphyx lay on the floor with his left green slit eye stares at the three beings in surprise and interest but doesn't show it. The white one groans.
"Oh, Luna, Nightmare?" She calls out. The voice sounds female.
Two more female voices sound off as well. Griphyx's eye looks towards the three of them as he notes the white one has a tattoo of an orange and yellow sun on her flanks. The blue one has that of a white crescent moon over black cloud like splotches. And finally the black one has an eerie blue crescent moon over purple cloud like splotches. Griphyx notes that their manes and tails are moving in a never ending ethereal breeze and look to be twice(save the black one who is thrice) the size of them, yet they weigh nothing.
"How curious..." Griphyx rasps out. The black horse looks at him with wide eyes.
"You...You can see us?" She gasps.
"Yeah, we both can." Harry states as he rubs his head in pain. Celestia is currently sitting in his lap and blushes slightly before hopping off of him.
"Sorry." She says.
"It's fine." Harry says with shrug. He looks around and notes that they are on the...moon? "How...?" He asks in awe.
"We entered into your dream world, however, we are actually laying on you two in the physical world." Nightmare informs the two of them.
"Who are you though?" Harry asks.
"My name is Princess Celestia, Goddess of the Sun." Celestia says.
"I am Princess Luna, Goddess of the Moon." Luna introduces herself.
"I am Queen Nightmare Moon, Queen of Darkness, Goddess of the Night and Dreams." Nightmare states.
Interesting.... Griphyx thinks.
'Scary...' Harry thinks.
Nightmare looks towards the two with a ghost of a smile while Luna nuzzles Harry gently(as does Celestia) with a smile on her face. Nightmare looks towards Griphyx and tilts her head.
"What is your names?" She asks as friendly as possible.
"H-Harry P-P-Potter!" Harry stutters out. Griphyx remains calm.
"Griphyx Potter." He states. Nightmare nods her head.
"Alright. She says before nuzzling Griphyx gently.
"Do you um...wanna play something?" He asks. Luna nods rapidly and the two chase after each other. Celestia giggles before looking at Griphyx.
"Why aren't you playing?" She asks. Griphyx gives her a side glance.
"Why would I need to "play"?" He asks.
"It helps make friends." She says. Griphyx closes his eyes slightly before smirking and running after the two in their heated game of "tag". Nightmare smiles as Celestia goes and joins them, soon, Nightmare herself is playing with the four of them a gleeful smile on their faces.