The two Potters and the Three Princesses

by Vladimir

Chapter 30

Griphyx walks along the halls of Hogwarts castle in search of his brother and friends, as they had not been around when he had awoken and were nowhere to be seen. He looks around the long curving hallways as he keeps gaining their scent's, yet, he can't pinpoint them for some strange reason.
He turns down a strange hallway with black stone walls and those moving paintings of knights he had seen from the corridors for the stairs as he and the others have spoken to loads of times whenever they were alone. He sighs in aggravation as the knights remain quiet as he passes them by, however, he stops next to a strange portrait of a black knight saluting him?
He pauses and looks at the knight as it salutes him as if he were a king or something.
"Um..." He starts.
"Do you need anything, sir!" The knight exclaims.
"No, not really. Unless you could help me find my friends and brother?" Griphyx asks. The knight nods, to Griphyx's surprise, and waves a hand.
"Follow me sir! I can show you the way!" He exclaims. He rides on a large black mustang stallion armored with, ironically, white armor plates.
"R-Right!" Griphyx says as he chases after the painting as it rides through the other portraits, making them VERY annoyed with both of them, and vanishes around the corner. Griphyx groans and sprints after the painting but as he turns the corner, he claws the wall in hopes to not run into the wall before him. He succeeds, but only for a moment as he then spins the corner and flings himself down the hallways and slams face first into the side of the wall.
The painting watches with what Griphyx could think of; confusion or aggravation. He rises to his feet and shakes his head quickly to clear it before he chases after the riding away painting. He growls as he feels a sort of rush from chasing something and decides to try something new.
He jumps but his legs keep pumping and he lands on the wall. He kicks up a few stones as he runs along above the panting as it goes from portrait to portrait making leaps to get to the other. He looks ahead and see's a stairwell and he gets a stupid yet clever idea he has been meaning to try.
He jumps and lands onto the railing and tries to slide down, but instead what happens is a series of tumbling down the long strange steps as the painting of the black knight and his horse waits at the bottom of the stairs in the portrait of a woman holding a baby as they converse and the baby giggles and laughs at Griphyx's pain to his expense.
He slides along the floor in a circle yet keeps going strait and he can feel his eyes spinning around in close to the same fashion of Luna's whenever she becomes confused and passes out for some unknown reason. His groans as he face hits a wall and then his side slams into someone's shoe.
He opens an eye and looks up at the shoes owner. He groans again as he sees Malfoy standing there with a smirk and his wand held out and pointed down at Griphyx's neck.
"Hello, Potter. What a coincidence of us meeting here, alone." He sneers out. Griphyx rolls his eyes and rises to his feet slowly and pops his back.
"Not now, Malfoy. I'm looking for my brother and friends." He says dryly. Malfoy sneers once more as he places to tip of his wand against Griphyx's neck and he gains a glare.
"That's too bad then, isn't it? Filthy Half-Blood." He spits out with a hiss of what Griphyx can hear is anger. He rolls his eyes once more before he goes to grab the boys wand, but something rams into him and it is small. He looks behind him and sees an...elf?
"What the hay?" Griphyx states in confusion as this elf tries to pin him down.
"No one shall hurt the Malfoy house." The elf states with a strange squeaky but serious tone, but his eyes hold a sense of sadness.
"I have met MANY strange things in my life, but you my friend, are the strangest thing to take me by surprise." Griphyx states before vanishing and reappears next to the elf while leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. "What's your name?" He asks.
"He doesn't have one, Potter. And I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't speak to my House Elf!" Malfoy exclaims. The elf gains a somber expression and Griphyx remembers of when he and Harry were treated like trash by their own family.
"I was asking HIM not YOU Malfoy." Griphyx growls out. The elf looks up at the young Potter with a confused look.
"Why do you care about a simple elf?" Malfoy growls out.
"Because your treating him like trash! He is a living, breathing thing, not. Trash!" Griphyx exclaims.
"He's just an elf, you filthy Half-Blood!" Malfoy exclaims as he flicks his wand and shoots a bolt into Griphyx's shoulder, making the Potter clutch it and hiss in pain. Malfoy fires another bolt but it is accidentally shot out at the elf. The elf's eyes widen slightly and he raises his arms, ready to block the accidental attack, but it is stopped by something sharp and metal as it falls down into the floor before him and the bolt ricochets into Griphyx's leg.
The elf looks up and gasps to see Griphyx holding a strange wide katana-like-blade from what looks to be a skeletal wand. Griphyx pants as his shirt has a whole that looks burned through and the spot on his chest where the bolt his is black and has a burn mark to it as his cloak flutters down slowly over the elf's body as Griphyx uses his own body as a shield.
Malfoy sneers.
"Protecting a simple House Elf, hm?" He hisses out. Griphyx pants in pain as his lungs try to gain air, but the pain is too great. Malfoy readies his wand once again, but it is sent out of his hand by Nick who sprints down the hall and slugs Malfoy in the face with all of his might and sends the blonde boy down onto the floor and bounce/slides over to the other wall where he hits his head against it.
"Griphyx!" Harry exclaims as he moves to his little brothers side and starts to heal him quickly. Griphyx coughs softly before looking at the House Elf who wears his cloak like a cape and stares wide eyed at the younger Potter brother.
"You alright?" He asks.
"Dobby." The elf states.
"What?" Griphyx asks.
"My name, is Dobby." He tells Griphyx again. Griphyx smirks and nods his head as he holds a hand out.
"Griphyx Potter." He states. Dobby grabs Griphyx's hand and shakes it as he gives the cloak back to the boy, or, at least he tries to. "Nah, keep it Dobby. You need- actually, hold on." He says and takes the cloak. He looks around for anyone else to be looking, which no one is except for Harry, and he uses his magic to shrink the cloak down to Dobby's size and hands it back to the elf.
"What are you doing?" Dobby asks.
"I'm giving this to you, seeing as to how you'll need it more than me." Griphyx says with a grin. Dobby stares for a few moments before taking the cloak and putting it on. it goes down his body and hides his form even if he were to walk around.
"Thank you, sir Mr. Potter- " Dobby starts but is cut off by Griphyx.
"Just, Griphyx is fine with me, Dobby." Griphyx states with a sheepish grin as he rubs the back of his head lightly. Malfoy rises back to his feet and growls.
"Get over here now, Dobby!" An older man's voice exclaims. Griphyx growls and spins around and pulls the sword from the ground and changes it back into it's wand-mode and points it as Lucius Malfoy.
"Hello, Lucy." Griphyx growls out. Lucius glares.
"Me. Now what are here for, Lucy?" Griphyx growls out as he and Lucius circle each other as they glare intently at each other.
"My son and that ungrateful House Elf over there." Lucius hisses out.
"I can tell he isn't "useless" as he managed to protect your precious little son from my wrath." Griphyx hisses back at the tall pale man. Lucius hisses in anger and fires a bolt of magic at Griphyx, but it is blocked by another bolt from behind the boy. He looks over his shoulder and sees Dobby standing there with a small wand and scowl on his face.
"None shall harm the Potters." He states.
"Dobby, get over here, now!" Lucius growls out.
"I don't serve the Malfoy house anymore! Dobby is free!" The small elf exclaims. Lucius takes this time to look at his ex-House Elf and he notices the cloak. He looks back at Griphyx and growls as he pulls the snake head part of the cane back and reveals a sword and he rushes as Griphyx who is taken by surprise by the reveal of Lucius's cane-sword.
Dobby stands before Griphyx and flicks his wand and sends a bolt into Lucius' chest knocking the man away by a few feet onto his back and slide against a wall. Draco growls and gets ready to fire a bolt at Dobby, but he is punched in the face by Harry and stumbles back into Griphyx who fires a weak magical bolt and sends the young Malfoy into his father.
Griphyx slowly, but evenly, walks towards the two downed Malfoy's who for the life of him holds no sense of hatred for. Instead he feels only emptiness instead of fury or even anger. He looks down at the two pale blonde haired males standing before him. He turns to his right as his eyes close and he lets out a soft sigh of...sadness? But why?
Why would he feel sadness and emptiness for these two Malfoy? These two who have been giving him hell every-bloody-time they would meet. He opens his eyes as he turns back to stare at the two males standing before him as they seem to be ready for a fight even though neither of them could hope to win.
"This fight is over. I'll let you two be as you are without having need to take what is left of your 'honor' or worse. I honestly do not care anymore." Griphyx states coolly. Draco does the smart thing and back off from the young Potter while Sirius simply sneers and flicks his strange sword/wand. However, his movements are halted by Griphyx grabbing his wrist, tightly, and managing to cancel his patronus.
"You have chosen wisely, Draco. I feel deep sorrow for your father, however, as he did NOT heed my warning." Griphyx states as the two grow wide eyed as they see a flicker of stranger energy go through the Potter's eyes. "And he has lost." He states before letting go of Sirius's wrist and vanishes right as his wand/sword snaps before exploding into two parts as Sirius stumbles back and falls against the wall yet again being outdone by Griphyx Potter.
Draco feels nothing as he watches his father grumble and hiss out curses from under his breathe, no, his mind is on what he had just witnessed. He witnessed his father and himself being beaten by Griphyx and his friends. He watched his fathers wand pretty much explode on itself and had seen what looked to be gates behind Griphyx's strange hideous eyes.
He felt nothing but hatred for Griphyx for disgracing him but not his ignoramus of a father. He silently swears to regain revenge on the one who disgraced him once again. An oath of sorts. Draco turns and leaves his anger father as he mourns over the loss of his wand/sword.