• Published 6th Feb 2014
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The two Potters and the Three Princesses - Vladimir

A story that retains to the Harry Potter Universe, as well as MLP, an my own Imagination. MLP is owned by Hasbro, Harry Potter is owned by J.K. Rowling, OC's are my own. Inspired by "The Wizard and the Lonely Princess" - Harry Leferts

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Chapter 14

Griphyx walks down the hall heading towards the mess hall late, until Draco and his goons get in his way. Smug look on Draco's face gives Griphyx a bad feeling.

"I just became the seeker for the Slitherin Quidditch team." He sneers. Griphyx sighs internally, but physically, he shrugs.

"So? Why would that matter to me?" He asks coolly. Draco scowled and then pushed Griphyx, knocking him onto his side. Griphyx, instead of beating the little twerp, just gets back up and dusts himself off. "Was that supposed t get me to push you back? You do know if I wanted, you would be imbedded into a wall correct?" He states. Draco's wide eyes tells him all h needed to know. "I see. Then you are a fool." He says before appearing behind Draco and his goons before walking on, as he leaves, Draco and his goons are swept aside from random gust of wind.

Griphyx enters the mess hall and seats himself next to his brother. A week had passed and they had their guard. Griphyx looked at Harry from the corner of his eye.

"Draco is the seeker of the Slitherrin team. Just to let you know, we'll need to be ready for the game today." He states. Harry nods his head. Their group listens while the princesses are back at their dorm, resting and regaining lost magical energy. Harry and Griphyx rise from their seats and head to the Gryffindor Quidditch locker room. The two of them are gearing up when Chad walk up to the two of them.

"You, Griphyx have some serious balls, making he Slitherrin team want to kill you." He states with an approving smirk. Griphyx quirks a brow.

"The buck are you talking about?" He asks. Chad hands him a note, it talks about how they are going to win and that they will find out his and Harry's secrets and publicize it to the whole school. Griphyx rips the note to pieces and litters the pieces on the floor. "Empty threats from Malfoy don't scare me. Like I said to him earlier today, if I wanted to, he'd be imbedded into a wall somewhere. I care not for him." Griphyx says coldly. Chad gives him a "Yeah right" look.

"He's telling the truth, he is stronger than you think. He is also a hay of a lot faster than me when he takes something seriously. Be it in the air or on the land, he beats me in everything." Harry says. Chad gives Griphyx an astonished look, Griphyx raises a brow at him.

"You infatuated by me or something?" He asks. Chad shakes his head.

"Nope, just didn't expect you to be like that though. But that would explain the try out and the rumors of you moving so fast it can cause a gust of wind." Chad said. Griphyx gets a smirk before vanishing before Chad's eyes.

"That much is all true, if I truly wanted, I could walk like this, but even I have limits." Griphyx says from behind Chad. Chad jumps and spins around, to see no one. You really need better reflexes if your trying to catch me in action." He states from behind Chad once again.

"Yet well, I can't follow what I can't see, now can I?" Chad states. Griphyx nods his head.

"Very true, but you can follow what you can hear and smell. I sometimes do that when I'm bored." He explains. Griphyx walks past Chad and then picks up his broom, he looks back at them, smirking, showing his fang. "Lets do this!" He states before he and the rest of the team fly out of the room, Griphyx circles around Harry once again, the brothers moving in unison. The teachers watch in awe as Griphyx rotates around Harry like the moon down the earth.

The Slitherrin team flies out next, and he game starts. Harry and Griphyx go after the golden snitch. Draco follows them, but he smile when Harry jerks about and he knocks Griphyx off of his broom. Griphyx blinks, and looks around, his broom is broken and the ground gets closer and closer. He sighs and spins, he lands on the seats just between Hermione and Ruby. He turns and see Snape holding his wand out and muttering something as Harry's broom is jerked around. Hermione sets his cloak on fire and Harry becomes free from the curse. Harry grabs the golden snitch, but he losses control and falls, everyone watches. Griphyx jumps and grabs Harry, the two fall to the ground, but Griphyx snaps his fingers and the broom flies to them as they fall, Griphyx grabs the broom and flies into the air high above the field and clouds.

The two dive down past the clouds, they boom past the audience as they land on the grass. The announcer says that Gryffindor wins. Griphyx helps Harry up to his feet as the two of them head back to the locker rooms. Chad congratulates them, and they thank him. The two get back to their dorm where Griphyx punches a wall, it shutters slightly as everyone including the princesses jump.

"I could I been there to help you quicker if I could use my wings. But these people don't and can't learn of us." He sighs before laying on his bed, frustration on his face clear as day. "How could I have been so foolish as to not check the brooms for any traces of magic, I'm such an idiot!" He yells out, the windows shudder from the force.

"Lets just rest, it has been a long day, especially on how you have been building up magic Griphyx, you need sleep, I'll go tell Dumbledore that you felt ill, alright?" Celestia says. Griphyx nods and sighs. He has been like this for a whole week, but can't seem to understand why. Could he need to unleash his full magic? But if he did, he could damage so many people and living things because of is, sighing, he goes to sleep, as does Harry. Celestia returns an hour later and lays with Harry, and Twilight, while Luna and Nightmare lay with Griphyx. All of them unaware of a pair of eyes looking through the window, a sneer forms his lips, as he rushes to tell Snape.

Author's Note:

Sorry for how short this one is.

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