Friendship is Chaos

by Vladimir

Chapter 1: Summer sun Celebration Part 1....

I moved through the house, lonely. My name is Disorder Chaos. I live in Pineville in the country of Equestria. I am an orphan. I live in a big house because it was charity from the princess for being the only human in her country that isn't visiting this place. This country is my home, and she decided to keep me here.
I am kind of a freak though, ever since I turned 14.
How a I a freak you might be asking? Well I have gained one large pitch black wing of an Alirocn's, while I have one ash white draconic wing. A long whip like tail with an arrow head at the tip, my hair is black on the left side, and white on the right. I'm wearing green sneakers, black jeans, bright gray shirt, and on my shoulders is a large jacket that goes down to the just below the back of my knees, the outside is like my jeans, but is dark blue, while the inside is bright blood red. Thanks to the spell that were placed on the clothes, I can have others see my wings and tail, or not.
In the chariot, I see a lavender unicorn pony. She had a black mane and tail with a single pink streak going through both, on her hooves re bots that go up to the middle of her shins. She's wearing a purple miniskirt and on the sides it shows her cutie-mark: a six pointed red star with tinier stars around it. Her top is a cyan blue button up shirt. Next to her, is a purple and green drake. He is wearing a white scarf around his neck, black jeans and black shirt, his green eyes filled with wonder. The unicorn and drake look around his age, maybe a year older.
"Okay Spike, Princess Celestia wants us to make sure everything for the celebration is going according to plan. Now we need to find a Disorder Chaos to show us around." The unicorn said. The drake then spoke up.
"Isn't hat him over there? She said he was a human right? Twilight?" The drake named Spike said, pointing a claw at me. I stiffened a bit, my greatest weakness was how shy I was, not Fluttershy shy, but still pretty shy. Twilight looked at me, before holding out a hand with a smile.
"Hello, my name is Twilight Sparkle. What's yours?" She asked me. I tentatively take and shake her hand gently. I look at her, she is a couple inches taller than me.
"Um...m-my name is D-Disorder." I answered her back. She nodded, seeing that I was shy before Spike stepped up, and with his loud voice startled me a bit when he spoke.
"And my name is Spike! I'm a dragon!" He takes my hand and shakes quickly. I try to not run away screaming like an idiot. When he let go of my hand, I internally sighed. Twilight gave mean apologetic smile.
I nodded my head in acceptance, before I turned around, my jack flaps in he wind as I do so. I listened to the two talking about how Twilight was also told by Princess Celestia to make some friends, while she countered that someone called 'Nightmare Moon' was going to return today when all the stars align to free her. I listened quietly as we walked looking for Applejack.
"Well, here we are you guys!" I said to them as we had arrived at Sweet Apple Acres. "This is where the Apple Family lives, so if your looking for Applejack, she'll be here." I said to them while leaning against the sign pole with my eyes closed.
"Thank you, but do you think you could come with us?" Twilight asked me. I opened an eye, looking at hers, I noted that she had soft purple eyes, while mine are black and yellow. I nodded my head while still looking into her eyes. I began to walk into the Acres where we heard loud thudding coming from a nearby tree. Looking at said tree, I saw Applejack, she is wearing blue jeans, cowgirl boots, and a red and white checkered shirt, the bottom tied to how her bellow. On her lovely golden mane is a brown Stetson hat. Her emerald green eyes drawing me in.
"Well howdy there sugar cube! Who ya' brought tis time?" She said to me. I shook my head to get myself out of my stupor. I looked back at her and smiled softly.
"This is Twilight and Spike. They were sent here by the princess about the festival." I explained dot her. She nodded her head before ruffling my hair slightly tossling it. I chuckled, playfully batting at her hands.
"Well it's nice to meet ya' Miss Twahlaht! The names Applejack! At yer service!" She said while shaking Twilight's arms so hard and fast it looked like it was about to pop off. I giggled from the dazed look she had.
As the three of them talked, I zoned out the rest of the day, only catching things with mere grunts as we had bee visited by Rainbow Dash, the self proclaimed 'Faster flyer in Equestria and future Wonder bolt, still not sure who they are, but decided not to ask. We then met with Rarity, who was honestly gorgeous! Her slim figure attractive in her tight silver dress, her broach is a sapphire shaped into her cutie mark. Her cyan eyes beautiful, and her purple mane and tail shinning.
I turned and saw that Spike was gawking at her, I patted his shoulder the best I could.
"Good luck with her Spike, very seldom ever get the chance to be with Rarity. She doesn't really notice anybody." I said to him. Spike looked down at me as if I was trying to be better than him.
"Well than perhaps she'll go wit anypony." He said with a slight hiss. I flinched back, yelping loudly, causing Rarity to look at us, her eyes went strait to me as she hugged me tightly, my face going into her chest.
"Oh my, darling what ever are you here for? A new pair of pants perhaps?" She asked me. I looked up at her, my face completely red. I could see Spike stiffen like a board as Rarity hugged me in such a way. I gently pushed myself away from her, my face still red.
"Um, no, I'm fine miss Rarity. But I brought some people here to check up on the banners and such for the festival." I explained to her, still not looking her in the eye. She placed a hand over her mouth as she giggled softly.
"You always know how to make a lady feel special Disorder. Now then, lets see these-AOH!" She yelped as she saw Twilight's mane. "My dear, darling what happened to your coffer!?" She asked. Twilight looked puzzled.
"You mean my mane? Oh, it's fine. Hi, I'm Twilight Sparkle and I'm..." I spaced out again as she tried to explain her situation to miss Rarity. unfortunately, I did not tell them about how...dramatic she can be when comes to fashion. Rarity had re-done Twilight's mane style as she ignored Spike. When Rarity wasn't looking, she grabbed both of us by our shoulders and ran out the door. We had been walking for an hour until we heard birds singing and a whispering voice.
"Oh, excuse me sir, could you please follow the group, if that's okay...?" Fluttershy had asked the red bird. Twilight was quickly to meet her, until I go between the too. Fluttershy squeaked, she is wearing a long sleeved green turtleneck sweater and white jeans. Her blue eyes looked like lovely pools and her mane and tail a soft pink.
I explained to her what the situation was, and they introduced themselves. As Twilight was walking towards a library with Fluttershy and Spike spoke to each other. Once we had reached the Golden Oaks Library, Twilight made a petty excuse about Spike needing to head to bed, as the three of us entered the dark room, the lights flickered on. Pinkie Pie had set up one of her famous parties -as usual she broke the laws of physics-. She had talked and talked to Twilight and Spike about how she loved parties, but I left them behind to sit down in a corner.
About an hour later I saw Twilight run up the stairs with tears in her eyes. I got up and followed her, though I had to jump over ponies and twist around them until I managed to get to the room Twilight was staying in. She was sitting on a huge purple bed, looking outside at the moon. I silently closed the door.
"Bit for you're thoughts?" I said to her. Twilight jumped before she saw it was me, and relaxed.
"I shouldn't be partying! I need o get repaired for Nightmare Moon, to find the Elements of Harmony and to get back to Canterlot to continue my studies!" She groaned as she fell back onto her bed. I sat next to her, as she looked up at me, I allowed her to see my wings and tail. Her eyes widened and she was about to scream. I placed a hand over her mouth, a pleading look in my eyes.
"Please, don't scream...I already feel like and look like a freak..." I said to her in a hushed tone. She looked at me with pity in her eyes, before nodding her head slightly. I moved my hand from her mouth.
"Would you like to stay here with me, just until the celebration starts?" She asked me, a faint blush on her cheeks. I nodded my head as I lay next to her. She closes her eyes and snuggles up to me. We both drift off to sleep.
We awoke by the ground of Spike rushing through the door.
"Guys! We got to get going, now!" He said, before rushing back down the stairs. We moved together towards the main hall where the celebration was being held. The three of us got there and the mayor was announcing the princess.
"Now Presenting! Princess Celestia!" She said as the curtains opened up, revealing no one. Gasps were heard, until maniacal laughter was heard next. Blue mist with stars made a tornado and there stood a black Alicorn that is wearing what I read from human texts, they called it 'Greek Goddess dress' or something. She looked around the room, until her gaze was set on me. Her eyes seemed to form tears, and she bit her lip, as if to tell me something.
"Get her, only she knows where the princess is!" The Mayor ordered. I know exactly what was going o happen. Nightmare called them fools before turning into mist, and rushing past me, but a necklace was dropped around my neck. Twilight and Spike followed, and I did as well. Little did I know that this, was he start of my adventure.