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I love stories, arts, and honestly, Crossovers, Like Bleach, or Naruto -very VERY little Naruto though...- Harry Potter -LOVE IT!- and more!


Poles on who goes where are ending at 3 today. · 5:32pm May 16th, 2014

Today at 3-4 the poles for where the few introduced characters go for "The two Potters and Three Princesses(Version 2)" at Hogwarts, (Poles on latest chapter, look there for reference, and for who should go where.)

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So I had this idea to... · 5:33pm Apr 17th, 2014

So I had this idea to do a remake of a few stories, but one in particular would be the "Two Potters and the Three Princesses" one, as that is my first story and I would like to make it better longer, and even not as crappy. However, this is still an Idea and one of those things where I would use my Google Docs to do so with. As it would most likely be a bit harder to keep posting things regularly as I have been, If at all.

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Intermission Chapters? · 9:27pm Apr 14th, 2014

Get ready for some Intermission chapter's for most stories to try and explain some of the side characters stories as well as a breather from the "CONFLICT! BOOM! CRASK!! SCREAM! ARRHHH!!!!" kind of shit. But what do you guys and girls think of this idea? I'll still do them, just not exactly as much as I might like. What are your thought's though?

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