Friendship is Chaos

by Vladimir

The Mysterious Mare Do Well....

I walk down the street and yawn. It has been four months since Scootaloo has become part of the family, he has also been rather fun to teach how to fly. I pass by Quills and Sofa's right as a stroller passes by me, a little filly foal in it, I see a grey furred mare all out.
"MY BABY!!!!" She screams out. I turn on my heel and flash step next to it and grab the stroller, however, I then get tackled away by Rainbow.
"Darn it. I was going to save it." She sighs before getting off of me. I stand up ad dust myself off, however I am then hugged by the mare. I pat her back gently.
"Thank you for saving my foal! My name's Ditzy Doo, but every pony calls me "Derpy"!" She says up to me happily. I smile down at her and noticed that her eyes are a lovely shade of gold, I see hat on the front of her shirt is four bubbles. She keeps smiling up at me, her eyes move in different directions.
"Nice to meet- Whoa, your eyes are awesome!!" I yell out like a little kid -not far from the truth-. She blushes and looks away.
"You really think my eyes are...awesome?" She asks me softly.
"Heck yeah! They are a lovely shade of gold that both brings out your eyes and increases the likeability of your coat. Then there is the fact that your eyes can move into two different directions, that seem pretty awesome to me." I say loudly. She looks up at m and blushes more.
"Really?!" She asks with a huge smile. I nod my head, a large smile on my face. She hugs me tighter an the little flly babbles about nothing as she looks up at me, her eyes wide. I reach down and place a hand on her head, I rub her head softly and e giggles up at me, she slaps my hand trying to clap her own hands. I chuckle and rub her cheek gently before looking down, only to see Ditzy smiling up at me. "You wanna grab some lunch with me sometime?" She asks. I stop and think.
"Yes, but is it okay if my herd knows about thi- " She cuts me off.
"You have a herd? Cool!" She yells out as her filly sits on her larger breasts. I stare before shaking my head.
"Yes I do, and I was hoping to tell them about this." I say. She nods her head and the three of us head back to my house, leaving behind a very confused Rainbow Dash.
"What the hay just happened?" She yells out at us as we keep walking away.

We reach my mansion and Ditzy gapes. I chuckle as I open the front door for her.
"Here you go, Ditzy and?" I say as I look to the filly. Said filly giggles and jumps onto my face.
"DINKY!" The filly screams her name and sits atop my head. I blink before the three of us laugh. Father walks out and stares at us.
"You have a filly on your head." I nod my head. "Not going to question why?" I shake my head. "Good, because then that would be weird." He says as he moonwalks forward and then dives into the ground and is somehow swimming in the air.
"Was that Discord?" Ditzy asks.
"Yep, that's my father. My mother is in inside." I say ad her eyes pop wide open.
"YOUR FATHER IS DISCORD!?" She screams. I nod my head and I am then dragged inside by her, I blink before I see my herd playing video games -human stuffs- but as we enter, they stop and look at us.
"New herd member? alight." Ruby says calmly. Ditzy blushes and freezes.
"Bu- Wha- I had asked him out on a ate though...." She says exasperated. They shake their heads.
"We control the herd, we are the herd, so in a way, we only allow dates for those you are part of it. Also, there is filly on your head, Disorder." Chrysie says. Ditzy stares at me again.
"Your THE Disorder!?" I nod my head.
"Yes, and yes I know Chrysie, this is my new hat, hat/Dinky meet the herd. Say hello hat."
"Hello! I am a hat! Rawr!" Dinky yells from atop of my head. The girls giggle as Ditzy keeps staring at me. I stare back at her. Her jaw drops, I close her mouth for her, but it drops again. I close it once more, this goes on for a few minutes of silence. She then hugs me tightly and I stand there, my mouth opens and closes like a fish as I then hug her back tightly.
"Welcome to the herd!" Kyubi says. Ditzy nods her head rapidly as Dinky then calls down to Ditzy that makes the girls freeze.
"Can I call them mommy too mommy?" She asks. Ditzy looks at the girls who nod their heads rapidly. Lately they have been having dreams about little foals of their own, we are currently trying to have some -hopefully we marry soon- but no such luck as of yet.
"You have your own child? Who was the father?" Mother asks. Ditzy gets a sad look on her face and sighs long and sadly.
"I was 16 when I had Dinky, you'd be surprised as to how developed I was. I was 14 when I met him and on my 15th birthday, he asked if we know. And then when I told him the news, he left." She sniffs out. I place a hand on her shoulder and she looks up at me with wide teary eyes. I smile down at her and brush her mane from her face.
"You are part of the herd now, you will never be alone, Ditzy. You and Dinky can stay here if you so choose." I tell her. She smiles up at me before wiping her eyes. I walk towards the girls, Dinky squeals as Kyubi takes her off my head and the four of them nuzzle the little filly. I chuckle when I see Dinky nuzzling them back, the five of them go into a fit of giggles. I lay my head back as mother and father take scoots out to get some ice cream. Ditzy sits next to me, then, Chrysie turns on my stereo. I bob my head to the beat of the music as a human male raps about collapsing -you know the one-.
As the song plays, Ditzy lay a head on my shoulder and closes her eyes. I place an arm around her and the music comes to an end. I open my eyes as I hear cheering going on outside. I look out the window and see Rainbow being paraded around the town. I stand to my feet and flash step outside, my hands in my pockets as I walk through the air, Chrysie ad the girls follow by side stepping behind me. My hair wisps around in the wind, my coat whips about as well. I look down and fall strait down. Ditzy and Dinky fall as well, clinging to Ruby and Chrysie. I land on my feet kicking up dust that makes ripples around my ankles and everyone is knocked over. The girls land next, the same thing happens. I walk over to the mayor who gapes at me.
"What is going on here?" I ask. Mayor Mare -original, I'll give her that much- clears her throat before looking up at me.
"We are having a parade for Rainbow Dash's bravery around Ponyville, and for being the fastest in all of Equestria. She can pull off a sonic rain boom you know." She tells me as if I'm slow. I quirk a brow.
"That's it? Not for freeing Luna? Not for being an Element of Harmony? Just for her bravery and speed? *sigh* Fine, just keep doing your little game then." I say as we head to Twi's, but as I enter the tree house, I am greeted by Twilight bending over in a skirt. My face burns hot before clearing my throat and looking away.
"Oh! Hey Disorder! What's up?" She asks me, ignoring my blush.
"Oh, I'm just here to ask why the town is freaking out over Rainbow, what makes her seen as 'brave' to this place again?" I ask. She nods her head just as her friends and Order enter the room, they have this strange looking suite.
"Twilight, darling! I made the suite! Oh hello, Disorder! How might you be today?" She asks. I shrug and tell her the same thing I did to Twi. "Why we are growing tired of Rainbow's constant boasting and blowing us off whenever we ask her to join. So we decided to make a new hero, but, unfortunately I ended up making the suite just a bit too big." She says. I nod my head ad then do something that makes their eyes pop wide open.
I change my gender. My hips at smaller, my belly flat as my chest becomes larger and my hair grows. I open my eyes and everyone stares at me. I grab the suite and take off my shirt and pants, I blink as I see a bra and panties on me now, but I shrug it off mentally before taking those off and get into the suite. I turn and look at everyone, their faces flushed while Spike has a nosebleed.
"This work for you all?" I ask. The girls and Spike nod and stare at me. I spin on my heels and flash step outside onto of the roof and look over the town, the dark purple cape flaps in the wind. I hear a scream and inside my mask my eyes open and I push off the roof and vanish by flash stepping towards the scream. I see a filly falling off of a cliff, I see Rainbow boasting to a crowd. I open my now black wings and fly past them all, a massive gust of wind knocking them down as I past. Rainbow growls and chases after me. I look back at her before looking back at the filly and flap my wings once more and I accelerate faster and faster, I catch the filly before she crashes onto the ground below and I land on my feet creating a crater. I see Rainbow looking down at me, mouth agape. She goes to talk to me, but every pony invades my personal space raving about me. I nod my head in appreciation before I turn on my heals and push off the ground gently this time and I fly into the air, I spin in a circle and my wings flare open, I slow down slightly before flapping them and I burst farther into the air and as I get above the clouds, I flash step back at Twi's place.
"Done!" I chirp out. Chrysie purrs at me as she traces a finger around my belly gently. I shiver before I feel my body grow warm slowly, I place a hand over my belly, confused. "What just happened to me?" I ask. My herd giggles and we hear a scream about a dam or something. I nod my head and prepare to leave until father appears before us.
"WAIT!! You need an epic music track that follows you around! It's super hero tradition!!!" He exclaims as he snaps his fingers and I sonido into the air, human music plays around me and I dive down with the beat and I look around and see some old ponies about to fall what looks to be a dozen or so feet. I notice Rainbow boasting again. When I arrive she scowls and goes to hold the beam up but it's too much for her to handle. I sonido next to her and her eyes widen as I use my finger tips to raises the beam up above my head, I land onto the ground and then place the beam down as well. Every pony cheers once more.
I jump into the air and spin before I notice Rainbow is following me. I turn downward and go into a nosedive and I zoom past her, as she goes to turn, I flash step back at Twi's place once more.
"Man what is up with this town and all these accidents today?" I ask. I turn and notice that my herd is now male. "This is odd...what happened exactly?" I ask. Father laughs before disappearing.
"Apparently, Discord happened..." Ruby groans out with a masculine voice. I sigh and grab the bridge of my nose and shake my had from side to side.
"Damn it, we'll have it changed back later, for now, I need to go fix a damned dam..." I sigh as I flash step before Ponyville's dam and then a thought occurs to me. "How the fuck did I not see this thing!?" I yell out just as it begins to break. I use my magic to push the dam pieces back together and throw this pink stuff that Pinkie slipped into my hand when I wasn't look, I'll have to talk with her about it a later date. I vanish using sonido and am back in Twi's place, panting, I take the mask off and sits down. "How the fuck did I miss that stupid dam?" I ask myself. Everyone shrugs as Chrysie kisses me deeply, I blush and feel my belly get warmer all over again, I kiss him back just as deeply.
"Heh, I'm half hoping this isn't going away for awhile~" He purrs. I blush more and look away. "I didn't hear a no~" He says again.
"S-Shut up..." I say wit my blush ever so growing, stupid thing. We head back home and I immediately head for bed, I take the suite off and lay in our bed naked. I feel my herd lay around me and I smile before falling to sleep.

A week has passed and I am still a female, turns out that Discord (I'm mad at him, so he is now Discord) placed a curse on the girls to be males for a month, and I am stuck being a female for a month, some bad news here, the month has now been extended into two. Fuck. But anyways, I have been helping out around the town, today is supposed to be a meeting the "Mysterious Mare Do-Well!" and I have to come.
I walk up the stage as I get into town and stand there, I notice some stallions are looking at me strangely and I can't help but blush from behind my mask. Rainbow growls and jumps onstage, trying to get my mask off. I cartwheel backwards, away from Rainbows hands. She growls and I take off, she follows me. We fly around buildings and down alley ways before she finally catches me.
"Now lets see who you really are!?" She growls and takes my mask off, my wings return to normal and she gapes as she see's my eyes. "DISORDER!? YOUR A MARE!?" She screech's. I nod my head smirking before we head over to Twi's, the rest of the day is spent there, none of us aware that in Canterlot, a certain guard captain is being taken away by a black figure into the shadows.