Friendship is Chaos

by Vladimir

Canterlot Wedding Part 2: So...what now?

I stand next to Xenilla and feel his energy forming off of him, but something is different it's more demonic. I watch as his sword shines in a black and red light before he swings down. My eyes widen as he sends out a massive Getsuga Tenshou, but he doesn't seem to call out it's name, does he know about these kind of attacks too?
I watch his attack go through the wall of changelings, I see Nyx spinning two chained sickles around like whips, taking out changelings left and right. I ignite Pantera in white and sky blue flames before swinging down.
"GETSUGA TENSHOU!!" I roar out, I see Xenilla is surprised by my attack being the same size as his.
"Looks like you got a good attack in you, kid. But be sure to not get in my way." He says with a smirk as he breaths black flames at the changelings and I watch as the flames become swords and they spin around his form and the rest of us making protective barriers of sorts. I smirk back before pointing a hand forward and firing a cero taking out a few hundred changelings.
"Cool move, but be sure to power it up!!" Xenilla roars out as his sword vanishes while his claws ignite into black, red and orange flames that shoots out as he claws at the air. I watch his attacks before gaining my smirk again. I sweep my claws over Pantera.
"KISHIRE!! PANTERA!!!!!!!" I roar out just as I enter my energy cloak and I am back in my visor release state once more. I charge forward as my own claws on all four hands ignite into golden and silver flames. I watch as the flames become claws that are each five inches long. I swipe at a few griffins, cutting them in half. I growl up at the king changeling, his arm now a stump and wrapped in some strange green goop, my eyes widen as his arm regenerates. I hear Xenilla start to laugh.
"HA HA HA!! I knew this was going to be fun!! Now then, show me what yah got! You better be stronger than Sombra!!!" H roars out in laughter, I notice Celestia, Luna and Father give Xenilla wide eyed stares. Xenilla jumps and spins forwards before swinging down and cleaving an entre pillar in half, his sword didn't even go all the way through. The changelings and us are forced to stop, but then I see his group charging forward like this is nothing, probably isn't as they are doing the same things. I notice our Cadence stares at the second her, who has a large grin on her lips.
"Yeah! Sombra was such bitch!!" She hollers in laughter as she and Nyx literally twist a changeling in half before they fire what look like cero's. The portal above us sparks and a few more figures rain down from the skies. I see a second Discord get to his feet and a human looking man with bleach white hair.
"Man, first I'm on the human world, then Equestria and now a second Equestria! TWO MANY FUCKING PLACES DAMN IT!!!" The man roars in anger with an echoing voice before sending out five pillars of white flames into the changelings lines. I see the second Discord chuckle as he mercilessly kills changelings.
"Well, we were in that world war for what? 4 years? Then the second war for about 3 and a half years. Be thankful Chrysalis decided to not 'drain' you of love after Nova came back." He says. I see my Chrysie and her sisters stop and stare at them. "Oh hey, its a younger Chrysalis, HI younger Chrysalis! You being a good girl?" He teases her. I watch my father snicker before a massive explosion resounds and knocks us all down. I look up and see Xenilla is holding Locust by his upper half, his lower half missing completely.
"Thought you could win, eh? Atleast Sombra had the abilities to manage to 'kill' me instead of cut my cheek." Xenilla says while laughing. I gape as he drops Locust onto the ground, only for that green stuff to land on him as well. "SHIT!!" Xenilla swears right as Locust comes back and he looks around, hehas htred in his eyes directed at Xenilla.
"You will pay for that...but for now, we must RETREAT!!" He yells out and vanishes in a flash of green lightning. I see him sigh in annoyance as the changeling drones do the same.
"Why do the bad guys always do that?" he questions from next to me. I jump and yelp like a little girl. "Now then, who are you?" He asks me. I fumble for words before Chrysie answers.
"We're Disorder's herd. My name is Princess Chrysalis, and thee are my sister, Kyubi, Ruby, sapphire." Chrysie explains. Xenilla nods his head.
"Right, so not my mother Chrysalis...but a different one...right...okay so where are we?" He asks. I step up to the plate this time.
"Your in Canterlot, thewedding of Shining Armor and Princess Cadence..." I explain. I see his Cadence get a saddened look. "Where's your Shining Armor?" I ask. She sighs sadly, right as my Shining Armor and Cadence walk up.
"He....He died during the first world war...Xenilla's father, Nova, was the one to save me and him, only to have Shiny die..." She explained.
"Then why are you with....him?" Shining asks with a bothered tone, apparently he doesn't like the fact of ANY Cadence being with anyone BUT him.
"He is my husband!!" She yells at Shining Armor, taking us by surprise as to how forward she is. I watch as Xenilla wraps a tail around her slim waist.
"Now, now. We aren't about to kill ponies again, we need to let these douche's live, otherwise I get the feeling that Old Dissy and Ovy over there will be pissed if we kill their....other halves mates." He states. I see Cadence nod and sigh, before she gets a mischievous glint in her eye.
"Oh girls~" She calls out in a singsong voice, the rest of Xenilla's herd pounces him and Cadence herself smothers him in kisses. "You were such a good king~" She purrs to him. I feel my face flush as I face palm, but stopping and stare at him wide eyed. Everyone else on our side and I yell the same thing.
"KING!?!?" We yell out. I see Xenilla nod his head, a bored expression on his face.
"Yeah*yawns* of the Crystal Empire." He explains. Crystal Empire? The hell is that?
"What's the Crystal Empire?" I ask out of sheer curiosity. I see Xenilla give Lulu, Tia and my Father a smirk.
"Didn't tell him? How shameful of you, Mother Celestia, Luna and uncle Discord~ For shame~" He mocks.
"How are you the king? And what happened to Sombra?" Lulu asks. Who's Sombra? I watch Xenilla' face darken, as does the sky.
"We fought against him and my 'brothers' in a war, not as big as the first one, but...." he stops and looks up at the sky before sighing. "I had to fight my grandfather again...Zeus." He states. I feel a bolt of electricity go down my spine. Zeus? The humans Greek King of the Gods? How the HELL did he manage that!? "But I had lost the fist time and was 'killed' by Sombra. And when I came to, I was in Tartarus, sitting in a throne like chair that peered into the real world, the living world." He sighs sadly once more before smirking. "Then I made Tartarus MY bitch!! Not only did I manage that, I also managed to get back to the living world and stop Sombra ad Zeus, along with my grand mother and partial grandfather, Hera and Poseidon. It was a long fight, Kaiju's were killed as were innocent and non-innocent ponies." He explains.
"Hold on, before you keep going, why did you call me 'Mother Lune'?" Lulu asks him. I see him chuckle.
"You were my mother, sort of. I was only alive for two years before I was taken during the First World War, I was subjected to a torture FAR greater than Tartarus, I had to listen to Cadence's screams of pain, Zeus' cackles and I had grown up in a couple of days for the world, but for me, it was 16 long DAMN years..." He growls out. I nod my head, and look at him sadly, before getting confused.
"Then who is your actual mother?" I ask. He gives me a deadpan look.
"Which one?" He asks. I shrug.
"All of them?" I state. He nods his head.
"Chrysalis, Luna, Nightmare Moon and Elisabeth." He states, I feel everyone and myself tense up, my mother is also his!? "Elisabeth being my birth mother, same for my little sister, Ruby." He says with a bored tone. "She is about 13 now, and someone manages to flirt with the stallions or any other male. Jeez, I think Mother Chrysalis needs to cool down on her....'teachings'." He grumbles out.
"WAIT! You and I have the SAME mother!?" I exclaim loudly. He looks at me before shrugging.
"Apparently. An seeing as to how MY uncle Discord and Father Ovan have left back to our world, and for some reason we can't yet, means that we are needed here, great...." He says somberly.
"So, what now?" I ask. He shrugs before looking back up at the skies.
"Well, I'm tired, so, you got a place o stay, little 'brother'?" He asks me. I go to answer, but then a woman's voice cuts me off.
"It would seem that my other half did have children. Nice to meet you, son." Mother says from the windowsill. I watch Xenilla snicker.
"Heh, yeah well, the pleasure is mine, other half." He states before bowing. She giggles and bats a hand at him.
"Come now, you are family! You have no need to bow, but it should be us, bowing to you, god slayer- " He cuts her off, and says something that makes us freeze.
"Gods Slayer, Titan Slayer and Kaiju Slayer at your service~" He tells us. I see father, Tia, Lulu and mother tense up. "Now then, lets get this show on he road, I wasn't born for the first wedding, and I sure as hell won't want to miss this sonovabitch!" He exclaims, his herd cheers loudly.

--------6 days later--------------------------------

It has been six days since my 'brother' and his herd had appeared, the wedding went well enough, some awkwardness when Shining and our Cadence got married, something was a bit off somewhat, but as we all know now, to just ignore it, otherwise we would have to deal with that damned dimensional theory bull shit again.
I sit on my couch and listen to "Rollin'" by "Limp Bizkit". turns out Xenilla or Mars, as he sometimes is called, loves human music just as much as I do. So far, everything has been going well, but, something keeps nagging me in the back of my mind.
'So...What now?'