• Published 16th Mar 2014
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The Two Potters and the Three Princesses: Temple Side Story - Vladimir

Side story explaining when Harry, Griphyx and the Princesses were sucked into the Temple of Gods.

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Chapter 2

Griphyx opens his eyes, before they widen and he looks around the room, holding something tightly to his chest. He then feels a hand placed onto his shoulder and he yelps. He looks up and see's a woman with a large chest wearing a ancient Greek dress and sandals that go up her shins. She smiles down at him as small orbs of light form around him along with universe after universe after universe and even a few dimensions form around him and her, and he see's that she has long black hair.

Her eyes are blue yellow and blue with red slits. Her skin is pale, soft to the touch and fair. She helps him to his feet and he notices that he is floating in space.

"Do you enjoy my home?" She asks. Griphyx stares at her with eyes wide. "Yes, this is my home, the place where all things began." She giggles out.

"Who are you...?" He asks weakly and somewhat afraid. She gains a sad look on her face, before she cups his.

"I am essentially 'God'. But my name is, Chaos. I am your ally." She says with a small smile. "Think of me as, your grandmother." She says softly as she rubs his hair from his face.

"O-okay." He says softly, blushing.

"My, what lovely eyes you have." She comments, making him blush more.

"Um...thanks." He says. She smiles down at him before she grows serious and walks over to a wall of weapons.

"Please pick one, you two." She explains. Griphyx turns and see's Harry along with the princesses, who gape. "Please hurry, I'd rather not see my precious family killed." She says sadly. "Too many fight against each other and it really does make me sad." Chaos says before looking down, just as sadly. She grows startled when Griphyx hugs her, for no mortal with a mortal soul, should even be able to touch her.

"I'll make sure to watch over Harry and myself and the princesses! So please don't be sad..." He says to her gently. Chaos smiles down loving at the boy, before hugging him back.

"I'll leave them to you then, my dear Griphyx." She says before walking away towards a coliseum of sorts. Griphyx walks over to he wall, only for it and them to appear in a ring an gladiators from all parts of the world stand in different corners of the ring. He turns around and see's Chaos, that man, and multiple other beings above twelve beings that look like the Greek Gods.

He looks around and see's a dragon next to a woman next to a man with multiple arms. Then he see's a large cat, a mane with the head of and eagle and jackal. Then he see's a man with a hold horned helm, an old man with an eye patch, and then a man with a large hammer and many more.

He watches as these warriors grab weapons and shields or ranged weapons like arrow's, bows, or even guns. Griphyx sighs before he notices a piece of bone and that skeletal beast flashes in his mind and that bone piece flashes brightly and appears in his hand and becomes large and covers his body.

He screams bloody murder, making all heads turn towards him as the skeletal piece becomes part of his chest and then forms into a large skeleton connected to his form by magical tethers and his skin is covered by magical energy. His wings, claws and tail form as to large horns form pointing forwards and his eyes become empty sockets and he lets out a hauntingly wailing roar that turns into a blood curdling scream in pain as the ground beneath him cracks and shatters sending dirt into the air.

His body falls onto the ground as his vision wavers slightly, before he manages to get a boost of strength and gets to his feet and coughs as Harry helps him stand, but something seems to have changed. The warriors seem to be put off of him, and when the princesses look, they grow slightly worried.

They see the gates of Tartarus behind him connected to not only him, but also that man from before. Their eyes widen in realization and stare at the man. The man smiles down at them and makes a 'Ssh' motion with a finger up against his lips. Chaos stares at the man and smiles, before her eyes widen and looks at Griphyx before smiling happily, before gaining a look of surprise, as the gates behind Griphyx turn into a large monster of sorts that looks like a demon four to five times Griphyx's size.

It has pale ash white skin for it's chest, and shoulder neck and face, before it has sliver fur and black markings all over it's form. It has two large horns pointing upwards and a long whip-like-tail that swishes around, it has four large bat-like-wings black as night. It's eyes are much like Griphyx's, but are black where there should be white, the slit's are green with black outlining and the eyes are red. Black streaks go down it's cheeks like tears would and on the center of it's chest is a black spit.

On it's back is a mixture of black fur and snow white feathers. It has multiple forms behind it, but are too dark to see them, but the last silhouette look much like this one, but MUCH larger and has more parts to it. The princesses stare as the creature holds a glowing bright green twinbladed weapon in it's right hand, while holding bone that changes forms. It stares coldly out at everything and one before it spirals into energy and slams into Griphyx's form making him stumble a few times, before he looks up and looks around.

He notices how the beings besides Chaos and that man are staring before clapping, while the warriors are all grinning and holding weapons pointed at him and Harry. Harry see's a lance and grabs it with his magic and brings it to him. The lance is sun yellow and has a sun as the guard and the blade is sharpened to the point where it can be used as a sword. He then summons the sun shield and he holds it shakily.

Luna, Celestia and Nightmare stand with them before they are sucked into the stands next to Chaos and that man along with their group.

"What the BUCK are you doing!?!?" Nightmare roars at Chaos, who sighs.

"I am sorry, but you must sit here and watch." She says.

"Why?" Luna asks. Chaos sighs once more.

"Because this is part of the trials, they must prove themselves, before you tree may help them." She says sadly. "And yes, I already know about you being their guardians." She says with a soft smile.

"Yes. We have been by their side for years now, and we plan on remaining with them." Celestia states. Chaos nods her head, her soft smile never leaving her face.

"Good. My name is Chaos." She tells the.



"Nightmare Moon..."

"It's a pleasure to meet you three. May I ask if you wish to be apart of this....'game'?" Chaos asks.

"No." All three of them say, deadpanning. "We will NEVER let those two be alone, we'll sooner fight everyone else in order to protect them." They say at the same time again. This catches her and everyone around them by surprise. Chaos giggles and gets a wide smile.

I was hoping you would say that!! Please, meet some of my children." She ushers them over to a woman with long flowing midnight blue hair. Her eyes are cyan and she wears a black dress with stars and moons all over it. "This is my daughter, Nyx." Chaos says.

"Hello." Nyx says with a smile.


Griphyx stands next to his brother, staring out at the warriors, before a man in samurai armor lunges at the two, grinning wildly with his sword up in the air. Griphyx grabs Harry's shield and it turns into a strange design and he blocks the sword ad pushes the man back and hands it back to Harry, it then turns back to how it was before.

Harry watches as the man rushes them again, but he closes his eyes and stab the lance forward. He feels warm wet stuff splatter across his face, and when he opens his eyes, they widen. He see's his lance it piercing the man chest, before he gives him a grateful smile and vanishes in a flash of light and disappears.

Griphyx blinks, before he grins.

"I get it!" He exclaims.

"Huh....?" Harry asks shakily.

"If we beat them, they go home!!" He states.

"Oh!" Harry says before realizing that they have to KILL them in order for them or themselves to leave. "But if we want to leave, we'll either have to win, or...d-die." He mumbles. Griphyx sighs.

"True....then let's win!" He states before summoning his claws, wings and tail, taking everyone by surprise. That man from before smiles proudly down at him, not that he knew. A man in skin tight black leather appears before him and wields a dagger, but freezes when the flame claws grab him by the head and slam his form into the ground making a small crater.

Griphyx spins to the right as a pirate swipes at him with a strange sword. He walks backwards teasingly, he feels incredibly light, like he could fly, wait, could he? He spreads his wings and takes to the skies and hovers there. The pirate pulls out an old style pistol and fire it, Griphyx blocks the bullet with a wing by knocking it back into the Pirates chest, sending blood onto the ground. Griphyx flies over to Harry who is fighting against another pirate, another samurai and a man in Pharaoh's cloths.

Griphyx is about to reach him, but a Viking punches him in the side, knocking him into a wall, cracking it. He coughs before said Viking raises an axe and holds it above his head. But Griphyx's attention is on his brother, who gets a cut on his cheek, making him yelp. He stabs his tail into the Viking's chest before another Viking cuts deep into Griphyx's shoulder, making him cry out in pain as his blood splatters against the wall and ground.

The second Viking helps his pal to his feet and the two rush at the boy. Griphyx's eyes widen, as do Harry's as their fates are sealed, until a woman punches the Viking's away with chains around her wrists and ankles and a man with a spear and shield defends Harry. The two stare before they help the brother to their feet.

"Who are you?" Harry asks. The man with the shield chuckles.

"My name is Perseus, but you can call me Percy." He says. Harry smiles and nods his head. While the woman holds Griphyx in a tight hug before letting go and smiles down at the now blushing boy.

"My name, is Phoebe." She says to Griphyx. He notes that she wears VERY little cloths and her form is...developed rather nicely. He looks away from her, blushing more. "Is something wrong?" She asks.

"I'm sorry for looking..." He says softly. She blinks before giggling and patting his head gently.

"It's fine, at least your not wanting to use me..." However, the second she said that, Griphyx's head looks up at her quickly, and he has fury in his eyes.

"Who did it!? I'll rip their throats out!!" He yells. Phoebe and everyone else is surprised by his mood swing. She then smiles down at him.

"Aren't you the protective one over us women. You'll certainly make a good man when your older." She teases. However, when she see's the seriousness in Griphyx's eyes, she feels a sense of happiness fill her chest.

"I wasn't joking. I hate those who use women for their own gain..." He says. True to his word, he has managed to reach puberty FAR earlier than the others had expected, but chalked it up to it being a 'Griphyx thing'. Phoebe smiles more and hugs him tightly, ad rubs the back of his head gently.

"I know. And the man isn't around anymore, he's been dead for a couple thousand years." She explains to Griphyx, who nods his head.

"Alright..." He then see's Percy and Harry walk over.

"Hello Phoebe, how are you fairing with him?" Percy teases. Phoebe giggles.

"Apparently I matter to him, or is it that ALL women matter to you?" She asks Griphyx.

"All do, even if they are bad, they don't deserve to be abused, and hurt or even killed unless...I guess in self-defense..." He sighs sadly, making Phoebe rubs his back gently.

"What of Medusa?" She asks. "Would you have protected her?" She asks the boy. They grow surprised when he nods his head softly.

"Yes, I would." Griphyx states firmly.

"Why!? She's a MONSTER!!" Percy exclaims, making Griphyx wince slightly.

"Then I guess only monsters can understand monsters..." Griphyx says softly, almost to a whisper as his claws, wings and tail appear for a split second. Phoebe gains a sad look, before making him look up at her.

"I don't think either of you were or are monsters." Phoebe tells him before giving him something, it looks like a seashell. "Blow into this and summon me to your side and keep me there for however long you may need me." She tells him with a smile. Griphyx smiles back, before asking her something she never expected to be asked.

"Will...will you be my new friend?" He asks her. She smiles happily at the boy.

"Yes, I will." She tells him, before summoning a strange sword and stands by his side, while Percy stands by Harry. "Now lets win this!!" She exclaims. The four of them charge ahead, not knowing what awaits them in this strange forest that is before them.

Author's Note:

And as always! I will see you! In the next chapter! Bye bye!!

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