Friendship is Chaos

by Vladimir

Family Appreciation Day and Visions....

It has been a few months, we dealt with Spike's growth spurt and Hearth's Warming Eve play. Luna has gotten closer to us, so much that she lives in my mansion, it's pretty awesome! I had visited the castle numerous times and met a pink Alicorn named 'Princess Cadence' and she is essentially the 'Goddess of Love'. I also met her fiancé that acted a but strange when seeing Chrysie and the girls around me. He seemed to hate us quite a lot, but I noticed that he held a darkness in his heart that makes me shiver. After meeting him, I have been having dreams of humans fighting a war with griffins, dragons, and Minotaur's, giant three headed dragons, beams and so much more.
I even heard a voice speaking to me, laughing at me telling me that me and my family and mates are going to be in massive danger that something powerful is going to come here for a while. I grow more and more worried as things re changing around the world. Dragons have been seen fleeing down towards the feline forest, griffins have been feeling antsy as Minotaur's have been creating massive walls made of obsidian to protect themselves. Even Chrysie and the girls are becoming worried, father and mother have been jumpy for some reason.
But a few weeks ago, they stopped being so paranoid, but they still jump whenever a flash of lightning appears outside from nowhere. Crystals have been sprouting throughout the north and the icy winds have returned, but, every so often at night I'll hear a deathly wail-like-roar. Anyways, aside from that, to day is family appreciation day! Scootaloo says that she want's to bring me to her school and 'show me off' as she tells me. I agreed to do this, even if I just turned male again, it as awkward at night, Chrysie and the others were...touchy. That's all I'll go into detail, it was just awkward alright!?
Anyways, I walk through town and see AB running around with Granny Smith. I chuckle when AB has conniption fit over a few pesky fillies, then again, I also feel bad for her too. So, I walk up to her and kneel next to her, Granny -as she literally threatened me with a knife to call her that. Rule Number 1: Never piss off that old mare!- stops and looks at me.
"Hello there youngin'! 'ow are you doing today?" She asks me. I laugh and pat her shoulder gently.
"Granny, I am a few thousand years old, I think that I should be calling you the young one, kinda true in a sense. How has that spell been doing for you?" I ask. She motions a hand to herself and inspect her, she looks like she is at least 79 now instead of 100-something. I nod my head. "You look good, weird how you ponies age so slowly, for humans when they turn 79, they look like prunes, but you look rather young." I say.
"Now ya'll are just being nice! But I am still old for us ponies. I am the longest living family member for the apples, it's sad but true." She says with a laugh. I laugh as well and she starts tooting like a train yelling something out as she moves like a crab. I laugh a little too hard, because I fall over next to AB who gapes at me.
"What?" I ask.
"How can ya'll not be embarrassed by her!?" She yells. I clean out my ear with a pinkie and shrug.
"My father is Discord, I am a few thousand years old and I am a half breed of human-thing and Draconequus, I turned myself into a mare for a few months while my mates become stallions, I was the Mare Do Well. Nothing can embarrass me anymore. It comes with the perks of being me." I answer with another shrug. I look down at her with a small smile. "But be happy to have her. She loves you and the rest of your family, and the only reason she is weird is because all the cool ponies are weird. You wanna be weird too?" I ask. She thinks it over before nodding her head nervously.
"Then kid, get ready to hang with the weirdest people around!" I crouch ad wrap a arm around her shoulders as I make a rainbow motion with my other hand as I talk. "Now c'mon, we need to get to the school and bring Granny." I state as I snap my fingers and Granny Smith appears before us in a white hoodie, gold chains around her neck, stylish shades covering her eyes, baggy pants and large shoes. I laugh. "Granny, where did you get that outfit?" I laugh out. Granny smirks.
"That Ruby mare gave it to me, saying that it's what the humans find 'hip'." She explains. I nod my head and clap my hands, we appear outside if the school house.
"She isn't wrong about that. She likes to listen to human rap quite a bit." I say as we enter the building, the fillies and colts stop as Cheerilee stares at us. I look about the room and then see Scoots and I smirk. "Sup Scoots, how yah doing little sis?" I ask. The class gapes and all yell "LITTLE SIS!?" and I clean my ear with a pinkie again. "Man these kids can yell."
"Excuse me, but your Scootaloo's new big brother?" Cheerilee asks. I nod my head.
"Yep, one of two. Order is out right now, so now you have to deal with me, Disorder!" I exclaim. She gapes as me.
"THE Disorder!?" She yells. I raise my hands up in defense.
"What is up with everyone yelling at me? It's weird." I state. She covers her mouth and blushes.
"I am so sorry, it's just rare that we get visited by celebrities!" She exclaims. I nod my head.
"What of Rarity? She's my fellow Element of Harmony, in fact she is the Element of Generosity. I heard she had visited this school for little Sweetie her who is hugging the crap out of my legs so much that I think they fell asleep." I say the last art aloud. Sweetie smiles sheepishly before sitting next to Scoots. "Thank you."
"She is? She never told us that." Cheerilee explains.
"She apparently doesn't like to brag, which is fine." I say to her. I sonido to the back of the room and sit next to Filthy Rich who has a smug look on his face, but I ignore him. I watch as Granny Smith talks about how her family is the one that started the Ponyville town. I found it rather interesting when she talked about the Zap-Apples, Timberwolves and made a brief mention of her 'pappy' coming across a castle and says how he felt a sense of peace to it, but when he went back to see it, it vanished. After she told the story, AB should up for her when tat pink filly insulted her. I nodded my head at her as I sonido'd to the front of the class, Scoots jumps up and lands in front of me.
"This is my big brother, Disorder!" She exclaims. The fillies and colts tell me hi.
"Yo." Is all I say in reply as I sit on the air a few feet in the air. Scoots sits in my lap as I pet her head gently like one would a cat. "Now then little kiddies, prepare for something weird...." I say, my voice becoming distant as I become invisible. Everyone -save the crusaders and Granny- gasp. Scoots floats higher into the air and spins around and flies around the room, her wings have grown and she is a strong and fast flyer. She lands on Cheerilee's desk and I appear above her, standing on nothing. "That was weird. What do you think Scoots?" I ask as I turn into her. She giggles and we spin around each other as quickly as we can until we stop side by side, both of us grinning.
"Which one is me?" Scoots says.
"And which one is me?" I say.
The class becomes confused, but seems to understand the little game. We both giggle as Granny Smith pokes our bellies. I laugh and fall over, returning back to normal.
"Not fair! Hahaha!" I laugh out. The class laughs as well. The rest of the school time was spent playing games, telling stories and a few more.
After school is finished, Scoots and I head home with AB tailing us. As the three of us enter the front door, hell breaks loose. Dinky tackles into me and hugs me tightly, I chuckle and rub her head gently.
"Sup poozer? You been a good girl for mommy?" I ask her. She nods her head and barriers her face into my stomach. Ditzy walks up to me and pecks me on the lips, while the girls kiss me deeply. I smile at my herd and nod my head before heading into the living room and sit onto the couch. AB pulls out her homework - the have to do a test on Granny's history lesson and my few history lessons I gave out about what I was told and remember before my slumber. Scoots sits next to AB holding Dinky.
"Did you have fun today?" Mother asks Scoots. Scootaloo nods her head and hugs out mother. She smiles up at me. "You used your father's ways, didn't you?" She asks. I nod my head and she laughs. As the night goes on, AJ comes by and picks AB up. I head to my room with my herd already there sleeping. I lay in the middle of them and they cuddle up to me, they gain small smiles onto their faces, as do I and sleep takes hold of me.


I float around in darkness until a flash of light forms in front of me. I see Princess Cadence standing with a human. But he grabs a stone on a silver necklace that is much like my own. But what shocks me is that his form changes, his body has doubled in size and his power -even in the dream- dwarf's my own. He is covered in purple scales, his underbelly is blood red. Large crystals grow from his shoulders as a long tail with crystal spikes form at the tip, going down his back are crystal spines, his eyes are a bright blood red and on his forehead is a golden three spiked gold crystal crest. He resembles spike, but with those features and without the wings.
I see Chrysie and her sisters knocked out and bleeding, Luna is trapped by this green ooze and Order and I are on our backs with holes going through our chests. The crystal dragon roars and appears above the changeling. The changeling laughs and swings his sword down onto the monster's neck, but he blade shatters and his jaw drops. The monster roars again and whips it's tail, knocking the changeling away.
"Impossible! Nothing is supposed to break that sword!!!" The changeling roars. Then, the monster speaks.
"I am a Kaiju! I am the son of Nova! I. Am. XENILLA!!" Xenilla roars as he charges at the changeling. The two re about to clash, when the dream fades, and I see two glowing green and red eyes with purple mist coming from their corners.
"You're kingdom will be mine!" The eyes whisper to me, before I wake up.

I sit up and yelp from fright, waing the girls up. They jump and look up at me. My body is covered in sweat and I am panting hard, a hand over my heart.
"What's the matter, Disorder?" Chrysie asks.
"I think...I think I just saw a future. We were at a wedding and a male changeling was fighting with this...this human that turned himself into a 'Kaiju'. But...that doesn't make any sense!" I groan. The girls freeze and Chrysie gains a serious look on her face.
"What did the changeling look like?" She asked. My eyes widened as I remember the crown on his head.
"Like a king,, you don't think..." I trail off. The girls nod their heads.
"So our father is going to invade? Keh, then we'll kick his butt!" Ruby exclaims. I smile at her enthusiasm, but the state that they were in was odd, but I chose not to talk about it.
"Lets head back to bed, Disorder. We can worry about it tomorrow." Kyubi says. I nod my head and we go back to sleep. Non of us aware that at this very moment, that changeling king is wielding a sword that looks like obsidian. He laughs as he vanishes into the darkness, those glowing eyes following him.