• Published 6th Feb 2014
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The two Potters and the Three Princesses - Vladimir

A story that retains to the Harry Potter Universe, as well as MLP, an my own Imagination. MLP is owned by Hasbro, Harry Potter is owned by J.K. Rowling, OC's are my own. Inspired by "The Wizard and the Lonely Princess" - Harry Leferts

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Chapter 28

Griphyx runs across a rooftop as he dodges Nick's spells. He jumps upward and summon his wings and flies into the air as he dodges Nick's attacks with his sword. Griphyx spins going downwards before he vanishes an reappears in a bell tower, panting.

"Man, this American style training killer..." Griphyx pants, before Nick breaks though the wall and grabs Griphyx's head and throws him out of a window. "Buck..." Griphyx growls out. He spins in the air and lands onto the side of a spire, cracking it, until Nick appears before Griphyx, a mask on his face and his staff turned into a black sword. Nick swings down only to miss Griphyx, who shoulder rolls away.

As he stumbles to his feet, Nick walks on the air towards Griphyx, completely silent white his piercing purple and white eyes bore holes into Griphyx's own eyes. He appears before Griphyx and has his blade upward as a sash goes across Griphyx's chest and left shoulder, making him cough up blood.

'BUCK!!' Griphyx roars in his mind. Griphyx flies into the air from a large gust of wind and sends him far into the sky, before stopping and blocking Nick's sword with his own. Griphyx growls and pushes Nick back forcefully before flying upward, only to get his foot grabbed and to be flung down into a church, making the building crumble.

Nick's sword turns into that double ended scythe before splitting it into two and then swings both down, sending waves of magical energy down onto the crumbled church. Griphyx pushes the rubble off of himself, panting harder. He gets to his feet and flies past Nick and when he reaches the sky, he parts it and flies higher, where there is a full moon with a black crescent moon in the middle.

He stands atop of a pillar and then waits for Nick to arrive, who does right in front of him.

"Sorry, Nick. But you have forced my hand..." Griphyx states before entering his strange demonic form. His tail whips down and splits the pillar in half, making Nick's eyes widen. "It's over." Griphyx states before he points a claw at Nick and fires a black beam with dark green outlining. Nick stares as the beam comes closer, and grows larger and larger. He closes his eyes, and when the magic gets closer, his mask shatters and he is shot off of the breaking apart pillar, and falls onto the ground.


The others watch from a screen and Nick walks into the room.

"The hell are you all watching?" Nick asks.

"We decided to make a magical training room roof, and it would seem that the training area was tampered with, so we had Griphyx fight you from all of the training you have done under us and even your fighting styles." Twilight begins. "And it seems that you pose a bit of a problem for Griphyx, when he isn't fighting at full strength, and you are." She says.

"So what? Did I managed to hurt him?" Nick asks.

"Yes, for a while, until Griphyx got to the room, and fired a magical beam, and took you out." Luna says.

"Just ONE beam of magic took ME out? HOW!?!?" Nick yells.

"He is stronger than you all, save for Harry here, and his....Half-Blood-Line is also VERY powerful. It would make sense." Celestia says.

"So, who IS his father?" Nick asks.

"We can't say, but we know that he is capable of doing as he pleases." Nightmare growl out. Nick nods his head before sitting in a chair, watching Griphyx's slash heals like nothing happens, and then dodges a spell from a magical-copy of Ruby.

"Why am I fighting him?" Ruby asks from next to Harry.

"Because Nick is powerful, but you are stronger yet. So it would make sense to start from different variations of the power charts." Twilight answers.

"Oh..." Ruby states.


Griphyx spins in the air and stares at Ruby. She wields a chainsaw-whip and her flaming claws are out. Griphyx dodges her whip as it cracks against the ground before fire roots coil around his limbs, and his eyes widen in realization.

"Damn..." Griphyx mutters as Ruby whips her destructive whip across his chest, giving him a gash and making him cry out in pain. Ruby licks the blades clean seductively, before giggling as she keeps whipping Griphyx repeated across his chest. Griphyx's tail lashes out and runs up her form, only cutting her cloths.

'So it seems they got her skin right...oh buck me...' Griphyx thinks to himself. He knows that he would need a stronger attack to hurt her, let alone get through her skin. Griphyx spreads his wings and cuts the fire roots and charges at Ruby. She giggles more, before he stabs his blade through her chest, making her eyes widen and as he pulls the sword out, she falls onto her back, and turns to stone.

He sighs out before Elena approaches him, and smiles seductively.

"Come to my den~" She slurs.

"Said the sider to the FLY!!" Griphyx roars out as he spins and his tail whips at her middle-half, splitting her in two, before both parts turn to stone.

"That was easy, but I can already tell who will be the next three..." He groans out.

"So you beat them, hm?" Malfoy sneers out.

"Buck you Malfoy!" Griphyx roars as he punches him in the stomach, turning him into stone. "Weakling." He states. Out of nowhere, a axe cuts into his shoulder, making his eyes widen.

"Such a disappointment, and here I thought you could fight." Drew hisses out. His tail raddles as he smirks. Griphyx vanishes and reappears across from Drew, scowling as his shoulder heals completely ad growls.

"You..." Griphyx growls out. Drew smirks at Griphyx, showing his fangs.

"Me..." He states before impaling the axe into Griphyx's abdomen, making him cough up blood, before he chuckles and stabs his clawed hand into Drew's chest halfway, before firing off a magical beam and makes Drew's form fall back, but instead of turning into stone, he falls onto his back, and turns into dust riding on the wind.

"Crap...now I have to face 'Him'." Griphyx mutters before vanishing.


"Who's him?" Harry asks innocently. Elena giggles.

"You, silly." She says to Harry.

"Me!? But why!?" Harry exclaims.

"Because my child, you are at his ranking, and due to your....'Half-Blood' forms appearing, we decided to add you to the list. Ron and Hermione lasted but a second." Celestia explains, nuzzling Harry.

"Oh..." Harry states.

"Half-Blood forms? Since when?" Nick, Ruby and Elena ask.

"During the summer, he looked like an mix between an Alicorn and a Dragon Lord." Luna says.

"Indeed he did and does, however, ever since that time, his form has been...changing." Celestia states. It had been a few months since the Game Fight between Drew and Griphyx. During the downtime though, Harry has been gaining Half-Blood magical energy and life energy and has been changing.

"It was rather odd to wake up and find out that Harry had a tail..." Luna commented.

"Yeah..." Harry said next.


Griphyx appears before a temple of sorts and sighs as he pushes the gates open and he finds Harry standing there. But something is different, he wears a mask with red markings, and his eyes are black and gold with black slits.

"Hello, Griphyx." Harry says.

"Hello...Harry." Griphyx states.

"It would seem you manage to make it past the others, for shame, I thought you promised to protect our friends?" He says as he appears before Griphyx, a black sword in hand trickling blood and pointed downward. Griphyx's eyes widen as his right shoulder all the way down to his left hip is slashed into.


"Whoa....in the first move Harry can do THAT?" Nick states.

"Harry can do more than that. He is actually JUST as strong as Griphyx is now. You'd be surprised how many times they ended up in a stalemate." Nightmare giggles out. They watch as Griphyx's wound sprays blood and he appears away from Harry, panting.

"But his attacks are hard to counter and do generally leave marks on Griphyx's form..." Luna states.

"True..." Celestia says next.


Griphyx's wound heals up and he brings his sword forward, before his turns into a double-sided-blade that ignites into green magical flames. He crouches down to the ground and looks up at Harry, his eyes firm and cold. He appears behind Harry, and watches as Harry flies into the air, but his shirt is cut.

'I see...' Griphyx thinks to himself before twirling his weapon and throwing it at him, however, Griphyx dodges while in the air and appears before him and slashes upwards only to miss Griphyx. Griphyx appears below him, except he is now holding a strange sword. He has a cold calculating gaze as his sword turns back into the twinblade and he spins it around before stabbing at Harry, who rolls to the side and cuts downwards, slicing a horn off and cutting Griphyx's shoulder.

'Buck...' Griphyx thinks. 'I better end this now...' He thinks again before firing a magical beam into Harry's chest, only for it to be caught by his hand an thrown back at him. The beam connects with Griphyx's chest, knocking him back into a wall.

"How...." Griphyx asks.

"I always could..." Harry states before his hair grows longer and a tail forms, two large draconic wings form, the two feathered wings form below them. A horn forms on his forehead, his skin is covered by scales and fur as his eyes become bright forest green with white slits.

"That's....new...." Griphyx states before he is impaled in the wall by Harry's lance and Griphyx's eyes widen.

'WHAT!?' He thinks to himself before appearing behind him, panting as his body heals. 'That is very new....' Griphyx thinks to himself before stabbing the twinblade into Harry's back, coming out of his chest.


"Whoa, that's awesome!!" Nick yells out. "Who knew Harry could kick ass, you know, before he got owned by Griphyx?" Nick states.

"We did." Everyone says.


Griphyx turns and goes to walk away, until Harry's lance pierces his chest, making his eyes widen and drop to his knees. He feels the lance get pulled out via his back before he looks over his shoulder and see's Harry standing there, his wound healing quicker than his own.

"How...?" Griphyx asks with an even tone. Harry just stares at Griphyx, before kicking Griphyx through the roof and into the air, the moon is brighter than usual. He spins and flies upwards towards the higher spires.

'It would seem that I can't win with pure strength and speed alone, but also magic. This will be interesting...' Griphyx thinks as he stands atop of the spire. Harry appears at the bottom and looks up at Griphyx.

"You have forced my hand, Harry. Now, I will show you your demise. Look upon me, and feel true despair." Griphyx says with his twinblade at his side. Black fire forms around Griphyx's feet as he grows taller once more, but he has an extra set of smaller wings, his tail at the furred tip is sharper.

His claws are longer and his horn regrows as well. He fans a wing out, dissipating the flames as he now holds two strange twinblade's both are ignited by bright green flame. He spins both of them around before crouching and staring at his brother.

"This is the end..." Griphyx states emotionlessly and mercilessly. His tail whips down, shattering the spire and using it for cover. He flies down and when he appears before Harry, his wings ignite into green magical flames and when he impales Harry to the ground, he flaps his wings and causes a magical explosive wave, making Harry turn to stone.

Farewell, brother..." Griphyx states before turning towards a magic doorway and walks through it and enters the monitoring room, still in his new form looking down at the others.

"Dude...." Nick gapes.

"What is it that you want, Nick." Griphyx says and stares at Nick with his cold eyes, making him simmer.

"That. Was. AWESOME!!" He yells out with a grin.

"I suppose so." Griphyx says evenly before reverting back to normal and walking towards Luna, Nightmare, Ruby and Elena. He wraps his arms around them and holds them close and tight.

"Um...Griphyx?" Ruby says with a blush.

"I had regretted killing you, Ruby, Ron, Hermione and Harry." Griphyx says.

"What about me!?" Nick exclaims in shock.

"I regretted that too, but you and I had fought for three hours strait, you are fine, even if you are pathetically weak, for now." Griphyx says with a smirk.

"Why you....!" Nick starts, before Griphyx passes out onto Elena's tails. "What?" Is all Nick says.

"He just went through nine hour training session, I'm sure you'd be tired too, correct?" Celestia states as Twilight and Harry rest on her back.

"I guess..." Nick sighs out. The day had been long and boring for pour Nick, but, unaware to him, someone is about to arrive, to surprise him and the others.

Author's Note:

And as always! I will see you! In the next chapter! Bye bye!!

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