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The two Potters and the Three Princesses - Vladimir

A story that retains to the Harry Potter Universe, as well as MLP, an my own Imagination. MLP is owned by Hasbro, Harry Potter is owned by J.K. Rowling, OC's are my own. Inspired by "The Wizard and the Lonely Princess" - Harry Leferts

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Chapter 16

Griphyx sits atop of a tree next to Hagrid's hut as the others are inside and talking about their days. It had been a week since Griphyx had dealt with that strange Troll, he had one question about it though.

'How did it get into the castle?' He thinks to himself as he looks up at the grey skies. He had told them about how he 'Used the club to knock him out', but, he remembers what truly happened. He looks down at his hand and for a split second, he sees a red and black large hand with white claws. He closes his hand and eyes as well. In his had is his Moon Emblem. The moon has been changing much like the actual moon does.

He looks at the moon an sees as it has some red in it, marking the 'hunters moon' will be coming soon. He sighs before a voice snaps him out of his thoughts.

"Griphyx?" A woman's voice says to him. He jumps slightly before looking up and seeing Nightmare -he stills calls her Nyx, though now it is out of respect to her and the human goddess of the night- looking down at him with a worried look. "What is troubling you?" She asks as she lands before him. He sighs before looking at his hand again.

"Do you ever get the feeling that...that there's something else inside of you? Something....mean?" He asks with a sad tone. Nightmare sighs softly before lifting his head with a wing.

"I was once that 'bad' thing inside of Luna, before I was set free. So in a way, I do. Why? Do you think something 'mean' is inside you?" She asks softly. Over the course of his life, Luna and Nightmare have been more and more protective and caring towards him, could it be because of his strangeness? Could it be because of his 'abilities' that no other human has? He will never truly know.

Griphyx sighs and nods his had slightly, before looking up at Nightmare.

"Yeah, Nyx. I feel like there is, when I said that I used the trolls club to knock it out...I...I lied..." He said. Both unaware that the others and Hagrid were there, listening in. They -along with Nightmare- became surprised. He sighed as clenched his fist tighter. "I...I had control over something else...something...dark. It...it scares me..." He sighs with a shaky tone as his eyes close to block...tears? Nightmare became surprised, she hadn't seen him shed a tear ever since he was but a little boy. She drapes a wing over his shoulder. "I...I saw my hand turn into a large claw for a brief moment as I punched at it's face. I...I...." He whimpers, shaking everyone to their core. When Griphyx would whimper or cry, it usually meant that it was something that was beyond him, meaning it would be something only the princesses could deal with, gods forbid Discord to deal with this.

"I see, what did you hear?" She asks gently, she is now aware of the others tuning in. He sniffs before answering.

"I heard...a...a roar, like a monster's, but, it echoed, like there was something more to it...it sounded like me. I...I'm scared, Nyx. What do I do?" He begs her. Nightmare nuzzles him gently, smiling warmly down at him. She had made it clear that he was only HERS and LUNA's, not that he minded, he knew that they were only looking after him, or so one might think.

"I think, that if you ever meet it in your dreams, then to call all of us to help you. I'll have a talk to Dumbledore about this, to see if there were any of these...'monsters' around in ancient human times. We might have read up on human mythology, but sadly, they are all true. Our meeting with 'them' is sure fire way to make sure of that. If any of these humans were to look into our memories they would find MANY things that would make them rethink their world." She explains. Down below, everyone -save the princesses- look directly at Harry, expecting an explanation, all they get is a nervous shrug.

"Yeah...but, I have to wonder...what if...what if when I...you know, entered 'that' I had been changed? I feel different at times, like I have something more within me." He says as he places a hand onto his chest. Nightmare places a hoof onto his hand and chest as well, causing him to blush.

"If they did, then it will be for the better, perhaps they have a plan for us? After all, they did give you and Harry the chance to come with us to Equestria, even if you were both there for a few hours, they might have a plan." She explains. He nods his head, remembering how awkward it was to be trapped in a room for a few hours.

"Yeah, that was kinda weird." He chuckles out, his spirits being lifted. Nightmare giggles and nods her head, remembering how they had to explain to everyone why the princesses were only back for a few hours before they were leaving again.

"But it was nice to have you two there, even if you were older then Harry by a few years. How did that feel anyway?" She asks. Griphyx blushes more before clearing his throat.

"Lets not talk about that...something's are meant to wait for, not experience in matter of seconds before needing to understand oneself for a few hours before going back to their...'normal' ages." He states. Truth be told, he had to deal with more puberty and had THOSE kinds of thoughts for those few hours, he is incredibly glad that he doesn't 'react' to certain situations as Harry does, yet another maturity thing he has over his older brother.

Nightmare giggles and rethinks back to having to explain as to why his body had been changing and reacting to 'things' that she or someone else would say or do, while Harry laughed his plot off.

"Yeah, that was bucking hilarious!" She laughs out. Griphyx sighs before he too, laughs along with her, the two were open with each other and Luna, as well as Twilight, Celestia and Harry, a few times Griphyx managed to get a few conversations with Discord, the weird creature kept hinting at something.

"I believe it is time for us to get inside, alright?" She says slightly louder than usual. Griphyx looks down at the window, where everyone had moved away just in time, before looking back at her.

"What?" He asks. She shrugs before nuzzling him again.

"I'm glad your safe though, if that troll harmed you in anyway, he would have been scattered into tiny pieces." She hisses at the end. Griphyx nuzzles her back, calming her down.

"I know." He chuckles out before he drops down to his feet from at least 13 feet as if it was nothing. He walks into the hut to hear.

"- and that is what we have been doing lately. How's the little dragon?" Harry asks. Griphyx grew curious now as well, he hasn't seen the little hatching dragon in months, what ever happened to him?

"Well, Dumbledore thought that it would be wise to make him like Fluffy, and turn him into a guard-dragon. We had to rename him though, I think he is now known as 'Ragnarock' or something. I am not quite sure." Hagrid explains. They all nod their heads before Harry leads the group out of Hagrid's home and into the castle into their lounge room.

Griphyx sits on his couch, their 'house' had been modified after Dumbledore found out about the 'incident' with Snape and had it changed, only those who were part of their specific house could enter and see into it as well, the princesses being the only exception. Griphyx sighs sadly as he holds his wand, it has been changing along with him. After talking with that old man who explained more of the wands backstory.

He had told Griphyx and the others that it had been changing though the years and that it would turn into weapons at times, but that hasn't happened as of yet, thank goodness. Griphyx looks out the window they had made, it was a large and long window that let them all look over the entire area, as their 'house' was at the top of a castle spire, as were most 'houses'. He sighs as he watches the moon rise, it too, has a tinged of red in it, just like his necklace.

He sighs once more before turning and going up to the room and into his bed. As he goes to close his eyes, something slams into their very front door, sending out ward alarms. Everyone jumps to their feet and rushes to their lounge only to see the door has a large crack in it. Griphyx gasps in pain as he reaches for his side, while Harry grabs his head in pain. Another *THUMP* hits the door, cracking it once more.

Griphyx growls at the door as he moves away, crouching close to the ground. He coughs as he claws the carpeted floor, leaving actual claw marks as his eyes flash dangerously. The door gains more cracks before a piece of the door flies and imbeds itself into the wall next to Griphyx, pinning his shirt. He coughs more, his side burning up, Harry screams in pain. The door breaks off of it's hinges but as soon as that happens, Griphyx throws the piece of door, smacking a figure in the head, and making it vanish back into the darkness.

"The...the hay...is...happ...ening..." He slurs out from massive amounts of pain. Harry having already passed out after the figure left, and the burning stopped. Griphyx rips the rest of his shirt off to inspect his 'wound', but grows surprised when he sees blood trickling down his back and side. His vision flickers, and as he starts to collapse, he feels, no, he hears a growl come from the back of his mind.

'None shall harm us....or what we hold dear...' A voice speaks out in his mind. Was it his? Or something/someone else? But it had his voice? What is happening, he wonders before he blacks out, hearing the screams of Nightmare, Luna and his friends, including Dumbledore yelling spells and slight sounds of glass shattering and maniacal laughter. Something isn't right, and their journey begins now. 'He who should not be named', has attacked, and has proven some of his strength.

Author's Note:

Uh oh, shits getting cereal now!
And as always! I will see you! In the next chapter! Bye bye!!

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