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The two Potters and the Three Princesses - Vladimir

A story that retains to the Harry Potter Universe, as well as MLP, an my own Imagination. MLP is owned by Hasbro, Harry Potter is owned by J.K. Rowling, OC's are my own. Inspired by "The Wizard and the Lonely Princess" - Harry Leferts

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Chapter 31

It had been a week since that fateful ay of Griphyx defeating Lucius in such a cruel- yet hilarious, way as well as having Malfoy pledge himself into becoming stronger than his rivals. Hogwarts has been in a state of shock when Mrs. Norris was found hanging from a lamp petrified.

McGonagall had helped Filch bring his cat to the Nurse's Office in the Hospital Wing of the castle. Harry and Hermione were deducing where this "Chamber of Secrets" was and what could be inside it. Elena scurries around while most of the Half-Blood's seemed to have vanished.

Griphyx found out why, when a new message had appeared in the Great Hall's doors.

"Half-Blood's and Mudblood's beware! The heir to Slytherin has returned."

Is what it had said. Griphyx notes that even Nick is acting a bit spookish than most. Ruby has been terrified since the message had been spoken all around the school by Malfoy and his idiotic goons. Harry has been on watch, however, as there had also been word of a NEW monster that has made Hogwarts it's home.

They had figured out that a Basilisk was the Slytherin monster, but when said 'Serpent King' was found by Griphyx himself in an injured state- the serpent now resides as Griphyx's own monster and has been called "Gryffindor's second monster as Griphyx is supposedly the first, and decided to keep it as a pet seeing as to how Griphyx and Harry both spoke to it while hissing- some strange form of hissing and growling for Griphyx, and had it remain somewhere close by to protect the students instead of eat.

The Princesses have become worried for Griphyx's safety, as he is one of the strongest Half-Blood's in Hogwarts while Phoebe and Percy had already left to visit family of some sort. Hermione had been a bit on edge as she had been called "Mudblood" by Malfoy multiple times, but never raised his wand towards her as he knew first hand how protective Harry was over the Granger girl.

Griphyx had been visiting the Basilisk more and more as it was a "Safe Haven" to him, or, as he would say. The Basilisk didn't seem to mind either, as it would at times become a marking on the inside of Griphyx's right forearm and could even become his limb, as per their agreement.

It was also later found out that Nick and Elena had decided to go out on "dates" as they had a mutual ground of understanding for each other. Ruby and Ron would even hang out more than usual and they both seemed to enjoy each others company quite a bit.

Phoebe and Percy had decided to express their feelings for each other as they had been long, long life friends and possibly partners when it came to love. Griphyx had also came into possession of a Kusanagi that looked like a long thin rectangle that he would keep on his lower back at all times in case he needed it for whatever reason.

Dumbledore had become aware of all this from Griphyx himself. Snape had also been becoming more and more distant, he somehow lost his memory of the Princesses as well as not being able to see, hear, or feel them, thus, he was back to being a total prick once more.

Drew has been kept safe by Draco and Snape- not that surprising, as well as holding him as a 'weapon' on the off chance this new 'monster' shows itself. There has even been a 'weapon' for each house. Slytherin has Drew who is the Half-Blood of what many believe is the son of Medusa.

Ravenclaw has a female Half-Blood named Sam Rose. She is similar to Ruby, but she has a kitsune and oddly enough, Ruby's cousin. She has amazing looks from what Fred and George keep saying- let alone the gawking Nick does before being beaten by Ruby towards Ms. Rose, as they say she has wide hips, a flat belly, large chest- as she is a third year student no less. Her eyes are a soft baby blue with somewhat slit pupils. Her ears are positioned atop of her head as well as having around nine-tails- all bright orange, and fangs. Her hair is apparently luscious brown locks that lay flat against her back, she is apparently 5' 12" in height and the strongest of the Ravenclaw's.

Hufflepuff has a female Half-Blood as well. Her name is Patty Thompson. She has a similar build to Sam, however, she is a Half-Blood of the Asian-Lung Dragon that comes from middle Asia. She is called 'Hufflepuff's Dragoness' as she has the antler horns as those whips as well but they are certain strands of her hair that moves around like tentacles or whips. A long gold tail with that soft silver fur as well as those talon fingernails- though they are not as long or sharp to cause damage unless she wills it, with bright hazel eyes with holy-white slit pupils. She is about 4' 11" and is a second year like Griphyx as well. She is the strongest Half-Blood's amongst the Hufflepuff's.

Griphyx is Gryffindor's own mascot Half-Blood, however, he is not only the strongest Half-Blood for his house, but he is tied with Sam and Patty as they hold first and second seat in power while Drew holds forth in power. Griphyx, Patty and Sam have actually became quite good friends over this strange week, so much so that they had been seen around the castle alone and having a blast.

Nightmare, Celestia and Luna have split up as well though. Nightmare remains with Griphyx, Celestia with Harry and Luna stays in the 'house' as well as with Dumbledore to make sure everyone is safe. Dumbledore and McGonagall as well as Hagrid have grown rather attached to the youngest of the three Princesses and Goddesses so much so that they have slipped up a few times in laughing at her jokes in the middle of meals, classes, etc.

Right now, however, Griphyx is rolling to the side as Malfoy fires a bolt of magic at him. Patty and Sam are with him as well. The two females remain out of their duel as it is between Griphyx and Malfoy.

"Stand still!" Malfoy hisses out. Griphyx spins around in his hands as he lets his legs slide apart and prepares to kick the blonde into the wall until an axe blocks the kick. Drew smiles down at Griphyx who's eyes widen before he pushes himself off of the axe just as it is swung upwards missing his chin by less than an inch.

Patty and Sam prepare themselves before Drew holds up a clawed hand.

"I'm here to stop the duel." He states.

"Why?" Patty asks.

"There has been another attack. A ghost has been taken out as well as some students have been sent into the infirmary." He says with a serious expression. Griphyx rises to his feet before walking up to the boy who gives him a smirk and a fist bump. While the two don't see eye to eye, they do enjoy good spar with one another as well as made a alliance to help the other out if they had need of it as well as joining Patty and Sam to help protect Hogwarts.

"How serious?" Griphyx asks.

"Serious enough for Dumbledore and Snape to send me out to find you three. Dumbledore wants us in his office now." Drew explains. Griphyx nods his head before grabbing Drew's hand in a strange arm-wrestling contest in the air while Patty and Sam wrap their arms around Griphyx's waist and shoulders. "Dude!" Drew states. "Nice." He says with a thumbs up. The two girls roll their eyes as Griphyx chuckles sheepishly.

"Maybe when all this shit is done and over with, we'll look into him." Sam giggles out. Drew gives Griphyx yet another thumbs up making him blush and cough uneasily.

"Right..." He states before they spiral around and appear before the headmaster and the other teaches. He notes that Harry is next to McGonagall and Dumbledore with Nick there as well.

"I have called you four here today because it is time that we get rid of whatever this 'monster' in the 'Chamber of Secrets' is." Dumbledore states. "And as such, I am having Harry Potter and Griphyx Potter to lead this investigation. Harry shall be in charge of the Wizards and Witches, while Griphyx will lead the Half-Blood's." He orders.

"But...why me?" Griphyx asks.

"Hm...?" Dumbledore asks.

"Why me? Why not Patty and Sam?" He asks. The two in question blush and smile slightly before regaining their firm looks once more.

"Ah, yes, well the reason as to why is simple." He states.

"It is?" Drew asks.

"He holds the Basilisk which WAS the original 'monster'." He explains. Everyone seems to stop and stare.

"How?" Snape asks.

"It's part of my body." Griphyx states as he points his right arm out and just below his shoulder. He sweats slightly as his right arm from his elbow down melts from his body before forming into a large snake the size of Harry himself. Snape pulls out and points his wand at the snake, which curls around Griphyx protectively.

"This is my Basilisk. She is known as Manda. While she might not look it, she IS more than a Basilisk now." Griphyx explains. Snape looks to preparing to send out a spell, but he is stopped as Manda bites Griphyx's arm and reforms as part of his body and he gains her fangs and even parts of her scales on the back of his hands that have small spikes on them as well.

"I would appreciate it if you wouldn't point your wand at Griphyx." Albus states.

"But sir..."

"It is not up for discussion Serverus. We are in need of Manda's help if we ever wish to find out what holds her place in the chamber.

"She says that it was too dark before her old master had disowned her." Griphyx states.

"Who was her old master?" Hagrid asks.

Griphyx becomes silent for a good while as his eyes close. He makes a series of faces as if having an internal debate with himself. When his eyes open, he has a sad look in them. "She doesn't know." Griphyx sighs out sadly.

"It's okay Griph! We can find out another way." Hermione states as she walks up from the back to stand next to Harry. Ruby appears next to Nick and the two hold hands. Dumbledore gains a strange twinkle in his eyes as he nods his head lightly.

"That sounds exceptional, as long as none of you have to go into that place." He states firmly yet that twinkle in his eye only becomes brighter. Griphyx chuckles lightly before he shivers and a thin blush forms across her face.

"What's the matter?" Patty asks. He looks towards her and Lily before his blush thickens.

"Um...Manda decided to give me a mental image that should NEVER be mentioned!" He exclaims loudly as his voice cracks slightly making the two giggle.

"Cute." Lily teases. Griphyx blushes more before he shivers once more, but this time the scales on the back of his hands spreads up his arms before they meet at the napes of his neck before conjoining and going down his back where a scaly tail forms. Two long horns sprout from his head as they curve backwards and miniature ones form on his cheeks like whiskers. His skin tone has darkened slightly as if he were tanning slowly.

His fangs grow longer and his height is just a bit changed so he is taller. He groans from the new growing pains before they stop and he is rendered into a panting state. Patty and Lily helped him stay standing even though they were blushing heavily from how they had to grab him to hold the pour boy up.

"Th-Thanks." He mutters out. Lily smiles up at him.

"No problem! Our oh so fearless..."

"And handsome..."

"Leader!" The two of them state. Griphyx blushes more.

"Me? Handsome? N-No way." He stutters out in disbelief. Lily gives him a flat look.

"You are indeed very handsome, Griphyx Potter." She states firmly. He blushes slightly more before sighing in defeat. He then slumps slightly before Patty places a hand onto his shoulder gently.

"I think you are handsome like how Lily does, just not to the....extent as she does." Patty says with a sheepish grin and eye smiling. He nods his head slightly before he feels a pair of hands incredibly close to his groin. Oh look, his intense blush is back.

"U-Um..." He stutters out as he tries to figure out why they are grabbing his crotch! The two of them look confused until it dawns on them. They move their hands away quickly as furious blushes take their faces with a vengeance.

"Sorry!" They both exclaim in shock.

"It's...It's fine." He says softly. Nightmare watches this and has a half smirk and half glare pointed at the two female Half-Blood's. She then gains a soft look as she looks towards Griphyx as she can see his magic becoming whole- which was odd but she chose to not bring it up at this time until it was private, and even starting to grow up to Luna's rank when she was a few hundred years younger.

Celestia notes that Harry's own magic is becoming the same way but without a stranger force deeper inside him like Griphyx has. She looks back towards her younger son before she gains a vision flicker of the two of them battling a man without a nose along with not having hair. When her vision returns back to normal she has a smile on her lips gracefully.

Harry looks at his younger brother before the door is busted open as Filch runs into the room with his lamp held high above his head.

"Students out of class!" He exclaims. "Students out of class!!" He bellows out as Draco is being tugged along by him.

"What seems to be the problem?" Dumbledore asks. Filch glares at the old headmaster.

"I found this one looking around the castle and claimed that he knows where the "Chamber of Secrets" is." Filch explains. Griphyx's eyes widen and he grabs Filches shoulders.

"Where is it!?" He exclaims. Filch gains a nasty look in his eye before pushing the young Potter into a nearby wall with a loud *thump*.

"Don't you touch me, Half-Blood..." Filch hisses out. Draco gains a sneer as the man lets him. "More importantly, why are you up not in class? Hm?" filch asks.

"I am newly appointed leader of the Half-Blood's to keep the normal student body safe." Griphyx states before giving a sheepish smile to Harry. "No offense. Of course."

"None taken, Griph." Harry states. Ron on the other hand seems to find it offensive, but keeps his git mouth shut. Draco does not.

"What is that supposed to mean!?" He roars. Griphyx looks at him with a glare.

"What does what mean?" He asks. Draco growls.

"You think your better than US just because your filthy Half-Blood's?" He hisses out. Patty gets ready to tell him off, but Draco beats her to it. "Quiet you little Half-Blood wench!" He orders out with a hiss. Filch and Snape seem to both have delighted sneers on their faces, that is, until they remember who is keeping them safe.

"Fine then." Griphyx growls out. He looks to Dumbledore. "I am sorry to tell you that there will be NO help from us. We will protect when NEEDED, not when WANTED. Please, forgive me, Headmaster." Griphyx says with a low bow. Albus' twinkle has dulled slightly, but still remains bright as ever.

"You are fine, Griphyx. I still hold you as the leader for the school's Half-Blood's though. And I must ask you, Drew, to keep a lookout in Slytherin." He sighs out.

"Why?" Drew asks.

"Because when the school learns that it's protectors leader has limited the protection to a VERY thin minemum, they will most likely come after Mr. Malfoy here." Dumbledore says sadly. Drew nods his head before sending a blood chilling glare at Draco, who is whimpering and looks to Griphyx with pleading eyes, but all he gets is cold emotionless eyes that stare back at him.

"What are you waiting for?! Protect us!" He wails/orders in fear.

"Hm....N- "

"Fine." Patty states.

"What?" Griphyx asks.

"We protect each others houses, but make sure that certain few students," -She says as she sends a bone chilling glare towards the Malfoy- " Don't have OUR protection." She states. Griphyx nods his head.

"Acceptable." McGonagall states happily.

"Unacceptable!" Snape roars.

"Too bad." Patty hisses out. "Malfoy dug many students into this pit, now he- and the others, must deal with said pit." She states matter-of-factly. Griphyx nods before turning and preparing to leave, but is stopped by Dumbledore's voice.

"Griphyx." He says softly.

"Yeah?" Griphyx asks unsurly.

"There will be new "Defense Against the Dark-Arts" teacher coming tomorrow." Albus explains.

"Is he a threat?"

"Not that I am aware. In fact, he is well known in the Wizarding world." Dumbledore chuckles out, making the others in the room give him a confused look.

"What's his name?" Griphyx asks as he places a hand onto the kusanagi calmly.

"Gilderoy Lockhart."

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ah so this story is back up......cool
yes yes this is very good.

4308616 The stor was NEVER down.
We had to make sure we got our minds correct, as we WILL remake this story at some point, possibly in a month or so.
And don't forget the Prologue this time!


*audible inhale and sigh* I miss this story :pinkiesad2:

6891516 I'm re-reading this story and I'm kinda missing it too...but then again I've seen numerous things that had made me wonder how this is still in the "T Rating". That and the fact I messed up and there's no long a "Chapter 2", so that happened. Hehe, whoops! :applejackconfused:

Please update soon, is good story

Phoebe and Percy had decided to express their feelings for each other as they had been long, long life friends and possibly partners when it came to love. Griphyx had also came into possession of a Kusanagi that looked like a long thin rectangle that he would keep on his lower back at all times in case he needed it for whatever reason.


"Gilderoy Lockhart."


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