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The Two Potters - Vladimir

Griphyx Umbra Potter and Harry James Potter are found by the princeses and Discord. The two are taken by the four of them, and live. Alternate Verse. Animagus brothers, magical Harry and Griphyx. HP is ownedby J.K.R, MLP:FIM is owned by HUB, Hasbro.

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Chapter 4



By: Vladimir

A/N: "Normal Speech"



Magic Speak

Order Compound

Griphyx opens his eyes, and moves groggily as Mother Nightmare shakes him gently awake. He stares up at her in slight confusion, before he remembers that Lupin was coming over for dinner in a few hours. He looks over at the clock next to his bed, and see's that it's 4:31 in the afternoon.

'I've been asleep for four and half hours?' He wonders to himself as he gets to his feet. Look over, he see's his bat and "snake" curled up against each other on his second pillow that was placed by his side. 'Cute.' He thinks to himself as he rubs their heads gently, before the sound of the door closing reaches his hearing. Looking back, he notes that his mother had left the room, presumably for him to get changed

He sighs softly, before he allows his clothes to drop to the carpeted floor. Moving over to his closer, he pulls out black jeans, a tight black short-sleeved shirt and then a black and white three tailed coat with a hood on the back. His wand holster is then placed onto his left hip like one would a sword if one were to be right handed. He looks around his closet and finds a pair of white socks, which he puts on, and then soon after he pulls on a pair of boots.

He moves to look into the mirror, and he wonders if he can change his appearance. He focuses on his old hair color, and watches in awe as the moon white gains streaks of bright orange and black. He grins into the mirror, before looking over at his pile of Hogwarts books, and wonders if he should practice his wand magic. 'Why not?' He shrugs, and moves over to the top one. He skips the title of the book and lips through the index.

The words form onto the pages, and he cocks his head to the side. 'Transfiguration? Do they mean changing something into another thing entirely?' He wonders. Looking through the pages, he notes how odd wizards are to wave their wands around and speak incantations, instead of simply waving it while thinking of the magical word or formula. 'Oh well, not my job to judge the texts.' He thinks to himself.

Turning left, he waves his wand around three times clockwise, before waving it once counter clockwise and then tapping his pillow, changing it into a stuffed cat animal that he had seen in the toy stores a few months back. He waves his wand once more, canceling the spell. 'Wand magic doesn't seem all that hard, then again, I never had to say the spells instead of just doing them...' He thinks to himself.

Getting to his feet, he stretches his arms and legs as he slips the wand back into the holster once again. He spins on his heal, making the tails of his coat bellow in the soft draft of air. He picks up his "snake" and allows it to coil around his neck, while his bat clings to his back, it's tail coiled around his hips acting like a belt of sorts. He moves out of his room and into the hallway. Slipping his hands into his pockets, he walks down the corridors of the building he called home.

Minutes pass him by as he finally reaches the main room where his family, Hermione and her family are all sitting in around a longer table than usual. 'It's funny how dad decided to have my friend and her family stay here with us, Faust knows we have enough bloody room.' He thinks to himself.

He moves towards the table, more specifically, his chair that sits across from Hermione's, while being next to Harry, who is on Mother Celestia's right. His chair looks more like a throne, however, as it looks to be made out of some sort of metal, instead of wood or rock. Looking up, he notices that Hermione's hair is straight instead of bushy and puffy. Her eyes seem to glow with light and love as she looks around the room in wonder.

He smiles softly at her, which she returns, though her cheeks are slightly pink. He goes to ask what is wrong, the door opens, and the guests enter the room. He turns to see Lupin, Bill, Fred and George. The four of them look around in awe. 'Have they not seen human technology before?' He wonders.

"Ah! Lupin! Bill! The twins! How lovely of you four to arrive!" Father Discord exclaims with a broad smile. Lupin nods his head to Discord, and sits in the hair in front of him, which so happens to be at the end of the table, looking right at Discord, who sits at the head of the table. Bill sits on Lupin's left, while the twins sit on either side of them. Griphyx turns and looks up at his father as he begins to speak again, "Welcome to our abode, did you enjoy the ride here?" He asks.

Lupin eyes Father Discord strangely. "Indeed, though it is rather curious, as to how we were brought before this building like a portkey, but there were no runes on the gem whatsoever. Please, explain to me how you did that?" He asks. Discord's smiles turns into a serious expression.

"I'm afraid I can't, not unless you four take an oath as to make sure that nothing we tell you can leave your lips or mind." He states. Lupin blinks at Discord in wonder. He narrows his eyes at the giant man before him, the he sets his gaze upon Griphyx, who moves awkwardly for some strange reason.

"I see. Very well." Lupin states as he looks back up at Discord.

"Wonderful! But, what of the rest of you?" Father Discord asks with a suspicious look gracing his features. Bill nods his head, while Fred and George's heads are nothing but blurs of agreement. He grins, "Wonderful indeed!" He chuckles mockingly. He watches as the four before him do a magical oath and life oath as to never reveal their secrets unless one of the Orders allows it. As soon as they are finished, he grins.

Out of the left corner of the room, Nightmare enters from the shadows, where she then sits next to Discord on his right, while in a flash of light, Celestia sits at his left, while Luna appears in her chair at Celestia's right. The candles die, before reigniting to life with black and white flickering flames that burn brightly, casting more shadows that dance across the room.

Lupin stares at the four beings sitting before him with wide eyes as the room becomes heavy with magical power that presses down upon all. His head drops onto the table, making a loud THUNK while doing so. Bill and the twins physically drop from their seats, and onto the floor.

Just as fast as the pressure appeared, it disappears into the air itself, allowing the four visitors to regain their postures. The setting sunlight bathes the room in an eerie orange color that adds to the effect of them all being of a different tier all together.

"We are not humans, Mr. Lupin. We are FAR older than you could even you could imagine!" Discord states calmly as he snaps his fingers, making food and drink appear onto the long table in a flash of light. "Magic is indeed a wonderful tool. I do so hate to see it wasted. But, alas, it has been dwindling since we came here." He looks up at the four guests, "It is a terrible thing, evil users of magic. But, I do not control them, nor the other races on this earth. That is for them to decide." Discord says softly.

"What exactly are you then?" Fred asks while George nods in agreement, apparently unable to speak at the moment. Discord grins at him, before he becomes transparent, and vanishes.

"Oh~! How you would love to know~!" Discord's voice echoes throughout the room as if he were a ghost. "I am Chaos itself~! I can bend the universe to my every whim~! If I were to wish you to be a frog, you'd be one~!" He chuckles out

"I don't believe you could do that! Nothing can have that sort of power, transfiguration, yes, but most certainly not what you spread lies about now! It's impossible!!" Lupin exclaims loudly as he slams a fist down onto the table.

"Impossible, eh~? I see...~! Then Perhaps I should show you~!" A skeletal hand grabs George's chin, making him look left at a decaying version of Discord with massive fangs. George shrieks in fright as his hair turns white and spikes up. Fred, Bill and Lupin flip around to see a large figure in a suite with no face and black tentacles swishing around through the air.

"Hm~! Hm~! Hm~! So do you think I am not capable of doing what I wish NOW~?!" The creature sinks into the shadows after dropping George into Fred's lap. The four look around, only to be blinded by a bright white light. When the light dies, they see Discord sitting in his seat once again. Lupin stares at him with wide frightened eyes, while the Weasley's seem to have passed out from the...strenuous situation.

He rolls his eyes. "Oh please, that barely had Harry and Griphyx scared! Even the h-...muggles, saw that as interesting. Did you know that there is a rumor about a "Slender Mane"! Or is it "Slender MAN"? Hm... Oh well, point is, I "borrowed" that form from one of my brothers." He says thoughtfully. Remus stares in utter shock.

'His brother!? How!? No human or even normal creature could become that! What is HE!?' Remus questions within his mind. Discord grins wryly at Lupin.

"I am not a normal "creature", nor a "human". But something much, MUCH more. Something you may just respect, or hate, or fear. Though, "Fear" is ruled by one of my younger brothers," he sighs and shakes his head with an old and sad look in his eyes, "he is gone, and has been since he was...stopped....by my best of friends. Only one of them still lives to this day, but he is more like a son to me, but I have two son's now, two son's I love dearly." Discord says as he glances at Griphyx and Harry, who both smiles at him, he smiles back.

He turns back to Lupin, "But, he is still unknown of just WHERE he is. I can feel his life force burning strongly, and yet, he eludes us." He sighs out sadly. Celestia places a firm yet gentle hand onto Discord's own.

"Don't worry love, he'll return to us soon, I can feel it. I also have a hunch as to WHY he will return to us..." She says as she sends a side glance at Griphyx, making Discord's eyes widen, and a wide smirk to form.

"I see, well then, let us prepare for that day later. For now, we eat." He states. The Weasley's nod their heads and go to eat, but stop, as Lupin looks around the table for something, but doesn't seem to find it.

"Where's the meat?" He asks. Celestia, Luna, and Nightmare seem to stumble slightly, while Discord sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose.

"*sigh* If you MUST know, we only eat meat every once a week. I am sorry if it is not up to par with your own...menu's, I suppose." Discord states. Lupin nods his head.

"I see, so, you all eat it once a week?" He asks. Discord shakes his head as he waves towards the princesses.

"No, these three eat vegetables, as if important, while I prefer to be omnivorous, while Harry is similar to his mothers, while Griphyx seems to take after all of us, as well as having a nack for gem candy." Discord says knowingly at Griphyx, who blushes as if he had been caught with his hand in a cookie jar.

"I-I'm sorry! I just can't NOT eat them! Besides, they are also part of me and help my mineral magic grow stronger! You know that!" Griphyx defends himself with a huff. Celestia giggles.

"Oh, yes, I remember my faithful students assistant told me that exact thing, all those years ago." She says with a small sigh. Discord pats her hand gently.

"It's okay love, he was a dear friend to me as well." He says. Celestia nods her head softly, before looking back at the now eating guests, as they watch the family speak of their pasts.

"What are you-"

"Guys though-"

"Really?!" both Fred and George ask at the same time. Luna giggles at their antics.

"They do remind us of "her"." She says softly. Discord nods as he gains a small, genuine smile.

"Indeed they do, love, indeed they do. And to answer your question, we're-"

"Gods." Nightmare says, cutting Discord off as she takes bite of steamed carrot pie. Lupin stares, while Bill, Fred and George break out laughing. They soon stop when no one else from the other side of the table laughs.

"Your SERIOUS!?" The three of them exclaim at the same time. Discord merely smirks, as he motions for Nightmare to keep taking the reigns. She smirks back as she waves a hand through the air, making a miniature full-moon forms above their heads along with actual clouds and wind. Lupin groans softly, before he feels a finger touch his chest. He looks down, to see Nightmare poking him in the center of his chest, black mist flowing around his form.

"I don't desire for one of my dogs to appear tonight. Go back to slumber, Moony~!" Her voice says softly with a strange echo. Lupin then feels his "inner wolf" recede back into his mind, and he pants out of slight pain and shock.

"h-How?" He asks. Nightmare grins.

"I am the Goddess of the Night, Dreams, and Queen of the Dark. Being what I am, means all manner of "Dark" beings, or "creatures of the night", as you mortals say, are much like my children, in a way." She states before sipping out of a black goblet filled with some sort of bluish liquid that has fog frothing over the top. Remus blinks before slumping back in his chair, shock present on his face as her words seem to sink in.

"And what of you three?" Bill asks.

Celestia smiles, "I am the Goddess of the Sun, Day, Light Magic, as well as being the "Queen of the Light". But, being royalty is so long ago, I doubt any mortals would even have any Manu scriptures of our time as rulers." She says with a mock thoughtful expression.

Luna giggles and nods her head, before speaking, "I am the Goddess of the Night, Neutrality, Neutral Magic, and was once called the "Queen of the Night" and "Queen of Neutrality". The first I can understand, but the second? Hah! I hardly understand that one!" She says while being mock serious. They nod their heads and then look to Discord, who grins widely.

"I am the god of Chaos Magic, Chaos itself, Spirit of Disharmony, and I was once called "The King of Pranks", but, alas, that was FAR too long ago for any normal mortal to remember." Discord says sagely. Fred and George as well as Lupin stare in awe as if their god had just appeared before them with never ending prank bags. He grins at them. "So, do I detect a few tricksters in you three?" He asks knowingly.

Fred and George nod their heads as they pull out an odd spare piece of parchment folded up. Remus' eyes widen in surprise, before he regains his "composure". Discord takes the parchment from the twins and waves a hand over it, making strange looking rings with runes on the inside form over the parchment. He nods his head before placing it down onto the table ad pushing it towards Lupin.

"I believe you should know that while I applaud you and your comrades for making this map, Moony, that you should have made it harder to unlock. I mean really! Even a young Unicorn could have figured out how to unlock it!" He chuckles out. Lupin raises a brow.

"How does a horned horse know how to do anything magical?" He asks. Discord growls deeply within his throat.

"They are the only "mortals" besides a few others that still live today from our kingdom, far before mankind was even around!" Discord states matter-of-factly. Lupin nods his head dumbly.

"May I ask what they truly look like then? Even in our Ministry we can't seem to figure it out. We can tell there is a powerful charm placed on them, but we can't figure it out." He says. Celestia snorts softly.

"That's because I am the one who placed the spell onto them. Only they, or one of us can lower it for whatever reason. I placed spells onto the earth and Pegasus as well to hide their secrets. Just as the Dragon King's placed spells upon their races to keep their secrets hidden as well. Griffin's and many other races have all done this with our help, as we were part of the very few around in the beginning." Celestia chuckles out softly, her motherly tone brings smiles to all their faces.

"I see, then I guess that we have much to learn from you all then, hm?" He asks. Discord shakes his head.

"No, humans are not ready to find out about us yet, at least, for now. The time soon approaches of when and where we will reveal ourselves, but it is not for a time." Luna states harshly. Lupin nods his had in odd understanding.

"I see, well, this is all still very fascinating!" He states giddily.

They begin to eat once again, though they still speak, it is of simple things, such as what Hogwarts is like, or what is to be expected of a certain grease bat of a potions master.

After dinner, the large group moves towards the back of the manor, where the guests stare in awe at the large forest before them. The trees stand tall like castle spires of Hogwarts. They look around, seeing wilderness that had yet to be touched by mankind and it's power to destroy. Lupin looks back and see's Griphyx standing next to Hermione, who is making the wind spin around her hand in a miniature tornado.

'She can control the wind?' The guests think to themselves. Their eyes leave their skulls, as Harry makes a small condensed fireball form at his fingertips, while Griphyx looks completely normal from them. He lifts a brow.

"Something wrong, Mr. Lupin?" Griphyx asks. Lupin points at Harry and Hermione.

"How are they doing that?" He asks. Griphyx gives him an odd look, before his eyes show realization, and nods his head.

"Magic." He states simply as his back becomes covered into ice raven wings that spread out widely. "Equestrian Magic." He grins out at the four humans before him. Lupin nods his head, before gaining a thought.

"How about a demonstration? To show us how Equestrian Magic is done?" Remus asks. Discord claps his hands loudly, startling the group.

"What a wonderful idea! Griphyx! Harry! And Hermione! How about you three show your...abilities in a duel?" He hisses out proudly as Amy and Dan stand next to the princesses. Hermione huffs softly and rolls her eyes, before appearing between her parents. Harry smirks as a black and green aura and flames burst off and around his body, while Griphyx gains a black and blue aura and waves. Their hair grows longer and becomes spikier as they seem to defy gravity as they wave around through a ethereal wind.

Harry swings his arms outward, making a small foot deep crater form around him, while Griphyx lets his shoulders drop, making a deeper crater by a few feet form around him as the waves rage and whip about as it they were alive. They stare at each other before dashing forward, and locking hands with each other. The flames and waves roar loudly while the wind picks up around Harry and Griphyx.

They push each other back. Harry stops himself while Griphyx spins around in a circle before stopping. They stare off once more before the flames around Harry turn into strange tendrils that flow into his body giving him a stronger aura before that too flows back into his body. The waves and aura do the same to Griphyx but as the two collide, a flicker of lightning flashes overhead as rain starts to drip down.

Harry dashes forward summoning a flame sword that resembles a claymore. He swings it down at Griphyx, who side steps before sweep kicking Harry's feet out from under him. He then knees Harry in the side knocking him into the air, before Harry starts to spin through the air, Griphyx jumps upwards a few feet and delivers an axe kick. Harry manages to block the kick with the flat of the sword, sending him down onto the ground hard.

Griphyx then spins through the air and sends another kick down at his older brother, who parries his kick and jabs him in the chest. He sails through the air before slamming into a tree, cracking sounds can be heard all around. Harry rushes forward and stabs with the flame claymore, but it is shattered by Griphyx's palm towards the tip of the "blade". He jumps back and whips his wrist, making a fire whip form and coil around Griphyx's legs.

He pulls downwards, the whip dragging his younger brother down the tree, splintering it heavily as it drops to the ground with a thunderous BOOM! Griphyx kicks his leg, making the whip shatter, and jumps up over Harry's head. He spins around kicking him in the back, making the older Potter brother fall face first into the dirt. He lands on his feet, and throws a blue ball of magic, which expands to the size of a full grown man, with the power of a mini-cyclone.

Harry groans softly as he rises to his feet, his shirt torn to bits as small rings cover is right arm. He smirks, "Really did a good job with the wind magic, brother." His arm heals in a flash of steam. Griphyx raises a hand up before him while Harry does the same. "Let's finish this, brother!!" Harry roars out as a red and green and black lightning beam jets out at Griphyx. Griphyx fires out a black, blue and white colored lightning beam which collides with Harry's.

Harry's face becomes covered with a strange mask that resembles an Alicorn's face, while Griphyx resembles the same but with fangs and a serrated horn. The whites of Harry's eyes turns black and the emerald turns golden, while Griphyx's whites become sickly green almost black, and the blue a haunting blue with purple shapes circling around the pupil. Their beams crash against each other, and a small wall white ball forms between the two.

They pump more and more of their magic into their beams, making the ball move from side to side, before it explodes, sending the two brothers flying. Harry slams into Lupin, while Griphyx into Hermione.

"That is enough now, boys. Now please, rest." Discord orders as he snaps his fingers, repairing all the damage that was once caused. He turns to Lupin with a smirk. "Better than you expected?" He asks. Lupin nods his head dumbly.

"So much power in such simple movements, are they capable of doing more?" He asks.

Discord bellows his laughter, "All of that, and so much more, much, MUCH more than you could imagine!" He hisses out proudly. He turns on his heel. "Breakfast will begin at Eight-Thirty in the morning. Sweet dreams~!" His voice echoes as the four guests become drowsy, and promptly see nothing more.

Author's Note:

Short but sweet, aye? Oh well, see yeh next time ya'll!
Ja ne!

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alot of fun in this chapter hope the next one is soon:twilightsmile:

4743145 Why thank you! Also, I am curious, who do you think Griphyx's "father" is, hm?:twilightsmile:

4743282 you know what i think it has something to do with fear case the fear of the unknown is one of the biggest fears i know of but remember his father has to be related to both salazar slytherin and rowena ravenclaw is some way case he is related but harry is not so he is related to them on his fathers side

4743439 Clever indeed~! Well! Let's get on with the show~! :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

Are you going to make more of this

nice shotdown

So Grifix Father is one of the Elitest Elite.
It is the Forbidden Gate and Prison
And also Related with Chaos itself.
Beside Discord

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