Dragon's Reign

by Vladimir

The Date and an Up-Coming battle...

I was walking through the hall of a castle with Spike by my side. He has been staying around here more and more mainly to see Felicia, Nightmare, Aqua to try and talk to them.
"Do you think they would like me? I mean, I am a dragon one of our enemies. Do you think they'll hate me? Do you hate me?" He asked me while he was worried about meeting the three for a date. A date I do no like one bit. I let a groan escape my lips.
"Do you want me to be honest with you dragon boy?" I asked. Spike nodded his head. "I don't think you should be seeing them, but I will allow it...for now." I explained to him. He gained a saddened look. "But, if you truly like, or even love them, don't let them go and forget all about Rarity. Understand? I don't want to have their hearts broken because of a petty crush, you got it fucker?" He growled the last part at him. He nodded his head, he had explained that Rarity and Twilight were already an item. He was heartbroken about it and since I was his only friend -though now we are friends- that is like him, I helped him out.
"I understand; King Nova. I won't hurt them on purpose okay? Besides, they are more beautiful than Rarity could ever dream of being. Don't tell her I said that, she'd kill me." I chuckled at the end of that. I nodded my head before patting his shoulder.
"Don't worry, if anything, I'll tell them what you said, maybe they'll reward you, eh?" I winked at him at the end. He blushed before gaining a hopeful look in his eyes. I nodded my head before ruffling his head spines. I had grown taller, I reached the bottom of Celestia's neck. I have walked into her a few times, my head going strait into her...boobs. Yeah, that had gotten awkward, but when it happened to me and Chryssi...well...fun stuff happened in parts of the castle we shouldn't have, though it didn't matter none, seeing how this is my castle.
We entered the throne room where Chrysalis, Luna were waiting for me, Celestia and Discord were together as Nightmare, Aqua and Felicia were waiting for spike. Our mouths dropped.
Luna is wearing a tight dark blue dress that goes down to her knees, on her hooves are the sapphire shoes I made for her. Her ethereal mane looks more amazing -even though it always looks amazing-. She's wearing black eye-liner that makes her cyan eyes pop out. Looking her up and down, her dress is hugging her body, showing her amazing figure.
Chryssi is wearing a type of Asian style dress that hugs her very well proportioned body. Her chitin on her cheeks have a soft pink blush, while her amazing green mane is style into a bun with chop-sticks in it to keep her mane from falling. On her hooves are the emerald shoes I had made for her, much like Luna's sapphire ones. She's wearing a tan like eye-liner, making her green slit eye's pop out and look more amazing. Her dress ends down to her shoes showing her ankles slightly, while it's patter is of large orange and red ad yellow flowers. She looked fantastic! I then noticed what Celestia is wearing, and damn! She looked good!
Celestia is wearing a short yellow dress with yellow topaz shoes Discord had made for her on her hooves. She is wearing a golden necklace and red eye-liner making her magenta eyes pop out. Her mane is styled like how Chryssi's is. She giggled when she saw Discord, Spike and I staring at the three of them. But when Spike saw the girls, I could have sword he became more of a man.
Nightmare is wearing fishnet stalking's, a low-cut black tank top, a blood red skirt. Her black hair -yes hair, my hive has bee looking more an more like me in the human part- blue eye-liner making her green eyes pop. Aqua is wearing strange red stalking's, an orange mini-skirt, blue low-cut tank top. She has lavender eye-liner making her sea green eye's pop. Felicia is wearing blue jeans, black low-cut tank top. She's wearing green eye-liner making her bright sky blue eyes pop out. They all have red lipstick and white sandals on their feet.
"Wow..." Was all Spike could say. The girls giggled at his loss of words before they walked over to him. He blushed when they each kissed his cheek gently, his tail stuck strait out, causing me to stifle a loud laugh. Felicia purred at him before rubbing his chin with a finger.
"Thanks for the compliment Spiky~. You might get rewarded if your a good little drake~." She said to him. Spike could only nod his head, that hopeful gleam in his eye, however, the girls saw this and all of them purred, staying close to him, their tails coiling around his waist, while his coiled around the three of theirs. I looked strait into Spike's eyes, and passed his perverse thoughts I could see, I saw his heart now belonged to them. I smiled and gave him a thumbs up. Spike smiled like he won the lottery -I would be too if I had three hot chicks on me, but then again, I have a hot queen and princess of the night. So I think I'm ding pretty good-.
"Alright people, lets head out for this date or whatever. So where are we going to anyways?" I said. Luna giggled and nudged me gently before speaking.
"The place were we had our first date. That nice oriental restraint, you know, the place you basically funded to gain more stores everywhere in Equestria." She said. I smirked and nodded my head. We headed out, my wings draped over Luna and Chrysalis, keeping them close to myself. Spike was being nuzzled by the girls as they continued to purr at him. Discord's right arm was around Celestia's waist, keeping her close to himself. The two of them had been married since his turning from evil to good -though they were already married, they decided to redo their wedding vows, which I honestly found romantic-.
When we arrived to the restraint, it was a tall red building with black tiled roof, and Asian dragons -oddly enough they got these statues after we had discovered the new class in my hive we dubbed 'Asian-Lung'. I nodded my head in approval before entering with the others. As soon as I entered I was met by changelings who immigrated here after the wedding fiasco, and they weren't black, but their chitin was ash white, which made them look like ghost's. The owners bowed to me before showing me to our table. Sitting there, they were conversing with each other about their weeks, days, or in hushed tones, nights.
I sat down in between Chryssi and Luna, the two of them nuzzled me gently and I nuzzled them back. The girls nuzzled Spike gently as he blushed even further than before, but he had a smile on his muzzle. He nuzzled them all back gently before he was kissed on the lip by Aqua, rather deeply might I add. I let it go seeing as to how they were old enough to do what they wanted, but I was still a bit touchy when they kissed males, but I gave them and Spike to date each other just about an hour ago. A waitress came to our table, Spike, Nightmare, Aqua, Felicia, Discord and I had ordered chicken n rise wit chicken egg rolls, while Celestia, Luna and Chryssi had chosen to get shrimp and rice with sun-rolls.
We talked for half an hour before the same waitress returned with our food. To which, we began to eat and it was delicious. After we ate, we headed back to the castle to 'rest' up. I saw Spike get dragged away by the girls, as I had assumed that they were going to do something like this, but I knew better than to get in the way of female serpents and their mates. Chryssi and Luna dragged me to our room, where the rest of the night was filled with fun and excitement for the wedding.


I rose from the bed while yawning and popping back. I looked around the room and found that Chrysalis and Luna had already headed to what I called the 'dinning room', even though it had a different name that escapes me at the moment. I got dressed and headed towards the dinning hall. I found the two front doors and pushing them open I saw that everyone was there, however Nightmare, Aqua and Felicia had VERY satisfied looks on their faces, wile Spike looked very proud of himself. I chuckled and sat between my two mates, they nuzzled me lovingly as I returned the nuzzle I noticed that Sapphire and Night Shield had joined u this morning instead of doing other things.
It was quiet while we ate our breakfast while trying to keep our mares -or serpentess- off of us before things got heated. After breakfast I decided to head out to the barracks and watch the mix of guards train together. Watching my hive and the changeling hive train was interesting, while pony guard was not, it was boring and made me want to kick shinning's ass for not training them well enough, but then again, ponies are different than humans, serpents and changelings, so I guess I will let it slide. For now.
"Something wrong Nova?" Chrysalis asked from beside me. I shook my head slightly before we shared a short, gentle passionate kiss.
"No, I'm just curious as to how Celestia's guard are even well enough to be called guards. My hive of serpents and your hive of changelings are capable of beating most enemies they come across with merely three members from each hive and fraction of arts of the hives as well. While Celestia's Royal Guard isn't capable of doing shit until one of us orders them to. Chrysalis nodded her head softly before rubbing my shoulders gently, calming me down and causing me to purr softly and nuzzle her, she nuzzled m back lovingly before we kissed again.
"I know how you feel. When I saw Canterlot in such ruin and noticed that there were Royal Guards missing, and the fact that only ten changelings and serpents had been killed, it did make me sad. But, they are ponies who haven't seen war in at least a few hundred years, possibly since the time of Nightmare Moon, but you, the serpents and my changelings have seen war, hell, your old world is destroyed because of it between the humans and serpents. " She said, trying to comfort me. It did work and it made sense. A race not known to death, war an destruction we have.
"I suppose so." I said. She nodded her head softly. Luna ad Celestia soon joined us. The two of them noted that their Royal Guard, and Equestrian Guard were lacking in many aspects where the changelings and serpents were exceeding.
"It appears that we need something to boost our guards up, huh Sister?" Celestia said to Luna who was busy nuzzling me lovingly with Chrysalis. I was blushing a bit too much for my liking. Celestia giggled and sighed, remembering when her ad Discord used to do this probably.
"I could always have Boulder Gilda and Abyss train your guards for you. They are part of my Elite Guard after all." I told her. She nodded her head, accepting the proposition. She went back inside the castle to find Discord for something she needed done. The three of us headed back inside as well after watching the guards training. The rest of the day was filled with lounging around and having fun with everyone by playing pranks and games. Unaware of a raging storm forming above the misty mountains and heading our way.