Dragon's Reign

by Vladimir

The fight and the war begins...

I flew through the air with my six new wings, however instead of ash white, they are pitch black. Soaring through the skies, I broke the sound barrier sending a large ring of white and black while a second ring formed in the colors white and purple. My sword stayed in it's katana based form as it was gripped by my right hand. My pistol had also been changed. Instead of needing ammo, it was now infinite and capable of sending those beams of energy.
Discord had told me after we were released that I needed to be careful, otherwise I might hurt somepony. My other half; Instinct has been talking to me, warning me about powers and abilities I have unlocked and how to claim them, even going so far as to drag me into the deepest part of my mind to fight with him, gaining more and more abilities. One such ability is to make him a separate being for s short period of time, a few weeks at the most before he is forced to return to me. Luna and Chrysalis have been very happy about this power, especially when it came to the bedroom.
I aim downwards, spiraling sending jet trails through the air, as I come closer and closer to an enemy camp. I let out a low growl, un-holstering my new pistol, I send three shots of blue beams upon them, the explosions made large craters, the enemy griffins that had entered Equestria were gone, however I soon felt a power, coming right at me with incredible speed. I turn around quickly to spot a male serpent much like Boulder, however he is more animal like than human. He is wearing black clothes, with wooden sandals and white socks, his hair is long and black. His aura seeps out as he charges at me, forming into multiple pink petals of sorts. His eyes are gray and cold. is class is Wyvern. 'Interesting...so Richard has managed to gain some powers similar to mine? But this person is holding back their true power. I had better be careful, he seems to be stronger than most of me Elite Guard.' I tell myself in my mind.
The serpent points a finger at me, white lightning begins to form and he shoots out a thin white beam at me. I raise my sword, however the beam goes strait through my right shoulder. Lightning arch's around my body making me scream in pain. The man vanishes before appearing above me giving me a pile driver to the top of my head, sending m strait into the ground making a large crater. The man stands there, his tail whips around while his eyes scan me and my crater before laughing.
"So you're the oh so powerful 'King Nova', eh? Pathetic! How could Lord Richard retreat from you, huh!?" He states to me. As I get up, my shoulder heals before his eyes and the lightning becomes absorbed into my body. "Interesting, so that is how you were able to surprise Lord Richard eh? Interesting indeed." He stated under his breath. I raised my sword, green and black flams forming around it, before they begin to rise. The man stared at me, until I sent out a beam of black and green right at him. He brings a hand up, catching the beam before it hits him, however, he becomes surprised when I appear behind him, my gun pointed at his back.
"You have lost...farewell..." I stated before I send a barrage of blue beams at him, the beams collided with him, exploding sending shockwaves though the air. I turn around ready to leave, until a sword impales my left shoulder, my eyes widen slightly until another sword impales my right side.
"It seems you did not fully understand my power. When I pile drive you into the ground, I noticed that your power is strong, but not complete. Yet." He said from behind me. As I turned to look at him, I could see multiple pink glowing swords floating around him, the petals forming into the swords. The man looked at me, before smirking. "The name is; Petal." He said to me. I stared at him before the two swords exploded, making holes in my body. As I fell I could see Petal smirking, until my body healed itself, but I was still in pain. As I stabilized myself, Petal snarled and appeared before me, raising a sword above his head. I slashed my sword in an arch, cutting his forearm off, he hissed in pain, clutching his now stub of an arm. I kicked him in the stomach away from me a few feet before I sent a black and green beam at him. The beam slammed into him, exploding. When Petal left the fog of the explosion, his clothes were torn while his left leg was burned badly.
"Damn...wish I had known you could do this. Oh well." He sighed as if this wasn't new to him. He went to draw his actual blade, until a man appeared from behind and grabbed his arm. Petal's eyes widened as he froze. The new man's eyes were cold and cruel. He's wearing all white clothes, he looks more like Sapphire than petal, which scared me to the core. At his side is a katana, and he bears a symbol of the Wyvern class. He looks at me, before vanishing and reappearing back in front of me. My left shoulder sliced open, my right leg gone, and my left arm sliced off. The new man stares at me before he tells me his name.
"Remember my name and hope we will fight again. My name is; Aero." Aero said to me before he blasted me with a white and bright blue beam. My body began to go numb as darkness enclosed around me. I saw Aero and Petal leave in a flash of lightning and booming thunder. My eyes began to close slowly, I could faintly feel Discords and Ovan's energies move closer to me before I lost consciousness.

===========Instinct PoV============

I moved quickly as soon as I felt Nova's energy levels drop after a massive attack from an unknown enemy. Discord joined me and as we traveled passed the sound barrier, we could start to see the explosions. Then a new power entered the fray. It was a man who was cold and calculating. He moved so fast I had to use my energy to make out his movements. He side stepped behind Nova, slicing his left shoulder, his left leg and right arm were cut off, and then a beam hit Nova, it was a devastating attack. However when I reached Nova's falling body, he was are worse than before the beam. His body was burnt slightly, a hole going through his chest just passed his heart and he was bleeding out fast, his powers were being slow at the moment.
I caught him before he hit the ground with Discord by my side. I looked at him, and growled. "We need to get him back to the castle now!" Discord nodded and with a snap of his fingers, we appeared in front of Celestia, Luna and Chrysalis. All three gasped. Luna and Chrysalis covering their mouths, tears in their eyes as they looked up Nova -who was me in a sense-.
They had asked who harmed Nova. I told them what I had seen and felt, but I could not hear what they were talking about. The two of them sobbed hoping that he was going to be okay. I nodded my head, holding them both close to myself and they buried their muzzles into my chest, sobbing. I looked at Nova before sighing sadly. Even I had to give this new enemy credit, they were strong enough to cause this much damage in a few seconds.
"He'll be okay you two. I can feel his powers re kicking into overdrive to heal him as quickly as possible, let alone the fact I am also healing him, so please, don't sob, smile knowing he will be just fine." I told them softly. The two nodded their heads as we watched Nova's body heal itself and reform his lost limbs, his sword and gun oddly weren't damaged, and were where they needed to be. 'Well at least this one has a sense of honor in them.' I thought to myself. After a few hours, Nova's body was healed, but he was still weak from his fight and I could tell it was going to take a while for him to get back up.
A month had passed since Nova's battle with this new foe and I have been growing weaker. There have been no attacks on anyone as of yet. I hope Nova wakes up soon, we need him badly and I can't enter his body unless he is capable of allowing me in. The only reason I'm still alive is because Discord has been feeding me his energy and magic, making himself weaker.
Sighing, I racked a hand through my spiked short white hair -I had gotten a haircut- while looking down at the ground. Luna and Chrysalis have been a wreck, crying themselves to sleep. I have also been training the hives for combat, Nova's and my Elite Guard now as strong as that fist bastard Nova had fought with, however, they might even be beyond that as well. Every once in a while, I would feel Nova's energy level spike so high, it seems he is getting some sort of training done. Which wouldn't surprise me none. Today marked a month as everything had happened.
An explosion resonated from the Equestrian Royal Guard barracks, ponies fleeing or dead. I rushed towards the explosions, and I saw the first bastard Nova had fought, but his arm was healed. I growled and swung my sword, sending a white and purple beam, knocking the man over, his reformed arm fully gone from his shoulder.
"You have some fucking nerve to come here, you piece of shit!" I snarled at the man, he looked at me before I punched him in the face. He flew back and into a wall.
"You're quite powerful, too bad I was only here for Nova, not you; Ovan."
He explained to me, I growled at him. How did you even know about me!?" I growled at him like a cornered animal. He laughed full heartedly before kneeing me in the stomach, He explained to me how they had been keeping tabs on Nova, and ever since I appeared, they have been keeping tabs on me as well. I growled but felt a sword cut through my side. I looked behind me and saw the second bastard Nova fought. He was quiet, but he was also quick.
He quickly stabbed his hand through my chest next to my heart before pulling it out, my blood sprayed out onto the ground. I gasped for breath. The man raised his sword ad swung down onto my head.
Until a beam of black and green separated us. As I looked up, my eyes widened. I could feel Luna, Celestia and Chrysalis gasp. There standing before me, is a new looing Nova. His hair long and black, his eyes are purple and white, black and yellow flames formed around his new katana and his power was at my own when I release. I could tell he had surpassed Discord's first two release forms. And then he spoke.
"Hello...Petal, Aero." The two stare at Nova before he gets in a fighting stance, his pistol in his left hand, purple and white energy forming in the barrel. "Lets dance..." And with that, he rushed them.

===========Nova's PoV============

I awoke from the sound of an explosion, my power had been raised and my weapons once again changed. I stood and got dressed before heading to the fight, Arriving I saw Aero getting ready to cut off Ovan's head. I pointed a finger and shot a black and green beam separating them, however it changed to black an yellow before it vanished. I landed in front of Ovan, I could hear Luna, Celestia and Chrysalis gasp as I stood before Ovan.
"Hello....Petal, Aero." The two stared at me before I got into a fighting stance. My energy began to seep out and forming black and yellow flames around my katana. My pistol in my left hand had purple and white energy forming into the barrel. I stared at them getting into a fighting stance, close to the ground. "Lets dance..." And with that, I rushed at them, my sword's flames becoming larger and he energy in my pistol growing larder. This was going to be a fun fight.